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Letters to Elspeth Rhŷs,

Letters, 1864-1910, addressed to Elspeth Rhŷs, including some from John Rhŷs and other family members, with occasional letters and replies in her hand. Among the correspondents are Charles de Gaulle (12), Henri Gaidoz, A. H. Sayce (3), Hugh Derfel Hughes, E. R. Wharton, Eluned Morgan (2), Grant Allen, Edwin Hatch, Queen Victoria (copy), James Darmesteter (2), James MacFadden (2), David G. Ritchie, Frederick York Powell (2), O. M. Edwards, W. R. Morfill, Thomas Ellis (4), Paul Meyer, John Patrick Crichton-Stuart (Marquess of Bute, 2), William Jones (2), Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick, J. A. Simon, Annie J. Ellis, James Hills-Johnes, Ellis J. Ellis-Griffith, Alfred Daniell, D. Brynmor Jones, Marie Corelli, Edward Anwyl, E. Vincent Evans, Lydia E. Becker, A. Darmesteter, Frances Hoggan, and John Dillon.

Letters and papers of D. R. Daniel

  • NLW MS 11069E.
  • Ffeil
  • [1888x1913].

Sixty-five holograph and autograph letters and postcards, and telegrams, 1888-1913 and undated, addressed to David Robert Daniel (1859-1931) of Fourcrosses, Chwilog, Caernarvonshire. The writers include a circular, 1904, issued by the North Wales Quarries Ltd; P[eredur] Ll. Daniel, London, his son, undated; [Robert Evans] ('Cybi'), Llangybi, undated; [E.] Vincent Evans, London, 1913?; [Henry] Harold Hughes, Bangor, 1903-06; and The North Wales Quarrymen's Union, Caernarvon, undated. Also included in the group are three holograph letters, 1888-1905, from D. R. Daniel to his wife Sara and to his mother Jane; a holograph letter, undated, from Sara [Daniel] to her mother at Llandderfel; a grand jury summons for the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for Caernarvonshire, addressed to D. R. Daniel,1905; vouchers, certificates of bank credits, etc. of D. R. Daniel, 1904-13; and other holograph letters which include one to [H. J. Williams] ('Plenydd'), 1890; and a letter, 1898, containing accounts of the North Wales Quarrymen's Union; also verses in Welsh entitled 'The Memorable Temperance Supper Dec. 23rd. 1882'.
References include those to Peredur Daniel, son of D. R. Daniel; memorials and a Testimonial Fund to Thomas Edward Ellis; the illness of Daniel's father-in-law; and the Penrhyn Quarry dispute.

Daniel, David R. (David Robert), 1859-1931

Letters A-E,

The first of seven volumes of about six hundred letters mainly addressed to Thomas Gee and relating to a variety of subjects particularly in the fields of education, temperance reform, religious movements, and political questions. -- The principal correspondents are H. Adams, Ruthin, 1868; William Ambrose ('Emrys'), 1865; R. Myddelton Biddulph, 1868; John Bright, 1866-85; Joseph Chamberlain, 1885-90; David Charles, Abercarn and Aberystwyth, 1866-9; Sir Robert A. Cunliffe, 1872, 85; Dr. R. W. Dale, 1885; David Davies, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 1898; Sir. D. S. Davies, 1892; W. Cadwaladr Davies, 1884; O. M. Edwards, 1889-91; Principal Thomas Charles Edwards, 1889; Thomas E. Ellis, Dr. E. Herber Evans, 1877; E. Vincent Evans, 1898; S. T. Evans, 1891-3; and William Evans, Chester, 1883-4.

Letters addressed to William Oliver,

  • NLW MS 9120B.
  • Ffeil
  • 1868-1904.

Letters addressed to William Oliver by John Ballinger, 1902, O. M. Edwards, 1902, E. Vincent Evans, 1903-1904, W. B. Gurdon, 1869, Henry Morley, 1887, Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1903, Alfred Nutt, 1901, Alfred Neobard Palmer, 1903, John Ruskin, 1868, T. F. Tout, and Josiah Thomas, Liverpool (the ownership of Y Tyst).

