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Saunderson, Robert, 1780-1863
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Correspondence of 'Erfyl',

Letters to 'Erfyl', the correspondents including [John Blackwell, 'Alun'], ?1829 (references to the Royal Denbigh Eisteddfod of 1828, William Owen-Pughe, etc.); Jane Davies, Penmaen Dovey, 1851 (letters of her father, 'Gwallter Mechain'); [Robert Davies, 'Bardd Nantglyn'], 1818; Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), 1847-54 (Rhuddlan Eisteddfod, 1850, etc.); [John Jones, 'Ioan Tegid'], Christ Church, Oxford, 1840; [John Jones[ 'Myllin', 1820 (emigrants from Llanfyllin, Llangadfan, Hirnant, and Llangynog, to America, Wrexham Eisteddfod, 1820, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri' and 'Dafydd Ionawr'); John Owen ('Owan Alaw') [1855] (death of 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'); W[illiam] Owen-Pughe, 1834; W[illiam] Rowlands ('Gwilym Lleyn'); Robert Saunderson, Bala, 1830-48; Morris Williams ('Nicander'), Jesus College [Oxford], 1832-?34 (orthography of the Welsh Bible); and William Williams ('Gwilym Caledfryn'), 1824-5 (a bitter attack on David Saunders, Merthyr, etc.). NLW MS 9031 also contains letters to John Parry, Chester from W[illiam] E[dwards], Ysgeifiog, 1823, and Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), 1820, and from [Thomas Price, 'Carnhuanawc'] to Y Gwladgarwr (printed in the 1834 edition, pp. 19-20); and letters from 'Erfyl' to W[alter] D[avies] ('Gwallter Mechain'), 1818 and undated (Welsh proverbs, Welsh grammar), R[obert] D[avies] ('Bardd Nantglyn'), 1818 (Welsh poetry), [John Jones, 'Myllin', 1838], 'Ioan Tegid', 1831 (orthography of the Welsh Bible), R[ichard] P[arry, 'Gwalchmai'], 1850 and undated (references to Richard Llwyd ('Bard of Snowdon') and the Rhuddlan Eisteddfod of 1850), [Robert] S[aunderson, Bala], 1850 and undated, and others.

John Jenkins Letters

Letters and drafts of letters from John Jenkins to several correspondents including Walter Davies, Peter Roberts (Halkin), David Rowland (Carmarthen), Robert Saunderson (Bala), and Taliesin Williams (Taliesin Ab Iolo).


One of eight volumes consisting of several hundred letters, chiefly of the first half of the nineteenth century, written mainly to John Jenkins and his wife, to Walter Davies and his daughter Jane, and to John Vaughan (Penmaen Dyfi) and other members of his family, by numerous correspondents, including: Rice Rees, W. J. Rees (Cascob), William Rees (Llandovery), David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr), Hugh D. Richards (Caswallon Machno), T. Richards (Llangynyw), T. Richards (Berriew), John Roberts (Tremeircion), Peter Roberts (Halkin), Samuel Roberts (S.R.), W. J. Roberts (Gwilym Cowlyd), David Rowland (Carmarthen), David Rowlands (Chatham), David Rowland (Llanwnnog), Thomas Rowland (Newtown), William Rowlands (Gwilym Lleyn), Robert Saunderson (Bala), J. C. Severn, Anna Maria Shipley, Sir John Sinclair (Board of Agriculture), David Thomas (Dafydd Ddu Eryri), Edward Thomas (Tregarth), John Thomas (Pencerdd Gwalia), and Lewis Turnor.

Letters R-W (P. B. Williams)

One of six volumes consisting of several hundred letters ranging in date from the late eighteenth century to about the middle of the nineteenth, and addressed mainly to Walter Davies, with some to his daughter Jane, to John Jenkins, and to John Vaughan, from numerous correspondents connected with various aspects of Welsh life and including : -- William Rees (Llandovery), W. J. Rees (Cascob), Jonathan Reynolds, (Nathan Dyfed), David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr), David Richards (Dewi Silin), T. Richards (Llangyniew), Henry Roberts (Camberwell), Dr. Griffith Roberts (Dolgelley), John Roberts (Llanbrynmair), John Roberts (Tremeirchion), Samuel Roberts (S.R.), Thomas Roberts (Llwynrhudol), L. Rowlands (Guilsfield), William Rowlands (Gwilym Lleyn), David Samwell, Robert Saunderson, Sir John Sinclair, Thomas Vowler Short (bishop of St. Asaph), Thomas Stephens, Joseph Tarn, David Thomas (Dafydd Ddu Eryri), John Thomas (Llanfyllin), John Vaughan (Penmaen Dyfi), John Waiters (Llandough), John Watton (Shrewsbury), P. Buckley Williames, D. T. Williams (Tydfylyn), Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg), Griffith Williams (Gutyn Peris), John Williams (Plasybrain), John Williams (Llanrwst), John Williams (Ystradmeurig), Morris Williams (Nicander), Peter Williams (Llanbedrog), and Peter Bayley Williams.

