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Evans, Albert Owen, 1864-1937
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Letters, 1893, from Manuel Ramos, Madrid, to Thomas Roberts, cooper, St. Asaph; and letters, mainly relating to his paper on 'Sunday of Today', 1933, addressed to Albert Owen Evans by Dr. E. O. Davies, Bangor, 1933; Beriah Gwynfe Evans, 1923; John Fairchild, Bangor, 1933; Gwilym Francis, Neath, 1933; G. Wynne Griffith, Bangor, 1933; R. E. Jones & Bros., Conway, 1933; J. D. Lewis, Llanarth, 1924-1933; H. J. Manley, Llanbedrog, 1933; T. A. Morgan-Jones, Llanddeiniolen, 1933; D. Rhys Phillips, 1930; Richard Owen, M. D., Bangor, 1933; Robert Vaughan, Dolgellau, 1933; Robert Camber Williams, Bath, 1917; 'A Swansea Welsh Churchman' (the closing of St. Mathew's Welsh Church, Swansea); John Morgan, Bodorgan and Caernarvon, 1903-1921; a telegram from Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, 1897; D. T. Hughes, Talsarnau, 1917; Frank Morgan, Oxford, 1906; George Blisset, Bath, 1898; Charles Henry Alexander, 6th Marquess of Anglesey, 1933; J. Arthur Price, London, 1924; John Owen, Bishop of St Davids, 1924; Griffith E. Owen, Carmarthen, 1924; S. J. Evans, Llangefni, 1931-1932; John Humphreys, Bangor, 1919; D. Jones, Penmaen-mawr; J. Davies, Llanelltyd, 1926; T. Huws Davies, 1922; and others.

Letters from 1927 to 1929,

Letters from Edmund O. Jones (2); A. G. Edwards, Archbishop of Wales (4), 1928-1929; Joshua Pritchard Hughes, Bishop of Llandaff, 1928; Frank Morgan (2); A. Owen Evans; and others. Four drafts of letters by Viscount Sankey, two of which were written to Frank Morgan, 1927-1928, and one most probably to the Bishop of Llandaff.

Jones, Edmund O. (Edmund Osborne), 1858-1931.

Letters to Daniel Lleufer Thomas,

  • NLW MS 12701C.
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  • 1893-1935.

