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Abse, Dannie
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Correspondence comprising letters and cards sent between Gwyneth Lewis and friends, family, colleges, editors and other writers concerning personal, social and literary matters, including the performance and publication of her work, her posts at Girton and Stanford, together with associated press cuttings and poems by Dannie Abse and others, as well as a letter to Gwyneth Lewis’s parents from her aunt and uncle containing press cuttings, letters, cards, notes and ephemera relating to her life and career, including a typescript copy of her poem 'Bri'.


Letters to Gwyneth Lewis from family, friends, literary associates, universities, and media and insurance companies concerning personal, social, literary, academic, professional and domestic matters, especially her life and work at Harvard and in New York and her travels around the United States, together with a notebook, postcards, press cuttings, photographs, leaflets, theatre programmes, student newsletters and a map of Florence; also included are a typescript transcript and offprint of an interview with Italo Calvino by Ian Thomson, some papers relating to Elin ap Hywel (including a typescript of poems by her, a typescript of poems inspired by her work, and a typescript of a short story dedicated to her), typescripts of poems by others, and some postcards relating to Gwyneth Lewis but sent between her friends.


Letters and cards to Gwyneth Lewis from friends, family, writers and colleagues concerning personal, social, family, literary and artistic matters, including her creative work and travels on 'Jameeleh' and also a typescript poem ('La jongleuse') dedicated to her by Tony Conran, as well as cards from Gwyneth Lewis to Leighton Denver Davies and a letter written by her to her parents while at sea, and related photographs and notes.

Correspondence : 1964

Includes letters from Meic Stephens (2); Cecil Price (12); R. George Thomas (6); Robert Morgan (3); Leonard Clark (5); Raymond Garlick (5); Glyn Jones (2); John Idris Jones (4); David Harries; Bryn Griffiths (2); D. J. Williams; Gerald Morgan (2); Gwyn A. Williams (2); Pennar Davies; Alison Bielski (3); Vernon Watkins; Aneirin Talfan Davies; Alun Llewellyn; Dannie Abse (2); Leslie Norris (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (2); Ellen Tifft (2); Emily Katharine Harris (2); Robert Gittings; Islwyn Ffowc Elis; and John Stuart Williams (3). The file also includes a statement of income and expenditure and balance sheet for the Dock Leaves Press, year ending 29 Feb. 1964.

Stephens, Meic

Correspondence : 1965

Includes letters from Gerald Morgan; Cecil Price (13); R. George Thomas (3); Robert Gittings (3); Leslie Norris (2); John Stuart Williams (7); Dora Polk (4); Ellen Tifft (3); Alun Llewellyn (18); Rev. L. Alun Page (6); Islwyn Ffowc Elis (3); William Mathias (3); Neville Masterman (2); Raymond Garlick (5); Arthur Giardelli (3); Alison Bielski (4); Robert Morgan (3); Ian Parrott (4); Emily Katharine Harris (2); Jeffrey Steele; Julian Ennis (3); Vernon Watkins (3); Dannie Abse; F. R. Konekamp; Maurice Carpenter (2); Bryn Griffiths; David Harries (2); and David Jones (3), including a typescript copy of the poem 'The hunt'.

Morgan, Gerald, 1935-

Correspondence : 1966

Includes letters from Tom Earley (6); H. P. Collins; Dora Polk (4); Cecil Price (21, with a letter to Ralph Maud); Glyn Jones (4); Stephen Griffith (2); Robert Morgan (3); Meic Stephens (6); F. R. Konekamp (2); Neville Masterman (8); Alison Bielski (3); Menna Gallie; Ellen Tifft (2); John Stuart Williams (16); Bryn Griffiths (8); Emily Katharine Harris (2); L. Alun Page; Alun Llewellyn (15); Susan Glyn (6); Julian Ennis (6); Ian Parrott (8); Raymond Garlick (7); Leslie Norris (3); Cledwyn Hughes (7); R. George Thomas (2); John Idris Jones (4); Arthur Giardelli; Dannie Abse; D. J. Williams; Horst Jarka; and Maurice Carpenter. The file also includes draft copies of The Anglo-Welsh Review constitution.

Earley, Tom

Correspondence : 1967

Includes letters from Meic Stephens (18); Dannie Abse (7); Arthur Giardelli (2); Jeffrey Steele (5); George Ewart Evans; Susan Glyn (2); Dora Polk (5); John Stuart Williams (7); Robert Shaw (2); R. S. Thomas; John Pook (3, including poems by him); Tony Curtis; Alun Llewellyn (16); Glyn Jones (2); Thomas Taig (3); H. P. Collins (4); Neville Masterman (7); John Idris Jones (8); Cecil Price (17); Kent Thompson (2); Bryn Griffiths (4); Ian Parrott (4); Bernard Lloyd (4); R. George Thomas; Howard Sergeant (2); Kay Harris; John Alun Davies (2); Brian Way (3); Alison Bielski; Vera Rich (copy); Randal Jenkins (5); Ray Howard-Jones; Raymond Garlick (4); David Gallon (4); Leslie Norris (2); John Snelling; Tom Earley; David Parry; Vernon Watkins; John Ward (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (3); Ralph Salisbury (2); Gerald Morgan; Joseph P. Clancy; Annemarie Towner (2); Robert Morgan; Eiluned Lewis (3); and Harri Webb (copy).

