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Memorandum Book of [?Samuel Owsley] of the town of Brecon, continued after Oct. 1709 in another hand

Memorandum Book of [?Samuel Owsley] of the town of Brecon, continued after Oct. 1709 in another hand, possibly that of William Owsley. One half of the vol. contains accounts, 1679-1768, mainly of various taxes and rents paid by the writers in the borough of Brecon ('sheepstreet' ward and 'Cantreff' ?ward or parish), the other half contains memoranda, 1683-1768, recording miscellaneous items of interest in the history of co. Brec., such as the election of members of parliament for the borough and county; the election of officers of the borough, such as common councilmen, town clerk, bailiff, and recorder; a list of members and officials of the first common council under the charter granted by James II; marriages and deaths of officers of the borough and of other persons, possibly burgesses of the borough; the visit of a company of actors to the town, Dec. 1699-Jan. 1700 etc. Other items in the vol. include a list of the names of the sheriffs for co. Brec., 1540-1768, of the bailiffs and aldermen for the borough, 1556-1768, and of the mayors of the borough, 1687-1705; an assessment upon the inhabitants of Cantref parish and township towards the payment of an aid for carrying on the war against France, 1692; a survey of 'sheepstreet ward', 1709; and copies of letters from [ ? ] of Abergavenny to a Mr Cogan, 4 June-12 Aug. 1662, relating to the cloth trade. The plays performed by the company of actors [with the names of the authors, and recent auspice and date supplied by Sister Bonaventure Kelleher of Brecon, April 2007], are 'The Spanish Friar, or The Double Discovery', [John Dryden, Duke's, 1680], 'Love for Love (Comedy)', [William Congreve, L.I.F., 1695], 'The Orphan, of The Unhappy Marriage (Tragedy)', [Thomas Otway, Duke's, 1680], 'Oroonoko, or The Royal Slave', [Thomas Southerne, Patent, 1695], 'The Committee (Comedy)', [Robert Howard, King's, 1662], 'The Fatal Marriage, or The Innocent Adultery (Tragedy)', [Thomas Southerne, United, 1694], 'The Country Wake (Comedy)', [Thomas Doggett, L.I.F., 1696], 'Sophonisba, or Hannibal's Overthrow (Tragedy)', [Nathaniel Lee, King's, 1675], 'The Provoked Wife', [John Vanbrugh, L.I.F., 1697], 'The Unhappy Favourite, or The Earl of Essex (Tragedy)', [John Banks, King's, 1681], 'The Soldier's Fortune', [Thomas Otway, Duke's, 1680], 'Aesop 1 or 2?', [John Vanbrugh, Patent, 1696/7], and 'The Mourning Bride (Tragedy)', [William Congreve, L.I.F., 1697].

Michael Wilson Collection of South Wales Deeds,

  • GB 0210 MICSON
  • Fonds
  • [15th century]-1880 (accumulated [c. 1972]) /

Deeds, 1542-1797, relating to properties in Glamorgan, Brecknockshire and Carmarthenshire; memorandum book of ?Samuel Owsley and William Owsley of Brecon, with notes on rents, taxes and local events and history, 1679-1768; fragment of an antiphonal, [15th century]; a copy of The Reports of Sir Henry Hobart, Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas, 1650; and a copy of The Larvae of the British Lepidoptera and their food plants, 1880.

Wilson, Michael, of Pencader.