Thirty-five holograph and autograph letters, and one holograph postcard, 1893-1935 and undated, written to D[aniel] Lleufer Thomas. The writers include the Rev. J[ohn] Bodfan Anwyl, The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1930 (problems relating to the compiling of the [University of Wales's projected] dictionary [of the Welsh language]); R. Brudenell Carter, [London], 1907 (an enquiry concerning Colonel Carter, mentioned in recipient's article on Sir Roger Mostyn in the Dict[ionary] of National Biography); Professor F[rancis] A[lexander] Cavenagh [professor of Education, University College], Swansea, 1927 (forwarding copies of articles on Griffith Jones [of Llanddowror, published in The Journal of Adult Education, September 1926, March 1927], the possibility that the articles would be published in book form [The Life and Work of Griffith Jones of Llanddowror (Cardiff, 1930)], an intended review of the articles by the Rev. M[organ] H[ugh] Jones in The Welsh Outlook [see vol. XIV, pp. 245-7]); John Davies, Aberystwyth, [n.d.] (enclosing a copy of an unspecified work, some sixty copies of which had been reprinted at the writer's instigation [probably Myfyrdod mewn Mynwent. Ad-Argraffiad o'r Argraffiad Cyntaf, 1798 (Aberystwyth, 1927), being a reprint of the translation by David Davis, Castellhywel, of Thomas Gray's 'Elegy written in a Country Churchyard', published in 1798]); Archdeacon A[lbert] Owen Evans, Bangor, 1930 (a request for suggestions with regard to an address on 'Some Welsh Agricultural Writers', which the writer was preparing for delivery at Bangor); Beriah [Gwynfe Evans], Carnarvon, [18]96 (thanking recipient for [a copy of] the appendices compiled by him [Bibliographical, Statistical, and other Miscellaneous Memoranda, being Appendices to the Report of the Royal Commission on Land in Wales and Monmouthshire (London, 1896)], congratulating recipient on the work, an article on the Welsh peasantry ['The Peasantry of South Wales'] contributed by the writer to Longman's Magazine [July 1885]); E. H. Fallaize (Hon. Secretary, Royal Anthropological Institute), Enfield, 1921 (a meeting at which Sir Alfred Davies would give an 'account of the Welsh scheme for collecting rural lore', hopes that recipient would attend and speak, information about books, etc., on anthropometric work); Edw[ard] Griffith, Dolgelley, 1915 (information concerning the parliamentary representation of Merioneth, 1545-nineteenth century); Owen Griffith, Cardiff, [19]24 (an invitation to recipient to write a pamphlet on 'Public Life', for a proposed second series of Traethodau'r Deyrnas); Tho[ma]s Hodgkin, Barmoor Castle, Northumberland, 1911 (forwarding a copy of an address on Cornwall and Brittany, given by the writer in Falmouth); H[arold] A[ugustus] Hyde, Department of Botany, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, 1931 (2) (the writer's study of the botanical exploration of Wales in connection with a proposed Museum publication on the Welsh flora, the value of recipient's appendix to the Report of the Royal Commission on Land ... [see letter from Beriah Gwynfe Evans above], in connection therewith, the writer's desire to trace an unpublished work by William Morris entitled 'Collection of plants gathered in Anglesey', his intended publication of Samuel Brewer's diary [published, 1931, as a reprint from the report of the Botanical Society and Exchange Club, 1930]); D[avid] Emrys James, Swansea, 1930 (personal, forwarding a copy of the writer's Rhymes of the Road [(London, 1928)]); [the Rev.] Lemuel [John] James, Ystrad Mynach Vicarage, 1907 (enquiries concerning a descendant of Taliesin ab Iolo [Taliesin Williams, poet and author], with a view to tracing his manuscripts, a second edition of the poems of Lewys Hopkyn being prepared by the writer); R[obert] T[homas] Jenkins [later professor of Welsh History, University College, Bangor], Cardiff, 1929 (points relating to the writer's book [Hanes Cymru yn y Ddeunawfed Ganrif (Caerdydd, 1928)], praise for recipient's 'Land Commission Appendix' [see letter from Beriah Gwynfe Evans above], the writer's need to consult