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'Branwen's starling'

A scan of 'Branwen's starling', a watercolour by John Chamberlain, sent to Erin Kavanagh in 2022 in response to the 'Layers in Lampeter' exhibition, and in particular ‘Branwen uerch Lyr’.

‘Penrolio’ performance

A photographic reel, January 2018, containing an account of a live performance entitled ‘Penrolio’ at the castle mound, UWTSD Lampeter, in which R.M. Parry delivered his sculpture, ‘Pen Bendigeidfran’, to the ‘Layers in Lampeter’ exhibition; the performance was inspired by ‘Branwen uerch Lyr’.

‘King of the Sea Trees’ postcard

A postcard image, 2017, of the ‘King of the Sea Trees’, drawn and designed by Erin Kavanagh with an extract from her poem of the same name; the postcard was produced by the ‘Layers in the Landscape’ project and used in the project exhibitions.

‘King of the Sea Trees’ shanty

A recording, August 2017, of the 'King of the Sea Trees' shanty, composed and performed by David Moore (under the pseudonym Dafydd Eto) and drawing on traditional songs of the sea in response to Erin Kavanagh's poem of the same name, with the prologue of the poem spoken by Erin Kavanagh and also backing vocals by her; recorded by Jacob Whittaker and used in the project exhibitions.

'Haenau'r Tirlun' poem

A photograph, November 2017, of 'Haenau'r Tirlun', an englyn composed by Mererid Hopwood for the ‘Layers in Lampeter’ exhibition; photograph by Jacob Whittaker.

‘Layers in Lampeter’

A photograph, November 2017, of part of the display at the ‘Layers in Lampeter’ exhibition, including the prehistoric red deer antlers, the ‘Brenin Y Coed Môr’ sign and the 'Time Scroll'; photograph by Erin Kavanagh.

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