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T. I. Ellis and Mari Ellis Papers English
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T. I. Ellis and Mari Ellis Papers

  • GB 0210 TIELLIS
  • Fonds
  • 1681, 1759-2015

Papers, 1681, 1759-2015, of T. I. Ellis, his wife Mari Ellis and their respective families.
The T. I. Ellis papers consist of correspondence, 1904-1970; personal papers, 1894-1970, including his diaries, 1943-1970; papers relating to his education and career, 1900-1947; financial papers, 1926-1967; papers relating to organisations including Aberystwyth Old Students' Association, the BBC, the Guild of Graduates of the University of Wales, the University of Wales and the Welsh Schoolboys Camp Movement, 1920-1979; papers of committees and commissions with which he was involved, 1932-1968; papers relating to ecclesiastical affairs, the Church in Wales and related bodies, 1909-1991; and correspondence, drafts and notes relating to his publications, 1877-1978.
The Mari Ellis papers, 1681, 1759-2015, include correspondence; diaries, 1930-2014; papers relating to her work in journalism and broadcasting, 1948-2004; and research papers, [?early 20 cent.]-[2008x2010].
Also included are papers relating to the Charles family of Carmarthen and the Davies family of Aberystwyth and Cwrtmawr, 1791-1920; and papers and correspondence relating to T. E. Ellis, 1870-1963, Mrs Annie J. Ellis (later Hughes-Griffiths), 1873-1942, the Rev. Peter Hughes-Griffiths, 1871-1940, J. H. Davies, 1883-1929, and the Headley family, [1890x1896]-[2000s].

Ellis, T. I. (Thomas Iorwerth), 1899-1970

Mari Ellis papers

Papers, 1681, 1759-2015, of Mari Ellis (née Headley), including correspondence with her family; letters from friends and others; diaries, 1930-2014; papers relating to her work on newspapers and in broadcasting, 1948-2004; research papers, [?early 20 cent.]-[2008x2010]; papers of the Headley family, [1890x1896]-[2000s]; and miscellaneous papers, 1681, 1759-1994, acquired by her.

Richards family, Darowen, papers

Papers, 1681-[?early 20 cent.], relating to the Richards family of Darowen, Llangynyw, Berriew and elsewhere in Montgomeryshire, comprising correspondence, 1780-1863, deeds and documents, 1681-1791, a recipe book, [late 1810s]-1876, account books of Lewis Richards, 1820-1851, and part of an essay of Darowen interest, [?early 20 cent.].

Richards family, Darowen

Llangelynnin documents

Papers, 1759-1837, of the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Llangelynnin, Caernarvonshire, including bastardy bonds, curacy licences, correspondence and tax receipts (items 1-37).
Also included is a printed prospectus for the preservation of Llangelynin Old Church, [c. 1907] (item 38), and printed statements of accounts for the parish, 1949, 1952 (items 39-40).

Llangelynnin (Conwy, Wales)

Charles family of Carmarthen and Davies family of Aberystwyth and Cwrt-mawr letters and papers

A group of letters and papers, relating mainly to the Charles family of Carmarthen and the Davies family of Aberystwyth and Cwrt-mawr. The documents in this group have been described in detail by Miss R. F. Roberts in 'A Schedule of Charles and Davies Family Correspondence' (1959) and should be read in conjunction with the letters contained in NLW MSS 10549-50C (see also NLW MS 12894E).
The correspondents include: Lady Barnham, Fairy Hill, Gower, 1818-1820 (A95-97); W. H. Bruce, Llangeitho, [?April 1864] (A98); David Charles the elder, Carmarthen, 1791-1828 (A99-106); David Charles the younger, Carmarthen, 1826-1838 (A107-111); D. R. Charles, Seaforth, 1871 (A112); Sarah Charles, Bala, 1831 (A113); Alice Lloyd Davies, Bala, 1823 (A114); David Davies, Junior, Carnachen-wen, afterwards of Castle Green, Cardigan, 1823-1843 (A115-119; A115 also includes a letter, 15 October 1823, from Richard Worthington, 'at Church Lane', to David Davies, Junior); David Charles Davies, London and Trefecca, 1859-1889 (A120-131); Eliza Davies, Aberystwyth, 1872 (A132); Robert Davies, Aberystwyth, 1837-1839 and [n.d.] (A133-136; A135 also contains a letter from Eliza Davies to David Charles Davies); Sarah [?Davies], Carmarthen, 1825 (A137); Lewis Edwards, Bala, 1841 (A138); R[ichar]d Evans, Worcester, 1836 (A139); Mary Fletcher, Albert Street, 1846 (A140); John Foulkes, Machynlleth, 1825 (A141); Lydia Foulkes, Machynlleth, 1824 (A142); Mary Foulkes, Machynlleth, 1815 (A143); H. Hughes, Liverpool, 1842 (A144); Charles Jackson, British and Foreign Bible Society, London, 1871 (A145); Lydia Jones, Machynlleth, 1841 (A147); W[illia]m Morris, Cefen, Merthyr Tydvil, 1831 (A148); E. Needham, 1824 (A149); J. Phillips, Haverfordwest, 1823 (A150); Colonel Pryse, Peithyll and London, [?1870] and [n.d.] (A151-152); Margaret Reed, St Thomas's Square, Hackney, 1850 (A153); Henry Richard, Tregaron, [n.d.] (A154-155); David Roberts, Liverpool, 1854 (A156); F. R. Roberts, Aberystwyth, 1870 (A157); John Roberts, Liverpool, 1851 (A158); D. Saunders, Bryngolwg, Swansea, 1877 (A159); Jos[ia]h Tarn, Spa Fields, London, 1814 (A160); Griffith Thomas, Aberystwyth, 1870 (A161); Harriet Vale, Ryde, Isle of Wight, [n.d.] (A162-165); Evan Watkin [of Moelcerni], Totteridge and From, 1823-1824 (A166-167); and T. E. Williams, Aberystwyth, 1880 (A168). There are also miscellaneous papers, including an account of the estate of Robert Davies, [Aberystwyth] (d. 1841) (A181), a printed list of subscriptions towards the erection of a new County Hall in Aberystwyth, 1841 (A171), and a bill of cost to the Rev. D. C. Davies, 1851-1852, in the matter of the purchase of Cwrtmawr (A182). Two of the letters written by David Charles (1762-1834), Carmarthen, are to Miss S. Phillips, Haverfordwest, whom he afterwards married (A99-100), and two others, one of which has been published by Dr D. E. Jenkins, are addressed to his brother [Thomas Charles] (A102 and 104). Most of the other letters are addressed to Robert Davies, Aberystwyth, Mrs Robert Davies [née Eliza Charles], and their son Robert Joseph Davies, Cwrtmawr. The David Charles Davies letters appear to have belonged to a larger series used by the Rev. E. Wynne Parry in the preparation of Cofiant a Phregethau y diweddar Barch. David Charles Davies, MA (Wrexham, 1896).

