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Folklore -- Wales.
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Alawon gwerin Cymru,

Two notebooks containing an essay, [20 cent, first ¼], by Philip Thomas on Welsh folk tunes. Included is an account of the custom of hunting the wren (ff. 53-4 verso).
A number of leaves have been inserted at the end of the second volume (ff. 49-58).

Philip Thomas.

Correspondence, etc.,

Miscellaneous letters, 1913-1934, mostly addressed to Philip Thomas, relating mainly to his involvement in local eisteddfodau and musical events. Included are letters and papers relating to Neath Harmonic Society, 1926 (ff. 34-36), and the 1933 Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Parliamentary Bill, 1931 (ff. 47-9); verses relating to the Mari Lwyd (f. 1); a printed programme of service for Central Church, Chicago, 1922 (ff. 11-13); Thomas's adjudication for the choral competition at the Swansea National Eisteddfod, 1926 (ff. 37-41); a printed leaflet for Haslemere Music Festival, 1934 (ff. 60-61); and the tune and words of a Welsh Christmas Carol (f. 53) and of a Welsh folk-song (ff. 64-66).

Cwrtmawr Manuscripts,

  • GB 0210 CWRTMSS
  • Fonds
  • 1543-1923 (accumulated [1871]-[1926])

Manuscript collections containing original and transcribed poetry and prose, 1543-[20th century]; religious works, 1611-1914; biographies, chronicles, archaeological and historical notes, works on travel, folklore, recipes, grammars, vocabularies and philological notes, 1673-1900; rent-rolls, parish registers, tithe account books, bidding books, minute books and registers of various societies, 1608-1863; pedigrees and genealogical notes, [17th century]-1871, commonplace books, [18th century]-1904, volumes of press-cuttings; manuscripts in the hand of J. H. Davies, including transcripts of and indexes to Welsh poetry, bibliographical notes, literary and legal extracts, pedigrees, biographical data and notes on place-names, 1891-1923; autograph letters from prominent Welsh literary figures, 1674-1921; autograph manuscripts of John Jones, Gellilyfdy, Dafydd Ellis of Criccieth, Eben Fardd (including diaries, 1836-1859), Peter Williams, D. Silvan Evans, Thomas Richards and Myrddin Fardd.

John Humphreys Davies.

D. R. Davies Collection of Drama Scrap Books,

  • GB 0210 DRDIES
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1982 (accumulated [c.1920]-1982) /

Scrapbooks containing press cuttings etc., 1900-1982, relating largely to Welsh drama, theatrical activities and popular entertainment in Wales and amongst Welsh communities in English cities, including material on dramatists of Wales, 1932-1953; drama in Wales, 1922-1982; Welsh actors, 1932-1946; theatre cuttings, 1931-1953; fairs, folklore and folk-dancing in Wales, 1936-1938; children's theatre, 1959-1967; Welsh National Theatre, 1900-1978; and information on theatre in Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, America, and other countries.

Davies, D. R., (of Aberdare), 1919-1978

Daniel Parry-Jones Papers,

  • GB 0210 DANES
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1975 /

Papers including autograph and typescript copies of published and unpublished works, 1948-1975; articles and talks, 1956-1973; untitled articles, 1930-1963; reviews of books written by him, 1948-1977; and correspondence mainly relating to his publications, 1946-1975. Also notes, newspaper cuttings and source material used by Daniel Parry-Jones for his books and articles on the following subjects: Wales and the Welsh Language, Agriculture and the Countryside, Dialect and Agricultural Terms, History and Legends of Monmouthshire, Children's Games, Food and Diet, and Church and Clergy.

Parry-Jones, Daniel, 1891-1981

E. M. R. Ditmas Papers,

  • GB 0210 EMRDIERS
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1980 /

Research papers of E. M. R. Ditmas, 1919-1980, including material on art history and on folklore, 1919-1980; bibliographical, topographical, personal and subject indexes on Arthurian and mediaeval studies; papers relating to the International Arthurian Society; typescript drafts of studies of the Tristan legend and Geoffrey of Monmouth, [1960s], and correspondence concerning their publication, 1960-1972.

Ditmas, Edith Margaret Robertson, b. 1896

Eight tales of Wales,

Typescript copies of eight short stories or tales entitled 'Gold for Gold ', 'The Hunchbacks of Lavan Sands', 'The Minstrel's Timely Return', 'The Origin of Bala Lake', 'Manleth of Cwm Brochan', 'The Parish Stocks', 'The Mystery Man of the Lost Land', and 'The Bell of Llanpennar'. Also a typescript copy of a letter from Llewelyn Jenkins ? from Liverpool, to [ ], [19]21, drawing recipient's attention to these stories which are said to be the work of the writer's friend and to be 'based on Welsh Traditions and History'. Three of the stories, more particularly 'The Minstrel's Timely Return', which is based upon an episode in the career of Sir John Owen of Clenennau, co. Caernarvon, during the Civil War, have a Welsh historical background, whilst the others partake more of the nature of Welsh traditional or folk tales.