Letters to David Pennant, etc.,

Eight holograph letters to David Pennant [son of Thomas Pennant], at Downing, from [the Reverend] T[homas] D[udley] Fosbroke, Walford, near Ross, 1823 (2) (personal, enquiring whether there was a plan of Tre'r caeri in Caernarvonshire amongst the papers of the late Mr. [Thomas] Pennant, the writer being in need of one for his encyclopaedia [? Encyclopedia of Antiquities . . . (London, 1825)], information concerning the Weston family, who held the earldom of Portland [1633-1688], support for the proposed encyclopaedia, thanks to recipient for his promise of a new sketch of Tre'r Caeri), G[eorge] P[erfect] Harding, Strand [London], 1812 (a visit by the writer to the Savoy Chapel, a brief description of some of the monuments there, including those of Sir Robert Douglas, Lady Dalhousie, and ? a countess of Nottingham, and of the brasses in memory of William Chatterby and Thomas Halsey, the raising of the floor of the Savoy Chapel in 1801, an intended visit to St. Stephen's Chapel, portraits copied by the writer during the previous summer, including those of Sir F[rancis] Bacon, Thomas, earl of Cleveland, and Queen Elizabeth (by [Nicholas] Hilliard), at Gorhambury, and of Algernon, earl of Northumberland ('a very fine picture by Vandyke'), and Lady Jersey at Cashiobury), [the Reverend] J[ohn] Jones, the Vicarage, Holywell, 1819 and undated (2) (unrest amongst the colliers, threats to use violence against Mr. Clarke and Mr. Storey, and to destroy the Bagillt coal works, the writer's orders to innkeepers not to provide the Bagillt colliers with beer, his belief that parish relief could not be provided, and that it was necessary to summon military aid), Messrs. Longman & Co., London, [18]18 ( a reply to recipient's enquiry concerning his father's Tour in Scotland), Henry Parry, undated (a reply to a query relating to the sheriffs of cos. Denbigh and Flint, sixteenth and first half seventeenth cent., giving occasional biographical detail), and N. Roberts, clerk of the peace [for co. Flint], Mold, 1823 (enclosing a copy of a letter the writer had received from the Rev[eren]d Whitehall Whitehall Davies, from Broughton, 1823, in which he tendered his resignation as chairman of the magistrates, owing to the state of his health); and a holograph letter from [the Reverend] R[obert] W[ynne] Eyton, Llangollen Vicarage, to ? Mr. or Mrs. Pennant, 1824 ( personal, requesting recipient's assistance in finding a person to be responsible for the cleanliness of [St. Winifred's] well at Holywell, money for the purpose having been given by Mrs. Coutts).

Letters A-F

One of six volumes consisting of several hundred letters ranging in date from the late eighteenth century to about the middle of the nineteenth, and addressed mainly to Walter Davies, with some to his daughter Jane, to John Jenkins, and to John Vaughan, from numerous correspondents connected with various aspects of Welsh life and including: J. P. Adams (Pembroke), Lewis Bagot (bishop of St. Asaph), Jona Barff (Shrewsbury), Thomas Beynon, R. Myddelton Biddulph, John Blackwell (Alun), J. B. Blakeway, Samuel Butler (Shrewsbury School), William Carey (bishop of St. Asaph), Nicholas Carlisle, Thomas Charles, Isaac Clarke (Ruthin), William Cleaver (bishop of St. Asaph), Lord Clive, Alfred B. Clough, Roger B. Clough, Eliza Colley, Athelstan Corbett, Edward Davies (Wrexham), Hugh Davies (Shrewsbury), John Davies (Fronheulog), Robert Davies (Bardd Nantglyn), W. Whitehall Davies, James Donne (Llanyblodwel), Ellis Owen Ellis ('Ellis Bryncoch'), Daniel Evans (Daniel Ddu o Geredigion), D. Silvan Evans, Evan Evans (Ieuan Glan Geirionydd), Henry Evans (Harri Ddu o Ddyfed), R. Wynne Eyton, and Richard Fenton.