Burchinshaw family, Llansannan, papers

Papers, 1796-[19 cent., second ½], concerning the Burchinshaw family of Llansannan, Denbighshire, comprising a copy of the will of Margaret Burchinshaw, Voel, Llansannan, dated 17 March 1796 (item 1); two copy letters and a memorandum, 1822, relating to the dispute between Robert Burchinshaw (1786-1855) and his father Thomas Burchinshaw (1755-1846) concerning the felling of timber (see also Burchinshaw family papers 29-33) (items 2-4); a copy of the will of Robert Evans, Nant-y-cwm, Llansannan, dated 22 July 1827 (item 5); two copy letters, 1847, relating to disputes between Robert Burchinshaw and his late father's executors (items 6-7); Robert Burchinshaw's account with Messrs Lloyd Roberts Williams & Jones, 1847-1848 (item 8); a copy of the 'Rental of the late Mr [Robert] Burchinshaw's Estate' for 1855-1857 (item 9); and the account of 'The Beneficiaries under the late Mr Robert Burchinshaw's Will' with John Davies, 1874 (item 10); together with genealogical notes, [19 cent, second ½], in an unidentified hand, concerning the Burchinshaw family (item 11).

Burchinshaw family, of Llansannan

Richards family letters

Nineteen letters, 1812-1863, addressed to various members of the Richards family, mainly from relatives, comprising letters to Thomas and Jane Richards from their daughters Jane, 27 May 1812, 17 September 1812 (ff. 1-4), and [?Mary], 1 April 1817, August 1826 (ff. 13-14, 20-21); letters to Mary Richards from her brother Lewis Richards, Berriew, 18 December 1819 (ff. 18-19), and niece Elen Richards, Llangynyw, 1 December 1835 (ff. 24-25); letters to Jane Richards from her friend Margaret Gwynn, Gwastadgoed, [?18] March [?1815]-26 June 1816 (ff. 7-12), and niece Elen Richards, [early 1830s] (ff. 22-23) and (from Hackney) 13 September-9 October 1862 (ff. 28-44); a letter to E[lizabeth] Richards, Shrewsbury, from her brother Tho[ma]s Richards, Berriew, 8 June 1818 (ff. 15-16); letters to John and Lewis [Richards] from [?Mary Richards], Darowen, 1 April [?1814] (ff. 5-6), and to Richard Richards from T. Price, Darowen School, June 1819 (f. 17); and two letters to E[len] Richards from friends and acquaintances, 9 April 1852, 19 August 1863 (ff. 26-27, 45). Also included is a tune 'Difirwch Arglwyddes Owen' (ff. 46-47).

Richards, Mary, 1787-1877

Recipe book

Recipe book, [late 1810s]-1876 (watermark 1816), of [?Jane Richards], containing mostly cookery recipes and recipes for fruit wines. Many leaves, containing recipes in a number of different hands, have been inserted loosely into the volume.
These may be the recipes of Jane Richards alluded to by Mary Ellis in 'Teulu Darowen (Parhad)', Journal of the Historical Society of the Church in Wales, 4 (1954), 58-88 (p. 76).

Richards, Jane, 1794-1876

Lewis Richards account book

Account book, 1820-1829, of [the Rev.] Lewis Richards of Darowen and Berriew, Montgomeryshire, and Rhuddlan, Flintshire, containing accounts for his time as a student at Jesus College, Oxford, 1820-1824, then as Curate of Tregynon, near Berriew, 1824-1826, and Rhuddlan, 1826-1829. Also included are inventories of his clothes and other memoranda.

Richards, Lewis, 1799-1860

Sarah Matthews letters to Mary Richards

Eleven letters, [?1842]-[?1853], from Sarah Matthews of Rudgwick, Sussex [?and formerly of Dolgellau], to her friend Mary Richards (ff. 3-8, 11-29), together with one letter, 10 November 1846, to Mary from Sarah's sister Martha [Redaway] (ff. 9-10), and one letter from Sarah Matthews to Jane Richards, [1820x1837] (ff. 1-2).
Sarah addresses Mary as 'My dear Daughter' and 'Pall Bach Anwyl'.

Matthews, S. M. R. (Sarah Martha Redaway), 1789-1875

Family papers

Papers, 1868-[1964], relating mostly to T. I. Ellis's parents, Annie J. Ellis and T. E. Ellis, and to his uncle J. H. Davies, together with some other family papers.

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