Llythyrau llenorion, cyf. III,

Letters from David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), Llanystumdwy, Traeth Coch, Bettws St Garmon, Waunfawr, etc. to the following correspondents: John Roberts, [Siôn Lleyn], Pwllheli, 1791-1812 (7) ('Cyfrinach y Beirdd', criticism of an elegy by 'Siôn Lleyn', the unfriendly attacks of Siôn Wm Prichard, the work of Owen Jones ('Owain Myfyr'), etc.), David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen, Llanystumdwy, 1804-07, (3) ('Dosparth Morganwg - Speciments of Morganian Poetry', Dewi Wyn's elegy on Goronwy [Owen], Yr Eurgrawn), Richard Roberts, Harper at Cevn Mine near Pwllheli, 1804 (1) (writer's disagreement with some of the Gwyneddigion and other bardic matters), Thos. Edward[s], Cofiadur C[ymdeithas Y] G[wyneddigion], care of Mr. O. Jones, 148 Upper Thames Street, London, 1806 (1) (writer's disagreement with some of the Gwyneddigion), and one to an unnamed person, 1806 (an essay Dafydd Ddu has written on Welsh poesy); and miscellaneous letters as follows: J. Thomas [Siôn Wyn o Eifion'] to his uncle, J. Roberts [Sion Lleyn], Pen'rallt, Pwllheli, 1809 (his feelings on the subject of religion); D. Thomas, ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], Dolydd to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1821 (his inability to find the addressee's book and his intention to move to Llanrug); O. Williams ['Owain Gwyrfai'], Waunfawr to Ebanezer [sic] Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], Schoolmaster, Llanarmon, nr. Pwllheli, 1827 (2) (an invitation to Waunfawr to discuss matters concerning a school), a copy in the autograph of 'Eben Fardd' of a letter from Rob. Williams, Fron deg, to Js. Wyatt, Esq., Lime Grove, 1835 (recommending Eben Fardd as a writer and accountant if a vacancy occurs); Dafydd Llwyd, Llanystymdwy to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], Llangybi [18]23 (a vacancy at Llanystumdwy School); a note from Owen Williams, [Towyn] to his friends at Capel isaf Celynog [sic] (his 'Holwyddoreg am Grist a'r Pab'), 'Cybi Eifion' [i.e. Ebenezer Thomas], Llangybi to John Thomas, ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1822 (Seren Gomer); E. Thomas to John Thomas, 1826 (how he went to Abererch the previous day to be confirmed); H[umphrey] Gwalchmai, Oswestry to [Ebenezer] Thomas, 1843 (the addressee's parcel); Ebenezer Thomas, Clynnog to R. Saunderson, Printer, Bala, 1835 (the addressee's wish to see an original composition by Eben Fardd together with a translation) (holograph copy); memoranda concerning the grant by Arvon and Lleyn & Eifionydd Monthly Meetings to Eben Fardd's school, 1857-8; a letter from Y Graig Monthly Meeting, Caernarvonshire to [Eben Fardd], 1852 (hoping that he will not leave Clynnog for Portmadoc and promising £30 p.a. for at least five years); Samuel Jones and Richard Thomas, Tydweiliog to Ebenezer Thomas, Schoolmaster, Clynog, 1828 (2) (urging him to come to Tydweiliog to keep a school); Edmund Francis, Carnarvon to David Lloyd, Shoemaker, Llanystymdwy, 1829 (referring to the completion of the translation of the Commission and to the seventh number of a certain publication); R. Jones, Llanllyfni to E. Thomas, 1850 (returning a book - is glad the addressee's honest conduct at the Aberffraw eisteddfod is receiving so much public acknowledgement); Ieuan Prisiart, Ty Mawr, Bryncroes to John Roberts, Bardd, Pen y mount, Pwlleli, undated (concerning poetry and eisteddfodau); John Roberts, Llanbrynmair to John Thomas, ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1815 (his inability to come to the meeting at Pwllheli and the addressee's loss of such a friend as Mrs Nanney), John Jones, Talysarn to Ebeneser Thomas, Clunog, 1840 (the unsuccessful efforts of Robert Owain and the writer to urge the elders of the various churches in those parts to join to hold a school), and to John Jones, Ffactori, Clunog, 1841 (a preaching invitation); David Jones, Caernarfon and Treborth to E. Thomas, Clynnog, 1858 and 1862 (2) (the grant to the addressee's school and the addressee's letter of resignation), and to an unnamed correspondent, undated; and Ellis James, Vaynol to [E. Thomas], 1860 (the resolution of the Llanrug Monthly Meeting if E. Thomas feels it is his duty to move to Pwllheli). It appears that an item in the autograph of John Elias was at one time to be found between letters 20 and 21. Some of the letters have been published in Adgof Uwch Anghof.