Letters to John Lloyd of Wigfair,

Fifty-one holograph and autograph letters, notes, etc., addressed to John Lloyd at Garden Court, London, at Hafodunos near St. Asaph, at Wigfair near St. Asaph and elsewhere, 1767-1815.
They comprise letters from John Call, Whiteford House, [Cornwall], 1799 (a request for help in obtaining returns of baptisms and burials in four parishes in Flintshire in connection with a proposed population check); Arch[ibald] Campbell, Edinburgh, 1801 (the death of [John Campbell], Lord Stonefield); Phoe[be] Campbell, Darlington, Inveraray and Edinburgh, etc., 1791-1796 (6) (her marriage to Lord Stonefield, personal health, detailed accounts of her social activities in Scotland, financial matters); Mr. Champion, Scrivelsby, [Lincolnshire], 1795 (personal); Mr. Chapeau, [London], 1803 (3) (personal, the eagerness and willingness 'this great City is in to meet the first consul and his barbarous Troops', the surrender of Tobago, the possibility of peace with Bonaparte, a fire in Frith Street [London]); Mrs. Anne Cleaver [wife of the bishop of St. Asaph], Bruton Street, [London], and St. Asaph, 1815 and undated (3) (personal, the slight damage to Sir Joseph and Lady Banks's house in Soho Square, [London], mob violence in parts of London, comments on Peter Roberts [of Llanarmon]'s book on Cambrian Customs [The Cambrian Popular Antiquities or An Account of some Traditions, Customs and Superstitions of Wales, etc., London, 1815], the bad news from America); W[illiam Cleaver, bishop of] St. Asaph, [1806x1815] (a request to purchase brandy at a sale at Vron iw); Roger B[utler] Clough, Eriviatt, 1793 (the appointment of overseers of the poor at Llangerniew, [Denbighshire], a riot in the Hope and Mold neighbourhood and intervention by the military, a request to recipient to call at the First Fruits and Tenths offices [in London] on behalf of the writer and some of his friends to pay sums due in respect of the canonries of Rad[ulphi de] Berkinhead [sic] and Arthuri Bulkeley [in the cathedral church of St. Asaph] and the benefices of Thakeham, [Sussex], Llanelidan, [Denbighshire], Halkin, [Flintshire], and Ashington, [?Sussex]); Th[omas] Clough, Roger B[utler] Clough and others [?justices of Denbighshire], Denbigh, 1797 (times and places for training and exercising the supplementary militia [of Denbighshire] and the appointment of an adjutant and paymaster); Thomas Colby, Abergeley, 1806 (mathematical calculations relating to 'the Ruthlan Base or any other part of the Survey'); R. S. Cotton, Combermere Abbey, 1783 (a lease to the writer's father of the minerals in the lordship of [ ] and the granting of tack notes for digging near Llanrhaiader); Tho[ma]s Cotton, Treasury, [London], 1814 (a request for information concerning the heir at law of Mr. Richard Lloyd of Gray's Inn); Henry Cowper, Old Palace Yard, [London], 1811 (arranging a day convenient for both to be present to be called to the Bench of the Middle Temple); Will[ia]m Cox, Captain and Assistant Quarter Master General, Liverpool, 1804 (5) (the payment of expenses incurred in constructing a beacon and but at St. George and the payment of people stationed there, the installing of tubes at St. George Beacon to point in the direction of adjoining beacons at Ormshead and at Gop); Geo[rge] Cumming, London, 1812 (personal, papers read at the Royal Society, the writer's introduction and visits to the reading room of the British Museum, 'this institution truly does honour to the nation', a lecture on the properties of metals by Mr. [Humphry] Davy on the day before he was knighted, the sale of Mackinlay's shop); Foster Cunliffe, Acton Park, [17]88 (apologies for being unable to provide a copy of the rules of the Society of Royal British Bowmen); Edw[ard] Davies, Wrexham and Newmarket, 1803-1805 (2) (horticultural notes, an account of Wrexham fair and a murder committed at the time, an enquiry on behalf of Mr. Davies of Broughton [?Mr. Whitehall Whitehall Davies] concerning the whereabouts of pictures of Mr. Mutton Davies and his lady which had formerly been hanging at Llanerch and were supposed to have been 'drawn by Sir Peter Lilly'); Edw[ard] Davies, Mostyn, 1806 (the Porthymaen estate); J. Davies, London, 1782 (legal); W. Davies, Highbury House, [Islington], 1805 (the bringing home of the body of [Alexander Aubert] and the funeral); Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], 1803 (the Ystymcolwyn coat of arms, the arms and inscription on the tomb of Meriel Williams, wife of John Williams of Ystymcolwyn, at Myfod, escutcheons in Myfod church); W[hitehall] W[hitehall] Davies, Whittington and Broughton, 1803-1812 (2) (arrangements relating to ? the loan or sale of books, a copy of the catalogue of the Llanerch library compiled in 1778 in the writer's possession [possibly the copy now designated NLW MS 17126D in the National Library of Wales, formerly Gwysaney MS 54], letters from Charles I to the writer's ancestor); Mr. Deluc, 1775-1795 (2) (personal); Rob[er]t Dodd, Terrick, 1767 (personal); Jon[as] Dryander, Soho Square, [London], 1783-1809 (6) (personal news and news of acquaintances, disagreements at the Royal Society (1783), the death of Mrs. Banks [Sir Joseph Banks's mother] in 1804, lack of news of [Frederik] Hornemann [the explorer]); and [Sir] Tho[ma]s [created baron] Dundas [of Aske, Yorkshhire, in 1794], Arlington Street [London] and Upleatham [Yorkshire], 1791-1798 (5) (personal news, preparations for a journey to the Shetlands, the discovery of copper on the race ground near Richmond and at Aske, the results of assays made of the copper ore found at Aske).


