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Medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions
Rhagolwg argraffu Gweld:

Barddoniaeth Gymraeg

  • NLW MS 16251B.
  • Ffeil
  • [1730x1790]

Cyfrol yn cynnwys barddoniaeth Gymraeg a chynghorion meddygol a ddangoswyd, yn ôl nodyn (f. 63 verso) gan John Jones (Jac Glanygors), i John Edwards (Siôn Ceiriog) yn Llundain, 11 Gorffennaf 1790. = A volume containing poetry in Welsh and medical recipes shown, according to a note (f. 63 verso) by John Jones (Jac Glanygors), to John Edwards (Siôn Ceiriog) in London, 11 July 1790.
Mae'r gyfrol yn cynnwys cywyddau ac englynion o'r 16 gan. hyd at 18 gan., gan gynnwys gweithiau Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan, 'Syr' Dafydd Owain, Siôn Tudur, Simwnt Fychan, Thomas Prys o Blas Iolyn, William Phylip, ac Ellis Rowland o Harlech (ff. 1-41), ac englynion Saesneg (f. 1 verso); ceir rysáit llawfeddygol ar f. 7, cynghorion meddygol rhwng ff. 41 verso a 63 verso, a nodyn, 28 Gorffennaf 1790, gan David Samwell (Dafydd Ddu Feddyg) ar f. 64; fe nodir rhai o'r cerddi a'r ryseitiau ar dudalen gynnwys (f. 66 verso). = The volume comprises 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' from 16 cent. to 18 cent., including the works of Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan, 'Syr' Dafydd Owain, Siôn Tudur, Simwnt Fychan, Thomas Prys of Plas Iolyn, William Phylip, and Ellis Rowland of Harlech (ff. 1-41), and English poetry written in the 'englyn' metre (f. 1 verso); a veterinary recipe is included on f. 7, medical recipes between ff. 41 verso and 63 verso, and a note, 28 July 1790, by David Samwell (Dafydd Ddu Feddyg) on f. 64; some of the poetic works and recipes are listed in a contents' page (f. 66 verso).

Llyfr cyfrifon a nodiadau,

  • NLW MS 16480A.
  • ffeil
  • 1846-1869 /

Llyfr cyfrifon a nodiadau, 1846-1869, yn cynnwys cofnodion amaethyddol ac ariannol gan Rees Jones, Cefnllwyn, Lledrod, sir Aberteifi, ffermwr. = Account and memorandum book, 1846-1869, containing agricultural entries and accounts by Rees Jones, Cefnllwyn, Lledrod, Cardiganshire, farmer.
Mae'r gyfrol hefyd yn cynnwys adysgrif o lythyr, 1854, gan ei chwaer Ann Jones, Columbus, Ohio, at ei theulu (ff. 74 verso-78), cofnodion degwm plwyf Lledrod, 1846 (ff. 88 verso-glud-ddalen yng nghefn y gyfrol), a chyfeiriadau at feddyginiaethau (ff. 32 verso-33, 71, 80 verso-81). = Also includes a transcript of a letter, 1854, from his sister Ann Jones, Columbus, Ohio, to her family (ff. 74 verso-78), tithe records for the parish of Lledrod, 1846 (ff. 88 verso-pastedown at the end of the volume), and references to medical remedies (ff. 32 verso-33, 71, 80 verso-81).

Jones, Rees, Cefnllwyn, Lledrod.


Miscellaneous papers, including numerous draft horoscopes compiled in response to individual requests (e.g. Margaret Davies, 'Cerigcadarn', Jane Jenkins, Gwenddwr, Elizabeth Jones, Devil's Bridge, etc.); a holograph letter to 'Mr. Harris' from J. Williams, The Court, Brecon, [18]63 (a request for a horoscope); medical prescriptions; a fragment of a Welsh carol; and a line-and-wash drawing of (or by?) John Lloyd Jones, Brecon College [afterwards minister successively of St. Davids and of Crwys and Pen-clawdd Congregational Churches] (endorsed 'Thos. Davies, Froodvale Academy, Carmarthenshire').


Extracts from English poetry, notes on a list of medical recipes, with a letter by R. D. Pane, Cardiff, 1907, and notes on Sir John Wynn of Gwydir.


A collection of poetry, aphorisms, notes, and medical recipes made by D. D. Evans.

David Daniel Evans.


A collection of cookery recipes with some medical prescriptions owned at one time by Catherine Nanney.

[Catherine Nanney] [?and others].

The charter of Chirk, etc.,

An incomplete Welsh translation by Richard Owen [? 1552] of Joannes Ludovicus Vives: De institutione faeminae Christiana; 'proffwydoliaeth sibli ddoeth'; a Welsh vocabulary - 'henwau arglwydd', etc.; pedigrees - mythological and biblical, Welsh princes, 'Bonedd y Saint', etc.; accounts for corn and straw, 1589; an incomplete copy of the Welsh version of the Earl of Arundel's charter to the inhabitants of Chirk and Chirkland, 1334; a fragment of a transcript of Brut y Brenhinedd; a letter by John Ley; directions concerning preachers by James I; the assize of arms and tables of precedence; medical recipes; and a fragment of an English play (published in Malone Soc. Collections, vol IX (1977) pp. 24-9) in which the sexton of St Denys Church is a character.
The first eight pages are fragmentary.