Ffransis G. Payne Papers,

  • GB 0210 FFRYNE
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1990 /

Papers of Ffransis G. Payne, 1920-1990, including letters to (and copy letters from), 1924-1981, relating mainly to his study of Welsh folk history and in particular his research into the history of agriculture in Wales; letters to Ffransis Payne, 1938-1978, relating to his research into the history of the plough and agricultural implements; general correspondence, 1932-1989; and letters from Iorwerth Cyfeiliog Peate, 1927-1971. Also research notes and other miscellaneous material including articles, letters, photographs, illustrations, transcripts of poems, and printed items relating to the donor's study of early agriculture in Wales, Welsh folk culture, Radnorshire poets and their patrons, Welsh poetry, and pedigrees. There are also some papers of Mrs Helly Payne.

Payne, Ffransis George

Geiriau Groeg-Cymraeg,

'Geiriau Groeg-Cymraeg Chwanegol. Y Gyfrol Gyntaf a gynwysa 400 Geiriau Groeg Cymraeg Wedi eu Taflenu'n Gyfochrog yn Nghyd a Sylwadau ar Olion Ffug chwedlau Groeg yn Ofergoelion Cymru. Dilynwyd yr un Cynllun yn y Casgliad yma drwy daflenu y geiriau yn Gyfochrol gyda Nodiadau. Cynwysa'r Casgliad yma 400 Geiriau Cyfochrol Chwanegol . . .', being a glossary of approximately four hundred Greek words compiled by T. Eurwedd Williams, with notes in Welsh purporting to equate them with alleged Welsh cognates. The present volume appears to be a sequel to NLW MS 10680C compiled by the same author.

T. Eurwedd Williams.

J. R. Hughes Papers and Deeds,

  • GB 0210 JRHUGHES
  • Fonds
  • 1727-1961 (accumulted [1906x1961]) /

Manuscripts and documents collected by and created by John Roberts Hughes, 1727-1961, including, papers relating to the Quakers, including transcribed extracts from records, collected volumes and items of Quaker interest, and notes on the Quakers by J. R. Hughes; various papers collected and written by J. R. Hughes relating to folk-lore and local histories; notes for addresses and lectures; papers and documents created by others, acquired or purchased by J. R. Hughes; deeds relating mainly to Glamorgan and Monmouthshire, and other miscellaneous deeds; together with personal memoranda by J. R. Hughes and family papers.

Hughes, J. R. (John Roberts), 1886-1962.

Lady Guest's Mabinogion

  • NLW MS 4963E
  • File
  • [19 cent., second ¼]

Material relating to the production of Lady Charlotte Guest's English translation of the 'Mabinogion' (London, 1838-49), including facsimiles, a letter from Joseph Fisher, engraver, to Guest, 1838, a modernized (Welsh) version of the tales of 'Branwen ferch Llŷr' and 'Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed', possibly made by John Jones ('Tegid'), original sketches, proofs of illustrations, etc.

Guest, Charlotte, Lady, 1812-1895

Llên Gwerin Cymru

'Casgliad Cyflawn o Lên Gwerin Cymru wedi eu cynull o Lyfrau Argraphedig Cymraeg (gan eithrio Y Mabinogion) hyd ymddangosiad Y Brython', written for the National Eisteddfod of Wales held at Liverpool, 1900.

Llen-gwerin Cymru

  • NLW MS 13957C.
  • File
  • [1900x1940]

A draft, with numerous emendations, of an essay in Welsh on Welsh folklore.

Llyfr newydd cyfochraeth,

'Llyfr Newydd Cyfochraeth ... Enwau, Ymadroddion, Traddodiad, Chwedloniaeth, a Llên, Groeg-Cymraeg, wedi eu Taflennu'n Gyfochrol, a'u hegluro ag enghreifftiau o'r clasuron. Y Gyferbyniaeth yn ol Arddull Deheubarth Cymru. Gan Gerwyn Wyn', being a glossary, with index, purporting to trace from Greek the derivation of Welsh (especially Carmarthenshire) common, personal, and place names. The volume was submitted for competition at the National Eisteddfod held at Caernarvon, 1935.

T. Eurwedd Williams.

Mary Williams Papers,

  • GB 0210 MARAMS
  • Fonds
  • 1862-1974 (accumulated [1890]-1977) /

Papers, lecture and research notes of and acquired by Mary Williams, relating to Middle French, Middle Welsh and medieval literature and Arthurian studies, 1907-1963; books collected by Mary Williams, 1897-1911; letters to Prof. Victor Spiers, 1898-1916; vouchers and receipts, 1924-1973; newspaper cuttings, 1911-1940; school books 1909-1916; papers relating to University College Swansea, 1921-1975, University of Wales Aberystwyth, 1924-1974, University of Durham, 1948-1952, and National Library of Wales, 1941-1974; correspondence, 1927-1976; and family papers, 1898-1944.

Williams, Mary, 1882-1977.

Peredur, Bown o Hamtwn, Mabinogi

The Romances of Peredur (pp. 1-58) and Bown of Hampton (pp. 59-174), together with the Mabinogi (pp. 175-265), transcribed at the end of the sixteenth century. The text is a direct copy of Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch (Peniarth MSS 4-5).

