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Sylvester, Albert James, 1889-
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Article by A. J. Sylvester,

Letter, 12 March 1947, from Edith Evans, Colwyn Bay, to Countess Lloyd-George, decrying the recent article by A. J. Sylvester in the Sunday Dispatch. Assures her that no-one will take any notice of its contents. The writer's husband used to drive for the Lloyd Georges at Colwyn Bay and at Chatsworth. Is writing this letter unknown to her husband.

Barddoniaeth 'Glyn Myfyr',

  • NLW MS 11013B.
  • File
  • [1900x1937] /

A volume containing holograph copies and press cuttings of strict- and free-metre poetry in Welsh by Evan Williams ('Glyn Myfyr'; d. 1937) of Blaenau Ffestiniog. Also included are holograph copies and cuttings of poetry by R[ichard] R[oberts] Morris, [J. G. Moelwyn Hughes] ('Moelwyn'), [Humphrey Jones] ('Bryfdir'), [Rolant Wyn Edwards] ('Rolant Wyn'), etc.; cuttings of prose contributions by 'Glyn Myfyr'; reviews of poetry of 'Glyn Myfyr'; an obituary of 'Glyn Myfyr' by 'Bryfdir'; adjudications by [John Owen Williams] ('Pedrog'), T. R. Jones ('Clwydydd'), and 'Glyn Myfyr'; autograph letters to 'Glyn Myfyr' from John Ballinger, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1921, D. Lloyd George (aft. 1st earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor) (signed by J. L. Stevenson, 1931, and A. J. Sylvester, 1934), and the Home Office, 1936; and a list of eisteddfod chairs awarded to 'Glyn Myfyr'.

Evan Williams ('Glyn Myfyr') and others.

David Lloyd George letters,

  • NLW ex 2804.
  • File
  • 1934-1943.

Typewritten letter, 1935, from David Lloyd George to James Reid, editor of the Dumfries Standard, and three letters from A. J. Sylvester, Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, to the editor.

Lloyd George, David, 1863-1945

Dr E. L. Ellis research papers,

  • NLW ex 2563.
  • File
  • 1955, 1978-1982.

Papers, 1955, 1979-82, of the donor's late husband, Dr Edward Lewis Ellis (1922-2008), senior lecturer in History at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, relating to his research for his biography of Dr Thomas Jones CH published as T.J. : a life of Doctor Thomas Jones, CH (Cardiff, 1992). The correspondents include A. J. Sylvester, 1979 and Eirene White, 1978 and 1979.

Ellis, E. L.

General letters

Most of the early letters (pre-1945) are addressed to Frances as private secretary to Lloyd George, some referring to political and national events; many of those after 1945 also refer to Lloyd George and to contemporary political life. -- The file includes letters from Dr Christopher Addison, 1915, the 4th Marquess Cholmondeloy, 1923, Sir Joseph Davies, [1919], Sir Dingle Foot, 1970, Michael Foot, [?1967], King George VI, 1948, Martin Gilbert, 1964, John Grigg, 1972, P. J. Grigg, 1949, Laura Grimond, 1969, Maurice Hankey, [1960s], Lord Inchape, 1922, Lord Lothian, 1939, James Morris [Jan Morris], 1967, B. S. Rowntree (2), 1915-1916, Captain Stephen Roskill, 1970, Sir Geoffrey Shakespeare, 1949, Mary Soames, 1966, A. J. Sylvester, 1923, Jeremy Thorpe, 1969, and Harold Wilson, 1966.

Foot, Dingle, Sir, 1905-1978

Letter from Countess Lloyd-George,

Letter, 20 March 1947, from Countess Lloyd-George to Mrs Edith Evans, Colwyn Bay (carbon copy). Is grateful for her letter. She has been 'much distressed' by the recent articles published by A. J. Sylvester and appreciates the support which she has received from many correspondents. Was pleased to receive news of recipient's husband who was most supportive to the writer at both Colwyn Bay and Chatsworth.