Marwnad William Owen Pughe,

  • NLW MS 13059E.
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  • [1836] /

'Galarnad ar farwolaeth W. O. Pughe, Yswn., D.C.L., F.A.S.', being an elegy (206 lines) on the death of W[illiam] O[wen] Pughe [lexicographer, antiquary, and poet] by 'Ywain Cyfeiliog'. The present copy was folded and sent by post to R. Saunderson, junior, Bala, with the ? author's proper name 'Griffith W. Edwards, G. ab Gwilym Padarn, Llanrug near Carnarv[on]' inscribed under seal in the bottom right-hand corner of p. 4. This suggests that the poem was forwarded to be submitted for competition at an eisteddfod, and the note 'Barnwyd y Farwnad hon yn fuddugol yn Eisteddfod y Bala, 1836. . .' inserted subsequently between the title and text appears to confirm the suggestion.

Edwards, Griffith, 1812-1893


Miscellaneous papers of the Charles family, including an example of the autograph of Maria, wife of Thomas Rice Charles (son of Thomas Charles of Bala); a copy of a licence to John Davies, Fronheulog to print 2,300 copies of Thomas Charles's dictionary, 1818; letters to David Charles, Trefeca from David Charles, Carmarthen, 1833-1834, and from Lewis Edwards, Edinburgh, 1836; a copy of the marriage certificate of Thomas Charles and Celia Browning, 1835; a letter from David Charles to Robert Saunderson, Bala concerning Thomas Charles's dictionary, 1840; papers relating to the 'Charles Trust', 1858-1859; papers relating to the purchase of Leaden Hall, Aberdyfi by David Charles, 1874; papers relating to the ship Maglona of Aberdyfi, 1876; autobiographical notes and miscellanea by David Charles, 1833-1878, and press cuttings, including biographical material relating to him.


Photographic copies of a letter from Sarah Charles [wife of the Reverend Thomas Charles], Bala, to [? the Stringer family, Chester], 1805 (personal ); a letter from Robert Saunderson, Bala, to [John Walker, Bersham, near Wrexham], 1803 (the writer was now 'brought to Bala', they expected to commence printing in about a fortnight, the type had arrived from London, Mr. Charles wished the press to be called 'the Lord's Press', the writer's loss in not being able to understand the Welsh language); the will, 12 February 1790, of Jael Charles of the county borough of Carmarthen [mother of the Reverend Thomas Charles]; and the 'bishop's transcript' of the register of the parish of Llanddowror [co. Carmarthen] for the year ending March 1724/5.

Sarah Charles, Robert Saunderson and others.


Miscellaneous items including typewritten copies of two letters from Ro[ber]t Saunderson, Bala, to [ ], October 1814 (the illness and death of [the Reverend Thomas] Charles and the death of Mrs. [Sarah] Charles); a typewritten copy of a letter from [the officers of] the Sunday school of Pall Mall [Calvinistic Methodist Church], Liverpool, to the Reverend [Thomas] Charles, Bala, 1814 (an account of the Sunday school); holograph notes by Daniel Jones, Wrexham, on a sermon he had heard, May 1837; holograph notes by [ Peters, Caergwrle], relating to his financial transactions with his brother-in-law David Ellis of London, 1812-1816, and his efforts to deal with claims against David Ellis's estate after his death, circa 1826; holograph notes, 1876, by Edw[ard] Peters, son of the aforementioned [ ] Peters, also relating to David Ellis and mentioning his books including 'valuable Puritanical Books'; notes of a sermon preached by Foulk Evans, Machynlleth, May 1858; a postcard sent to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins, Denbigh, from Aberystwyth, October 1905 [depicting the scene at the enforced sale of some of the possessions of the Reverend D. Treborth Jones, minister of Salem Calvinistic Methodist Church, Aberystwyth, for non-payment of a rate due under the provisions of the Education Act of 1902], and endorsed by the sender 'First Passive Resistance Sale in Cardiganshire, Oct- 3rd 1905'; a typewritten copy of a report and proposals presented by 'Pwyllgor Llawysgrifau Trevecka' ('The Trevecka [College] Manuscripts Committee') [to the General Assembly of the Calvinistic Methodist Connection meeting in London, 1915], together with a copy [in the hand of the secretary, the Reverend Morgan Hugh Jones] of resolutions passed at a meeting of the committee held at Bootle, 27 May 1914; and a copy of the words and music of a song entitled 'Annie Lisle'.


