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Rhys, John, Sir, 1840-1915
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Miscellanea of Thomas Darlington

  • NLW MS 1058C
  • Ffeil
  • [19 cent.]

Miscellaneous papers of Thomas Darlington, one of his Majesty's Inspectors of Schools in Wales, including essays and articles, drafts of speeches and addresses, letters from Ellis Edwards, Tom Ellis, Beriah Gwynfe Evans, D. Silvan Evans, David Howell (Llawdden), J. Puleston Jones, Sir John Rhys, A. Neobard Palmer, and Hugh Williams, and press cuttings.

Darlington, Thomas, 1864-1908

Letters from F. W. P. Jago

  • NLW MS 12859B.
  • Ffeil
  • 1896-1899

Seven holograph letters and one Christmas card, 1896-1899 and undated, from Fred[erick] W[illiam] P[earce] Jago [Cornish scholar] from Plymouth, to (as per address or by inference) H[enry] T[obit] Evans at Lampeter and Carmarthen. The letters relate largely to a mutual interest in the Cornish language. Specific points referred to include the address of a Truro bookseller who could provide recipient with books on Cornish, the writer's friendship with [the Reverend John] Bannister, variant forms of the writer's name, the death of the Cornish language owing to the pressure of English, the lack of a printed literature, etc., the survival of Cornish dialect in West Cornwall, the writer's published glossary of the Cornish dialect [The Ancient Language and the Dialect of Cornwall with an enlarged Glossary . . . (Truro, 1882)] and his English - Cornish Dictionary . . [(London, 1887)], unpublished manuscript copies of second editions of these two works which the author had offered to sell to the Royal Institute of Cornwall, the possibility that Professor [John] Rhys [of Oxford University] would assist with publication, the state of the Welsh language and the danger to it from English pressure on the eastern border and 'Forster's law of education', the need for 'at least bilingual teaching in the Welsh schools and the employment of native teachers', the lack of information relating to the use of Cornish in church services, the last sermon preached in Cornish, recipient's visit to Cornwall and newspaper articles by him describing the visit, the Breton and Manx languages, the [South African] war, and recipient's newspaper work.

Jago, Frederick William Pearce, b. 1817.

O.M. Edwards: letters to his wife Ellen Edwards

The series comprises personal letters written from Oxford, Cardiff, London and other places discussing his career and professional activities, as well as illuminating the complex relationship, full of tensions and problems, between husband and wife. The letters also refer to many members of the family and to a host of prominent contemporary figures, amongst them Sir Edward Anwyl, Thomas Edward Ellis, Sir John Morris-Jones, Sir John Rhys and Daniel Lleufer Thomas. There are many references to Llanuwchllyn and Penllyn more generally and to O. M. Edwards's wide-ranging services to Wales, including his editorship of a number of journals and his work as Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales after 1907.

Edwards, Elin, Lady, 1868-1919

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from Alfred T. Davies (3), Bishop A. G. Edwards, J. Gwenogvryn Evans, Alfred Perceval Graves, Henry Haydn Jones (2), J. Herbert Lewis, John Edward Lloyd, Henry G. Maurice (2), T. E. Nicholas, Y Glais, Sir John Rhys, T. F. Roberts, John Rowland (2), T. J. Thomas ('Sarnicol'), and Rev. John Williams, Brynsiencyn.

Davies, Alfred T


Letters sent by and to a number of correspondents, most of them not members of the Phillimore family.

Phillimore, John George, 1808-1865.