Richard Owen, John Ley, James I and others.

Recipes, etc.,

An imperfect volume containing medical, culinary, and household recipes, and miscellaneous literary items including extracts from [Edward] Bysshe: The Art of [English] Poetry [(London, 1702)], an incomplete transcript of [John] Dryden's poem 'Alexander's Feast or the Power of Musique', extracts from 'Sir Charles Grandison's Memoirs' [? Samuel Richardson: The History of Sir Charles Grandison . . . (1754)], extracts from [Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd earl of] Shaftesbury: Characteristicks [of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times (1711)], extracts from [William] Mason's poem ['Musaeus: A Monody to the Memory of Mr. Pope'], etc.


A large volume used as a diary for entries, 1839-1861, 'A Book of Diaries made by Joseph Jenkins of Blaenplwyf ...'. These are brief entries, with many unused pages, and do not cover a whole year. Inside the front covers are some medical and other recipes. On the last page genealogical details of his children's births are given.

Jenkins, Dan, 1856-1946

Ffrwd-fâl manuscripts,

(With 111B). Three composite volumes of William Davies (1805-59), Independent minister and schoolmaster, of Froodvale (Ffrwdfâl), Llansawel, etc. containing local pedigrees and pedigree material ('Genealogical Fragments', etc.); extracts from the parish registers of Cayo, 1698-1786, Llanycrwys, 1724-1845, Llansawel, 1764-87, and Talley, 1685-1808; a history of [congregational] meeting-houses at Crofftycyff and Ffaldybrenin, Esgerdawe and Esgerowen, and Crugybar; extracts from printed sources; a history of Crugybar [Congregational] Church, c. 1784; 'Hanes bywyd Mrs Mary Davies o'r Cwm Ann ymhlwyf Pencarreg Swydd Gaerfyrddyn'; lists of Llansawel, Cellan, Abergorlech and Llanycrwys schoolmasters; a list of Abergorlech dissenting ministers; holograph 'Letters from Timothy Davis, Evesham, 1850 (the family of the Rev Evan Davies, Billericay), and Evan Davies, Normal College [Brecon], undated (the admission of William Thomas to the College); a list of 'Clergy of Llanddewi Brefi for the last [i.e. 18th] Century'; notes of sermons preached by William Davies and others at a variety of places, such as Cayo, Esgerdawe, Cryg[ybar], Ffaldybrenin, Park[yrhos], etc., 1827-49 and undated; poetry by William Davies and others, 1836-48 and undated; 'A list of Preachers who were under my tuition at Ffrwdyfal'; 'State of [Carmarthenshire Parliamentary] Election Aug. 7 1837' in the districts of Llandilo, Llandovery, Llansawel, Carmarthen, St Clears, Llanelly and New Castle; numerous lists of books, e.g. 'Carm[arthen Academy] Library' books, and books used in Cheltenham Proprietary School; medical and household recipes; rules ('Rheolau Eglwysig') of Parcyrhos Church, 1841-2; 'Celwyddau &c Crugybar', being particulars of untruths spoken against William Davies, 1835-41 and undated; 'School account of Pupils', 1835-6; hymns by William Davies, 1835; a narrative and poem on 'The Cayonian Hoax neu Helfa'r Box Aur' by William Davies; Carmarthen [Academy] examination papers, 1848; memoranda relating to Rhydybont, Llanfair [Clydogau], Capelerw and Capel Isaac Congregational Churches, Llangeitho Calvinistic Methodist Church, etc.; memoranda of deaths, etc., in Llanwenog; transcripts from tombstones in the parish church of Llanllwni; etc. MS 111 was compiled during the period 1847-8 but parts of MSS 112-13 belong to an earlier period. Each volume is lettered, on the spine, 'Ffrwd-fâl MSS'.

Commonplace book of Thomas Griffiths, etc.

A commonplace book of Cellan, Cardiganshire provenance, containing sermon notes, household and weaving accounts, 1819-24, hymns, 'englynion', medical recipes, Welsh proverbs, etc. The volume was begun in 1791 by Thomas Griffiths, Tynycoed, Cellan.


A notebook partly in the hand of Mary Richards containing miscellaneous material e.g. Welsh and English verses, one series being by 'R[ichard] Richards Vicar Meifod', 1820; medical recipes; 'A List of Subscribers towards paying Rents for Rooms to keep a Charity School in the Parish of Berriew in 1819 -1820' (blank); and 'Enwau y rhai a fu yn ym weled a Theulu P. T. Richard Darowen pan ddaethant o Feifod i Lan Erful'.

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