Letters from Rebecca West

The file contains letters from Rebecca West referring to the proposed publication of a volume by Messrs Methuen which has passages about Miss West and about D. Lloyd George, requesting Lloyd George to autograph a photograph of himself for a Macedonian abbot, and giving the writer's reaction to the publication of A. J. Sylvester's The Real Lloyd George (1947).

West, Rebecca, 1892-1983

Letters to Eirene White

The file comprises letters relating mainly to matters arising from the House of Lords and to Lady White's public work, notably in relation to environmental concerns. Some concern Welsh affairs, among them devolution, the affairs of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, and the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. A few relate to Lady White's work for the Dictionary of National Biography. The correspondents include Margery Corbett Ashby, 1974, Robert, Lord Blake, 1974, Dame Margaret Cole, 1975, Anthony Crosland, 1974, Sir Goronwy Daniel, 1975, Stanley Clinton Davies, 1975, John Morris MP, 1975, A. J. Sylvester, 1975, Sir Ben Bowen Thomas, 1974, Dame Shirley Williams (2), 1974-1975, and Harold Wilson, 1974.

Ashby, Margery Corbett- Dame, 1882-1981

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Twenty-seven letters, etc., from [the Reverend] E[dward] W[ilcocks] Raby, The Rectory, Jacobstow, near Bude, 1906 (information concerning the Reverend] W[illia]m Williams, curate of St. Gennys [co. Cornwall], in 1796), [the Reverend] J[ohn] Lambert Rees, Llandowror (sic) Rectory, 1906 (a copy of the inscription on the tomb of the Rev[eren]d John Davies, minister of the Gospel at Bank-y-felin, ob. 1821, and of his wife, Barbara, ob. 1841), the Rev[erend] Bernard Reynolds, The Rectory, Queen Street, E.C., 1905 (a portrait of the Rev[erend] Watts Wilkinson [ob. 1840]), C. Morgan Richardson, Cardigan, 1907 ([Madam] Bevan's Charity), A. Foulkes-Roberts, Denbigh and Goring-on-Thames, 1913-1935 (3) (legal matters, genealogical data relating to the writer's ancestors), A. Humphreys Roberts, Manchester, 1920 (books sent to recipient), Ella [ ] Foulkes Roberts, Denbigh, 1926 (a proposal that [Denbigh] County School would buy a set of the Dictionary of National Biography from the library of the writer's father, an offer for the set made by Mr. [aft. Sir John] Ballinger [Librarian of the National Library of Wales]), Evan E. Roberts (clerk to the governors), The County School, Denbigh, 1928 (conveying the school governors' sympathy to recipient on his illness), Mary Roberts, Llangynog Rectory, Oswestry, 1905 (the inscription on the tombstone of the Rev[eren]d Evan Griffiths, rector of Llangynog, ob. 1813, and of his wife Elizabeth, ob. 1806), the Rev[erend] S. Nowell-Rostron (joint secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society), London, 1919 (the resolution of the Society's General Committee to invite recipient to become an Honorary Governor of the Society for life), [the Reverend] John Rowlands, The Vicarage, Aberdovey, 1904 (enquiries by recipient concerning the letters, etc., of the Rev[erend] Tho[ma]s Jones), E. A. Saunderson, Dublin, undated (3) (the writer's ancestors), [the Reverend] S[amuel] Cooper Scott, St. John's Rectory, Chester, 1906 (a proposed visit by recipient to examine the St. John's registers), [the Reverend] W[illiam] J[ohn] L[immer] Sheppard, St. Peter's Vic[arage], Ipswich, [19]08 (the memorial inscription on the tomb of the Rev[erend] Edward Griffin, rector of the parish of St. Stephen's, Ipswich, ob. 1833, and of his wife, Elizabeth, also ob. 1833), [the Reverend] Spencer E[dward] Simms, Charmouth Rectory, Dorset, 1906 (a negative reply to a query relating to William Daw, M.D.), F[rancis] D[anvers] Sladen, British Museum, London, 1924 (3) (material recipient wished to consult in the British Museum), [Professor] W[illiam] B[arron] Stevenson, The Theological College, Bala, [19]01 (the revision by the writer of an unspecified MS. work), [the Reverend] H[enry] H[olmes] Stewart, The Rectory, Barry, undated (information relating to [the Reverend] Hezekiah Jones, curate of the parish of Porthkerry [late 18th century]), George Stinchcombe, Bristol, 1911 (2) (the writer's desire to prove his reputed descent from [Thomas] Charles in the belief that this would strengthen his application for a post he was desirous of obtaining, his need to contact Mr. Lloyd George in connection with his application), and A. J. Sylvester, Westminster, London, 1929 (apologising, on behalf of Mr. Lloyd George, for his having mislaid a thesis belonging to recipient).