Cofiant Hwfa Môn

Letters, 1905-1907, relating to the preparation of Cofiant Hwfa Môn. The correspondents include John Davies, Llangrannog, J[ohn] C[advan] Davies ('Cadfan'), D[avid] Evans, Caerfyrddin, E[van] Vincent Evans, T[homas] Evans, Amlwch, W[illiam] Justin Evans, London, D. Griffith, Llandudno, Thomas Griffiths & Co., Manchester, J[ohn] T[homas] Job, Carneddi, H[owell] Elvet Lewis ['Elfed'], London, Thomas Nicholson, London, W. J. Parry, Evan Rees ('Dyfed'), Henry Rees, Valley, [Sir] John Rhys, Oxford, Gwylfa Roberts, Llanelli, T[homas] Roberts, Mold, T[homas] H[enry] Thomas ['Arlunydd Penygarn'], Cardiff, William Thomas, Caerau, R[obert] Peris Williams, Wrexham and W[illiam] Williams, Tanybwlch.

Letters R-S,

The fourth of seven volumes of about six hundred letters mainly addressed to Thomas Gee and relating to a variety of subjects particularly in the fields of education, temperance reform, religious movements, and political questions. -- The principal correspondents are W. Rathbone, 1883-8; William Rees ('Gwilym Hiraethog'), 1866; Andrew Reid, 1890; Stuart Rendel, afterwards Baron Rendel, 1884-94; John Rhys, 1887; Henry Richard, 1865-86; Evan M. Richards, 1869-74; John Roberts, Liverpool and Abergele, 1869-72; J. Bryn Roberts, 1885; J. Herbert Roberts, 1891-8; H. Sandwith, 1865-77; A. Simner, 1883-9; and Thomas Stephens, Merthyr, 1887.


Letters addressed to J. C. Davies by William Archer, 3rd Earl Amherst; Hugh, 4th Earl Amherst, 1915; Henry Campbell [Bruce], 2nd Baron Aberdare, 1909; Fred[erick] G[eorge] D[enham] Bedford, Perth, Australia, 1903; J[ohn] Bowen, rector of St Lawrence, Wolf's Castle, 1911; Mary Brook, Huddersfield, 1911; the 'Brand' Committee of the Folklore Society, 1911; Charlotte S. Burn, Kensington, 1911; J[ames] Lewis Davies, Cardigan, 1926; Nicholas Llewelyn-Davies, London, 1926; [Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis,] Lord Howard de Walden, 1920; Sir James [Hamlyn Williams-]Drummond, 1912; J[ohn] Gwenogvryn Evans, 1909; Mary E[leanor Geraldine Lilla] Davies-Evans, Highmead, 1913; John E[rnest] Greaves, Criccieth; John Griffith, vicar of Llangwm, Usk, 1930; H[enry] P[eter] Hansell, Balmoral Castle, 1910; B[etha] Hills-Johnes, Dolaucothi, 1892; Elizabeth Inglis-Jones, 1927; [Mrs] R. B. Jones, Fforest Legionis, 1909; Sir John [Dillwyn-]Llewelyn, Penllergaer, 1915; Alice Ogilvie, 1898; Sir A[lexander] C[ampbell] Onslow, Perth, Australia, 1900; W[illiam] P[ierce] Owen, Aberystwyth, 1912; Lady Eva Lisburne [Eva Vaughan], 1892-1922; Carine Parker, London, 1913; Mervyn Peel, Danyrallt, 1909; Sir Edward [John Webley-Parry] Pryse, Gogerddan, 1912; The Keeper of the Privy Purse at Sandringham [Sir Dighton MacNaghten Probyn], 1909; [Sir] John Rhys, 1908-1909; Charles Owen Leaver Riley, Bishop of Perth, 1890; Waite H[ockin] Stirling, Bishop of the Falkland Islands, 1886; D[avid] W[alter] Thomas, vicar of St Ann's, Bangor, 1888; Constance Webley Tyler, Boncath, 1905; Enid Vaughan; R. S. Williams, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 1915; and John A[lbert] A[lexander] Williams ['Brochmael'].


