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Robert Owen Memorial Museum : letters

The file comprises letters relating to the management and development of the Robert Owen Memorial Museum, Newtown. There is also a small group of related printed items and press cuttings.

Robert Owen Memorial Museum (Newtown, Powys, Wales)

Robert Owen Memorial Museum : general papers

The file comprises printed and manuscript items concerning the Robert Owen Memorial Museum, Newtown. Many of the papers relate to the meetings and proceedings of the Museum's Council of Management, and there are several published items about Robert Owen and his legacy.

Robert Owen Memorial Museum (Newtown, Powys, Wales)


Eleven notebooks, [1970s-1980s], containing material mostly relating to the proposed publication of John Cowper Powys's letters and diaries. Nine of the notebooks are in Francis Llewellyn Powys's hand, one (ff. 1-12) bearing the title 'My Dearest Sea-Eagle. Selected Letters from J.C.P. to His sister Katie. NOTES', the rest containing draft letters relating to proposed publication (many addressed to representatives of Laurence Pollinger Ltd, literary agents, London), a draft of The Quiet Man of Dorset (ff. 258-260) (Francis's portrait of his father Theodore Francis Powys) and a draft of an unnamed work by Francis Llewellyn Powys (ff. 260 verso-290, about half of which is inverted text), and rough arithmetical calculations (presumably related to publishing costs). Many of the notebooks contain rough sketches and drawings, mainly depicting female figures, and some leaves bear evidence of watercolour paint mixing. A photographic negative depicting a crowd of people at the seaside which was originally loose inside one of the notebooks is now inserted at f. 156. Two of the eleven notebooks, containing indexes to the proposed publications, are possibly in the hand of Sally Powys, wife of Francis Llewellyn Powys.

Letters to Llewellyn Powys

Three letters, [1935], 1938, from Phyllis Playter to John Cowper Powys's brother, Llewelyn (Lulu) Powys, which include Phyllis Playter's response to Llewelyn's work Damnable Opinions (1935). In 1938 Phyllis Playter is writing to Switzerland, where Llewelyn had removed for the sake of his health. Powys biographer Morine Krissdottir has added brief notes on ff. 1, 3.

Powys, Llewelyn, 1884-1939

John Cowper Powys and Llewelyn Powys letters to Margaret Moon

  • NLW MS 23862E
  • Ffeil
  • 1937-1990

Fifty letters, 1937-1961, from John Cowper Powys (ff. 6-49, 51-60 verso), one letter, 1959, from his companion, Phyllis Playter (f. 50), and six letters and two postcards, 1937-1939 (ff. 62-72), together with an inscribed photograph, 1937 (f. 61), from Llewelyn Powys, to Margaret Moon (afterwards Margaret Newton). Many of the letters contain reminiscences of Montacute, Somerset, childhood home of the Powys brothers, and birthplace of Margaret Moon. Two of the letters from John Cowper Powys (ff. 30-32 verso) are in the hand of Phyllis Playter, writing as his amanuensis. Also included are three letters, 1990, from Margaret Newton to Paul Roberts, editor of the Powys Society Newsletter (ff. 1-5).
The letters contain references to Thomas Hardy (ff. 13 verso, 40 recto-verso, 48), Theodore Dreiser (f. 44), W. B. Yeats (f. 29 verso) and Theodore Francis Powys (ff. 38 verso, 39 verso).

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

Littleton C. Powys letters to Dorothy Meech

  • NLW MS 23927B
  • Ffeil
  • 1951-1955

A presentation copy of The Letters of Elizabeth Myers, ed. by Littleton C. Powys (London, 1951), inscribed by Powys, 8 November 1951, to Mrs [Dorothy May] Meech, his typist on this and other books, together with three letters, 1951-1955, from Powys to Mrs Meech (ff. 2-4), the first of which accompanied the book. Also included is a presentation copy of Littleton C. Powys, The Powys Family (Yeovil, 1952), inscribed by the author, October 1952, to the antiquarian Joseph Fowler, together with a letter, 26 October 1952, from Powys to Fowler (f. 1).
The letters have been placed in an archival envelope.

Powys, Littleton, 1874-1955

Littleton C. Powys letters to Dinah White

Thirty-five letters and postcards, 1953-1955, to Dinah White from Littleton Charles Powys, brother of John Cowper Powys, mainly concerning Father Littleton Alfred Powys. Also included are a printed copy of Littleton Alfred's poem 'Ode to the West Wind' (1954) (ff. 12-13), an additional stanza of the 'Ode' transcribed by Dinah White but not included in the final version (f. 14), a set of typescript notes and comments on the 'Ode' (ff. 27-32), and a typescript copy of a poem by Pauline Clifft entitled 'Meeting' addressed to Littleton Charles's wife Elizabeth Myers (f. 4).