Stephens, Meic

Correspondence : 1969

Includes letters from Alun Llewellyn (10); Désirée Hirst (3); Rosamund Stanhope (6); Meic Stephens (33); Raymond Garlick (5); Robert Morgan (7); Cecil Price (14); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Terry Measham (4); Raymond Moore; Jane McCormick (5); Neville Masterman (4); Don McKay (4); Ralph Maud (2); Roy Burnett (7); Glyn Jones (5); Norman Iles (4); Roy Thomas (5); Moira Dearnley (5); Andrew McNeillie (3); Peter Thomas (7); Jeremy Hooker (9); Alison Bielski (3); Leonard Clark (4); Dora Polk (4); Kyffin Williams (5, including a manuscript of part of his article 'An artist in Welsh Patagonia', published in The Anglo-Welsh Review, no. 42); Dannie Abse; Tony Curtis (6); Elwyn Davies (5); Alan Perry (3); A. H. Dodd (2); John Stuart Williams (5); John Alun Davies (3); John Tripp (4); Ray Howard-Jones (2); Leslie Norris (2); Stephen L. I. Pettit (3); Harold P. Collins; Peter Finch (4); Ronald Lowe (2); R. George Thomas (3); and Sam Adams (4).

Llewellyn, Alun, 1903-1993

Correspondence : 1970

Includes letters from Neville Masterman (12); Glyn Jones (13); Jeremy Hooker (8); Sam Adams (13); Elwyn Davies (3); Kyffin Williams (5, including a card with an original print of Patagonian rider, signed by him); Cecil Price (10); John Idris Jones (8); Alun Llewellyn (12); Gwynfor Evans (2); Tom Earley; Andrew McNeillie (2); Moira Dearnley (4); Saunders Lewis; Randal Jenkins (5); L. Alun Page (6); Roy Thomas (3); Jane McCormick (3); R. George Thomas (2); Dannie Abse (2); Dora Polk (6); H. P. Collins (4); John Stuart Williams (5); Annemarie Ewing (2); Raymond Garlick (7); Alun Talfan Davies; Ray Howard-Jones (4); Stephen L. I. Pettit (4); Alan Perry; Leslie Norris (7); A. G. Prys-Jones; John Petts (4); R. S. Thomas; John Ackerman (2); Nigel Jenkins (2); Alison Bileski (2); Robert Morgan (3); and Peter Finch (2).

Masterman, Neville

Correspondence : 1973

Includes letters from Robert Morgan (9); Sam Adams (8); Richard Poole (5); John Tripp (7); Sally Roberts Jones (11); Cyril Hodges (7); Raymond Garlick (7); Tony Curtis (4); Philip Pacey (3); Richard Vaughan (2); Alan Perry (3, including a typescript copy of poem 'House-Wiring'); Belinda Humfrey (5); Robin Gregory (3); Jeremy Hooker (13, including typescript copies of poems by him); Gillian Clarke (8); John Ormond (2, including typescript copies of two poems by him, signed by the author); John Stuart Williams; Ruth Bidgood (7); Ray Howard-Jones (11); Dannie Abse; Judith Maro (2); Neville Masterman (4, one addressed to Gillian Clarke); Roy Thomas (5); Sheenagh M. Pugh (3); Alison Bielski (3); Raph Maud; Dora Polk (4); Glyn Jones (4); Lawrence Hockey; Peter Finch (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (2); A. F. Leighton Thomas (3); John Pook; Bedwyr Lewis Jones (2); J. P. Ward (3); and E. G. Bowen.

Morgan, Robert, 1921-1994

Correspondence : 1975

Includes letters from Ruth Pryor (10); Glyn Jones (3); Alan Rudrum (7); Chris Torrance (2); Brian Keeble (11); Désirée Hirst (7); David [Dai] Smith (5); David Blamires (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Gwyn Williams (3); Bernard Lloyd; Sally Roberts Jones (14); John Stuart Williams (3); Arthur Giardelli (2); Raymond Garlick (9); Gillian Clarke (8); Leslie Norris (5); Richard Poole (6); Nancy K. Sandars; Dora Polk (2); Ray Howard-Jones (9); Francis Jones (3); Ruth Bidgood (2); Jeremy Hooker (6); John Ormond (4); Austen Wilks (8, including a typescript draft of the article 'Derry Ormond tower: a Welsh landscape artefact'); Dannie Abse (2); J. P. Ward (4); John Pikoulis (8); Roy Thomas (3); Tony Curtis (4); Don Dale-Jones; Sam Adams (3); John Idris Jones (2); Aneirin Talfan Davies (2); John Ackerman; Harri Webb (3); Paul Ferris; John Petts; Alun Richards (2); Glyn Tegai Hughes; Belinda Humfrey; Patrick Thomas; Philip Pacey; and Prys Morgan.