Miscellaneous correspondence, mainly addressed to Charles E. Breese, by the Kellow Rock Drill Syndicate, Ltd., Croesor, 1909, A. B. Kempe, 1917, John Edward Lloyd, 1911. W. H. More, 1922, D. C. Lloyd Owen, 1922-1923; D. Rhys Phillips, 1912, John Rhys, Llanberis, 1879, Edward Roberts, Caernarvon, 1903, Sidney Robinson, 1912, W. H. Seager, 1922, Stanley Smith, 1920, Ronald Temple, 1921, D. R. Thomas, 1914, David Thomas, 1927, Thomas Walters, 1911, Maurice Williams, 1911, John Williams, Llanfair P. G., 1913, Sir Osmond Williams, 1922, W. W. E. Wynne, 1872-1879, and W. R. M. Wynne, 1900.


Autograph letters, mainly relating to English and Welsh literature and scholarship, the correspondents including John Blackwell ('Alun'), Henry Bradshaw, Lady Eleanor Butler, Sir John Hanmer, A. Hayward, W. Walsham How, Arthur James Johnes, John Jones ('Idrisyn'), W. Basil Jones, R. Harries Jones, Benjamin Hall Kennedy, Max Muller, Alfred Ollivant, Sir John Rhys, Thomas Rowland (author of A Grammar of the Welsh Language), A. H. Sayce, T. Vowler Short, Connop Thirlwall, T. F. Tout and Albert Way; with a number of 'cut-out' autographs.

Notes on Welsh grammar,

Notes on Welsh grammar, idioms, loan words and dialect words, the teaching of Welsh in schools, etc. by David Samuel, D. Tecwyn Evans, Sir John Morris-Jones, T. Gwynn Jones, Sir John Rhys, etc.

David Samuel and others.


Letters, mainly to Edward Anwyl, the correspondents including J. Mortimer Angus, Sir John Ballinger, Vernon Bartlett (Oxford), Sir Joseph A. Bradney, Charles E. Breese, W. N. Bruce, O. H. Fynes-Clinton, John Daniel ('Rhabanian'), Thomas Darlington, C. Dauncey, D. H. Davies (Cenarth), R. Isgarn Davies, E. S. Dodgson, Sir Owen M. Edwards, Thomas Charles Edwards, Thomas Edward Ellis, Sir E. Vincent Evans, J. Gwenogvryn Evans, John Young Evans, Samuel J. Evans, A. M. Fairbairn, John Fisher, W. Foy (Cologne), Alfred Perceval Graves, John Griffith (Llangynwyd), W. B. Halhed (Llanrwst), James Hastings (editor of the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics), C.H. Herford, N. Marais-Hoogenhout, Paul Hook, Ivor B. John, Sir John Morris-Jones, L. D. Jones ('Llew Tegid'), M. H. Jones, T. O. Neill Lane, Edward Laws, Philip H. Lawson, Sir John Herbert Lewis, Charles Lloyd (Maesycrugiau), R. Luyten (Haarlem), Jean Marx (Paris), A. Meillet (Paris), Kuno Meyer, A. W. Moore (Douglas, I.O.M.), Eluned Morgan (Patagonia), Sir James M. Murray (Oxford), E. W. B. Nicholson, Henry Owen (Poyston), A. C. Humphreys-Owen, Owen Owen (Chief Inspector, Central Welsh Board), Sir T. Isambard Owen, Julius Pokorny, Stuart (1st baron) Rendel, Sir John Rhys, T. Francis Roberts, Sir Walter Runciman, K. G. Schilling (Giessen, Germany), E. A. Sonnenschein, John E. Southall, Lord Stanley of Alderley, Ludwig Christian Stern, John Strachan, Sir Daniel Lleufer Thomas, A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl'), J. Vendryes, Sir Paul Vinogradoff, Alfred T. Warren, Stanley J. Weyman, Hugh Williams (Bala), and Sir Thomas Marchant Williams.