Powys, Littleton, 1874-1955

Letters from Littleton Charles Powys

Letters to John Cowper Powys from his brother, Littleton Charles Powys, mostly containing personal and family news; also envelopes addressed to John Cowper Powys from Littleton Charles Powys, the contents of the envelopes having been removed.

Powys, Littleton, 1874-1955

John Cowper Powys letters to C. Benson Roberts

  • NLW MS 21994C
  • Ffeil
  • 1938-1960

Ninety-two letters and cards, 1938-1960, from John Cowper Powys to C. Benson Roberts and his wife Jane, most of which have been published as Letters from John Cowper Powys to C. Benson Roberts, edited by the recipient (London, 1975); together with a letter and card, 1940, from Phyllis Playter, John Cowper Powys's companion, and two letters, 1954, from Littleton C. Powys.

Roberts, C. Benson

Estate papers

Papers, 1923, mostly relating to the will and estate of the Rev. Charles Francis Powys. They comprise a letter, with copy, addressed to Messrs Newman, Paynter & Co., solicitors, Yeovil, from Clavell Hore & Son, brokers, relating to the valuation of the Rev. Powys's estate; contract notes compiled by Clavell Hore & Son; a schedule of securities relating to the Rev. Powys's estate; letters addressed to Littleton Charles Powys, co-executor, from Newman, Paynter & Co.; death certificate of Charles Ernest Moilliet, co-executor; and cheque books registered with Lloyds Bank Ltd, with stubs attached and cheques made out to beneficiaries, etc., of the Rev. Powys's will.

Estate papers

Papers, 1923, mostly relating to the will and estate of the Rev. Charles Francis Powys, comprising his death certificate and an obituary; a list detailing the valuation of his securities compiled by Clavell Hore & Son, brokers; correspondence addressed to Littleton Charles Powys, son and co-executor of the Rev. Powys, from Charles Ernest Moilliet, co-executor, relating to the will; a probate of the will, with codicil, dated 5 September 1923; inland revenue papers containing accounts, valuations, etc., of the Rev. Powys's personal estate and naming Charles Ernest Moilliet and Littleton Charles Powys as co-executors; inventories of furniture, china and other effects contained at 3 Greenhill Terrace, Weymouth, Dorset, home of Littleton Charles Powys and the last residency of the Rev. Powys.

Llandovery 50 years ago,

  • NLW MS 16608D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1955-1956 /

Manuscript, dated 3 July 1955, in the hand of Littleton C. Powys, containing reminiscences of his time as a tutor at Llandovery College, Carmarthenshire, 1901-1905.
The reminiscences were published in Llandovery School Journal, 24.4 (November 1955), 45-50, and reprinted (without the opening paragraph) in Floreat Landubriense..., compiled by R. Brinley Jones ([Llandovery], 1998), pp. 121-125. A covering letter by the donor, 28 January 1956, is also included (f. i).

Powys, Littleton, 1874-1955

Letters from Amelia Powys

Thirty letters, 1878-1889 and undated, to the Rev. Charles Francis Powys from his mother Amelia Powys. The letters contain mostly family news, including the birth of Charles and Mary Powys's second daughter Eleanor, who died in 1893 aged 13, and reflections on Charles's brother Major Littleton Albert Powys, following his death in August 1879. There are notes by [Amelia Powys's granddaughter Marian Powys] on ff. 38 verso, 44 verso and 49, and by Charles Francis Powys on ff. 33, 53 verso and 55. Enclosures comprise proposed memorial inscriptions for Amelia Powys and her husband the Rev. Littleton Charles Powys (ff. 52-54) and a card bearing Biblical verses (f. 73).

Trawsgrifiad o gyfweliad gyda Emyr Humphreys / Transcript of an interview with Emyr Humphreys

Trawsgrifiad o gyfweliad ag Emyr Humphreys gan Mieke Stewen (Mai 1996), yn trafod gweithiau Emyr Humphreys gan gynnwys 'A Toy Epic', 'The Little Kingdom', a 'The Taliesin Tradition: A Quest for the Welsh Identity'. / A transcript of an interview with Emyr Humphreys by Mieke Stewen (May 1996), discussing Emyr Humphreys' works including 'A Toy Epic', 'The Little Kingdom', and 'The Taliesin Tradition: A Quest for the Welsh Identity'.

