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Rebel with a Cause

The box contains a folder which has materials on Ann Clwyd herself and her Rebel with a Cause book. There is a notebook, letters, book launch list, information sheet on the speaker's house, a list of scrapbooks, obituary newspaper clipping and a funeral order of service booklet.

Press Articles and Cuttings

The box contains various press cuttings and articles on areas such as Labour, Poverty and Iraq.
There are also reports and campaign documents.

Press Cuttings

The box contains various press cuttings and press releases. They cover a range of different topics from Princess Diana, Iraq, Scott Report, Human Rights to Devolution.

Welsh language

The folders cover the Welsh language. They cover topics such as the Census, bills, and language popularity.
There are articles, letters, meeting minutes, Welsh Language bill, Education Reform Bill and the language policy.

Women and Equality

Research paper, articles, documents, press cuttings relating to women and equality. The material relates to gender balance within the Labour Party, devolved elections, women's refuges, financial support for women and issues relating to women refugees.

Annual Reports

The box contains Annual Reports from Labour and local constituency.

Cardiff Sound

The box contains a folder on Cardiff Sound and on radio. There are letters, correspondence, reports, documents, information sheets. There is also a parliamentary questions on remploy.

Subject Files B-W

The box contains reports, articles, correspondence, parliamentary questions, briefings, Local Government Wales Bill, letters, correspondence and standard notes. They cover topics such as Broadcasting, Further Education, Social Services, local Government, police force restructuring, Ray Powell, Foot and Mouth disease and Housing.


The box contains various speeches and some articles. They cover a range of topics which include Ann Clwyd herself, Iraq, Princess Diana, Labour Party, Middle East, Freedom of Information, Landmines, Devolution and the Fire at Windsor Castle.

Speeches: 1989-1994

The box contains various speeches covering topics such as her maiden speech, Iraq, Kurds, Media, international relations

Speeches : 1994-1996

The box contains various speeches covering topics such as Iraq, landmines, the national minimum wage and the Labour Party.


Papers relating to transport in Wales including road safety, the M4 and Cardiff Airport.


There are folders containing various letters and correspondence on a range of topics. There are also articles, leaflets, booklets, Reports and parliamentary questions 1995-1996 within. They cover topics such as Iraq, Jane's Defence, Welfare of Broiler Chickens Bill, Parliamentary Human Rights Group, International Development Select Committee visits, GM Food Safety, Plastic Surgery, Christian Aid, Sudan, Farming, Local Government, Government Policies,Congo, Asylum applications, Pergau Dam, Welsh Affairs, Western Sahara, Kosovo, Section 28, Skills and Learning Bill, and Breast Cancer.
Plus Selection of Women Candidates, Coronation Oath Act 1688 papers, International Development Select Committee, All Party Group, PINE leaflet, Articles

Poverty and Deprivation

The box covers Poverty and Deprivation. There are notes, parliamentary questions, reports, letters, correspondence, articles and a research paper.

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