General correspondence,

Includes letters from James Bryce (3), John Lloyd Warden Page, John Joly (2), J. P. Mahaffy (3), H. M. White (3), W. H. Stevenson (2), Owen Owen, John Ward (2), Richard Ellis (2), Osborn J. Bergin, Ifor Williams, S. J. Evans, Solomon Solomon, George Eyre Evans, Edward Owen (22), J. Glyn Davies (3), R. A. Stewart Macalister (3), D. Brynmor Jones (4), Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington (Earl Carrington), F. Haverfield (3), Alfred G. Edwards, T. F. Roberts, J. H. Davies, Ellis Davies, J. L. Strachan-Davidson, E. C. Quiggin, E. S. Dodgson (7), Rupert H. Morris, A. H. Sayce (2), Willoughby Gardner (3), George G. T. Treherne (2), Arthur J. Evans, William Evans Hoyle, E. Vincent Evans, O. A. Danielsson, C. Hercules Read, and Henry Bradley.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from R. A. Stewart Macalister (2), J. Glyn Davies (4), D. Lloyd George (3), Robert Mowat (4, one includes a note by Whitley Stokes on reverse), Evan Rees ('Dyfed'), Patrick Power, Marie Henri d’Arbois de Jubainville (2), Lewis Morris (3), T. Herbert Warren (4), F. J. Furnivall, Edward Laws (2), Horace Hart (13), Edward Caird (2), A. H. Sayce, Julio de Urquijo (4), Alfred Daniell, Sidney Lee (2), J. Romilly Allen (5), W. James (2), John Rowland, Thomas Shankland, S. H. Church, A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl') (7), Richard Ellis, George Eyre Evans (3), John Edward Lloyd (3), William Jones, Rudolf Thurneysen, J. Strachan, Hugh Williams, J. G. Schurman (3), Goddard H. Orpen (2), Edward Owen (10), E. W. B. Nicholson (3), John C. Roberts, Isaac Craigfryn Hughes (2), George Curzon (2), E. S. Dodgson (40), W. H. Preece, J. H. Hessels, H. H. Asquith (2), D. Brynmor Jones, John Bradbury, W. G. Smith, Henry Owen (3), John Thomas ('Eifionydd') (2), Thomas Powel (2), J. Gwenogvryn Evans (3), Norman Lockyer, Thurstan C. Peter (2), J. G. Swift MacNeill, H. Campbell-Bannerman, S. Baring-Gould, Robert P. Porter, S. L. Clemens, Bernard FitzPatrick (Baron Castletown), A. S. Green, Marie Corelli, Erskine Beveridge (3), Henry Jones (2), W. Hawker Hughes, J. C. Collins, Robert S. Ball, J. Loth (2), J. Jusserand (3), Arturo Campión, Camille Jullian, William Iago, Gustav Roethe (2), Osborn J. Bergin, Heinrich Zimmer, Robinson Ellis, Charles Plummer, Edward Anwyl (2), W. M. Ramsay (2), Andrew Lang, Bernard P. Grenfell, Kuno Meyer (2), F. C. Conybeare, R. R. Marett, T. H. Thomas, Arthur Bernard Cook, Henry Browne, Almeric W. FitzRoy, W. Rhys Roberts, J. H. Davies, Rowland Ellis, T. F. Tout, T. Witton Davies, F. Haverfield (3), Edward Clodd, J. Myfenydd Morgan (2), E. Vincent Evans, Anatole le Braz, H. Osthoff, G. L. Barstow (2), Ingram Bywater, George Eyre Evans, R. Gwyneddon Davies, and Hubert von Herkomer.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from Paul Meyer, Goddard H. Orpen (10), F. C. Burkitt (2), Bertram C. A. Windle (2), Michael Beary (5), J. Glyn Davies (6), Donald Mackinnon (2), Norman Lockyer (13), Edward Caird, A. W. Wade-Evans (3), J. B. Bury (7), Llywarch Reynolds (4), F. Madan, E. W. B. Nicholson (4), Ange McKay Mosher (2), A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl') (16), I. Gollancz (2), W. H. Stevenson, Alfred Neobard Palmer, Morgan S. Williams, A. A. Macdonell, Alfred Daniell, Charles E. Breese, James R. Thursfield (2), E. B. Poulton, T. F. Roberts (2), D. B. Monro, R. A. Stewart Macalister (2), E. Lorimer Thomas, A. W. Scott, J. E. de Hirsch Davies, Alfred Thomas (2), E. H. Griffiths (2), Franz Lützow, J. Romilly Allen (2), E. Vincent Evans (3), William B. Halhed, John E. Davies, Douglas Hyde, A. W. Moore, John Rowland (2), D. Brynmor Jones (3), John