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Rathbone, William, 1819-1902.
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Letters mainly addressed to E. W. Evans, with at least two addressed to T. J. Hughes (Adfyfr), largely in connection with contributions to Y Goleuad and other publications.
The correspondents include W[illiam] Rathbone [M.P.], Liverpool, 1887 (declining to contribute to Cymru Fydd); W[illiam] Rees (Gwilym Hiraethog), Chester, 1882 (a preaching engagement); Stuart Rendel, Whitehall Gardens, etc., 1887 and [n.d.] (a contribution to Cymru Fydd); [Sir] John Rhys, Jesus College, Oxford, etc., 1890-1899 (Royal Commission on Sunday Closing in Wales, the death of T. E. Ellis and the recommendation of O. M. Edwards as his successor in the parliamentary representation of Merioneth); Henry Richard [M.P.], London, etc., 1887-1888 (a contribution to Cymru Fydd, comments on a Bill); D. Roberts, Liverpool (the case of W. O. Jones); Ellis Roberts (Elis Wyn o Wyrfai), vicar of Llangwm, 1887 (the recipient's treatment in Y Goleuad of a quotation in Yr Haul); E. Roberts, Hoylake, 1901 and [n.d.] (the publication of the writer's essay on Henry Richard submitted to the National Eisteddfod at Merthyr Tydfil in 1901, comments on Y Goleuad, the case of W. O. Jones); [Judge] J. Bryn Roberts, Lincoln's Inn, etc., 1892-1895 (the writer's political record, an interview with Mr. Asquith, the publication of a pamphlet, etc.); John Roberts, Abergele, 1888 (comments on the Local Government Bill); John Roberts, Rhosgoch, Anglesey, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); John Roberts, missionary, of Khasia, from Liverpool (an order for Y Goleuad, comments on the writer's activities); R. D. Roberts, Clare College, Cambridge, 1883 (a press contribution); Richard Roberts, The Theological College, Bala, etc., 1900-1901 (an agreement with Dr. [Ellis] Edwards, etc.); T. F. Roberts, Cardiff, 1889 (a contribution to Cymru Fydd); Tho[mas] Roberts, Bethesda, 1885 (a press contribution); T. H. Roberts, Liverpool, [1901] (the case of W. O. Jones); Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th earl of Rosebery, 1887 (the question of Establishments, declining to write an article); Wm. Bowen Rowlands, London, [n.d.] (the conduct of the Government in Ireland, Disestablishment, etc.); D[avid] Saunders, Swansea, 1888 and [n.d.] (the appointment of D. C. Davies to the principalship of Trevecca College, the writer's promise to publish a correction in Y Goleuad); William Sinclair, The Chapter House, St. Paul's Cathedral, to Goronwy Evans, 1907 (enclosing an autograph and photograph, the recipient's illness); Wm. B. Stevenson, Bala and Glasgow, 1907 (the writer's appointment to Glasgow, encloses copies of testimonials, a message to readers of Y Goleuad); Alfred Thomas, 1st baron Pontypridd, 1887 (comments on a Liberal meeting at Aberystwyth); D. Lleufer Thomas, London, 1895 (encloses a bibliography re. Royal Commission on Land in Wales and Monmouthshire); John Thomas (of J. and L. Thomas, importers of provisions), Stanley Street, Liverpool, 1901 (the removal of recipient's business to Liverpool); John Thomas, Congregational minister, Liverpool, 1891 (an account of the funeral of the writer's brother Owen Thomas); W. Cornwallis West, Lymington, Hampshire, 1888 (comments on Local Government Bill); Edmund Swetenham (incomplete; comments on Local Government Bill); Alexander Whyte, Edinburgh, [n.d.] (impressions of a visit to Bala College); A. Osmond Williams, Penrhyndeudraeth, 1900 (the writer's political and public confession); John Williams, Gilfach, Bargoed, to Goronwy Evans, 1908 (the writer's health); O. Gaianydd Williams, Roe Wen, Tal-y-Cafn, [1901] (the case of W. O. Jones); W. Williams, Swansea, 1884-1894 (the writer's publications, a controversy concerning Edward Matthews, Ewenny, etc.); W. Williams, Liverpool, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); W. Williams, Ardwick, Manchester, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); and R. H. Wyatt, Westminster, 1888 (the eviction of recipient's father). Also included in the group are a statement concerning the writer's tenancy of Cae Einion, Dolgellau (incomplete); a note of the opinion of [?Owen] Robyns-Owen on the desirability of publishing evidence in the case of W. O. Jones; a copy of a letter, [1803], from L. Hughes, secretary to Samuel Horsley, bishop of St. Asaph, to the Rev. Simon Lloyd, [Plas-yn-dre, Bala], requesting him to attend at the Palace on 2 November next for examination previous to being licensed to the perpetual curacy of Llanuwchllyn (with references to the adherence of the recipient and his family to 'Methodistical Tenets'); a copy of part of a report by Simon Lloyd of the examination (the former part being lost); and a copy of a letter, [3 November, 1803], from Geo. Robson, from the Palace, St. Asaph, to Simon Lloyd, requesting the return of the recipient's letters of orders, his nomination to the curacy of Llanuwchllyn, and his letters testimonial (see D. E. Jenkins, The Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles… Vol. II (1908)).