Pryor, Ruth

Correspondence : 1976

Includes letters from William Blissett (2); David [Dai] Smith; Gillian Clarke (5); Belinda Humfrey (4); Arthur Giardelli (8); Jeremy Hooker (6); Ned Thomas; Raymond Garlick (6); Ray Howard-Jones; Judith Maro (4); Harri Pritchard Jones (5); John Trice; Gwyn Jones; David Blamires (7); Sally Roberts Jones (4); Meic Stephens (14); Désirée Hirst (5); Glyn Jones (5); Sam Adams (4); Brian Howells (3); Patrick Thomas (notes); A. G. Prys-Jones; Dora Polk (2); Ruth Bidgood (3); Dannie Abse (3); Jon Dressel (2); Wyn Griffith (4); Sheenagh Pugh (2); John Stuart Williams; Cary Archard; Bobi Jones; Richard Poole; and Alan Rudrum.

Blissett, William

Correspondence : 1977

Includes letters from Glyn Jones (6); Alan Rudrum; Gillian Clarke (9); Raymond Garlick (5); John Davies (11); Meic Stephens (17); Emyr Humphreys (4); Belinda Humfrey; David Blamires; John Tripp (3, including a typescript copy of the poem 'View from the Gap'); Dora Polk (5); Gerard Casey (6); John Ormond (3); Bedwyr Lewis Jones (2); Dannie Abse (2); J. P. Ward; Ruth Bidgood (9); Jon Dressel (2); Leslie Norris; Harri Webb (2); Rhys Davies; Sally Roberts Jones; John Stuart Williams; Sam Adams; Ray Howard-Jones (2); and Jeremy Hooker.

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995

Correspondence : 1979

Includes letters from Meic Stephens (36); Leslie Norris (3); Gillian Clarke (7); Jeremy Hooker (4); Sam Adams (3); Ruth Bidgood (7); Jon Dressel (6); Tony Bianchi (7); Gerard Casey (4); John Davies; Robin Gwyndaf; Raymond Garlick (3); Sally Roberts Jones (5); J. P. Ward (5); R. S. Thomas (2); Dannie Abse; Glyn Jones (4); John Tripp (4); A. G. Prys-Jones (6, including a letter to J. P. Ward); Prys Morgan (3); Walford Davies (4); Francis Jones (3); Dora Polk (2); Cary Archard (3); and Alison Bielski.

Stephens, Meic

Correspondence : 1984

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (7); Meic Stephens (25); Alun Llewellyn (3); Robert Minhinnick (2); Ruth Bidgood (6); David Harries; Sally Roberts Jones (4); Nigel Jenkins (2); Dannie Abse (2); Joseph Clancy (3); Glyn Jones (3); Leslie Norris; Elwyn Davies (2); Gillian Clarke (3); Greg Hill (4); Raymond Garlick (2); Cary Archard (2); John Davies; and Tony Bianchi (2).

Prys-Jones, A. G. (Arthur Glyn)

Correspondence : 2002

Includes letters from Raymond Garlick (4); Sam Adams (2); Dannie Abse; Roy Thomas; John Trice; Ruth Bidgood; Jeremy Hooker; Kyffin Williams; and John Davies (2).

Garlick, Raymond

Correspondence : A,

Includes letters from Jane Aaron (3); Dannie Abse (8); Leo Abse (4); John Ackerman (8); Sam Adams (7); Rodney Aitchtey (24); Graham Allen (4); and Freda Aykroyd (14, with typescript copies of poems).

Correspondence: 1972-1981,

Includes letters from Glyn Jones; John Tripp (2); Arthur Giardelli; Prys Morgan (2); Raymond Garlick (2); Moelwyn Merchant; Philip Owens (2); Robin Gregory; Leslie Norris (5); A. G. Prys-Jones (4); Philip Pacey; Dannie Abse; Sam Adams (2); Charles Kohler; Andrew McNeillie (2); Roger Conover (4); and Peter Dent.

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995.

Correspondence: 1991-1996,

Includes letters from Lesley Grant-Adamson (2, including a poem); Irene E. Thomas (2); Mavis Carter (6); Dennis Carter; Gwyn Parry (4); Tony Bianchi; Peter Weevers; Sally Roberts Jones (2); Judith Thwaite (11, including a poem); David Harries; Michael Rosen; Candyce Clayton; Nigel Jenkins (2); Kate Foley (4); Anne Stevenson; Christine Evans (2); Chris Kinsey; Maura Dooley (4); Menna Elfyn; Roger Garfitt (3); Joseph Clancy (including poem); Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore); Linda Martin; Julia Griffiths Jones (3); Maurice Rutherford (3); Ruth Bidgood; Dannie Abse (3); Enid Luff; and Mary Oldham.

Dannie Abse

Typescript copy, [1970], of the entry for Dannie Abse in Contemporary poets, ed. R. Murphy and J. Vinson (London, 1970), together with additional notes, [1979x1990], which appear to have been compiled for a subsequent edition.

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