a copy of recipient's memorandum on the Welsh woollen trade); A. Gray Jones, Ebbw Vale, 1926 (2) (a book by 'Ignotus' published by Longman's sixty years previously [?'Ignotus': The Last Thirty Years in a Mining District ... (London, 1867)], and enquiries as to the identity of the author (Captain Russell)); Evan Jones, Llanwrtyd Wells, 1899 (2) (attempts to find a copy of Rees Prydderch Gemmeu Doethineb ..., for recipient, and the locating of two copies); Ifano Jones, Y Llyfrgell Gymreig, Cardiff, 1924 (references to manuscript and printed sources, ?in connection with a query about the place-name Radyr); Tom Jones, Trealaw, Rhondda, 1932 (forwarding an offprint of 'Bibl. ar P. N. Wales (Second Instalment)' [i.e., of the writer's article 'A Bibliography of Monographs on the Place-Names of Wales (Second Instalment)', B.B.C.S., vol. VI, pp. 171-8], the possibility of a third instalment); D[avid] Morgan Lewis [professor of Physics, University College, Aberystwyth], Aberystwyth, 1904-1935 (2) (personal, the writer's memoir of his father [Cofiant y Diweddar Barchedig Evan Lewis, Brynberian (Aberystwyth, 1903)], an article by the writer on 'Morgan Rhys a'i Gyfnod', Y Cofiadur [Rhifyn Dwbl 10 a 11, Mawrth 1934, pp. 34-51]); Timothy Lewis, Aberystwyth, 1929-1931 (3) (drawing recipient's attention to a printed brochure (on the back of which the first letter is written), announcing the intended publication by the writer of a series of ten volumes, to be called 'Cyfres Hywel Dda', and consisting of works on medieval Welsh bardism and culture, texts of medieval Welsh law, poetry, etc., the intention of publishing the first volume, Beirdd a Bardd-Rin Cymru Fu, in July 1929, promised financial support for the project which had not materialised, the writer's decision to publish [at his own expense], the writer's awareness of the fact that he was attacking accepted ideas, and his belief that he was opening up new paths for students of Welsh (March 1929), acknowledgement of recipient's support [for the first volume], regrets that the 'Marchog o Fangor' [Sir John Morris-Jones], had died before being able to express his views [on Beirdd a Bardd-Rin], the writer's belief that, if the main theme of the volume was correct, then the contents of [Sir John Morris-Jones'] Cerdd Dafod had to be rejected, additional material which the writer had collected (September 1929), informing recipient of the appearance of the second volume in the series [Mabinogi Cymru (Aberystwyth, 1931)], and enclosing a printed brochure relating to the work (November 1931)); William Little, Stags Halt, March, 1893 (queries regarding statistics in recipient's 'Dolgelly Report'); David Oliver, Cambridge, 193[?] (personal, dates of death of the writer's father and two uncles); Henry Oliver, Bristol, [19]09 (personal, recipient's appointment as stipendiary magistrate in Pontypridd); D[avid] Rhys Phillips, Swansea, 1929 (2) (information concerning the writer and his family, ?in connection with an application for a post at the National Library of Wales); [the Rev.] W[illiam] J[ohn] Rees, Alltwen, Pontardawe, 1931 (recipient's appreciation of the writer's article ['Y Parch. William Rees, Llechryd'] in Y Tyst [Mawrth 26, 1931], and his suggestion that William Rees's works should be collected and deposited in the National Library, congratulations to recipient on the honour conferred upon him [a knighthood, January 1931]); W[illiam] J[ames] Roberts [professor of Economics], University College, Cardiff, 1931 (the writer's 'little book' [?Egwyddorion Economeg (Caerdydd, 1930)], a copy of which he was sending to recipient, congratulations to recipient [on his knighthood]); David Salmon (principal), Training College, Swansea, 1917 (an enquiry as to whether 'the John Evans who libelled Griffith Jones, and the John Evans who superintended the Welsh Bible of 1769', were the same person [see The Dictionary of Welsh Biography, under Evans, John (1702-82)]); and Isaac J[ohn] Williams, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, 1924-1933 (2) (enquiries relating to Edward Davis, a nineteenth century Carmarthenshire sculptor).