A note-book containing sermon notes; transcripts of two letters from Rob[er]t Saunderson from Bala, to a friend, 1814 (an account of the last illness and death of the Reverend [Thomas] Charles, and of the death of his wife [Sarah] Charles); and other miscellanea.

Richards family memoranda and accounts, etc.

A composite volume comprising two notebooks originally used by the Reverend Thomas Richards (1754-1837) for personal and family memoranda and accounts (mainly 1821-37) of debts, wages paid to female servants, tithes, provisions, payments of interest and repayments of debts. It also includes accounts, 1816-24, between H. L. Eddes Gwynne and the Reverend Thomas Richards relating to Hirnant rents. The volume was subsequently used by Mary Richards, Darowen to record transcripts of letters, mainly between various members of the Richards family but including also letters from R. Sa[u]nderson, Bala to Thomas Richards, 1829 (Gwyliedydd postponed for a short time because of the illness of one of the writers), [ ], Merthyr Tydful to Elen Richards, 1855 (Cae Cobham and Pont Robert ab Oliver and local legends), G[riffith] Jones ('Glan Menai'), Aberayron to Miss R[ichards], 1867 ('Enwogion Sir Aberteifi', requesting information relating to addressee's father), John Evans, secretary of the Cymmrodorion or Metropolitan Institution to Miss Mair Richard[s], Darowen, 1821 (election of addressee as an honorary member), Alexander Ewing, bishop of Argyll and the Isles to T[homas] Richards, 1851 (enclosing an appeal), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), to D[avid] Richards, Llansilin, 1819 (enclosing letter (from T[homas] Richards], arrangements to meet, a meeting in the New Year arranged by [John] Jenkins ['Ifor Ceri'], reference to 'llyfyr Ffowlkes Owen'), David Jones to T[homas] Richards, 1787 (had been ordained a deacon and had read the services at Llanyw[ch]llyn), William Rowland[s] ('Gwilym Lleyn'), Machynlleth to the Misses Richards, 1862 (writer's health, enclosing papers relating to addressees' brother which he had found among the papers of an old Wesleyan minister) (original letter in Cwrtmawr MS 1044), Thomas G[?errard], Bristol to [T[homas] Richards], 1834 (enclosing blank certificate and receipt in connection with a Bristol charity for blind persons); a letter and advertisement relating to a meeting, 1796, of stipendary curates of certain deaneries in the diocese of St Asaph, to be held at Mold; a notice of two sermons to be preached at Llanfyllin, August 1819, in aid of the Church Missionary Society; a list of books: 'Fe ddygwyd y rhan fwya or llyfrau uchod, i.e. eu Lladrata a wnawd yn y Bala'; notes relating to the old vicarage at Darowen ('erected in 1545'); a short inventory of the estate of Griffith Jones, Llwyn Gwiling, parish of Llanymowddwy, deceased; a few recipes; etc.; poetry in strict and free metres by 'E.J.', D. Ll. James, Morgan Wynne Taleris (recte Taliaris), [William Williams] ('Gwilym ab Iorwerth'), Daniel Jones ('Dewi Fwynder') (Cilcen), ?J. E. Davies ('Ioan Erful'), William Edwards ['Gwilym Padarn'], Llanberis, Peter Jones ('Pedr Fardd'), Lewis William, (Darowen), [John Jones] ('Tegid'), Richard Pugh (Darowen), E[van] Evans ('[Ieuan] G[lan] Geirionydd'), Robert Jones ('Bardd Mawddach'), David Richard ('D[ewi] Silin'), J[ohn] A[thelstan] O[wen] ('Bardd Meirion'), [William Ellis Jones] ('Cawrdaf'), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), John Hughes (Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire), Edward Jones (Maes y Plwm), Thomas Jones ('o Ddinbych'), [Edward Williams] ('Iolo Morganwg') [David Richards] ('Dafydd Ionawr'), [David Thomas] ('Dafydd Ddu [Eryri]') and Dafydd Ellis ('Gof Llanymawddwy'), and anonymous poetry; the volume also contains details relating to 'plygain' and Christmas services at Llangadfan and Llanerfyl, c. 1865-8.