General correspondence,

Includes letters from P. M. C. Kermode (3), Alexander MacBain, Frederic Seebohm (3), J. E. Rogers (2), J. H. Davies, John Young Evans (3), John Hobson Matthews, William C. Borlase (3), J. Fisher (3, enclosing 3 letters from Watcyn Wyn), Howel Walters, Betha Hills-Johnes (3), D. Long Price (2), Thomas Davies (2), Alan Stepney-Gulston, Henry Austin Bruce, G. O. Morgan (2), James R. Thursfield, John Owen (4), D. B. Monro, Emilia F. S. Dilke, E. B. Cowell, Isaac Foulkes ('Llyfrbryf'), E. K. Jones (2), G. Hartwell Jones, Augusta Hall (dictated), W. P. Ker, J. Hugh Edwards, Francis J. Jayne (3), Alfred G. Edwards (4), Charles Plummer, John Jones ('Ivon'), Thomas Powel, Watkin Williams ('Watcyn Wyn') (3), Thomas Levi, John Owen (3), W. A. Craigie (3), W. R. Morfill (2), J. W. Mackail, J. Romilly Allen (3, enclosing a letter from Edward Owen), Malcolm MacFarlane, George Kenyon, Henry Owen (2), J. Herbert Lewis, Samuel Smith, J. Lloyd Morgan, W. Rathbone, J. Herbert Roberts, A. C. Humphreys-Owen, D. A. Thomas, J. Bryn Roberts, D. R. Thomas, Alexander Hugh Bruce, T. K. Cheyne, John Lloyd Warden Page, D. Rhys Jones (3), Edward Laws (4), Arthur J. Evans, William Jones (2), H. W. Williams (6), G. Bowen Jones (2), H. Morse Stephens, Charles Roeder (2), A. W. Moore, Sidney Herbert (Earl of Pembroke), Edward Stanley (3), W. Cadwaladr Davies, H. R. Reichel (2), Frank Harris, Llewellyn Thomas, John Beddoe, Theodor Mommsen (2), Rudolf Thurneysen, A. H. D. Acland, Elias Owen (2), Hugh Williams (2), Ivor James, J. Viriamu Jones, Llywarch Reynolds, and Isaac Taylor.

Letters R-S,

The fourth of seven volumes of about six hundred letters mainly addressed to Thomas Gee and relating to a variety of subjects particularly in the fields of education, temperance reform, religious movements, and political questions. -- The principal correspondents are W. Rathbone, 1883-8; William Rees ('Gwilym Hiraethog'), 1866; Andrew Reid, 1890; Stuart Rendel, afterwards Baron Rendel, 1884-94; John Rhys, 1887; Henry Richard, 1865-86; Evan M. Richards, 1869-74; John Roberts, Liverpool and Abergele, 1869-72; J. Bryn Roberts, 1885; J. Herbert Roberts, 1891-8; H. Sandwith, 1865-77; A. Simner, 1883-9; and Thomas Stephens, Merthyr, 1887.