Thomas ('Eifionydd'), Léonce Pierre Manouvrier, Robert Mowat (7), Léon-Honoré Labande, Marie Henri d’Arbois de Jubainville (3), A. H. Sayce, Henri Chabeuf, A. Héron de Villefosse (2), J. Strachan, George G. T. Treherne, Thomas Powel (2), W. J. Watson, Camille Jullian, H. R. Reichel (2), W. M. Lindsay, A. E. Joscelyne (3), E. S. Dodgson, W. A. Craigie, A. V. Dicey, Norman Moore, William Evans, W. Hawker Hughes, J. G. Frazer, J. P. Mahaffy, Edward Anwyl (2), W. Warde Fowler (3), Beriah G. Evans, Ll. J. M. Bebb, Lewis Morris, J. H. Davies, Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington (Earl Carrington), Joseph Wright, W. J. Parry, Arthur Bernard Cook, Percy Gardner, and Lewis R. Farnell.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from James A. H. Murray, Edward Owen, Thomas Powel, William Iago (2), Edward Anwyl (4), Thomas Owen, John R. Mowbray, A. G. Boscawen (2), Charles Roeder (2), Hugh E. Seebohm, D. R. Thomas, D. Brynmor Jones (2), T. H. Thomas (2), D. P. Alford, H. Furneaux, Sidney Herbert (Earl of Pembroke) (5), John Owen, A. C. Humphreys-Owen (2), Charles Elton, Augusta Herbert, F. G. Kenyon (2), John L. Myers, Henry Owen (4), E. Sidney Hartland (2), David R. Hughes, H. W. Williams (7), Wentworth Webster, John H. Puleston (2), Hugh Williams, G. Hartwell Jones, George Coffey, Robert Cochrane (2), Richard J. Kelly, Charles Owen O'Conor (3), Reginald Bence-Jones, A. S. Napier, Alfred Holder, Douglas Hyde, W. J. Lewis, J. Edwin Odgers, George St John Colthurst, Arthur Guinness (Baron Ardilaun), Bernard Mallet, Robert Welch (2), Bernard FitzPatrick (Baron Castletown), W. A. Craigie, J. Romilly Allen (2), S. Baring-Gould (3), John Hobson Matthews, F. Haverfield, E. Vincent Evans, William Keith Leask, Fanny Bulkeley-Owen (2), Robert Burnard (2), John Garstang, J. Anderson (5), Alfred Neobard Palmer, C. E. G. Philipps, Norman Moore, E. S. Dodgson (2), Lewis Morris, H. Augusta Mostyn, Charles Mills Gayley, N. MacColl, John Edward Lloyd, Osborn J. Bergin (2), D. Hay Fleming, A. S. Green, C. A. Buckler, R. A. Stewart Macalister, Alexander Carmichael (2), Hugo Schuchardt, Edward Clodd (3), and Alexander B. Grosart.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from Osborn J. Bergin, I. Gollancz (2), Frederic Seebohm, Henri Lechat (10), Alfred Daniell (2), Charles Plummer, P. Carlyon-Britton, Alfred Anscombe, Eleanor Hull, C. S. Burne, Henry Owen, A. S. Green, James A. H. Murray, W. Y. Evans Wentz, Edward Owen (4), J. Fisher (2), Felix Mazauric (2), A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl') (3), T. C. Evans ('Cadrawd') (2), Paul Meyer, Émile Espérandieu (4), Isaac Craigfryn Hughes, W. Warde Fowler (4), Sydney Collcutt, H. W. Garrod, George Eyre Evans, P. H. Cowell (4), H. R. Reichel (4), J. Loth, R. R. Marrett (4), T. Mary Lockyer, Norman Lockyer, Donald A. Mackenzie, Douglas Hyde, E. W. B. Nicholson (2), G. A. Edwards, Julius Pokorny, T. Herbert Warren (2), Patrick Lyons (4), John Prichard-Jones, W. Boyd Dawkins (2), Franz Lützow, Henri Gaidoz (3), E. Vincent Evans, E. Ch. Babut (2), Michel Jouve (3), Joseph Hambley Rowe, A. H. Sayce (2), Thurstan C. Peter, F. Madan, George E. Robinson, Charles Leudesdorf, W. M. Flinders Petrie, E. S. Dodgson (2), W. M. Lindsay, Owen Owen, Thomas S. O'Malley, J. G. Swift MacNeill, Clara Thomas, Wilhelm Schulze, E. H. Griffiths, F. Haverfield, J. G. Frazer, Kuno Meyer, D. Lleufer Thomas, A. W. Wade-Evans, H. W. Garrod, and Goddard H. Orpen.