Transcripts of letters from the Reverend Thomas Charles and others,

Five note-books the contents of which consist mainly of transcripts of, or extracts from, miscellaneous correspondence, 1786-1815, including letters to Joseph Tarn [assistant secretary, British and Foreign Bible Society], London, from Christopher Anderson, Edinburgh, 1814, [the Reverend] Tho[ma] s Charles, Bala, ?1807-1814 (?43), Sarah Charles [wife of the Reverend Thomas Charles], Bala, ?1807-1813 (4, two being appendices to her husband's letters), Tho[ma]s R[ice] Charles [son of the Reverend Thomas Charles], Bala, 1815, John Davies, Aberystwyth and Bronhaulog, near Bala and Corwen, 1813-1815 (5), [the Reverend] Ja[me]s Griffith, Machynlleth, 1813, [the Reverend] Dan[ie]l Jones, Liverpool, 1814 [recte 1815], [the Reverend] S[imon] Lloyd, Bala, 1815 (2), Rob[er]t Saunderson, Bala, 1814-1815 (2), and [ ], Shrewsbury, 1812; letters from [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Charles from Bala, Barmouth, Dublin, Hawkstone, and London, to his son T[homas] R[ ice] Charles, Liverpool, 1807, Mrs. [Lydia] Foulks, Machynlleth, 1806-1814 ( 6), Miss Mary Foulks, Machynlleth, 1814, [the Reverend John Owen, joint secretary, British and Foreign Bible Society], 1809, his nephew J[oseph] Thomas, 1799, John Williams, Tremadoc, 1812, and [ ], 1812-1814 (2); and letters from D[avid] Charles, Carmarthen, to ? Joseph Tarn, 1812, John Davies, Bronhaulog, near Bala, to Messrs. Down, Thornton, and co., 1815, Sam[ue]l Davies, ?Llanarmon in Yale, to [ ], 1813, [the Reverend] John Elias, Llanfechell, to [ ], 1812, Samuel Mills, London, to [ ], 1815 , [the Reverend] Thomas Phillips, Neuaddlwyd, to Mr. Menzies, Carmarthen, 1812, and [ ], 1812 (2), Rob[er]t Price and others, Llanfyllin, to the Bible Society, 1812, [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Reader, Taunton, to [the Reverend] Thomas Charles, Bala, 1786, Rob[er]t Saunderson, Bala, to Evan Evans, London (? for Joseph Tarn), 1814, John Thomas, Lodge, near Llanidloes, to [ ], 1813, W. Williams, Carmarthen, to [ ], 1813, and [ ], Carmarthen, to ? James Black, 1812. Most of the letters relate to the activities of the British and Foreign Bible Society in connection with Wales.