Mapiau o'r Eidal o gyfnod yr Ail Ryfel Byd / WWII era maps of Italy

Pymtheg map ffordd o'r Eidal, dyddiedig 1943 ac a gyhoeddwyd gan y 'U.S. Army Map Service', Washington. O bosib yn gysylltiedig â gwasanaeth Emyr Humphreys yn yr Eidal yn ystod yr Ail Ryfel Byd. / Fifteen road maps of Italy, dated 1943 and issued by the U.S. Army Map Service, Washington. Possibly related to Emyr Humphreys' service in Italy during the Second World War.

Llyfrau nodiadau poced / Pocket notebooks

Dau ar bymtheg o lyfrau nodiadau poced (1991-2006), yn cynnwys nodiadau llawysgrif a ysgrifennwyd yn bennaf yn llaw Emyr Humphreys gydag ambell law arall, yn cynnwys dyddiadau ac amseroedd, enwau a chyfeiriadau, drafftiau, syniadau, a barddoniaeth; ynghyd â nodiadau pellach wedi eu hysgrifennu ar napcyn, a llythyr oddi wrth Emyr Humphreys (heb ei ddyddio). / Seventeen pocket notebooks (1991-2006), containing manuscript notes written mainly in the hand of Emyr Humphreys with the occasional other hand, including dates and times, names and addresses, drafts, ideas, and poetry; together with further notes written on a napkin, and a letter from Emyr Humphreys (undated).

Graddau er anrhydedd / Honorary degrees

Rhaglenni graddio a phapurau eraill yn ymwneud â Graddau er Anrhydedd a Chymrodoriaethau a dderbyniwyd gan Emyr Humphreys, gan gynnwys rhaglenni ar gyfer Prifysgol Abertawe (Cymrodoriaeth Coleg Er Anrhydedd 1987), a Choleg Prifysgol Cymru, Aberystwyth (1990, Doethuriaeth er Anrhydedd mewn Llenyddiaeth); copi o gylchgrawn 'Hon' (1963), yn cynnwys cyfweliad ag Emyr Humphreys; a llythyr oddi wrth Walford Davies (1978), ynglŷn â'r cynulliad blynyddol, Coleg Prifysgol Cymru Aberystwyth. Mae'r ffeil hefyd yn cynnwys rhaglen ar gyfer hanner canmlwyddiant Côr Meibion Trelawnyd (1983), gan gynnwys llythyr gan Ednyfed Williams; a gwahoddiad am sgwrs yn y BBC (1950). / Graduation programmes and other papers related to Honorary Degrees and Fellowships received by Emyr Humphreys, including programmes for Swansea University (1987 Honorary College Fellowship), and the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (1990, Honorary Doctorate in Literature); a copy of 'Hon' magazine (1963), featuring an interview with Emyr Humphreys; and a letter from Walford Davies (1978), re the annual assembly, University College of Wales Aberystwyth. The file also contains a programme for Côr Meibion Trelawnyd 50th anniversary (1983), including a letter from Ednyfed Williams; and an invitation for a talk at the BBC (1950).

Cymrodoriaeth a chynhadledd Gregynog / Gregynog fellowship and conference

Papurau'n ymwneud â Chymrodoriaeth a chynhadledd Gregynog, gan gynnwys rhaglen ac adroddiad cynhadledd (1972), a llythyrau (1972; 1974-1975) at Emyr Humphreys oddi wrth Glyn Tegai Hughes, Gregynog (4), Ben Jones (1), ac Arthur Johnston (1). Mae'r ffeil hefyd yn cynnwys llythyrau pellach oddi wrth J. Beverley Smith (1985) a Dafydd Rogers (1991); a theipysgrifau (1982; heb ddyddiad) o ddrafftiau o weithiau o’r enw ‘Saesneg ar oriau Cymraeg y Sianel’, ‘Hunan les neu hunan laddiad?’, a ‘Lle pwysig yw theatre’. / Papers relating to the Gregynog Fellowship and conference, including a conference programme and report (1972), and letters (1972; 1974-1975) to Emyr Humphreys from Glyn Tegai Hughes, Gregynog (4), Ben Jones (1), and Arthur Johnston (1). The file also contains further letters from J. Beverley Smith (1985) and Dafydd Rogers (1991); and typescripts (1982; undated) of drafts of works titled 'Saesneg ar oriau Cymraeg y Sianel’, 'Hunan les neu hunan laddiad?’, and ‘Lle pwysig yw theatre’.

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