Letters: Ramsay-Rudler,

The correspondents include: Dyfed (3), 1914-1921, Harry Rees, Lampeter,(4), 1913-1918, T. Mardy Rees, 1907, Sir Harry R. Reichel (6), 1921-1924, Ernest Rhys (9), 1900-1926, E. Prosser Rhys, 1923, Sir John Rhys (17), 1891-1909, Dr Thomas Richards, Maesteg (5), 1911-1924, John Rowland/Rowlands, 1907, and W. Bowen Rowlands MP, 1892.

Dyfed, 1850-1923


One of four volumes containing a collection of nearly two hundred letters addressed to Thomas Powel. They relate to matter of Welsh education, bibliography, philology and Celtic subjects. The principal correspondents are E[benezer] J[osiah] Newell, Neath, 1890; Alfred [Trubner] Nutt, 1884-1885; Sir Hugh Owen, 1880; Isambard Owen, 1882; John Owen, dean of St Asaph (afterwards bishop of St David's), 1892; Sarah Jane Rees ('Cranogwen'), 1891; Henry Richard, MP, 1880-1881; [Sir] John Rhys, 1881-1883; Llywarch Reynolds, 1881-1902; T[homas] F[rancis] Roberts, Tywyn, 1885; Leslie Stephen, 1883; Margaret E. Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil, 1884; Whitley Stokes, 1883; John Strachan, 1906; and Henry Sweet, Christiania, 1883.


Letters, 1879-1920, to David Samuel from Sir Edward Anwyl, J[ames] F[ranklin] Bethune-Baker, D[avid] H[enry] Davies (Cenarth), Sir Owen M[organ] Edwards, Thomas Edwards ('Gwynedd'), D[avid] Tecwyn Evans, Gruffydd Evans (Newcastle Emlyn), John Young Evans, S[amuel] J[ames] Evans (Llangefni), C[harles] L[ett] Feltoe, E[dmund] Tyrrell-Green, [James] Rendel Harris, David Howell ('Llawdden'), J[ames] Spinther James ('Spinther'), Edward Jenkins (Llandrindod Wells), Evan Jones (Caernarvon), Gwilym Hywel Jones, J[ohn] Cynddylan Jones, John Morgan Jones (Cardiff), Sir John Morris-Jones, T[homas] Gwynn Jones, T. Wolseley Lewis, Thomas Lloyd (Liverpool), William Morgan (Pant, Dowlais), Sir Hugh Owen, O[wen] G[riffith] Owen ('Alafon'), E. Wynne Parry (Bala), T[homas] Mordaf Pierce, Thomas Powel, Evan Rees ('Dyfed'), Sir John Rhys, Eleazar Roberts, L[ewis] J[ones] Roberts, Robert Arthur Williams ('Berw'), W[illiam] Gilbert Williams, etc.

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from J. H. Davies, Cwrt-mawr, J. Gwenogvryn Evans (2), H. Tobit Evans (2), John M. Howell, Aberaeron, John Gwili Jenkins ('Gwili'), Thomas A. Levi, Aberystwyth (2), H. R. Reichel, Sir John Rhys, R. D. Rowland ('Anthropos'), and D. Lleufer Thomas.

Davies, J. H. (John Humphreys), 1871-1926


Letters addressed to David Lewis, mainly on matters relating to Welsh music, 'eisteddfodau' and the bibliography and biography of music. The correspondents are B[enjamin] Rees, St Dogmaels, 1901-1905, Christopher Rees, Treforest, 1887, J[onathan] Machreth Rees, London, 1900-1901, W[illiam] T[homas] Rees ('Alaw Ddu'), Pontypridd, Newport, and Llanelli, 1866-1872, [Sir] John Rhys, 1883, J[ohn] Prydderch Williams ('Rhydderch o Fôn'), 1866-1867, W[illiam] L[ewis][Jones] Richards, Penstrowed, 1897, David Roberts ('Dewi Mawrth'), 1894, Edward Roberts, Pontypridd, 1872-1874, Ellis Roberts, Llangwm ['Elis Wyn o Wyrfai'], 1893-1898, G. Roberts, Mallwyd, 1887, John H[enry] Roberts, Mus. Bac., Liverpool ['Pencerdd Gwynedd'], 1906, John Roberts, Rhostryfan, 1893, John Roberts ('Ieuan Gwyllt'), 1851-1870, W. H. Roberts, Seacombe and Bromborough, 1876-1887, William Roberts ('Nefydd'), 1852, and Edward Rowland ('Eos Maelor'), 1873.


