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Builder's ledger,

  • NLW MS 11789E.
  • File
  • 1880-1907 /

A ledger, 1880-1907, of Richard Jones, builder, contractor, and wheelwright, of Twrog Mill, Llanwnda, Caernarvonshire. Some of the accounts relate to the 'Book Depository', Caernarvon, to the Fletcher Slate Yard, Caernarvon, to Penyrorsedd Slate Company, and to schools and Nonconformist meeting-houses in the county.

Jones, Richard, 1863 or 4-1942.

David Harries Music Manuscripts

  • GB 0210 DAVHARR
  • Fonds
  • 1952-1995

The music manuscripts of the composer David Harries, 1952-1995, comprising mainly drafts and scores of chamber and instrumental music, orchestral music, choral and organ, and voice and piano arrangements.
A second donation made in August 2021 contains further music manuscripts of David Harries, 1953-1993, and includes works by Harries' contemporary William Mathias (1934-1992) in addition to Harries' own compositions of chamber and instrumental music, orchestral music, choral and organ, and voice and piano arrangements.

Harries, David, 1933-2003

Letters, &c.

  • NLW MS 3294E
  • File
  • [17 cent.]-[19 cent.]

Miscellaneous letters, the correspondents including Thomas Charles (1755-1814), Thomas Coke (1747-1814), Wesleyan minister and missionary, John Jones (regicide) (1597?-1660), Michael D. Jones (1822-1898), etc.; two original Rebecca letters; papers relating to William Davies, Froodvale, Carmarthenshire; a note in the hand of Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg) (1747-1826).

Charles, Thomas, 1755-1814

Album of the Rev. Ellis Thomas Davies

  • NLW MS 23700C.
  • File
  • 1849-1884.

A volume belonging to the Rev. Ellis Thomas Davies, Independent minister, Abergele, containing poems and greetings in English and Welsh, autographs and sketches, 1849-1885, mainly by other Independent ministers, including Hugh Hughes (Huw Tegai), [1849x1864] (f. 3), Rowland Williams (Hwfa Môn), [1851], 1858 (ff. 3, 18 verso), William Williams (Caledfryn), 1852 (f. 5), William Rees (Gwilym Hiraethog), [1850s] (ff. 8, 55), Thomas Roberts (Scorpion), 1853 (f. 9), Michael D. Jones, [1857x1879] (f. 17), Henry Rees, 1863 (f. 50), Samuel Roberts (S.R.), 1867 (f. 54 verso), R. T. Evans, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 1881 (f. 57 verso), Robert Parry (Robyn Ddu Eryri), 1880 (f. 98 verso), and many others including family members.
Among the works quoted are a Latin poem by George Herbert (f. 1 verso) and a Bengali version of John 3.16, 1885 (f. 75 verso). There are englynion in English by David Griffith (Clwydfardd) referring to a visit to the Great Exhibition, 1851 (f. 77). Also included are sketches of a dog, 1878 (f. 31), and of Abergele, 1866 (f. 67).

Davies, E. T. (Ellis Thomas), 1822-1895.

The Hon. Lois Sturt papers

  • GB 0210 LOISTURT
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1984 (mainly 1919-[1930s])

Papers of Lois Sturt, including engagement diaries, 1919-1923; love letters, 1920-1925; an album of sexually explicit verses and jokes, 1919-[1930s]; and letters to the donor concerning the potential disposition of the papers, 1980-1984.

Sturt, Lois, 1900-1937.

Album of press cuttings, etc.

