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Yes Cymru

File comprises campaign ephemera including posters, leaflets, stickers and articles produced by pro-independence campaign group Yes Cymru. The file also contains material produced by other affiliated groups, including All Under One Banner AUOB and Welsh Football Fans for Independence and a special edition of The National newspaper produced for the independence march in Merthyr Tydfil in September 2019.

Yes Cymru

Political papers and records acquired by the WPA

The group consists of political records and papers, 1868-2019, namely records relating to the political parties in Wales, 1887-2019, and various pressure groups and organisations, 1949-2003, subject files, 1868-2019, miscellanea, 1930-2003, and Isle of Man elections 2011-2017.

Heb deitl

Welsh Political Ephemera Collection,

  • GB 0210 EPHEMERA
  • Fonds
  • 1837-2023 (accumulated [1911]-2022)

The collection consists of election addresses, leaflets, circulars and other printed matter, 1837-1991, generally acquired before the establishment of the Welsh Political Archive; election addresses, leaflets etc., 1905-2019, collected by the WPA; and printed materials, 1887-2019, concerning the political parties in Wales, various pressure groups and organisations, subject files, and other miscellaneous papers.

Welsh Political Archive.

Cofnodion Pwyllgor Cymreig Dydd Gweddi Byd-eang y Chwiorydd

  • NLW ex 3076
  • Ffeil / File
  • 1979-2023

Llyfr Cofnodion, Medi 1979-Ionawr 2022, y Pwyllgor sy'n trefnu digwyddiadau Cymreig Dydd Gweddi blynyddol Byd-eang y Chwiorydd. Gyda'r llyfr cofnodion, ceir copiau o'r rhaglenni neu lyfrynnau Cymraeg blynyddol a ddarparwyd ar gyfer gwasanaethau y Dydd Gweddi o 1979 i 2023. Ceir rhaglenni 2008-2023 mewn bwndel yn un blwch.

Pwyllgor Cymreig Dydd Gweddi Byd-eang y Chwiorydd

Dyddiadau a digwyddiadau nodedig = Notable events and anniversaries

Deunydd yn ymwneud â digwyddiadau a dyddiadau nodedig yn hanes brwydr trigolion Llangyndeyrn yn erbyn Corfforaeth Abertawe, sy'n cynnwys y mynych ddigwyddiadau lleol a chyfryngol i gofnodi hannercanmlwyddiant llwyddiant y frwydr. = Material relating to notable events and anniversaries in the history of the residents of Llangyndeyrn's battle against Swansea Corporation, which includes the many local and media events which took place to mark the half-centenary of their victorious stand.

Background paper on Aber Reseach

The file comprises a paper written by Gwyn Jenkins, explaining the background to Aber Research, its relationship with Plaid Cymru and its role in providing data mainly in Ceredigion and Pembroke North and Ceredigion, but also in other constituencies in Wales.

Jenkins, Gwyn.

Llafur 100

The file comprises material, including a souvenir programme, timeline and agenda for an event held at the Pierhead, Cardiff on 15 November 222 to mark 100 years of Labour dominance in Welsh elections.

Media productions

Material relating to stage, screen, radio, sound recordings and audiobook productions, as well as an art exhibition, in which Siân Phillips participated.

Stage productions

Material relating to the numerous stage productions in which Siân Phillips has appeared throughout her career, beginning with the school, chapel and Urdd events of her childhood, through her acting rôles while studying at Cardiff University and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and continuing for the duration of her professional life. Some of the productions co-star Siân Phillips' second husband Peter O'Toole, or her third husband, Robin Sachs. The material includes Siân Phillips' guest appearances at public events. A substantial number of the items are annotated by Siân Phillips and/or by friends and colleagues.

Swansea, Neath and awards for firefighters

Typed transcripts of press reports and letters relating to events and issues concerning the fire service in the Swansea area between 1809 and 1974, with notes by Keith Mills; together with material relating to the Neath Fire Brigade between 1843 and 1949, comprising copies of press cuttings and other published material with manuscript notes, typescript copies of press cuttings, notes by Keith Mills and Martyn Griffiths of the Neath Antiquarian Society, and correspondence between Keith Mills and fellow researchers, especially Martyn Griffiths, concerning his research work and associated permissions; as well as copies of the London Gazette and copies and printouts of other published material relating to medals and other awards given to Welsh firefighters between 1836 and 1992, with associated correspondence between Keith Mills and a number of organisations.

Llanelli, Narberth and south and central Wales

Research work on fire brigades in Llanelli, Narberth and south and central Wales, collected by Keith Mills from a number of fellow researchers and comprising: typescript notes compiled by Benita Afan Rees concerning the history of Llanelli Fire Brigade, with related printouts from her website (no longer extant) and copies of newspaper articles, as well as typescript notes by Keith Mills and correspondence between them; a copy of an unpublished research work on Narberth Fire Brigade compiled by Whyndham Scourfield, with related notes and also copies of letters and certificates relating to his work in the fire service; a transcript by Keith Mills of notes by Ronald Griffith Pritchard on the history of fire services in south Wales, notably in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire but also including material relating to Breconshire and Radnorshire and to his own career as a firefighter, including some notes typed by Pritchard himself, as well as copies of Pritchard's work and related notes by Keith Mills; and a collection of official documents collected by Gethin Davies while working as a firefighter concerning the administration of fire services in Dyfed, West Glamorgan and Powys during local government re-organisation in the 1990s; also included are a copy of the official journal of Gelligaer Fire Brigade, 1935, copies of documents concerning the Soborg fire in Barry Docks in 1942, and photographs and a copy of a press article relating to municipal buildings in Aberavon.

