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Mining Association of Great Britain.
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Coal industry and trade statistics,

Material comprises statistical information compiled by several different sources including the Statistical Department of the Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners Association, the Board of Trade, the Mining Association of Great Britain, and by H.M.'s Inspectors of Mines. The statistics relate to various aspects of the coal mining industry, in particular to United Kingdom trade with foreign countries, the output and distribution of minerals, miners' pay and working conditions, coal export, coal production, and the coal mining and trade industries in general.

D. A. Thomas (Viscount Rhondda) Papers,

  • GB 0210 DATMAS
  • Fonds
  • 1874-1934 /

Papers of D. A. Thomas, Viscount Rhondda, including letters to D. A. Thomas on political matters such as working conditions in the mining industry, education, church disestablishment, and the temperance movement, 1891-1910 (mainly 1891-1895); drafts and copies of letters from D. A. Thomas on similar subjects, 1891-1895; miscellaneous letters, 1893-1895; subject files, 1874-1917, on the coal industry, including the Cambrian Navigation Collieries, the Mining Association of Great Britain, the South Wales Liberal Federation, temperance and disestablishment; scrapbooks of press cuttings, 1894-1927, relating to Cymru Fydd, D.A Thomas, Merthyr politics and Keir Hardie, the Lusitania, and Lady Rhondda; miscellaneous items, 1897-1934, including genealogical material and congratulatory addresses to D.A.T.; circulars and memoranda.

Thomas, D. A. (David Alfred), 1856-1918.

Eight Hours Act,

Material relating to the introduction of the Mines Eight Hours Act in South Wales collieries, the response of various coal companies and miners' organisations to the legislation, and the effects of the Act on the mining industry in Wales. Material comprises reports, counsel's opinions, Conciliation Board sub-committee minutes and extracts of minutes, meeting notes, owners' manifestos, circulars, letters and correspondence, newspaper cuttings, statistical statements and summaries, and some printed material.

Mining Association of Great Britain,

Correspondence with the Mining Association of Great Britain relating to the coal mining industry in general, and also relating to specific topics such as pitwood, unemployment insurance, holiday clubs, workmen's compensation, Coal Utilisation Council research, the Welfare Fund Bill, pit ponies, miners' nystagmus, trade union membership, the provision of men and labour during war time, and post-war celebrations. General correspondence files may include not only letters but also memoranda, notes for deputations, and meeting notices, agenda and papers for meetings of the Central, Transport, Joint Standing Consultative, Propaganda, Timber, Wagon, Joint National Negotiating, and Post-War Research Committees.

Mining Association of Great Britain,

Contemporary statistical reports on the Coal Industry and Coal Trade of numerous foreign countries, which were collated for the Mining Association of Great Britain, and bound as (Foreign) Bulletins. The weekly bulletins are compiled mainly from foreign, particularly Continental, sources such as newspapers, journals, and government reports. Information is given for Germany, France, Poland, Holland, Canada, Russia, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Spain, USA and others. Each volume contains an index which is arranged alphabetically by country, with a secondary classification under the following headings: coal production, costs of production, external trade, internal trade, transport questions, labour, miscellaneous and, where appropriate, iron and steel industries. Bulletins 600-603 were incorrectly numbered as 700-703.

Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners Association Records,

  • GB 0210 MSWION
  • Fonds
  • 1842-1957.

Records, 1842-1957, of the Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners Association (MSWCOA), including printed deeds of association, 1864-1945; Association general minute books and circulars, 1873-1944; Cardiff, Newport and Swansea District minute books, 1874-1947; Conciliation Board minutes, verbatim minutes of proceedings, agreements and awards, 1901-1946; Finance Committee minutes, 1888-1956; Transport Committee minutes, 1933-1936; Joint Emergency Committee minutes, 1893-1917; Commercial Committee minutes, 1919-1947; Coal Cutters and Conveyors Committee minutes, 1923-1945; Coal Dust Committee minutes, 1940-1946; General Research Committee minutes, 1940-1946; Parliamentary Bills Committee minutes and papers, 1895-1897; Anthracite and Steam Coal Collieries Committee minutes, 1897-1900; Rescue Brigades Committee papers, 1907-1908; Eight Hours Committee minutes, 1909; Coal Mines Act Committee minutes and papers, 1923-1946; Special Purposes Committee minutes, 1927-1947; Colliery Pit Production Committee minutes, 1943; Education Committee minutes, 1945-1946; Joint Sliding Scale Committee meeting verbatim accounts, 1875-1902; Enginemen Wages Committee minutes, 1908-1944; Joint Standing Disputes Committee minutes and papers, 1917-1947; South Wales Coal Shipment Advisory Committee minutes and papers, 1923-1936; South Wales Committee on the Physical and Chemical Survey of the National Coal Resources minutes, 1928-1943; Safety in Mines Research Committee minutes and reports, 1930-1947; Disputes Finality Committee minutes and papers, 1936-1945; Joint Coal Production Committee minutes, 1940-1942; Pneumoconiosis Joint Sub-Committee minutes and papers, 1942-1946; minutes and papers of several committees of the Mining Association of Great Britain, including its Central Committee, 1919-1954; copies of court judgements, 1848-1939; Railway Rates Tribunal proceedings and papers, 1921-1939; financial account books and balance sheets, 1873-1940; scrapbooks and newspaper cuttings relating to the Sliding Scale, strikes, disputes, wages, and other industry issues, 1874-1948; papers relating to strikes and disputes at associated collieries, 1890-1946; statistics on coal production, prices, transportation, wages, etc., and foreign bulletins, 1842-1950; administrative files of the Commercial and Pitwood Departments, 1890-1950; applications for membership, 1887-1947; subject files containing copies of Association notices, reports, minutes, etc. and papers received from other organisations relating to mining, miners’ health, labour agreements and wages, 1890-1957; and printed material, including coal mine surveys and research reports, and government legislation and other industry reports, 1849-1947. The archive represents a major source of information for the history of coal mining in Wales, and the study of mining practices and industrial relations in the South Wales coalfield prior to nationalisation.

Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners' Association.

Nationalisation of coal industry,

Letters, correspondence, copy minutes, formal comments and reports, and printed items, 1945-1946, relating to the Coal Industry Nationalisation Bill, including the Mining Association of Great Britain's comment on the Bill, a copy of the Coal Industry Nationalisation Act of 1946, and printed material on the dangers of nationalisation (1919) and on the organisation of the National Coal Board (1948). The file also includes National Coal Board reports and accounts, 1948-50, and correspondence and letters, 1945, relating to the Office of Assistant Superintendent of the Great Western Railway, to the Export Credit Guarantee Fund, and to post-war industrial development of the railways and docks of the Great Western Railway.

Pitwood Department,

Files created by the Pitwood Department relating to the supply and transportation of pitwood for use in Welsh collieries. Material comprises mainly correspondence, written between the Coal Owners Association and the Forestry Commission, the Cardiff and Bristol Channel Pitwood Importers Association, the Great Western Railway Co., the Ministry of Supply, and the Mining Association of Great Britain Timber Advisory.