Letters to J. H. Davies, etc.,

Letters and postcards to J. H. Davies (many relating to publications by the writers) from the following correspondents: John Ballinger, Cardiff, 1907, and Aberystwyth, 1915 (enclosing a letter from Francis Green to John Ballinger relating to a calendar of deeds and documents) (2), F. F. Bretherton (general secretary of the Wesley Historical Society), Sunderland, 1920 (writer's book on early Methodism in Chester, the new Proceedings), C. H. Browning, Ardmore, Penna., 1913 (The Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania, Prospectus for Thomas Allen Glen, Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, etc.), D. Davies, 1915 (loan of copies of Seren Gomer), David Davies, Harlech, 1913-14 (3) (Ardudwy a'i Gwron), D. Caxton Davies for William Lewis, Printers, Ltd, Cardiff, 1924 (The Letters of Goronwy Owen), J. Hugh Edwards, House of Commons, 1912 (material relating to T. E. Ellis for a book on the rise and development of Welsh nationality), A. Owen Evans, Llanfaethlu Rectory, 1918 and 1922 (2) (his researches and publications, enclosing a leaflet, 1880, about spitting in chapel), David Evans, Whitland, [19]15 (enclosing poster concerning Parke sale, some of the articles had belonged to Daniel Rowlands, Llangeitho), Evan Evans, Aberystwyth, 1909-10 (notices of Tregaron Pension sub-committee meetings in connection with The Old Age Pensions Act 1908), E. Vincent Evans, London [19]08 (Bibliography [of Welsh ballads]), J. Ceredig Evans, New Quay, [19]22 (arrangements to stay in Aberystwyth), Tom Evans, Felinfach, [19]08 (application for the post of Dairy Instructress at the University College of Wales by his sister, Miss Emma Evans), H. M. Green (on behalf of the Principal), University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1905 (enclosing photographs [wanting]), T. Mortimer Green, Registrar, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1905 (notice of meeting), G. Stewart Griffiths, Liverpool, [19]24 (family history), H[ugh] O[wen] Hughes, Newport, 1907 (writer's application for the post of Assistant Commissioner under the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1907, testimonials enclosed), David Jones, [Melbourne and London] 'off Port Said' [19]24 (appreciation of The Life and Opinions of Robert Roberts), M. H. J[ones], [1918] (on a postcard to M. H. Jones from the Reverend R. James, Llanwrtyd, 1918, enquiring about the date of birth of William Williams, Pantycelyn), Mostyn [Lewis], London, undated (notice of writer's arrival in Aberystwyth), W. A. Lewis, Liverpool, 1923 (John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), Enwogion Sir Gaernarfon, 'Myrddin's opinion regarding orthography, etc.), T. R. Morgan, Swyddffynon, 1922 (Dafydd Jones o Gaeo, etc.), T. J. Owen, Marsh, Huddersfield, 1922 (2) (pamphlets attributed to Dafydd Jones o Gaeo), Alfred Neobard Palmer, Wrexham, 1905 (Roman Station at Holt and its Welsh name), J. W. P. Parry, N[ational] P[rovincial] Bank, Aberystwyth, 1924 (Mrs Hughes's dividends, financial matters), F. E. Rees, Cardiff, 1922 (enclosing draft regulations and standing order of the University of Wales Guild of Graduates), T[homas] Richards, Maesteg, 1923 (his researches relating to the Puritans), George Stinchcombe, Fishponds, Bristol, 1911 (his family connection with Thomas Charles of Bala, his application for the post of Inspector under the National Insurance Scheme), R. M. Thomas, Carmarthen, 1907 (notice of Welsh Church Commission meeting), J. L. Wheatley, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (resolution relating to government grants, etc.), Hannah Williams, Llandegai, 1922 (thanks for copy of 'Morris' letters'), H. J. Williams, Calvinistic Methodist Book Agency, Carnarvon, 1923 (binding of Enwogion Sir Gaernarfon), O. Gaianydd Williams, Rowen, 1923 (enquiry regarding an edition of Thomas Richards (Coychurch) dictionary by the Trefriw press), R. Peris Williams, Wrexham, undated (circular regarding a movement to erect a memorial column on the grave of Morgan Llwyd in Rhosddu, Wrexham), T. Meredith Williams, Llanddewi Vicarage, Aberayron, 1916 (pedigree of Archdeacon Meredith, Meredith family of Ffosybleiddiaid), and Tom Williams, Aberystwyth, [19]21 (spare copies of Cymru'r Plant). There are also a few other items, including papers relating to (?) The Student and letters from the following: H. Tobit Evans, Carmarthen, 1901, [to D. Silvan Evans] (enclosing two booklets by writer's daughter and her friend, the dictionary), [W. A. Griffiths], Devonport, [19]06 (return of 'the old memorandum book, Richard Griffiths of Trederwen) (incomplete), J. D. Hughes, Rhosddu, Wrexham, [18]93 (enquiring regarding the report in Montgomeryshire Collections relating to the trial concerning the Llandysilio estate and the Jones claimant [see Mont. Coll., Vol. VIII (1875) p. 249-64]), M[orris] R[oberts], Rhosybol Vicarage, Rhosgoch, 1916 [to [the Reverend William (John) Morgan] 'Penfro' (contribution to Y Cyfaill [Eglwysig]), Thomas C. Smith, London, 1861, to the editor of The Builder (pamphlet on slate quarries), and ?W[illiam] T[homas], Park Glas, Carmarthen, undated (Testament Newydd 1641 etc.).