  • NLW MS 11982D.
  • File
  • 1763-1921

One of two albums of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century (see also NLW MS 11983C), containing press cuttings, printed matter, and some manuscript material compiled probably by a member of the family of Ffoulkes of Eriviatt, Henllan, Denbighshire.
The press cuttings include letters by 'M.A. (Cantab)' and others on such subjects as 'Priests or Presbyters', 1885, 'Apostolic Succession', 1885, 'Tithes', 1886 , 'The proposed reform of the Church', 1886, 'Papal Supremacy', 1887, 'The Romance of History', 1886, and 'The Roman Controversy', 1889; obituaries of Henry Powell Ffoulkes, archdeacon of Montgomery, 1886, Major John Jocelyn Ffoulkes, Eriviatt, 1898, Mrs. Mary Hughes, Grove Place, Denbigh, 1905, Judge William Wynne Ffoulkes, Chester, 1903, and Thomas Williams, archdeacon of Merioneth, 1906; a sketch of William Ewart Gladstone, 1886; accounts of the marriage of Philip Humberston, Llandyrnog, and Edith Jocelyn Ffoulkes, Eriviatt, 1873, of the reopening of the restored choir of St. Asaph Cathedral, [1870s], of the marriage of Caroline Mary Wynne Ffoulkes and Richard Topping Beverley Atcherley, 1892, of the marriage of Katherine Mary Baker and Piers John Benedict Ffoulkes, rector of Odd Rode, 1899, of the reopening of St. Marcella's Church, Denbigh, 1909, and of a presentation to Major Jocelyn Ffoulkes, Eriviatt, undated; and articles on 'The Shrine of St. Winefride', 'The British Cabinet', 'Some of Rhyl's curiosities', 'The Hengwrt and Peniarth Manuscripts', and 'Roman influence on Early British Architecture: Excavations at Caerwent', 1905. Among the printed items are a hymntune 'Seek, as men seek for treasure' (marked with the rubber stamp of All Saints' Church, Dresden), an announcement of the performance of three Chester mystery plays, 1906, order of the memorial service to Queen Victoria in Chester Cathedral, 1901, a biography of Edmund Salusbury Ffoulkes (1819-94) (Tablettes Biographiques...Sèvres-Paris, [1894]), hymns to be sung at the funeral of Arthur Edward Turnour, M.D., Denbigh, 1894, of Hester Mary Wynne Ffoulkes, Chester, 1895, and of William Wynne Ffoulkes, Chester, 1903, minute of the appointment, 1763, of Sir Robert Strange, engraver, to membership of the Academy of S. Luke, Rome (with an English translation, and an explanatory note by Anne Ffoulkes, his grand-daughter), order of ceremonial of the consecration of the Rev. John Owen, M.A., as Bishop of St David's, order of memorial service of William Morton, Prebendary of Faenol and Precentor of St. Asaph Cathedral, 1895, and an in memoriam biography of Elise Sybil Astley, South African Church Railway Mission, 1919. The manuscript material includes verses entitled 'The Royal Mother' by Prebendary [W. A.] Whitworth, 1901, and holograph letters of Joseph C. Bridge, Christ Church Vicarage, Chester, 1909 (on mystery plays), and Jocelyn Foulkes, Portland, Oregon, 1921 (on the writer's family history). The volume is indexed (pp. iii-xiv).

Album of press cuttings, etc.

  • NLW MS 11983C.
  • File
  • 1834-1904

One of two albums of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century (see also NLW MS 11982D), containing press cuttings, printed matter, and some manuscript material compiled probably by a member of the family of Ffoulkes of Eriviatt, Henllan, Denbighshire.
The press cuttings include obituaries of Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley, canon of Hereford Cathedral, 1889, Edmund Salusbury Ffoulkes, vicar of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford, 1894, and Canon Howell Evans, vicar of Rhyl, 1892; accounts of the Ober-ammergau Passion Play, 1870, 1880, 1890; and articles on The Welsh Land Commission, [1894], Welsh Disestablishment, 1893, 'Discovery of Celtic Antiquities in Derbyshire', 1901, and 'New Church Chancel at Buckley', 1901. Among the printed items are hymns to be sung at the funeral of Henry Wynne Ffoulkes, Odd Rode, 1904, a memoir of Charles Butler Clough, M.A., dean and chancellor of St. Asaph, 1860, order of service at the opening of a new organ at Whittington, [1884], the charge of cruelty to a horse against Miss Frances Power Cobbe and her coachman David Evans heard at Barmouth Petty Sessions, 1902, verses to Peirce Wynne Yorke in honour of his attaining his majority, 1847, and a Form of Intercession with Almighty God on behalf of Her Majesty's Naval and Military Forces now in South Africa (marked with the rubber stamp of St. Thomas’s Church, Rhyl), 1900. The manuscript material includes verses entitled 'Mary's Ghost. A pathetic Ballad', 'Miss Elizabeth Fortescue in Italy' by T. V., 1834, and 'To some Young Ladies going to spend the Spring & Summer at Putney Heath', and a copy of the memorial inscription of Emma, fourth daughter of Capt. Beauchamp Proctor, R.N., and Anne, his wife, who died at Paris in the sixth year of her age, 1827. The volume is indexed (pp. iii-xxvi).