Papurau Gwenith Gwyn,

  • GB 0210 GWENITH
  • fonds
  • 1750-1947 (crynhowyd [diwedd y 19eg ganrif]-1947) /

Papurau o eiddo, ac yn ymwneud â William Rhys Jones ('Gwenith Gwyn'), 1750-1947, y cyfan bron yn ei law ei hun, yn cynnwys: nodiadau ar hanes lleol yng Nghymru, enwau lleoedd, llên gwerin, a hynafiaethau (yn cynnwys cryn deunydd, ar ffurf nodiadau, traethodau, anerchiadau, adysgrifiadau, a thorion o'r wasg, ar gymeriadau, traddodiadau, a chymdeithasau hanesyddol, llenyddol a diwydiannol Dyffryn Ceiriog, Morgannwg, Maldwyn, Ceredigion ac Arfon); deunydd crefyddol (pregethau a nodiadau pregethau, traethodau ac anerchiadau ar yr Eglwys Gristnogol ac ar wahanol agweddau ar ei gweinidogaeth; papurau'n delio ag enwad y Bedyddwyr yng Nghymru, yn enwedig ym Morgannwg; nodiadau ar destunau Beiblaidd; nodiadau, anerchiadau coffa, a deunydd bywgraffiadol ar amrywiol gymeriadau crefyddol, Cymry yn bennaf; a geiriadur o dermau Beiblaidd a ddefnyddiwyd yng nghapeli Anghydffurfiol Cymru); cyfansoddiadau llenyddol (yn cynnwys barddoniaeth, storiâu byrion, nofelau, a dramâu, mewn drafft ac yn orffenedig; a darlithoedd, nodiadau a thraethodau ar bynciau llenyddol, hanesyddol, gwleidyddol, a chymdeithasegol); nodiadau ar anthropoleg, ethnoleg, pensaernïaeth a daeareg, yn cynnwys geiriadur Cymraeg-Saesneg o dermau daearegol; y diwydiant llechi yng Nghymru; deunydd ar ramadeg a statws gwleidyddol yr iaith Gymraeg; nodiadau ar wahanol ieithoedd estron a thafodieithoedd, yn cynnwys iaith y Beibl; deunydd bywgraffyddol yn ymwneud â Gwenith Gwyn a'i wraig, 1885-1937; catalog o lyfrau yn ei lyfrgell; torion o'r wasg,1922-1928; a llyfrau lloffion, yn ogystal ag erthygl papur newydd amdano gan y Parch. W. J. Rhys, Abertawe,1947); ei gopïau o weithiau printiedig, 1750-[20fed ganrif]; a deunydd, printiedig neu fel arall, a ysgrifennwyd gan bobl heblaw Gwenith Gwyn = Papers of and relating to William Rhys Jones ('Gwenith Gwyn'), 1750-1947, nearly all of which are in his own hand, comprising: notes on Welsh local history, place-names, folk culture, and antiquities (including considerable material, in the form of notes, essays, addresses, transcripts, and press cuttings, on the personalities, traditions, and historical, literary and industrial associations of Dyffryn Ceiriog, Glamorgan, Maldwyn, Ceredigion and Arfon); religious material (sermons and sermon notes, essays and addresses on the Christian Church and on various aspects of its ministry; papers dealing with the Baptist denomination in Wales, particularly in Glamorgan; notes on Biblical texts; notes, in memoriam addresses, and biographical material on various religious personalities, mainly Welsh; and a dictionary of Biblical terms used in Nonconformist chapels in Wales); literary compositions (comprising poetry, short stories, novels, and plays, in both draft and final form; and lectures, notes, and essays on literary, historical, political, and sociological topics); notes on anthropology, ethnology, architecture and geology, including an English-Welsh dictionary of geological terms; the Welsh quarrying industry; material on the grammar and political status of the Welsh language; notes on various foreign languages and dialects, including Biblical tongues; biographical material relating to both Gwenith Gwyn and his wife (including bills and receipts; diaries for 1923, 1936, and 1937; letters received, 1885-1937; a catalogue of books in his library; press cuttings, 1922-1928; and scrap-books, as well as a newspaper article about him by Rev. W. J. Rhys, Swansea, 1947); his copies of printed works, 1750-[20th cent.]; and material, printed or otherwise, written by persons other than Gwenith Gwyn.

Casgliad bychan o bapurau ychwanegol gan gynnwys llyfrau nodiadau. Nid yw'r rhain wedi eu catalogio eto.

Jones, William Rhys, 1868-1937

Ar gof a chadw 1964-2013,

  • NLW ex 2848.
  • file
  • 2013.

Cofnod o gyfarfod i ddathlu cyfraniadau Roy Saer a Robin Gwyndaf i fyd traddodiadau gwerin rhwng 1964 a 2013, a luniwyd gan Robin Gwyndaf, Amgueddfa Werin Cymru, 2 Tachwedd 2013, mewn teipysgrif.

Gwyndaf, Robin

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