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Davies, Robert, 1658-1710
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Commonplace book

A composite volume in the hand of the Rev. Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing Welsh and English poetry (pp. 1-102, 127-207, 215-393, 497-507, 549-664), by Ieuan Fardd himself, Edward Richard, Tudur Aled and Edmwnd Prys and others, as well as extracts from Pope's Messiah (including a Welsh translation) (pp. 33, 47) and a translation from the work of Milton (pp. 215-242). One poem (pp. 153-173) is dedicated to Sir Watkin Williams Wynn. There are also extracts from Virgil's Fourth Eclogue, with Beattie's translation into English (pp. 13-28), from Dryden's translation of Virgil (109: The Song of Simeon) (pp. 103-114), from Lord Lyttelton's history of Henry II (1767) (pp. 115-125), and from 'Llyfr Plas y Ward' ('Ystori Gr: ap Cynan') (pp. 397-428); copies of letters from Dr Tancred Robinson to Robert Davies, Llannerch, and between Robert Davies and William Lloyd, bishop of St Asaph (pp. 429-451); 'A letter on British History' relating to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Humphrey Llwyd and others (pp. 461-492); a copy of a translation, 1629, by the Rev. Richard Lloyd of a work by Arthur Dent (second edition (1683), edited by Charles Edwards, with a copy of Charles Edwards's preface) (pp. 493-496); a copy of the title, dedication, etc. of James Howell's Lexicon Tetraglotton (London, 1660) (pp. 513-548); etc.

History of the Gwydir family; correspondence; &c.

A composite volume mostly in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing a copy of Sir John Wynn's History of the Gwydir Family, taken from a transcript made by Thomas Mostyn of Gloddaith (ff. 1-74); extracts from papers of Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt (ff. 75-86); lists of manuscripts at Gwydir and Llannerch (ff. 89 verso-94, 185) (for the Llannerch manuscripts see Cambrian Register, Vol. i, p. 320, etc.); poetry by Siôn Cent, Tudur Aled, Siôn and Gruffydd Phylip and others (ff. 95-153, 190-203); a pedigree of the Panton family (ff. 186-189); copies of letters from Edward Lhuyd to Robert Davies, Llannerch (ff. 204-219), and of a letter from Thomas Price, Llanfyllin to Robert Davies, Llannerch (ff. 220 verso-225); extracts; etc.