Anwyl Family Papers

  • GB 0210 ANWYL
  • Fonds
  • 1848-1983 /

The archive includes papers and letters of members of the Anwyl family of Chester, 1848-1983, including letters to Sir Edward Anwyl, Welsh scholar.

Anwyl family, of Chester and Pontypridd

O. M. Edwards Papers,

  • GB 0210 OMEDS
  • Fonds
  • 1804-1943 (accumulated [c.1880]-1943)

The fonds comprises letters from Edwards to various members of his family, 1882-1920, together with letters to him from his wife, son, daughter and other members of the family and early family papers, 1804-1943; letters from friends, leading figures in Welsh public life and academic associates, 1880-1920; diaries and notebooks, 1875-1920; papers deriving from his work as a publisher and editor, 1890-1920, and as Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales, 1907-1920. There are also some papers relating to the proposed biography of Edwards, and a collection of printed material accumulated by him.

Edwards, Owen M. (Owen Morgan), 1858-1920

Papurau Winnie Parry,

  • GB 0210 WINRRY
  • fonds
  • 1818-1960 (crynhowyd 1893-1960) /

Deunydd bywgraffyddol yn ymwneud â Winnie Parry, 1953-1960; gohebiaeth,1893-1949, gan gynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth O. M. Edwards, 1893-1915, a J. Glyn Davies, 1895-1897; llythyrau ynglŷn â'r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, 1911-1932; llyfrau nodiadau, yn cynnwys drafftiau o'i chyfansoddiadau cynnar, 1894-1912; copi teipysgrif o 'Catrin Prisiard', 1896; storïau byrion a barddoniaeth a gyhoeddwyd yn Cymru, 1893-1910; storïau byrion eraill,1897; ysgrifau Saesneg, 1901-1907; copïau o Cymru'r Plant yn cynnwys ei gwaith, 1893-1947; torion papur newydd, 1908-1942; deunydd printiedig, 1818-1920; papurau, rai llenyddol yn bennaf, yn ymwneud â Margaret Parry, 1861-1875, a John Roberts, 1876-1903. = Biographical material relating to Winnie Parry, 1953-1960; correspondence, 1893-1949, including letters from O. M. Edwards, 1893-1915, and J. Glyn Davies, 1895-1897; letters concerning the National Eisteddfod, 1911-1932; notebooks, including drafts of early compositions, 1894-1912; typescript of 'Catrin Prisiard', 1896; short stories and poetry published in Cymru, 1893-1910; other short stories, 1897; English compositions, 1901-1907; copies of Cymru'r Plant containing her works, 1893-1947; newspaper cuttings, 1908-1942; printed material, 1818-1920; papers, mainly literary, relating to Margaret Parry, 1861-1875, and John Roberts, 1876-1903.

Parry, Winnie, 1870-1953.

Miscellaneous letters

  • NLW MS 21818E.
  • File
  • 1900-1995

Letters, 1900-1995, of miscellaneous provenance. Correspondents include A. J. Balfour (1) 1916, W. H. Davies (2) 1912-1913, Lyubov (Aimée) F. Dostoevskaya (1, in French) 1924, Owen M. Edwards (4) 1900-1916, David Lloyd George (4) 1911-1919, Megan Lloyd George (3) 1948-1951, Richard Hughes (6) 1923-1935, Augustus John (7) [1918]-1950, Daniel Jones (2) 1972-1981, David Jones (1) 1966 (discussing some of his paintings), Jack Jones (2) 1938-1939, Saunders Lewis (5) 1951-1965, Wallis Simpson, later Duchess of Windsor (1) 1937, Edward Thomas (1) 1901, and Ralph Vaughan Williams (1) [1940].

Letters to Caradoc Mills,

  • NLW MS 21718C.
  • File
  • 1899-1920.

Letters, 1899-1920, in Welsh and English, to Caradoc Mills (Sigma), Llanrwst, author of books and articles on scientific subjects, relating mainly to his published articles. The correspondents include Ifan ab Owen Edwards (1) 1920, Owen M. Edwards (23) 1900-1909 and undated, Archibald Geikie (1) 1902, Robert Owen Hughes (Elfyn) (3) 1904, Eleazer Roberts (2) 1905-1906, Principal T. F. Roberts (1) 1907, and W. W. Watts (2) 1902 and 1908. Also included is a typescript copy of the Board of Education Inspector's report on Evening Continuation Classes at Llanrwst, 1907-1908, in which reference is made to Caradoc Mills.

Letters addressed to William Oliver,

  • NLW MS 9120B.
  • File
  • 1868-1904.