A book of Robert Davies ('Telynor Llansilin') containing poems, mainly in free metre, by Huw Mor[y]s, William Pierce Dafydd, Mathew Owen, Morus Richard, Ellis Cadwaladr, [Edward] Samuel, Richard Sion Siencyn, Richard Abram [Abraham], Robert Davies, Morus ap Robert, John [Sion] Cadwaladr, Robert Jones (Llanuwchllyn), Lewis Jones, Thomas Edwards ['Twm o'r Nant'], Lewis Morris, Arthur Jones, Rowland Vaughan and Huw Llwyd (Cynfal).

Davies, Robert, Telynor Llansilin


A manuscript containing a historical account by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of castles in Montgomeryshire and Denbighshire; transcripts by Angharad Llwyd of Northop parish registers, of pedigrees of Welsh and English families, of an inventory, 1637, of Sir Peter Mutton's goods, of Llewenni rents, 1638, of monuments at Gresford church, and of correspondence, 17 cent., etc. relating to Gwysaney; a letter from Hester Lynch Piozzi (1741-1821); a letter, 1705, to Robert Davies, Llannerch; miscellaneous correspondence and deeds, etc., 17-18 cents.

Letters, &c.

A portfolio containing thirty-five holograph letters, deeds and documents, 1591-1767, collected by John Lloyd (1733-1793), Caerwys, father of Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866). Seven holograph letters, 1688-1705, were written to Robert Davies (Llannerch, Denbighshire) by his wife Letitia Davies, Sir Richard Wilbraham (Shorwick), Essex Mostyn (Gloddaeth) and others; the others include holograph letters, 1597-1706, from Richard Bulkeley (Beaumaris) to John Salusbury (Llewenni), John Wynne (Stapleton) to Lieut.-Col. [Thomas] Davies at Ashbridge, etc. The deeds and documents consist of bonds, recognisances and agreements, 1591-1695, a petition of the mayor and burgesses of Holt to the Quarter Sessions of Denbighshire for the repayment of a sum of £10 collected in Holt towards the erection of a new shire hall in Wrexham and a copy of the subsequent order authorising the money to be used for the repair of Holt bridge, 1661, and an agreement between John Davies, Llannerch, sheriff of Denbighshire, and other specified persons for the abolition of vails, 1767.

