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Cilau-wen MSS,
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Cilau-wen MSS,

  • NLW MSS 11509-11532.
  • Fonds
  • [1756]-1854 /

Papers, [1756]-1854, of the Evans family of Trefayog and Cilau-wen, Pembrokeshire and comprise largely of accounts and rentals relating to Cilau-wen and Trefayog estates and ship's accounts and log books kept by members of the Evans family who went to sea; together with a diary, sermons, exercise books, etc.

Evans family, of Trefayog and Cilau-wen

Exercise books,

Arithmetic and mensuration exercise books of James Evans, Trefayog, c. 1791-1796.

James Evans.

Account book,

The Daily Journal ..., 1800, with memoranda to 1806 in the hand of Jas. Evans, Trevayog.

James Evans.

Account book,

An account book of James Evans, Trefayog, 1815-1824, with references to the brig 'Maria'. A few later accounts, 1841-1844, relate to agreements for passing through Scleddy gate.

James Evans.

Notes on history,

Extracts on ancient and Welsh history, etc., partly in the hand of James Evans, Trefayog. Some of the extracts are dated at Bristol, 6 October, [17]97.

James Evans and others.

Shipping accounts, &c.,

A notebook containing shipping accounts of John Evans, Rinaston [parish of Hayscastle], Pembrokeshire, 1798-1806 (e.g. profits and disbursements in respect of the brig 'Ceres' of Milford); dimensions of specified vessels; and statements of account with craftsmen and workmen at Kill[e]wen, 1837-1843.

John Evans.


The Complete Pocketbook, or Gentleman's and Tradesman's Daily Journal, 1848, with manuscript entries in the hand of [Edward Harries, perpetual curate of Egremont, Carmarthenshire].

Edward Harries.

Llangloffan account book,

Account book of Llangloffan Baptist Church, parish of Granston, Pembrokeshire, 1785-1806, in the hand of John Evans, Cilau-wen. The accounts relate largely to the receipt of rents, interest, and legacies, and to payments made to ministers and for distribution among the poor. One item refers to a sum of £12.19s. delivered to the congregation 'to pay the law shute of Thomas John Sumerton' [on a charge of treason in connection with the landing of the French at Fishguard in 1797]. Inset are two receipts to David Evans, Rinaston, for sums of £20 and £40 borrowed by his late father [John Evans, Cilau-wen] from the ministers of Llangloffan Church for the late Jno. Lewis 'the Quaker', Haverfordwest, and Jno. Thomas, Newport.

John Evans.


A notebook containing medical, culinary, veterinary and other recipes, together with some farming memoranda of the period 1832-1833.

Abstract of log book,

A notebook containing an 'Abstract of the Log of the Ship Robert Small 6th Voyage To Calcutta and the Cape' kept by D. Evans, midshipman, from 30 July, 1840 to 2 March, 1841. At the end of the volume are accounts of payments, 1845-1851, made by Bridget Evans, Ciliau Wen, for her son Edward Higgon Evans 'From the time I settled him as an Apprentice to George Phillips Esquire Surgeon now living in Dark Street, Haverfordwest ...'.

D. Evans and Bridget Evans.


A volume recording the receipt of rents by the family of Evans of Cilau-wen, 1817-1848. Some of the accounts relate to Bulch-y-Groes [Calvinistic Methodist] meeting-house in the parish of Clydey.


A ledger, 1802-1831, largely recording receipts and/or disbursements by John Evans, Trefayog, in respect of farm stock and produce, lime, culm, timber, corn, tallow, rates, taxes, interest, etc. Some of the accounts refer to the building of the new [Baptist] meeting-house at Little Newcastle Bridge, 1808-1809, and to the repairing of Great Treffgarn Church, 1809-1811.

John Evans.

Exercise book,

An arithmetic exercise book of John Evans, Trefayog, c. 1758-1783.

John Evans.

Accounts, &c.,

A notebook containing accounts with Mrs. Ann Evans, Glastyr [parish of Nevern, Pembrokeshire], and others, in respect of household requirements, 1816-1821 and undated; medical and other recipes; and particulars of sermons preached at Newport and St. Dogwells, Pembrokeshire, 1819.


Notes of sermons and/or lectures delivered [by Edward Harries] at Eggremont and Llandissilio, 1838-1845.

Edward Harries.

Account book,

Account book of the family of Evans of Cilau-wen, 1811-1854. The majority of the accounts refer to agreements with, and payments to, servants and hired workers, while other sections of the volume refer to the payment of rates, taxes, and tithes, the purchase and/or sale of farm stock and produce, the repairing of the church of Great Treffgarn 1813-1815, etc.

Evans family, Cilau-wen.

Sale book,

A sale book of corn at [ ], undated [after 1825], and at Treveyog, 1827.

Poetry, &c.,

A collection of poetry and prose, and some miscellaneous documents, partly in the hand of John Jones ('Tegid'), vicar of Nevern, Pembrokeshire. Among them are elegies on the death of David Griffiths, vicar of Nevern; 'Pennillion a gyfansoddwyd i Mr. James Evans, o'r Cilau, ger Abergwaen, swydd Penfro, y dydd y canodd yn iach a Choleg Dewi Sant, Llanbedr Pont Stephan' by 'Tegid', 1844; an 'englyn' by 'Tegid' to Mary Evans, Ciliau-wen; 'Marwnad Morwr sef; mab Dafydd Salmon, o'r Llysdin, Nanhyfer'; verses written by 'Mr. Harries Landisilo' for B[ridget] Evans [Cilau-wen]; 'A Specimen of Welsh Preaching'; 'Prince Eugene's Prayer, which all the Officers of the Duke of Marlborough's Army knew by Heart or Memory'; press cuttings containing elegies on the death of Lieut.-General Sir Thomas Picton, etc.; Can, am hanes pechod, yr hwn yw colyn angau by Dafydd (David) William, Llandeilo-fach, Glamorgan; an account of monies paid to masons at Cilau-wen, 1840-1843; etc.

'Tegid' and others.

Ship's sight book,

A sight book of the ship 'Mermaid', 1843-1845, kept by D. W. Evans, together with some miscellaneous memoranda and accounts (e.g. particulars of clothing washed at Bombay, Singapore, etc., 1848 and undated).

D. W. Evans.

Sale book,

A sale book of Kille[wen], 25 September, 1833. Beginning at the end of the volume are particulars of disbursements by [ ] Evans, Cilau-wen, 1841-1843.

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