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from Thomas Powel (3), Edward Laws, William Jones (2), George Eyre Evans (4, one pasted on a report by Jacob Rees Gabriel and GEE, in the latter's hand, on the 'Kilmaenllwyd Stones'), Edward Anwyl (4), Norman Lockyer (3), William Meredith Morris, J. G. Frazer (2), H. J. Fleure, J. Mortimer Angus (2), Hubert von Herkomer (4), J. Glyn Davies, E. W. B. Nicholson (8), Marie Henri d’Arbois de Jubainville (3), Arthur Drews, James A. H. Murray, C. S. Burne (2), John L. Myres, A. Amy Brooke, Kuno Meyer (11), H. R. Reichel (2), Lewis Morris (2), Richard Ellis (4), A. H. Sayce (7), D. Lloyd George, Paul Vinogradoff, Edith F. Carey (2), Henry Bellingham, William R. Anson, T. Fisher Unwin (2), Edward Owen, D. Brynmor Jones, G. L. Barstow, I. Gollancz (5), T. Herbert Warren (2), Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, J. Estlin Carpenter, Reginald A. Smith, Jonathan Ceredig Davies, John Williams, Lewis Davies Jones ('Llew Tegid'), Alfred Neobard Palmer (3), W. Llewelyn Williams, P. S. Allen, Douglas Hyde (2), R. L. Poole, R. R. Marett (3), John Rowland, J. Lloyd-Jones, Isambard Owen, W. Lewis Jones, F. Haverfield, T. F. Tout (4), John Hamilton-Gordon (Earl of Aberdeen), A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl') (2), J. H. Davies, and E. Vincent Evans.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from George G. T. Treherne (4), Charles Roeder (2), W. Bright, D. B. Monro, Frederick York Powell (2), J. Romilly Allen (3), James Darmesteter, Standish H. O'Grady (5), Max Müller, Adolf Noreen (2), W. M. Ramsay, John Lloyd Warden Page (2), Selwyn Blackett, Arthur J. Everett, Sophus Bugge (2), Alfred Daniell (3), Emil Hübner (2), F. Haverfield, D. Lleufer Thomas, Walter M. J. Campbell, Edward A. Freeman, Grant Allen, W. Cadwaladr Davies, Frederick T. Elworthy, E. B. Tylor, A. H. Sayce, W. Boyd Dawkins, W. W. Fowler (2), F. Pollock, Isaac Taylor, C. P. Le Cornu, Laurence Gomme (3), Edward Clodd (4), John Beddoe (2), Richard Morris, Morgan Davies, E. Vincent Evans, W. W. Skeat, G. W. Kitchin, E. S. Dodgson, Frances Power Cobbe (2), and Samuel R. Gardiner.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from J. T. Davies, H. R. Reichel (3), I. Gollancz (5), Kuno Meyer (2), Fritz Jecklin (2), W. A. Raleigh, R. Hughes, E. Walter Rees ('Gwallter Dyfi'), E. H. Goodman Roberts, E. Vincent Evans (5), William B. Halhed (13), J. G. Frazer, H. W. C. Davis, Alice B. Gomme, R. A. Stewart Macalister (5), Frederick G. Wynn (5), Horace Hart (4), Donald A. Mackenzie (3), P. M. C. Kermode (2), Robert Cochrane, Watkin H. Williams, Paul Vinogradoff (2), J. Herbert Lewis (2), Bertram C. A. Windle (4), Edward Owen, W. J. Watson (2), F. Haverfield (2), Christopher Williams, George G. T. Treherne, R. S. Conway, A. H. Sayce (4), E. C. Quiggin, Henri Gaidoz, Earnest A. Hooton, E. S. Dodgson (6), E. Lorimer Thomas, E. Sidney Hartland, Camille Jullian, O. A. Danielsson, W. Boyd Dawkins, M. R. James, Henry Owen, Gwenllian E. F. Morgan (4), Sophia Morrison, Thomas Powel, W. M. Flinders Petrie, J. P. Mahaffy (2), J. Mortimer Angus, Goddard H. Orpen, W. R. Lethaby, Patrick Lyons, Owen Edwards (3), H. J. Fleure, Alfred G. Edwards, George Curzon, George Eyre Evans, Kuno Meyer, Alexander Bugge, and T. E. Lawrence.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from T. F. Tout (4), Mary Davies (3), Almeric W. FitzRoy, Edward Anwyl, Edith F. Carey, E. Ch. Babut, W. H. Clark (2), W. A. Craigie, J. G. Frazer, Kuno Meyer (6), E. W. B. Nicholson (7), E. Vincent Evans (2), Salomon Reinach (3), Henry Owen (9), Edward Clodd (2), F. Haverfield (2), A. H. Sayce (3), John Ballinger, Henri Lechat (6), A. S. Green (12), Bertram C. A. Windle, Johannes Hoops, W. Boyd Dawkins (2), Alfred P Graves (2), Alfred Daniell, D. Rhys Phillips, Arthur L. Smith, Alfred E. Hudd, R. A. Stewart Macalister (2), G. L. Barstow (2), A. S. Napier, Edward Laws, J. E. de Hirsch Davies, James H. Cousins, C. P. Molhuysen, T. A. Glenn, T. Mansel Franklen (2), Émile Espérandieu, George Eyre Evans (6), D. Lleufer Thomas (2), Marie Henri d’Arbois de Jubainville (2), Michel Jouve, Patrick Lyons (2), Thomas Powel, J. Glyn Davies, Alfred G. Edwards, W. A. Henderson, Robert Cochrane (2), H. R. Reichel, John Edward Lloyd, I. Gollancz, P. M. C. Kermode (2), Henri Gaidoz (2), Julius Pokorny, Richard Lydekker, Charles Plummer, and J. P. Mahaffy.