Letters to 'S.R.',

Fifty-nine letters, 1825-1884, to the Reverend Samuel Roberts ('S.R.') from the following correspondents:- [H. A. Bruce, 1st baron] Aberdare, London, 1875 ('S.R.'s scheme for preventing the pollution of rivers, etc.), A. Albright, Birmingham, n.d. (sending a donation) (with outline of reply), Marcus Beresford, M.P. [London], 1872 (promising a contribution towards the [Boro'] church) ('Col. B[eresford] handed in Five guineas'), J. Jenkyn Brown, Birmingham, 1883 (thanking 'S.R.' for the books, the truth in 'S.R.'s case as in many others of the saying 'One soweth and another reapeth') (with copy of reply), H. S. Bryant, Privy Council Office, 1884 (a reply from Mr. Mundella to the letter sent by 'S.R.' and Mr. John Roberts to Mr. Gladstone on the subject of Conway College) (with a letter from 'S.R.' to the Mayor of Conway advising that the Conway Corporation should secure at once the Fawcett College as it would prove a fine spot for an Intermediate School), James Carlile, Hackney, [18]43 (apologising for inserting 'S.R.'s name in a circular without his permission formally obtained) (with draft reply) (incomplete), Pat[rick] Chalmers, Wimbledon, 1883 (thanking 'S.R.' for his enclosure, re justice to his father's memory [i.e. James Chalmers], mention of Pearson Hill), James Colley, Shrewsbury, 1826 and 1875 (2) (a query on behalf of Mr. Wynne concerning the Welsh language, acknowledging a packet and a note, an invitation), R. H. Collins, Claremont, Esher, for H.R.H. The Duchess of Albany, 1884 (thanking him for his letter of sympathy and enclosure), John Crossley, Halifax, 1873 (sending a donation towards Bala College), D. Charles Davies, London, 1872 (promising a guinea to the Boro' Welsh church) (with draft reply), W. W. Dawson, Officer of Health's Department, Town Hall, Manchester, 1875 (acknowledging 'S.R.'s circular, the Manchester Corporation sewage system) (with a draft of a letter from 'S.R.' to J. F. Roberts, Manchester, on the same subject), Victor Drummond, H.B.M. Charge d'Affaires, British Legation, Washington, 1881 (replying to a letter addressed to the Hon. L. S. Sackville West), Henry T. Edwards, The Deanery, Bangor, 1883 (thanking him for sending his ('S.R's) temperance addresses), Will: Fowler, Birches Green near Birmingham, 1867 ('Hen gyfaill i Deulu Wynnstay, a Bodelwyddan') (acknowledging a letter, their wish to have seen 'S.R.' when they passed through Llan-brynmair, readiness to contribute to the testimonial), G[riffith] Francis , [?London], [18]72 ('Yr Hen Griffith Francis ddaeth i gyfoeth drwy Lafur a gofal . . .') (he is very poorly, will expect 'S.R.' on Sunday evening), Herbert J. Gladstone, [London], [18]81 (returning 'Diosg Farm', he cannot undertake to advise 'S.R.' in the matter of reprinting it, subscribing to the Testimonial Fund) (with copy of reply), G. Leveson Gower, Whitehall, 1883-1884 (2) (acknowledging letters to Mr. Gladstone), [John Griffith] 'Gohebydd' (nephew), Llangollen, 1872 (? the Boro' Chapel appeal, whether to come up for Thanks-giving day), H[enry] Griffiths, Brecon, 1842, and Bowdon, 1872 (an appeal for help towards the Library, mention of Mr. Hughes and Kerry, his inability to help with 'S.R.'s case [? the Boro' Chapel appeal] in Bowdon), D[avid] Howell (cousin), [18]81 (3, copies) (letters to be read in conjunction with some of those in NLW MS 13195D), Evan Howell (cousin), London, 1872 (the American claim, the Boro' Chapel appeal, an invitation) (with draft reply), John Jenkins, Kerry, 1825 (he has sent 'S.R.'s essay to Mr. Walter Davies), J. Morlais Jones, [London], 1872 (contributing to the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with draft reply), (Sir) Wilfrid Lawson, Carlisle, [18]83 (thanking 'S.R.' for sending him a copy of his temperance addresses), Morgan Lloyd, [London], 1872 (enclosing his subscription to the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with draft reply), [Sir] John Lubbock, House of Commons, [18]83 (acknowledging a letter and pamphlet), (continued)