Wynn, John, Sir, 1553-1627

Letters to Edward Lloyd,

Seventy-seven holograph and other letters addressed to Edward Lloyd of Tythyn, barrister, and one of the Commissioners of the Stamp, at his chamber in Grays Inn, at the Stamp Office in Lincolns Inn, at Kensington, etc. The writers include Rich. Brook, Harden, 1699/1700 (the tenancy of the demesne of Argoed by Mold), Geo. Buckby, Lincolnes Inne, 1708 (a demand on behalf of the writer's client Mr. Chapman for payment of money due to him) (with an accompanying statement of account and a list of papers to be delivered to the recipient), Will. Byrd, 1682/3 (observations on the suitability of 'my man' for employment by the recipient), Mutton Davies, Gwyss[aney], etc., [16]79 (2) (negotiations for the purchase of the l[ordship] of M[old]), R[obert] D[avies] [Llannerch], 1707/8-1710 (4) (the receipt of a watch, a payment to Lady Rous, estate matters, a claim by Mr. Cornishe's executors, a request by Jack Chambers for writings in the recipient's custody, lack of respect to the Chief Justice shown by the Wrexham mob and the like in Montgomeryshire), Jonath. Edwards, [16]82 (the terms of a loan to the recipient's friend and kinsman) (copy), Samuel Edwards, Newport, 1681/2-1682 (6) (one copy) (negotiations for the purchase by the recipient of Mr. Kenrick Edisbury's estate, a request for assistance in settling the writer's cousin-german in London, a mortgage contract) (together with a copy by the writer of a letter, 1682, to Will. Warn, Scrivener in the Old Bailey, and a holograph letter, 1682, from Ed. Lloyd, Gray's Inne, to Mr. Warn), Hugh Foulkes, Gray's Inn, undated (the possibility of debt on the Argoed estate), Peter Foulkes, Exeter, 1708 (2) ( the receipt of monies covered by enclosed bills), Rob. Foulkes, Chester, 1692-1706/7 (5) (the renewal by the bishop of Rochester of the lease of Argoed, legal matters touching the title to properties, a request for the revision of the wording of a deputation to the writer, the succession to the bishopric of Chester, personal) (with two holograph letters, [16]92-1693, from Robert Roper to Robert Foulkes touching the Argoed lease), Ed'd Gruffith, Plass Newydd [Henllan], undated (cousin Ned's title to cousin Chambers's estate, the Captain's love for the recipient's sister, personal ), J. Haggersten, Berwick, [16]81 and undated (3) (the writer's debts), Rob't Hookes, 1683 (a request for a loan of £10), R. J., undated (an apology for his conduct towards the recipient), [Sir] Bradwardine Jackson, 1703 (a request to promote a marriage between the writer and the daughter of a Mr. Ashton who owns two quays about Billingsgate and a great estate in buildings at Hampstead), Anne Lewys, from Lleweny [1683 or 1684] (unlucky proceedings of cousin Tr. at Tythin, gifts to the poor at Penybrin, personal), [Mrs.] E. Lincolne, 1704/5 [?-1705] (2) (money matters), John Lloyd, Rossa, [16]82-1688 (2) (news from Place Chambers and Lleueny, an opportunity for the writer to acquire the redemption of lands mortgaged by the late brother of John Griffith), John Lloyd, Llannerch, 1709 (news of Mr. [Robert] Davies, a petition on behalf of the writer's unfortunate brother Tom for an appointment in the service of Mr. Diston) (with a postscript by R. D.), John Lloyd, Pengwern, etc., 1707/8-1710/11 and undated ( 24) (negotiations with the trustees for the purchase of Mr. Moyle's estate in Flintshire, surprise at the enterprise of the French and news of the two fleets being engaged, the health and the death of the writer's brother Robin, the death of Aunt Lloyd of Brynyorkin) (with one draft reply and some endorsements), Trevor Lloyd, Ruthin, [16]81/2 (a request for assistance to set up the writer's brother David in his trade) (with a copy of the recipient's reply endorsed), Jo. Twisleton, 1694 (a request for assistance to get a place for the bearer Mr. Acton, a bookseller), George Booth, 2nd earl of Warrington, from Dunham, etc., 1700-1701 (7) (the writer's love affairs, the writer's deeds to be used as a security, Sir Bradw. Jackson's affairs, a reference to Non-Jurors), John Williams, Wrexham, 1700-1708 (4) (accounts touching Mr. Moyle's estate), Jo. Wolfe, 1709 (the sealing of patents), John Wynne [Leeswood], Flint, 1707 (negotiations touching mills in a lease held by the writer), and Owen Wynne, Pengwern, 1701 (a request for a loan of £100 to pay the bishop of Bangor for the tithe of Llanrhayder farmed by the writer, a warning of constant trouble in Radnorshire until a good chapman is found for it). At the end of the volume are two bills of Owen Wynne, 1708-1709, empowering Edward Lloyd to pay monies to Robert Trygarn and to E. Whitehurst, cheesemonger at Coventry, with receipts endorsed.

Letters, &c.

A portfolio containing thirty-five holograph letters, deeds and documents, 1591-1767, collected by John Lloyd (1733-1793), Caerwys, father of Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866). Seven holograph letters, 1688-1705, were written to Robert Davies (Llannerch, Denbighshire) by his wife Letitia Davies, Sir Richard Wilbraham (Shorwick), Essex Mostyn (Gloddaeth) and others; the others include holograph letters, 1597-1706, from Richard Bulkeley (Beaumaris) to John Salusbury (Llewenni), John Wynne (Stapleton) to Lieut.-Col. [Thomas] Davies at Ashbridge, etc. The deeds and documents consist of bonds, recognisances and agreements, 1591-1695, a petition of the mayor and burgesses of Holt to the Quarter Sessions of Denbighshire for the repayment of a sum of £10 collected in Holt towards the erection of a new shire hall in Wrexham and a copy of the subsequent order authorising the money to be used for the repair of Holt bridge, 1661, and an agreement between John Davies, Llannerch, sheriff of Denbighshire, and other specified persons for the abolition of vails, 1767.


A manuscript containing a historical account by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of castles in Montgomeryshire and Denbighshire; transcripts by Angharad Llwyd of Northop parish registers, of pedigrees of Welsh and English families, of an inventory, 1637, of Sir Peter Mutton's goods, of Llewenni rents, 1638, of monuments at Gresford church, and of correspondence, 17 cent., etc. relating to Gwysaney; a letter from Hester Lynch Piozzi (1741-1821); a letter, 1705, to Robert Davies, Llannerch; miscellaneous correspondence and deeds, etc., 17-18 cents.

Llwyd, Angharad