Miscellanea of 'Erfyl'

  • NLW MS 9036E
  • File
  • [1814x1835]

Miscellanea from the collection of Hugh Jones ('Erfyl'), consisting of poems by him and in his own hand, among them being 'Emyn y Tymmorau' translated from James Thomson's The Seasons and awarded a prize at the Tegeingl Eisteddfod, 1829, and 'Englynion i Fab ac Etifedd Syr W. W. Wynn, 1820, composed in a field near Wrexham; transcripts by 'Erfyl', including the 'Substance of a Sermon preached at the Baptist Chapel in Oswestry, on Sunday, August 13th, 1815. By the Revd. J. Palmer of Shrewsb[ur]y', a translation (copied at Whittington, 1814) of a petition to Governor [Warren] Hastings by the wife of Almas-ali-can 'who was seized upon and put to death for political purposes in India', and extracts from printed sources relating to Bangor, Tegeingl, etc.; a draft in the hand of Richard Llwyd, 'Bard of Snowdon', relating to the slave trade; a short-title list of Welsh periodicals ('Rhwydd Restr o Gyhoeddiadau Cym[r]aeg a Chymreig Amseriadol') in the hand of Robert Davies, Llansannan; and holograph poetry by Robert Ellis ('Cynddelw'), John Jones ('Myllin'), Thomas Edwards ('Caerfallwch'), and John Owen, Liverpool (1835) (awarded the prize at the Holywell Eisteddfod, 1834), etc.

Hugh Jones ('Erfyl) and others.