Letters addressed to William Oliver by John Ballinger, 1902, O. M. Edwards, 1902, E. Vincent Evans, 1903-1904, W. B. Gurdon, 1869, Henry Morley, 1887, Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1903, Alfred Nutt, 1901, Alfred Neobard Palmer, 1903, John Ruskin, 1868, T. F. Tout, and Josiah Thomas, Liverpool (the ownership of Y Tyst).

J. Seymour Rees Collection

  • GB 0210 JSEYREES
  • Fonds
  • 1817-1965

A collection of over 200 books and pamphlets from the library of the donor's husband, the late Rev J. Seymour Rees, Seven Sisters, most of these being typescript volumes (NLW MSS 18628-707). The collection consists of some original work by J. Seymour Rees and his father, John Rees, such as poetry, short stories, essays, biographies, and guide books, much of which was submitted for competition at various national and local eisteddfodau, and volumes of collected material on various topics, including essays, articles and other material on such eminent Welshmen as W. Llewelyn Williams, Daniel Silvan Evans, Sir John Morris Jones, and Rev William Edwards, Groeswen, and on Welsh hymnology, and collections of poetry by D. Emrys James ('Dewi Emrys'), I. D. Hooson, R. Williams Parry, and T. J. Thomas ('Sarnicol'), of prose by 'Sarnicol', W. Llewelyn Williams, O. M. Edwards, and W. J. Gruffydd, and of hymns by H. Elvet Lewis ('Elfed'), J. D. Vernon Lewis, J. R. Davies, Pentyrch, and others, and selections of prose and verse compiled for competition at various national eisteddfodau. In addition to the collection of Elfed's Welsh and English hymns, there are twelve volumes containing some of his prose and verse and material on his life and work. There are also indexes to Y Beirniad, Y Geninen, and Y Geiriadur Bywgraphyddol; typescript copies and cuttings, from periodicals and newspapers, of articles and essays by various persons, and by 'Sarnicol' and J. Seymour Rees in particular; typescript transcripts of several printed books, in particular of collections of hymns published in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; and scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings relating to D. Lloyd George, Dylan Thomas, 'Dewi Emrys', W. Llewelyn Williams, Sir John Morris Jones, 'Elfed', Rev John Evans, Brecon, Rev Jubilee Young, and others. The collection also contains letters to J. Seymour Rees and Mrs. Seymour Rees and a small group of other correspondence. The largest donation of printed books received during the current year was that which the Library was invited to select from the very extensive library of Rev J. Seymour Rees (Dept of Printed Books). It numbered several hundreds of volumes primarily of literary, historical, and theological interest, all in very good condition, and many having been bound by Mr. Rees himself. Additional material from the library of the donor's husband, the late Rev J. Seymour Rees, Seven Sisters. It includes typescript collections of 'Cyfansoddiadau sydd yn fy modloni i' and 'A short anthology of the world's greatest Christian prayers' (NLW MS 19384B); three scrapbooks of typescripts and newspaper cuttings (NLW MSS 19385A, 19386B, 19387C); a typescript copy of 'Casgliad o gyfarwyddiadau i wneuthur hen fwydydd nodweddiadol Gymraeg' by Miss Mati Thomas ('Mati'r Ddôl'), Nanternis, New Quay (awarded the prize at the Treorchy National Eisteddfod, 1928) (NLW MS 19383B); Evan Thomas: Galareb S. Griffiths o Horeb (Castellnewydd-Emlyn, 1960), and J. Lloyd Williams: Byd Natur (Caerdydd, 1924) (Dept of Printed Books). A holograph letter of David Jones (1856-1937), Aberdare, afterwards Independent minister at New Quay, co. Cardigan, and at Scranton, Pa., U.S.A. (NLW MS 18866E, No 246C); and a printed postcard to the donor from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, [March 1965], acknowledging a message of sympathy and good wishes (NLW MS 16726A).

Rees, J. Seymour (John Seymour), 1887-1963.