G. O[sborne] Morgan, [London], 1872 and 1877 (2) (enclosing a contribution [ towards the Boro' Chapel], acknowledging a letter with enclosures), S[amuel] Morley, London, 1851 and n.d. (2) (replying to a letter, wishing to see 'S.R.'), Hugh Owen, London, 1872 (2) (the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with a copy of 'S.R.'s reply to the earlier of the two letters (reference to the warm reception given at the Albion Hall Eisteddfod to Hwfa [Môn]'s advocacy of Hugh Owen's election to the London School Board)), General Sir Henry F. Ponsonby, Buckingham Palace, 1884, on behalf of the Queen (acknowledging a letter [of sympathy] and a book), Wm. Rathbone, London and Llanbedrog, 1883 (2) (acknowledging a note, thanking him for sending the Temperance Addresses), (Dr.) Thomas Rees, Swansea, 1882 (a request for further help to make the denominational statistics perfect) (with copy of reply), Henry Richard, London, 1867 and 1871 (2) (reference to 'S.R.'s return from America, liberty for Mr Hughes of New York to republish his (Henry Richard's) letters in America, mention of a deputation from Merthyr and Aberdare inviting him to become a candidate for the representation of the new seat, and the Committee and 'S.R.'s suggestion about giving lectures or holding meetings for the Peace Society) (with a note (crossed out), 1884, from 'S.R.' to Henry Richard on the back of the 1867 letter and a draft reply on the back of the second), George H. Roberts, Ebensburg, 1881 (the death of his father, [cousin] Edward Roberts) (with a covering letter, 1881, from 'S.R.' to D[avid] Howell, Dolguog, in which the 'Hen Bregethau' and 'J.R.'s health are also mentioned), Lionel de Rothschild, London, 1872 (the Boro' Chapel appeal), E. G. Salisbury, Chester, 1884 (sympathy on the death of [John Roberts] 'J.R.'), John Sibree, Coventry, 1834 (sending a volume he had published on Nonconformity) (written on a sheet containing a printed announcement of the impending publication of Ecclesiastical lectures; or, a series of discourses, on subjects connected with Nonconformity by John Sibree), Wm. Sommerville, Bitton Hill, near Bristol (contributing to the Boro' Chapel appeal), [John Poyntz (Spencer), 5th earl] Spencer, Irish Office, 1884 (he had received the petition and would present it to the House of Lords), David Thomas, Cotham, Bristol (contributions to the Boro' Chapel appeal, mention of having seen and heard 'S.R.' and of once passing a couple of hours with his father), Mary Vaughan (cousin), Paddy's Run, 1883 (the death of 'S.R.'s friend, David Howell, blacksmith, inquiring about Richard Roberts, various items of news) (with copy of reply), Hugh Williams, writing from New York, 1859 (sending a small publication (unspecified), his headquarters during his brief visit would be at Chicago, before returning to New York on his way to Europe he would be glad of an opportunity to meet 'S.R.'), Joshua Wilson ('mab hael yr hen Foneddwr Hael Thomas Wilson'), Tunbridge Wells, 1872 (2) (the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with a copy of a reply to the first letter), C. W. Williams Wynn, London, 1837 (acknowledging receipt of a letter re the want of postal communication between Llanbrynmair and other places), C. W. Williams Wynn, London, 1872 (contributing to the Boro' Chapel appeal and himself appealing for interest in the Welsh Charity School, Ashford, of which he is treasurer) (with copy of reply), and Owen S. Wynne, Rhuabon [sic] 1883-1884 (2) (writing on behalf of Sir Watkin to acknowledge a letter of sympathy [on the death of his daughter] and on behalf of Miss Williams Wynn to acknowledge congratulations). Also an envelope addressed to 'S.R'. in the handwriting of Lady Hall [Llanover], 1848.


Two hundred and twenty-nine autograph letters and postcards, and a few Christmas cards, 1873-1903, addressed principally to George Eyre Evans, the material being primarily of Unitarian interest.
Included among the correspondents are Sir Edward Anwyl; Walter de Gray Birch; John Humphreys Davies, Cwrtmawr; David Lewis Evans, Llanybydder; Walter Jenkin Evans, Carmarthen; Rees Jenkin Jones, Aberdare; William Rathbone; and Thomas Francis Roberts. Also included are a copy of a testimonial, 1873, to George Eyre Evans from William Thomas ('Gwilym Marles'); printed poems in English by Evan Ceredig Jones, 1901-1903; and an index to the entire volume prepared by George Eyre Evans in January 1905.