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Evans, D. Emrys (David Emrys), Sir, b. 1891
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Correspondence : 1950

Includes letters from L. Alun Page (6); Michael Gardner (5); Glyn Jones (8); D. Emrys Evans; Arthur Giardelli; David Williams; and Vernon Watkins (4). Some letters relate to lectures by Roland Mathias and the broadcasting of poems by him.

Page, Alun,

Letters: Evans, A-Z,

The correspondents include: A. W. Wade-Evans (11), 1904-1926, Beriah Gwynfe Evans (2), 1898-1924, together with papers relating to a Welsh national testimonial to Beriah Gwynfe Evans, 1920, D. Emrys Evans, 1923, D. L. Evans, the Public Record Office, London, 1923, D. Silvan Evans (4), 1897, E. Herber Evans (2), 1897, Captain Ernest Evans (4), 1907-1925, E. W. Evans, Frondirion, Dolgellau (6), 1899-1917, George Eyre Evans (4), 1900-1907, and R. Evans ('Cybi') (2), 1923 and undated.

Wade-Evans, Arthur W. (Arthur Wade), 1875-1964

Letters, 1951-1960

The file comprises letters from various people including D. Brynmor Anthony, Vernon Watkins (6, 1 incomplete) and Gwen Watkins, William Cookson, Howard Griffin, Vincent Lines (3), Vera Bassett, Neville Braybrooke (4), K. M. Elisabeth Murray, Louis Bonnerot, Percival R. Kirby, Sir Ifor Evans (2), Charles L. H. Duchemin (4), Arnold Palmer (3), William Blissett, Raymond Garlick (2), John Buckland Wright, August Closs (4), D. Emrys Evans, Helen Sutherland (2), David Bell (2), Megan Lloyd George, T. Charles Edwards, Valerie Wynne-Williams (2), J. E. Jones, William Hayward (4), John P[iper], Sir John Cecil Williams (2), Donald Nicholl (5), A. Robert Caponigri, Prof. Thomas Jones (3), Elwyn Evans (2), Alun Oldfield-Davies (3, 1 incomplete), Canon Walter Hussey, Alan Pryce-Jones, Geraint Gruffydd (2), Harman Grisewood, V. E. Nash-Williams, Kenneth Clark, Dr Charles Burns (incomplete), Colin Wilcockson, Janet Stone and W. B. Dalton.

Watkins, Vernon Phillips, 1906-1967

Negeseuau i'r Cymro,

  • NLW MS 11036C
  • File
  • 1932.

Holograph, autograph, and typescript messages of greetings for publication in the first number of Y Cymro, 3 December, 1932. The writers include D[avid] Miall Edwards; Ifan ab Owen Edwards (with a covering letter from R. E. Griffith); D[avid] Emrys Evans, University College of North Wales, Bangor; D[avid] Tecwyn Evans; D[avid] Lloyd George (with a covering letter from A. J. Sylvester); Peter Hughes Griffiths; W. J. Gruffydd; E[dward] Ernest Hughes; John Jenkins ('Gwili'); C[adwaladr] Bryner Jones; and T. Gwynn Jones.

Thomas Jones biography

The file consists of correspondence, 1955-1956, mainly letters addressed to Eirene White, concerning the early search for possible authors for a biography of Thomas Jones. The correspondents include Lord Birkenhead, 1956, Asa Briggs, 1956, Alan Bullock, 1956, Richard Crossman, 1955, D. Emrys Evans, 1956, Wyn Griffith, 1956, H. J. Habakkuk, 1956, Professor Gwyn Jones, 1955, Sir Maurice Powicke, 1955, Sir Ben Bowen Thomas, 1955, Professor David Williams, 1956, and Gwyn A. Williams, 1956.

Birkenhead, Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, Earl of, 1907-1975

Llythyrau at David Bowen, A-H

Mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys llythyrau gan Euros Bowen, Hannah Bowen (gwraig gyntaf David Bowen), Lizzie Bowen (ail wraig David Bowen), Rhiannon Bowen (merch David Bowen), Thomas Orchwy Bowen (brawd David Bowen), Ifan ab Owen Edwards, O. M. Edwards, T. I. Ellis, D. Emrys Evans, Wil Ifan, W.R.P. George, R. E. Griffiths, J. Gwyn Griffiths a D. Hopkin.

Edwards, Owen M. (Owen Morgan), 1858-1920

Llythyrau amrywiol: 1924-1974

Llythyrau amrywiol, 1924-1974, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Huw T. Edwards (4); Ralph Edwards (3); T. I. Ellis (2); Sigurd Erixon (2); Beriah Gwynfe Evans (6); D. Emrys Evans (2); D. Tecwyn Evans (4); E. Lewis Evans (18); George Eyre Evans; Gwynfor Evans (2); Ifor Leslie Evans (5); a Robert Evans.