Letters to Thomas Jones

The file consists of miscellaneous, unrelated letters, 1908-1955, addressed to Dr Thomas Jones on a very wide range of subjects and issues. Many discuss political, public and educational life in Britain. Several discuss the world of publishing. The file includes letters from Clement Attlee, 1950, Lord (David) Davies, Llandinam, 1920, Huw T. Edwards, undated, H. J. Fleure, 1955, James Griffiths, 1955, D. Dilwyn John, 1955, Major Edgar Jones, 1951, Professor Lily Newton, 1955, Sir Thomas Parry, 1955, Lord Sankey, 1934, A. J. Sylvester, 1955, Sir Ben Bowen Thomas, 1939, David Thomas, Bangor, 1955, Gildas Tibbott, 1955, Sir Wyn Wheldon (3), 1955, and Sir Alfred Zimmern, 1926.

Attlee, C. R. (Clement Richard), 1883-1967

Negeseuau i'r Cymro,

  • NLW MS 11036C
  • File
  • 1932.

Holograph, autograph, and typescript messages of greetings for publication in the first number of Y Cymro, 3 December, 1932. The writers include D[avid] Miall Edwards; Ifan ab Owen Edwards (with a covering letter from R. E. Griffith); D[avid] Emrys Evans, University College of North Wales, Bangor; D[avid] Tecwyn Evans; D[avid] Lloyd George (with a covering letter from A. J. Sylvester); Peter Hughes Griffiths; W. J. Gruffydd; E[dward] Ernest Hughes; John Jenkins ('Gwili'); C[adwaladr] Bryner Jones; and T. Gwynn Jones.

Press articles by A. J. Sylvester,

Letter, 16 March 1947, from E. A. Lessing, Kensington, to Countess Lloyd-George. Sympathises with recipient because of the tone and contents of the recent press articles published by A. J. Sylvester. Many people are sure to resent Sylvester's heavily biased appraisal of Lloyd George.

Llythyrau, 1980-1984,

Ymhlith y gohebwyr, 1980-1984, mae [J.] Gwynn [Williams], R. Geraint Gruffydd (6), Elwyn Davies (2), Kate Roberts (2), Ifor ap Gwilym (2), John Grigg (2), Bobi Jones, Jennie Eirian [Davies] (2), Tom [Parry], Owen [Edwards], Glanmor [Williams], Keith Joseph, Gwilym [Prys Davies], Caerwyn [Williams], John Morris, Ken [Morgan], [D.] Ellis [Evans], A. J. [Sylvester] (5, yr ail un i R. Geraint Gruffydd), Derwyn [Jones] a T. Alwyn Benjamin.

Williams, J. Gwynn

Llythyrau, 1970-1975,

Ymhlith y gohebwyr mae Gwilym Prys Davies, Eirene White, Dr Emyr Wyn Jones, Iorwerth [Peate] (3), Llywelyn ap Gwynn, Rhys Davies, [R.] Geraint Gruffydd (2), Bobi Jones, Aneirin Talfan Davies, R. S. Thomas, T[homas] P[arry] (2), Glyn [Tegai Hughes], Kitty Idwal Jones, Idris [Foster] (3), Bedwyr Lewis Jones, Alun Talfan Davies, A. J. Sylvester (2), Mathonwy Hughes, Arthur [ap Gwynn] a Raymond Edwards.

Prys-Davies, Gwilym Prys Davies, Baron, 1923-2017