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from Thomas Powel, J. H. Hessels, H. W. Williams (3), Laurence Gomme (2), E. Vincent Evans, S. Baring-Gould (3), Edward Clodd, Kuno Meyer (2), George G. T. Treherne (3), Andrew Lang, Ellis Pierce ('Elis o'r Nant'), Charles Plummer, D. Brynmor Jones (6), Frederick York Powell (3), Llywarch Reynolds, Henry Owen (2), E. Sidney Hartland (4), J. Fisher, Ivor James (4), Alfred Daniell (2), Patrick Lyons (8), Frederic Seebohm (2), Edward Anwyl (3), Camille Jullian, Alfred Trübner Nutt, Robert Bridges, Robert Cochrane (3), David MacRitchie (3), Alfred Neobard Palmer (2), George Coffey (5), W. H. Stevenson, Standish H. O'Grady (2), W. J. Ashley, E. Perceval Wright (3), Robert Borland (4), Salomon Reinach, Charles Roeder (5), E. W. B. Nicholson, F. Haverfield, Mary Glanusk (2), Eleanor M. Reid, J. Romilly Allen (4), Betha Hills-Johnes, Pym Yeatman, J. Glyn Davies, George Henry Cadogan (Earl Cadogan), Leslie Stephen, Isambard Owen (6), Alexander Hugh Bruce (Baron Balfour of Burleigh), I. Gollancz (3), R. A. Stewart Macalister (6), Norman Lockyer, Bernard FitzPatrick (Baron Castletown), Fanny Bulkeley-Owen, Edward Gibson (Baron Ashbourne), D. R. Thomas, Louise I. Guiney (2), F. T. Barry, T. Marchant Williams, W. M. Lindsay (3), A. Héron de Villefosse, Edward Martyn (2), J. Cynddylan Jones, Thomas Darlington, F. J. Furnivall, A. C. Humphreys-Owen, T. D. James ('Iago Erfyl'), A. W. Moore, J. B. Bury, E. B. Poulton, H. R. Reichel, and Cadwallader J. Bates.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from Lewis Morris (3), Eleanor Hull, T. Fisher Unwin, Harry Speight, J. Strachan (2), H. R. Reichel (2), Paul Vinogradoff, R. A. Stewart Macalister (6), Goddard H. Orpen (3), T. Mansel Franklen (10), D. Lloyd George, Rowland Ellis, Robert Cochrane (2), W. Warde Fowler (2, one enclosing a letter from Georg Wissowa), Marcus N. Tod, E. S. Dodgson (16), Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington (Earl Carrington), A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl') (7), J. Glyn Davies (5), Norman Lockyer (2), J. H. Hessels, Betha Hills-Johnes, J. Jenkins ('Gwili'), James Hastings, Robert Mowat, P. M. C. Kermode (6), Kuno Meyer (2), W. R. Morfill (2), Hugh Williams (2), F. Haverfield (3), Edward Clodd (4), E. Maunde Thompson, E. Sidney Hartland, Patrick Lyons (9), John Beddoe, John Williams, E. Lorimer Thomas, John Garstang, Julio de Urquijo, Otto Franke, Camille Jullian (6), B. Nogara, O. A. Danielsson, E. Vincent Evans, H. Gaidoz, Émile Espérandieu, Sidney Herbert (Earl of Pembroke) (2), George Eley Halliday, W. H. Preece, Douglas Hyde, T. H. Thomas (14), E. P. Wright (2), Maurice FitzGerald (Duke of Leinster), W. Baldwin Spencer, S. H. Butcher, A. W. Howitt, J. Romilly Allen (4), T. Herbert Warren, Alfred P. Graves (2), E. C. Quiggin, E. Ch. Babut, W. H. Stevenson, D. Brynmor Jones (2), F. Carruthers Gould (2), Paul Meyer, T. C. Evans ('Cadrawd') (2), J. Mortimer Angus, William Osler, W. Llewelyn Williams, W. Temple (2), Francis J. Jayne, John Edward Lloyd, Martin Hume (2), Henry Owen, Frederick York Powell, Evan Jones ('Ieuan Buallt'), and Marcus Hartog.