Letters to Edward Lloyd,

Seventy-seven holograph and other letters addressed to Edward Lloyd of Tythyn, barrister, and one of the Commissioners of the Stamp, at his chamber in Grays Inn, at the Stamp Office in Lincolns Inn, at Kensington, etc. The writers include Rich. Brook, Harden, 1699/1700 (the tenancy of the demesne of Argoed by Mold), Geo. Buckby, Lincolnes Inne, 1708 (a demand on behalf of the writer's client Mr. Chapman for payment of money due to him) (with an accompanying statement of account and a list of papers to be delivered to the recipient), Will. Byrd, 1682/3 (observations on the suitability of 'my man' for employment by the recipient), Mutton Davies, Gwyss[aney], etc., [16]79 (2) (negotiations for the purchase of the l[ordship] of M[old]), R[obert] D[avies] [Llannerch], 1707/8-1710 (4) (the receipt of a watch, a payment to Lady Rous, estate matters, a claim by Mr. Cornishe's executors, a request by Jack Chambers for writings in the recipient's custody, lack of respect to the Chief Justice shown by the Wrexham mob and the like in Montgomeryshire), Jonath. Edwards, [16]82 (the terms of a loan to the recipient's friend and kinsman) (copy), Samuel Edwards, Newport, 1681/2-1682 (6) (one copy) (negotiations for the purchase by the recipient of Mr. Kenrick Edisbury's estate, a request for assistance in settling the writer's cousin-german in London, a mortgage contract) (together with a copy by the writer of a letter, 1682, to Will. Warn, Scrivener in the Old Bailey, and a holograph letter, 1682, from Ed. Lloyd, Gray's Inne, to Mr. Warn), Hugh Foulkes, Gray's Inn, undated (the possibility of debt on the Argoed estate), Peter Foulkes, Exeter, 1708 (2) ( the receipt of monies covered by enclosed bills), Rob. Foulkes, Chester, 1692-1706/7 (5) (the renewal by the bishop of Rochester of the lease of Argoed, legal matters touching the title to properties, a request for the revision of the wording of a deputation to the writer, the succession to the bishopric of Chester, personal) (with two holograph letters, [16]92-1693, from Robert Roper to Robert Foulkes touching the Argoed lease), Ed'd Gruffith, Plass Newydd [Henllan], undated (cousin Ned's title to cousin Chambers's estate, the Captain's love for the recipient's sister, personal ), J. Haggersten, Berwick, [16]81 and undated (3) (the writer's debts), Rob't Hookes, 1683 (a request for a loan of £10), R. J., undated (an apology for his conduct towards the recipient), [Sir] Bradwardine Jackson, 1703 (a request to promote a marriage between the writer and the daughter of a Mr. Ashton who owns two quays about Billingsgate and a great estate in buildings at Hampstead), Anne Lewys, from Lleweny [1683 or 1684] (unlucky proceedings of cousin Tr. at Tythin, gifts to the poor at Penybrin, personal), [Mrs.] E. Lincolne, 1704/5 [?-1705] (2) (money matters), John Lloyd, Rossa, [16]82-1688 (2) (news from Place Chambers and Lleueny, an opportunity for the writer to acquire the redemption of lands mortgaged by the late brother of John Griffith), John Lloyd, Llannerch, 1709 (news of Mr. [Robert] Davies, a petition on behalf of the writer's unfortunate brother Tom for an appointment in the service of Mr. Diston) (with a postscript by R. D.), John Lloyd, Pengwern, etc., 1707/8-1710/11 and undated ( 24) (negotiations with the trustees for the purchase of Mr. Moyle's estate in Flintshire, surprise at the enterprise of the French and news of the two fleets being engaged, the health and the death of the writer's brother Robin, the death of Aunt Lloyd of Brynyorkin) (with one draft reply and some endorsements), Trevor Lloyd, Ruthin, [16]81/2 (a request for assistance to set up the writer's brother David in his trade) (with a copy of the recipient's reply endorsed), Jo. Twisleton, 1694 (a request for assistance to get a place for the bearer Mr. Acton, a bookseller), George Booth, 2nd earl of Warrington, from Dunham, etc., 1700-1701 (7) (the writer's love affairs, the writer's deeds to be used as a security, Sir Bradw. Jackson's affairs, a reference to Non-Jurors), John Williams, Wrexham, 1700-1708 (4) (accounts touching Mr. Moyle's estate), Jo. Wolfe, 1709 (the sealing of patents), John Wynne [Leeswood], Flint, 1707 (negotiations touching mills in a lease held by the writer), and Owen Wynne, Pengwern, 1701 (a request for a loan of £100 to pay the bishop of Bangor for the tithe of Llanrhayder farmed by the writer, a warning of constant trouble in Radnorshire until a good chapman is found for it). At the end of the volume are two bills of Owen Wynne, 1708-1709, empowering Edward Lloyd to pay monies to Robert Trygarn and to E. Whitehurst, cheesemonger at Coventry, with receipts endorsed.

Transcripts, etc.

A manuscript containing transcripts by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) from various sources, including diaries, essays, pedigrees of North Wales families, manuscripts, epitaphs, parish registers, correspondence, and songs for meetings of Royal British Bowmen; a letter, 1664, from Sir Thomas Powell, Horsley, to Robert Davies, Gwysaney; a letter, 1841, from Sir Joshua Colles Meredyth to Angharad Llwyd; etc.

Transcripts, etc.,

A manuscript containing transcripts by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of pedigrees of Welsh and English families, of Denbighshire parish registers, and of various memoranda, manuscripts, etc.; material relating to Salusbury property, 1712; the original manuscript of an elegiac cywydd to Evan Lloyd Vaughan (d. 1791), Cors y Gedol, by John Richard of Llanfair near Harlech; a poem by Jonathan Hughes (1721-1805); a poem in Latin written to a member of the Mostyn family; a letter, 1620, from Sir Roger Mostyn (1673-1734) to Sir Peter Mutton, Llewenni and to Robert Davies, 1665; letters to Angharad Llwyd; etc.