Casgliad amrywiol,

  • NLW MS 12526F.
  • File
  • [1850x1915] /

A scrap album containing manuscript and printed items, newspaper cuttings, etc., described on the first page as 'Casgliad amrywiol o eiddo Ionawryn Williams [see the preceding manuscript] yn cynnwys engreifftiau o'i ddiddordeb a'i weithgarwch. Ceir ynddo hefyd nodiadau ychwanegol ar rai o Gymry Manceinion . . .' The manuscript material includes a copy of an anonymous election manifesto addressed to the [Manchester] Welsh, denouncing the previous Conservative administration and advocating the return of Messrs. Jacob Bright and John Slagg as [Liberal] members for the city [of Manchester] [?1880]; a holograph letter from Joseph Parry, University College, Cardiff, to Mr. [Ionawryn] Williams, 1899 (reference to the writer's fifth opera King Arthur); a holograph postcard from Owen M[organ] Edwards, Oxford, to Mr. [Ionawryn] Williams, 1898 (acknowledging the receipt of 'englynion' and hymns); poems addressed to Ionawryn Williams at Bethesda [co. Caernarvon] (1900); miscellaneous other poems; a few biographical notes on Manchester Welshmen; etc. The printed items include copies of a prospectus (with order form attached) advertising Ionawryn Williams's forthcoming volume of biographies of Manchester Welshmen [see the preceding manuscript]; a handbill announcing 'A Liberal demonstration of the north east and south east divisions of the county of Lancaster' to be held at Manchester, 24 and 25 October 1879; the rules (with balance sheet and list of members and officials) of the Manchester Welsh National Society (1894-1895); the programme of the same society's activities for the session 1895-1896; menus and programmes in connection with St. David's day celebration dinners in Manchester (1891 and undated); the programme (with rules and list of officials) of the Booth Street East Young People's Literary Society for the session 1869-1870; a commemorative article on Ellis Roberts of Manchester by Ionawryn Williams (extracted from Y Cronicl, July 1893), and a similar article on Ionawryn Williams himself (extracted from Y Cronicl, October 1907). The newspaper cuttings, which form the largest class of insets, are of a varied nature. Most refer to persons and events connected with the Manchester and Salford area from the 1860's to the early twentieth century. They include, inter alia, obituary notices of Welshmen who had some connection with Manchester (e.g., Sir William Roberts, physician, ob. 1899, Professor Thomas Jones, surgeon, ob. in South Africa, 1900), Manchester news items of Welsh interest (e.g., St. David's day celebrations, meetings of Welsh societies, a meeting in connection with Welsh disestablishment in 1883), poems by Ionawryn Williams, and other miscellaneous verse.

Williams, Ionawryn.

Sir Edward Anwyl manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSANWYL
  • Fonds
  • 1815-[1910x1914]

Notebooks and papers, 1815-[1910x1914], of or belonging to Sir Edward Anwyl, mainly comprising notes of Celtic, Classical, Biblical, theological and historical or archaeological interest, together with literary, linguistic and grammatical material.

Anwyl, E. (Edward), 1866-1914

William Glynne-Jones Papers,

  • Fonds
  • 1936-1974 /

William Glynne-Jones papers, 1936-1974, comprising autograph drafts and notes for an autobiography, his novels and short stories; letters, 1946-1955, from Dr Thomas Jones CH; typescripts and cuttings of various stories and articles; and letters, 1944-1969, to William Glynne-Jones offering him moral and financial support. The correspondents include Richard Burton, 1951-1968, Dr Thomas Jones CH, 1946-1954, and Emlyn Williams, 1944-1969.

Glynne-Jones, William, 1907-1977

Under Milk Wood,

  • NLW ex 2797.
  • File
  • [1971]-[1972] /

A first draft screenplay by the director Andrew Sinclair (Timon Films, London), [1971]-[1972], of the play by Dylan Thomas. A piece of paper has been pasted on the title page with the words: 'For Andrew, I have rarely admired or liked a man better! Affectionately Richard B.'.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953.

Jack Raymond Jones Papers,

  • GB 0210 JACKNES
  • Fonds
  • [c. 1930]-1982 /

Papers, [c. 1930]-1982, of Jack Raymond Jones, comprising correspondence, 1956-1982, including letters from Richard Burton, Ray Howard-Jones, Robert Morgan, John Ormond, and Kyffin Williams; drafts of literary works, 1958-[1970s]; articles, 1956-1969; radio and television scripts, 1957-1971; papers relating to exhibitions of his paintings, 1970-1975; financial papers relating to paintings, 1970-1976; material relating to other artists, 1957-1978; papers relating to Jack Raymond Jones's teaching career, 1957-1976; financial records, 1965-1981; personal papers, 1948-1980; miscellaneous papers, 1948-1980; and photographs, [c. 1930]-[1970s].

Jones, Jack Raymond, 1922-1993

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