Transcripts of letters to Joseph Tarn, etc.,

Six note-books containing transcripts of, or extracts from, one hundred and eighteen letters, 1804-1821 and undated, being mainly (from the actual addresses or by inference) letters to Joseph Tarn, assistant secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Other recipients include [Dr.] Geo[ rge] Gaskin [secretary of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge] ( 1), the Reverend [John] Owen [joint home secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society], Fulham (1), L. B. Seeley, bookseller, London (1), and the Welsh bishops and the bishop of Hereford (circular). The writers include [the Reverend] Christopher Anderson [Baptist minister], Edinburgh, A. Clarke [? the Reverend Adam Clarke, Wesleyan preacher], Gabriel Davies, Bala, John Davies, Vronhaulog, near Bala or Corwen, [the Reverend] W[ illiam] Dealtry [aft. archdeacon of Surrey], Hertford, [the Reverend] John Elias ['o Fôn'], from Wilderness Row [London], E[van] Evans, Shacklewell, [the Reverend] Timothy Evans [vicar of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys], Jos. Hughes, Ruthin, the Reverend David Johnston, Edinburgh (circular), the Reverend D[ avid] Jones, Holywell,. D. Jones, [? the Reverend David Jones, vicar of] Langan, John Jones, Bala, Owen Jones, Gelly, near Llanfair [Caereinion], [ the Reverend] Sam[ue]l Jones [of Kildimo, Limerick], from Holborn [London ], [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Jones [C.M. minister], Denbigh, Edmund Lloyd, Cefnfaes, Maentwrog, [the Reverend] S[imon] Lloyd [Methodist cleric], Bala, Richard Owen [Caernarvon], John Parry, Chester, [the Reverend] John Roberts, [vicar of] Tremeirchion, Rob[er]t Saunderson, Bala, L. B. Seeley, Fleet Street [London], [John Shore, 1st baron] Teignmouth [president of the British and Foreign Bible Society], Portman Square [London], John Thomas, Lodge, [ the Reverend] James Trego, Boughton, Chester, and John Walker, Chester. The letters deal mainly with the publication and distribution of Welsh Bibles and Testaments by the British and Foreign Bible Society, the activities of local branches of the Society set up in some of the counties of North Wales, and the collecting of contributions from these local branches for transmitting to the parent Society in London. Other topics referred to include a religious revival in the Bala area (No. 61 of 1818), elementary education in parts of Ireland (No. 64 of 1809) and Scotland (Nos. 65-8 of 1810-1811), a memoir of the Reverend Thomas Charles being prepared by the Reverend Thomas Jones of Denbigh (Nos. 84-5 of 1815), the Bible Society's intention of setting up a stereotype printing office in Russia (No. 88 of 1814), the publishing of Welsh versions of the Reverend Legh Richmond's tracts The Negro Servant and The Dairyman's Daughter, and of his tract relating to little Jane [i.e., The Young Cottager] (No. 95 of 1821), etc. Copies of, or extracts from, many of the above letters appear in D. E. Jenkins: The Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles . . .

Transcripts of miscellaneous letters,

Two note-books containing transcripts of, or extracts from, thirty-two miscellaneous letters, 1798-1814 and undated, including letters from R. Banister, Liverpool, to [John] Walker, Chester, 1798, and [ ], 1798- 1800 (2); [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Charles from Bala, Denbigh, and [Spa Fields, London], to Mary Stringer, Abbey Green, Chester, 1802-[1805] (3), [? the Stringer family, Chester, 1803], and John Walker, Chester, 1803-[1810] ( 4); Sarah Charles [wife of the Reverend Thomas Charles], Bala, to [Mary Stringer, Chester], 1803, and [? the Stringer family], 1805; Tho[ma]s Edwards, Liverpool, to James Prescot, Delamere, undated; [the Reverend] Ed[ war]d Griffin, Ipswich, to the Reverend Tho[ma]s Charles, Bala, 1809; [the Reverend] P[hilip] O[liver, Chester], to [John] Walker [? 1800] (3); [the Reverend] Robert Pugh, Weston, Hawkstone, to [Mrs. Richards, Chester], 1814, and [John Walker, Chester], 1814; Robert Saunderson, Bala, to [John] Walker, Bersham, near Wrexham, 1803; [the Reverend] W[alter] Shirley, [curate of] Orlingbury, to John Walker, Chester, 1800, and [ ], 1800; [Mary Stringer, Chester] to [the Reverend Thomas Charles, 1805]; and Jonathan Wilcoxon, Chester, to John Walker, Bersham, near Wrexham, ?1802- 1805 (8). The letters are largely personal in nature (news of the writer, his family, and acquaintances, religious reflections), but several refer to the churches [of the Philip Oliver connexion] in Chester and the vicinity. Other matters referred to include sermons preached by [the Reverend Thomas] Kelly at Bala, Corwen, and Llangollen [1810], and Mr. Kelly's religious views (No. 4), Robert Saunderson's move to Bala to set up [Thomas Charles's] printing press there in 1803 (No. 13), the death of the Reverend Thomas Charles and his wife in 1814 (No. 23), etc.

Tune book,

The tune-book, 1806, of David Richards ('Dewi Silin', 1783-1826), containing psalm-tunes and anthems by John Williams, Dolgellau (ff. 58-69) and others, accompanying words mostly in Welsh. Also included are notes on runic characters (p. 128), and pasted inside the covers are a printed announcement, 1814, of the second annual meeting of the Merionethshire Auxiliary Bible Society, and a printed note, 1822, from Robert Saunderson, Cambrian Printing Office, Bala, of a proposal to publish extracts from Y Gwyliedydd, under the title Cyfaill y Cymro.

'Dewi Silin'.