Llwyd, Angharad

Transcripts, etc.,

A manuscript containing pedigrees transcribed by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866); a letter, 1663, from George Griffith (1601-1666), bishop of St Asaph, to Robert Davies, Gwysaney; memoranda by Richard Llwyd (1752-1835) (Bard of Snowdon) and correspondence between him and Sir Robert Williames Vaughan (d. 1859), 2nd bart, of Nannau, 1805-1806; letters to Richard Llwyd from Walter Davies (Gwallter Mechain) (1761-1849) and John Madocks; etc.

Penillion, &c.

  • NLW MS 10745B.
  • File
  • 1814

'A Collection of Welsh Pennillion, etc.', in the hand of Richard Williams, Denbigh, 10 November, 1814, containing 'penillion telyn', 'englynion', and extracts from 'cywyddau' by Siôn Brwynog, Wiliam Llŷn, Goronwy Owen, Lewis Morris ('Llywelyn Ddu o Fôn'), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), John Jones ('Jac Glanygors'), and John Cain Jones ('Siôn Ceiriog'). Among the titles are '3 Englyns written in Peblig Churchyard', 'Englynion i Gorph y gaingc', and 'Englyn in praise of West in the Denbigh Election 1820' (with a reply).

Williams, Richard, of Denbigh

Llyfr Gutyn Peris,

Miscellaneous transcripts by Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris'): 'Brut y Tywysogion' (680-1070) from a copy by Richard ap Hywel from a copy by Evan Evans ('Bardd ac Offeiriad'), 1800; an account of the opening of Llanddeiniolen eisteddfod, 1802, with a list of poets present; poems by 'Gutyn Peris' ('Awdl ar Ddedwyddwch', 1802; 'Penillion ar Bilile March, i annerch milwyr cartrefol swydd Gaernarfon pan ddarfu iddynt flaenori holl filwyr Brydain ... yn Iwerddon, a chynnyg myned yn erbyn y Ffrangcod i'r Hispaen ... 1812 ...'); notes on syntax; 'eglurhâd ar gân Merfyn ... Wyllt ... yn ... Ffrwyth Awen'; 'Cân Juvencus'; poems upon the marriage of David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), 1803; an account of the red book of Angharad James and its contents, circa 1707; medical recipes; 'Cywydd i ofyn Gwddi' by 'Gutyn Peris'; 'englynion Bonedd a Chynheddfau'r Awen' by David Owen ('Dafydd Wynn o Eifion'), with answers by 'Gutyn Peris'; remarks on some passages in Plato's dialogue of the Immortality of the Soul; 'englynion' by Peter Evans; land measures from the Welsh laws; a note of books lent to Owen Jones, Tros y Waun; 'Awdl marwnad ein diweddar Frenhines Siarlod'; 'Rhandiroedd y Dyledogion' transcribed in 1833 from a manuscript written in 1623; 'englynion' exchanged between Richard Hughes and 'Gutyn Peris', and between William Edward, Llanberis, and 'Gutyn Peris'; 'englynion' by John Roberts '('Siôn Lleyn'); a note on an inscribed stone discovered at Ty Coch, Bangor, 1806; 'englynion' upon the death of 'Robyn Ddu o Feirion', 1805, by 'Gutyn Peris', 'Dafydd Ddu', and 'Siôn Lleyn'; 'englynion' by Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), 1809, and Robert Davies, Nantglyn; 'penillion' by 'Gutyn Peris', 1804; a note on a manuscript by Robert Hughes ('Robyn Ddu o Fôn'); 'Cywydd i Gras Lewis merch John Lewis, marsiandwr o Gaernarfon, 1803', by David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'); 'englynion a gant Dafydd Ddu o Eryri a Robyn Ddu o Feirion [a 'Gutyn Peris'] i Robert Thomas, Abercegin, Llandegai ... gwr o'r Edeirnion'; 'Cân newydd ystyriaethau ar waith amryw feirdd o Gymru yn goganu'r byd ... gan D. Ddu o Eryri 1801'; a poem upon the same subject by Griffith Williams, 1802; and accounts of the distribution of Gemwaith Awen Beirdd Collen.

Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris').

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