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David Davies Memorial Institute: Correspondence,

Correspondence relating to the depleted activities of the New Commonwealth Society following the death of Lord Davies in March 1944 and the decision in consequence to set up the David Davies Memorial Institute, and its development during its early years. The file includes an undated memorandum entitled 'The David Davies Memorial Institute of International Studies' and a printed copy of its constitution and its deed of covenant dated 28 September 1950.

New Commonwealth Society.

New Commonwealth Sympathisers,

Contains lists of individuals and institutions, c. 1938, presumably supporters of, or symathisers to, the New Commonwealth Society. The lists of individuals are accompanied by oontact addresses and references to press articles and letters published between in national newspapers between 1935 and 1937. The lists of institutions bear details of their headquarters, conferences, meetings, and prominent officials and members.

New Commonwealth Society.

Peace Movements and International Affairs,

Records relating to various peace movements. They include correspondence and papers, 1920-34, relating to the establishment of the League of Nations Union (Wales) and its development up to 1934; various memoranda and policy documents, minutes of various committees and sub-committees, papers concerning the organisation of conferences and meetings, monthly reports, and lists of local branches, their officials and their activities; correspondence, printed material (including some press cuttings), 1935-44, relating to the work and activities of the League of Nations Union (Wales), especially its council; correspondence and papers, 1917-49, concerning the New Europe Society, League of Free Nations, and the League of Nations Union; various papers, 1937-54, relating to the League of Nations Union and similar bodies and organisations, including the agenda and minutes of its Welsh National Council, and various committees and sub-committees, memoranda and reports, circulars and circular correspondence, and newsletters; documents, 1922-39, concerning the background to the establishment of the New Commonwealth, its administrative records, 1932-56, related papers and memoranda, 1929-56, extensive files of correspondence concerning its administration, activities, especially its expansion abroad, 1932-54; documents relating to early atomic energy initiatives, 1945-48; correspondence and papers, 1942-51, relating to the various campaigns to secure federalist solutions and a system of world government, New Commonwealth publications.

New Commonwealth Society.

Printed Items,

A wide range of leaflets, pamphlets etc., 1917-57, many of these concerning the activities of peace movements and peace initiatives. including some of the publications of the New Commonwealth Society. Some of the material reflects various aspects of Welsh life.

New Commonwealth Society.