Letters, 1854-1890, addressed to Lady Ramsay by James V. Vincent, Bangor, 1872; John Rhys, Rhyl, 1872; J. W. Vivian, Treffos, 1872; Ch. Williams, 1872; Edward Hull, Dublin, 1888; Warrington Smyth, 1889; R. F. Williams, Capetown, 1889; Ralph Ch. Williams, Pretoria, 1889; William Preston, Beaumaris, 1890; and by members of the Ramsay family.

Letters, &c.,

Seventeen holograph letters addressed to Mrs. (aft. Lady) [Mary Louisa] Ramsay. The writers include A[lfred] G[eorge Edwards], bishop of St. Asaph, 1893-1900 (Boswell Smith's letters, the recipient's leaflet, with comments on its revision and its translation into Welsh), James Geikie, Jedburgh, 1874 (the recipient's paper on the Upper Rhine Valley, the writer's visit to 'the country of Dandie Dinmont', - the head of the Rule Water), W[illiam] Basil [Tickell Jones], bishop of St. Davids, 1893 (Boswell Smith's letters, comments on the Welsh Suspensory Bill and on a meeting of Nonconformists at Amlwch), M[ary] E. Lyell [from London], 1861 (comments on Mrs. [S. M.] Hall's letter) (see NLW MS 11588D) J[ohn] Owen, St. David's College, Lampeter [aft. bishop of St. Davids], [18]95 (the recipient's letter, an attack on Anglesey clergy by the Reverend Daniel Rowlands of the Normal College, Bangor, the remark about Mr. Lloyd George's 'mendacious audacity', the recipient's comments on the Welsh clergy of sixty or seventy years ago), J[ohn] Rhys (loan Rhys), Rhosybol, Jes[us] Col[lege], Oxford, etc., 1865-1871 (thanks for offer to show the writer's papers to friends, etymology, the writer's candidature for an exhibition at Jesus College, Oxford, and his subsequent petitions to the City Companies for exhibitions, the writer's Celtic studies, comments on Scottish Lowland names, the writer's acquaintances in Oxford, the writer's choice of a profession), Lucy Tait, Lambeth Palace, on behalf of [Archibald Campbell Tait], archbishop of Canterbury, 1895 (a request by the Church Literature Committee for permission to print part of the recipient's letter to The Times), Charles Williams [Principal of Jesus College], Oxford, [18]72 (the Marquis of Bute’ s secession to the Roman Catholic faith, references to Miss De Bunsen and Miss Johnes and to the coming-of-age festivities of Mr. Herbert, grandson of Lady Llanover [aft. 1st baron Treowen], the beauties of Oban, the price of coals), W[illiam] Wynn Williams, Menaifron, Caernarvon, 1862 (the writer's visit to Cefn cave, the Madocian discovery of America, news of the family and of friends, an execution at Beaumaris, Caernarvonshire assizes) (with an enclosure entitled 'Welsh Indians' transcribed by the writer from the Cambrian Register, 1795, pp. 377-80); together with verses entitled 'Glynirvon, a lifelong memory' and signed 'Feb. 8th 1850. Montgomery'.