Breconshire, Radnorshire, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire

Research work on fire brigades in Breconshire, Radnorshire, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire, collected by Keith Mills from a number of fellow researchers and comprising: original printed, typescript and manuscript circulars, reports, memoranda and correspondence created by the Breconshire and Radnorshire Joint Fire Brigade and the Home Office, 1942-1970, relating to the establishment of the brigade and the cessation of the National Fire Service, awards and commendations for firefighters, fire regulations, firefighting equipment and procedures, incidents involving the brigade, the maintenance of Brecon fire station, and rules concerning pensions and other financial matters; records created by authorities responsible for the fire service at Rhayader during the period 1935-1997 and collected by Clive Byewater, including inventories, regulations, guidelines, logs, correspondence and photographs relating to a wide range of the brigade's activities, as well as letters of thanks from members of the public, together with typescript notes by Keith Mills; copies (with some originals) of records and correspondence created by authorities responsible for and served by the fire service at Hay-on-Wye as well as associated contractors, and also press articles, collected by Alan Powell and relating to the brigade's activities during the period 1887-1967, notably administrative and financial matters as well as equipment and awards and the Evans family of firefighters, with a transcript of a press article and notes by Keith Mills; copies of photographs of personnel, equipment, documents, events and incidents relating to the Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire fire services between 1912 and the 1960s, especially the opening of fire stations, collected by Cyril Rogers and Gethin Davies, with notes by Cyril Rogers and Keith Mills, and related correspondence between Keith Mills and Gethin Davies; a manuscript minute book of the Aberystwyth Fire Brigade, 1914-1932, and a volume of notes about the brigade's history to 1941 [by Cyril Rogers]; original Home Office documents, 1941-[?1960s], and copies concerning National Fire Service inquiries, emergency measures, auxiliary firefighters, air raid precautions, displays and competitions; and correspondence between Keith Mills and various organisations regarding permissions relating to his research archive; also included is a list of some of the research material compiled by Keith Mills and dispersed throughout this archive.

Hywel Ceri Jones Papers

  • GB 0210 HCJONS
  • Fonds
  • 1971-2022

The archive comprises speeches, papers and presentations, 1973-1999, on educational issues given by Hywel Ceri Jones, mainly while he was an official with the European Commission with responsibility for education and training. A list of speeches is included in box 1.

Jones, Hywel Ceri

Archif Brwydr Llangyndeyrn = Llangyndeyrn's Fight for Victory Archive

  • GB 0210 BRWYLLAN
  • Fonds
  • 1960[x2022]

Deunydd yn ymwneud â'r frwydr ar ran y trigolion yn ystod hanner cyntaf y 1960au i achub Llangyndeyrn a phentrefi eraill Cwm Gwendraeth Fach rhag eu boddi gan Gorfforaeth Abertawe er mwyn creu cronfa ddŵr i ddiwallu anghenion cartrefol a diwydiannol Gorllewin Morgannwg. Casglwyd y deunydd gan y Parchedig William Merfyn Rees, ysgrifennydd Pwyllgor Amddiffyn Llangyndeyrn, a'i fab Hywel Gealy Rees, golygydd y gyfrol Sefyll yn y Bwlch: Brwydr Llangyndeyrn 1960-1965 (Y Lolfa, 2013) (gweler nodyn isod). Mae'r eitemau'n cynnwys dwy ffeil o dorion o'r wasg o'r 1960au yn olrhain hanes y frwydr, ynghyd â thorion mwy diweddar; llythyrau a anfonwyd at y Parchedig W. M. Rees yn cefnogi safiad trigolion Llangyndeyrn yn erbyn Corfforaeth Abertawe; deunydd yn ymwneud â dyddiadau a dathliadau nodedig yn hanes brwydr Llangyndeyrn; a chyfeiriadau at lyfrau a cherddi sy'n dathlu llwyddiant y frwydr. Sawl eitem wedi'u harnodi, yn ôl pob tebyg yn llaw Hywel Gealy Rees.

Yn atodol, ceir nodiadau printiedig yn manylu ar natur a lleoliad deunydd di-brint sy'n perthyn i'r casgliad ac sydd wedi'i drosglwyddo i adrannau eraill o LlGC; ynghyd â rhestr printiedig o ddyddiadau nodedig yn hanes brwydr Llangyndeyrn.

= Material relating to the struggle on the part of the residents of the village of Llangyndeyrn during the first half of the 1960s to save theirs and other communities in the Gwendraeth Valley from being drowned by Swansea Corporation in order to create a reservoir to meet the domestic and industrial needs of West Glamorgan. The material was collated by the Reverend William Merfyn Rees, secretary of the Llangyndeyrn Defence Committee, and his son, Hywel Gealy Rees, editor of the book Sefyll yn y Bwlch: Brwydr Llangyndeyrn 1960-1965 (Y Lolfa, 2013) (see note below). The items include two files containing 1960s press cuttings chronicling the Llangyndeyrn residents' struggle, together with more recent press cuttings; letters of support for the stand taken by Llangyndeyrn's residents against Swansea Corporation sent to Reverend W. M. Rees; material relating to notable dates, celebrations and anniversaries in the history of Llangyndeyrn's fight for justice; and references to books and poems commemorating the success of the fight. Several items are annotated, most likely in the hand of Hywel Gealy Rees.

Appended are printed notes detailing the nature and location of non-print material which forms part of this archive and which has been transferred to other departments within NLW; together with a printed list of notable dates in the history of Llangyndeyrn's fight for victory.

Rees, William Merfyn, Reverend, d. 1977

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