Ernest Rhys letters,

Three autograph letters from Ernest Rhys, two, dated 1905 and 1911, addressed to the magazine editor Clement Shorter (ff. 194-197), and one, dated 19 November 1930, addressed to Sir E. Vincent Evans, signed 'Rhys Goch' and enclosing a book (f. 198).
The letters contain references to the publication of Rhys' Lays of the Round Table (London, 1905) (ff. 194-195) and to W. B. Yeats (ff. 196-197).

Rhys, Ernest, 1859-1946.

Llythyrau at J. Owain Evans,

  • NLW MS 16797D.
  • ffeil
  • [1886x1918] /

Tri llythyr, 1886, yn Saesneg, at Vincent Evans oddi wrth T. E. Ellis, O. M. Edwards a John Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog'); tair llythyr ar ddeg (un yn Saesneg) ac un cerdyn post, 1903-1918, at J. Owain Evans oddi wrth Eliseus Williams ('Eifion Wyn'), ynghyd â thoriad o'r Darian a gohebiaeth, yn Saesneg a Chymraeg, [1917], oddi wrth y Comisiwn Yswiriant Iechyd Cenedlaethol parthed Thomas Evans, tad Robert Evans ('Cybi'); deuddeg llythyr, yng Nghymraeg a Saesneg, 1912-1914, at J. Owain Evans oddi wrth Robert Roberts ('Isallt'), ynghyd â thoriad o'r Rhedegydd, 15 Chwefror 1913, sy'n dwyn llythyr oddi wrth 'Isallt', toriad parthed 'Isallt' o'r News Chronicle, d.d., a barddoniaeth Cymraeg a Saesneg, 1911-1913, yn llaw 'Isallt' = Three letters, 1886, in English, to Vincent Evans from T. E. Ellis, O. M. Edwards and John Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog'); thirteen letters (one in English), and one postcard, 1903-1918, to J. Owain Evans from Eliseus Williams ('Eifion Wyn'), together with a cutting from Y Darian and correspondence, in English and Welsh, [1917], from the National Health Insurance Commission in relation to Thomas Evans, father of Robert Evans ('Cybi'); twelve letters, in Welsh and English, 1912-1914, to J. Owain Evans from Robert Roberts ('Isallt'), together with a cutting from Y Rhedegydd, 15 February 1913, which contains a letter from 'Isallt', a cutting relating to 'Isallt' from the News Chronicle, n.d., and poetry in Welsh and English, 1911-1913, in 'Isallt's hand.

'Eifion Wyn' ac 'Isallt'.

Proflenni Llyfryddiaeth Gymreig o 1801-1810

  • NLW ex 3086
  • Ffeil / File
  • 1908

Copi E. Vincent Evans o broflenni Llyfryddiaeth Gymreig o 1801 i 1810 (Croesoswallt, 1908) gan Charles Ashton, yn cynnwys cywiriadau ac ychwanegiadau ar gyfer 1811 ac 1812. Trosglwyddwyd o gasgliad llyfrau printiedig LlGC ym mis Ionawr 2023.

Evans, Vincent, Sir, 1851-1934

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