Autograph letters,

Autograph letters, mainly to 'Gwilym Cowlyd', from [?Avaon] Eryri (1872); 'Cynwal' (1879); 'Clwydfardd' (1875); 'Cyfanwy' (1882); 'Cadvan' (1862); 'Caerwyson' (1886); C. W. Jones (Secretary of the Cymmrodorion Society) (1883); 'Cymrygarwr' (1878); 'Crych Elen', Cyffdy; autograph letters to 'Gwilym Cowlyd' from 'Gwilym Dyfi' (1884); John M. Davies (1898); 'Druisim' (1884); 'Telynor y Gogledd' (1876); Elias Davies ('Ehedydd Arfon') (1889); William Davies (1862); I. I. Davies (1889); J. H. Davies (1904); 'Dewi Glan Ffrydlas' (1881); E. Ellis (1862); R. C. Evans, Dolgelley (1903); 'Elfyn' (1893); 'Eos Môn' (1876); 'Eos y Berth' (1880); 'Elldeyrn' (1876); Vincent Evans (1898); D. Silvan Evans (1881, 1884, 1882); 'Eos Llechid' (1862); David Francis, Gwrtherid (1888); 'Gwilym Ebrill' (1881); 'Glan Tecwyn' (1892); 'Granwllefab' (1879); 'Gwenllian' (1901); 'Gutyn Ebrill' (1878); 'Hugh Fylchi' (1869); John Hughes (1875); Ceiriog Hughes (1875); John Hughes, Tanygrisiau; 'Iolo Môn' (1877); 'Illtyd' (1892); William Jones ('Gwilym Meirion') (1897); R. Jones ('Trebor Aled') (1899); J. Jones (Dwdan) (1890); David Jones ('Dewi Padarn') (1863); 'Ieuan Eifion' (1863); T. James (1878); Richard James; R. H. Hugh Jones; Spinther James (1887); O. Jones, Rhuddlan (1893); Owen Jones, Llansantffraid (1896); Cynwal Jones, Conwy (1881); J. Jones ('Ogwenydd') (1881); David Jones ('Dafydd Morganwg') (1879); Owen Jones ('Telyn Seiriol') (1880); W. M. Jones, Bettws y Coed (1889); W. H. Jones ('Gwilym Dâr') (1878); John Jones ('Talhaiarn') (1869, 1863, 1868); E. Doged Jones, Lerpwl; Tudno Jones; Idris Fychan (1884); Iolo Trefaldwyn (1877); 'Llallawg' (1878); 'Llew Llwyfo' (1891); 'Llinos Moelwyn' (1899); 'Ap Myrddin' (1890); an autograph letter to R[ichar]d Hughes from Osborne Morgan (1878); autograph letters to 'Gwilym Cowlyd' from 'Machraeth Môn' (1896); 'Morien' (1894); Lord Mostyn (1898); H[uw] Machno (1875); W. Morgan ('Penfro') (1883); Alfred Moffat (1902); 'Mynyddog' (1879); 'Owain Alaw' (1873); Edw[ard] H. Owen, Tycoch; 'Pencerdd Eifion'; Robert Parry, Ruthin (1862); D. E. Phillips, Pontypridd (1893); 'Penfro' (1889); Tho[ma]s Powel, Penarth (1887, 1894); John Roberts, Ruthin; Robyn Wyn (1878); T. Herbert Roberts, Abergele (1900); Llywarch Reynolds (1884); 'Rhuddfryn' (1862); Ellis Roberts, Corwen (1878); T. F. Roberts, Aberystwyth (1895); John Rhys, Oxford (1895); John Roberts (Welsh Harper) (1878); Robin Delynor (1884); Evan Rees ('Dyfed') (1881, 1885); an autograph letter to Lord Mostyn from 'Gwilym Cowlyd' (1878); autograph letters to 'Gwilym Cowlyd' from 'Taliesin Hiraethog' (1884); 'Trebor Aled' (1899); Edw[ard] Thomas, Blaenau Ffestiniog; R. W. Tudor, Tanygrisiau (1894); 'Teibal Lleifiad' (1895); 'Taliesin o Eifion' (1876); Egerton Phillimore (1882); Cornwallis West (1886); R. Môn Williams; John Williams ('Eos Môn'); and miscellaneous papers containing poetry and adjudications.

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