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Letters of Griffith Jones, Llanddowror

A manuscript, now in two volumes, containing transcripts of letters, 1732-1738, from the Rev. Griffith Jones, Llanddowror, to Madam Bridget Bevan (cf. NLW MS 6137D), followed by a copy of one letter, 24 September 1734, from (Sir) John Phillips, London to Mr [Griffith] Jones. A note at the beginning subscribed 'Tho. Charles' [i.e. the Rev. Thomas Charles of Bala] reads 'The Letters of the Rev. Griffith Jones Rector of Llandowror, Caermarthenshire, to Mrs Beavan of Laugharne. - They were copied faithfully from a Mss Book in Mrs Beavan's keeping, in which she caused all the letters to be transcribed, & were presented to me by the Rev. Mr Evans, curate of the aforesaid parish of Llandowror.' [i.e. the Rev. Thomas Evans (d. 1807)]. This manuscript contains one or two notes, dates, etc., in the autograph of the Thomas Evans, e.g. ff. 47 verso-53, 161 (pencil numbering) (cf. NLW MS 6137D, p. 363). It has been freely marked in pencil, probably by the Rev. Edward Morgan, Syston, editor of Letters of the Rev. Griffith Jones ... to Mrs Bevan (London, 1832). The exact relationship between the two transcripts in the National Library of Wales and a third formerly in the Carmarthen Museum and now in the Carmarthenshire County Record Office, Carmarthen, has yet to be established.

Jones, Griffith, 1683-1761

Pregethau Griffith Jones.

'Trysor o Ddifinyddiaeth : sef pregethau ar amryw destynau o'r Testament Newydd wedi eu casglu ynghyd a'u hail sgrifennu mewn trefn allan o sgrifenenadau y parchedig ddiweddar Mr Griffith Jones yn chwech rhan... Y Rhan IV yn cynnwys y pregethau ar Actau yr Apostolion'. Copied in December 1761 (the year of Griffith Jones's death), see pp. 207, 510. 'Wedi ei ysgrifennu gan Evan [recte Thomas] Evans, Curad Llandowror a pheriglor Walton, Sir Benfro' (inside cover in a modern hand). Title page and contents (pp. vii-xi) in a different hand to the main text. This is the fourth volume in a series in which Cardiff MS 2.162 appears to be volume three.
The following dates occur: 1 December 1761 (p. 207), 3 November 1761 (p. 450), 7 December 1761 (p. 510).

Jones, Griffith, 1683-1761

Pregethau Griffith Jones, Llanddowror,

Sermons in Welsh by Griffith Jones, Llandowror (1683-1761), preached at Llanddowror, Newchurch, Llanllwch, Cenarth, etc., between 1711 and 1751. The volume is, at least partly, in the hand of the Rev. Thomas Evans, curate of Llanddowror. This appears to be the third volume in a series in which Cardiff MS 2.1103 is the fourth.
The following dates occur: 9 February 1762 (p. 586), 6 November 1761 (p. 821), 16 February 1762 (p. 940), 20 February 1762 (p. 1038), 24 March 1763 (p. 1066).

Jones, Griffith, 1683-1761

Pregethau Griffith Jones, Llanddowror, &c.

  • NLW MS 5920A
  • File
  • [18 cent.]-1829

Sermons, some possibly in the autograph of Griffith Jones, Llanddowror (1683-1761), and others in the autograph of Thomas Evans (d. 1807), curate of the same parish. Some of the sermons noted as having been preached at Llanddowror, Llangan and elsewhere at various dates between 1775 and 1829.

Jones, Griffith, 1683-1761


A volume of sermons, in Welsh, preached at Llanddowror and Llandeilo between 11 November 1753 and 22 October 1758. The sermons were probably preached by the Rev. Griffith Jones; parts of the volume are in the hand of the Rev. Thomas Evans, later curate of Llanddowror.

Jones, Griffith, 1683-1761

Transcripts of letters of Griffith Jones, Llanddowror, &c.

A transcript of a book into which Madam Bridget Bevan (1698-1779) caused letters which she received from Griffith Jones, Llanddowror (1683-1761) to be transcribed. There also exists another contemporary transcript largely in the same hand (NLW, Cwrtmawr MS 545B) and both are in general agreement from the first letter, dated 14 December 1732 (p. 1), to the first paragraph of the letter dated 12 August 1737, where the present transcript breaks off in the middle of a sentence (p. 362). The following three letters in Cwrtmawr MS 545 are omitted here and the transcript resumes with the letter of 16 September 1737, the manuscript from this point on being in the hand of Thomas Evans, curate of Llanddowror. The sequence ends with the letter of 4 March 1738 (pp. 409-410) but Thomas Evans has added an appendix of extracts of Griffith Jones's views on Methodists from letters written to Madam Bevan between 1738 and 1743 (pp. 412, 414-416). A letter, 15 October 1801 [recte 1901], from John Owen (1854-1926), bishop of St Davids, to an unknown recipient is pasted inside the back cover.

Jones, Griffith, 1683-1761

Trysor o Ddifinyddiaeth gan Griffith Jones, Llanddowror

One of six volumes containing transcripts of sermons by the Rev. Griffith Jones of Llanddowror (1683-1761) on the New Testament. This volume, the fifth, contains sermons on the Epistles of Paul to the Romans, Corinthians, Galatians and Ephesians. The manuscript is said to have been 'copied by the Rev. Evan Evans, curate of Llanddowror and incumbent of Walton, Pembrokeshire' (nineteenth-century note, p. iii), however the curate of Llanddowror at the time was Thomas Evans, in whose hand are written the title page and contents (pp. v-xii). The (unidentified) copyist of the main text finished transcribing the sermons on 8 January 1763 (p. 773). A list of the places where the Rev. Griffith Jones preached appears on p. 781.

Jones, Griffith, 1683-1761