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A volume of Robert Hulet, 1653, containing sermons, together with some early eighteenth century additions.

'Amryw' and sermon notes,

A composite ('Amryw') volume of early nineteenth century printed Welsh texts (ballads, minor tracts etc.) with thirty-six pages of manuscript sermon or expository notes in Welsh and English.

Lewis Morris ('Llewelyn Ddu o Fôn; 1701-65) material, etc.,

Six numbered portfolios containing originals and transcripts of material acquired by J. H. Davies which belong or relate to the Morrises of Anglesey ('Morrisiaid Môn') and especially to Lewis Morris ('Llewelyn Ddu o Fôn; 1701-65): I. Holograph letters and receipts to J. H. Davies from T. Hamer Jones, London, 1900-01, E. A Lewis, London, 1901, and T. Vaughan Roberts, London and Llangollen, 1901, and typescript copies of correspondence between T. Hamer Jones and E. Vincent Evans, London, 1900-01, all relating to the transcription of Morris letters and manuscripts in the British Museum. Ii. A mutilated lead mining account book (10 pp.) largely in the hand of Lewis Morris, 25 January-25 February 1756, including such entries as 'Received to subsist Cwmervin Ten Guineas by me Edward Hughes', 'To Evan Hugh for work at Galltvadog ... 1/6', 'at Cwmervin - 5 or 6 yards cleared to ye East', 'Brandi bach Galwyn 6/-', 'To David Headley for last week at Penbryn 4/-', 'To nans ty n y bedw for Jacks lodging 2 weeks 3/-', 'discovered ore in ye R. Rake Cwmervin', 'Sent ye Inspectors on acct. of Incidents £70', 'Cwm Ervin bottoms clear almost', etc.; two undated [c.1745] drafts in the hand of Lewis Morris of documents in a legal action touching the ownership of a lead mine called Bwlchgwyn in the manor of Perfedd, Cardiganshire, the first being entitled 'The Freeholds in the Neighbourhood of Bwlchgwyn Mine whose Tenants have always made use of the Lands where the Mine stands as well as of all the Mountains adjoyning as a Common, Have Cut Turf on the mountains as a Common over against their Tenements as Customary, and those that had no wood growing on their Lands made use of ye wood of allt rudd as a Common, and have always turn[e]d their Cattle to Graze on the Common, as belonging to the Tenants of the Mannor of Pervedd, and not to any other Person', and the second, in a very mutilated condition, comprising interrogatories, in Welsh, to be administered to witnesses [see D. Lleufer Thomas: 'Lewis Morris in Cardiganshire', Y Cymrodor, Vol. XV, 1901, pp. 8 ff.]; drafts in the hand of Lewis Morris entitled 'Holyhead. April 1736. Proposals for Printing by Subscription a Treatise ... Entitled Chwedlau Doethion Rhufain, or, The Tales of the wise men of Rome.... By L. Morris' (endorsed 'copied by D[afydd] Ddu Eryri'), '13 Aug[us]t 1740. Proposals for Carrying on a survey of ye Sea Coast of Wales &c begun under ye Probation of my L[or]ds Comm[issione]rs of ye Adm[iral]ty 1737 ... By L. Morris', 'August 1740. An Account of a Survey made of some part of ye Sea Coast of Wales in ye years 1737 & 1738. By L. Morris, Surveyor of ye Customs at Holyhead', and 'Remarks upon Mr Nicolson's first volume of his English ?Historical Library; more Particularly what regards the History of ye Ancient Britains or Welsh' ('Enterd in my Q[uar]to misscell[any] 1759'); an attested copy ('Concordat Cum originale. Llywarch Lechweddgam. D Registr.') of 'Private Queries to be answer'd before ye 1st of May under Pain of Excom' (endorsed: 'Penance to be Performd by Mr Richard Evans Surgeon at Llanerchmedd for defamation'); a holograph letter from An. Owen to Lewis Morris, 1748/9 (published in Hugh Owen (ed.), Additional Letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786), Y Cymmrodor, Vol. XLIX, 1947-9, part I, p. 191); drafts of letters by L[ewis] M[orris], Holyhead to Thomas Corbett, MP, Adm[iral]ty Office, London, 1740-1 (3) (published in Hugh Owen, op. cit., part I, pp. 45-6, 98-9, 102-03), and a draft of a letter by L[ewis] M[orris], Galltvadog, near Aberystwyth to G[wyn] Vaughan, 1750/1 (published in Hugh Owen, op. cit., part I, pp. 97-8); a holograph letter from 'The Brawd Du' [William Vaughan], Plashen to [Lewis Morris], 1763 (published in Hugh Owen, op. cit., part II, pp. 597-8); an attested copy ('Concordat cum Originali. Anon.' of a letter, partly in verse, from Tho[ma]s Morgan [of Tredegar] from Privy Gardens, to [ ], 1755/6 (he hopes the recipient and his family will resent the ill usage that Mr [Roderick] Gwynne [of Glanbran] and 'his' family have given to 'my' good friend and 'your' near relation Sir Humphery [sic] and 'his' family 'these last Elections' [for Brecknockshire], greetings to the family at Maselwych) (with a descriptive note attached in the hand of [D. Lleufer Thomas]); a holograph letter from W. Skinner, Hereford to [ ], 1763 (requests the support of specified Brecknockshire 'Herefordians' for the candidature of Mr John Drummond, banker at Charing Cross, in the impending election for the city of Hereford, references among others to the 'Ladies at Blaen Nant'); a holograph letter from Tho[ma]s Vaughan to 'Dear Ned', undated [mid 17 cent.] (a debt claimed by Gab. Jeffres from the writer, the writer's relationship with his brother arising from the will of 'Aunt Madocks'); an undated [mid 17 cent.] volume (38 pp.) containing 'an Essay on Dramatic Poetry' (with a 'Dedication to Charles E[arl] of Dorset Lord Chamberlain') and 'Defence of an Essay of Dramatick Poesy', both texts extracted from the works of John Dryden, a sermon on Job 36, 2-3, 'The Preface w'ch has always been prefix'd to Moliere's Works', and 'The Life of Moliere'; transcripts [by T. Vaughan Roberts] from BM Add MS 15032 of a letter from E[dward] Williams to [Lewis Morris] [1740] (published in part in Hugh Owen: op. cit., part I, p. 91) and of a letter from Owen Holland to [William Morris] 1761 (published in Hugh Owen, op. cit., Part II, pp. 519-20; and a holograph letter from D. Lleufer Thomas, Swansea to J. H. Davies, Lincoln's Inn, 1903 (encloses remaining Morris letters for the recipient). Iii. Material largely in the form of drafts or copies by Lewis Morris and almost entirely relating to legal actions arising from the superintendency by him of the Esgair-y-mwyn lead mine in the parish of Gwnnws, Cardiganshire. The papers include 'The Joint and several answers of Lewis Morris and John Owen def[endan]ts to the Information bill of Complaint of Sr Robt Henley, Knight, his Majesty's Attorney General, for and on the part and behalf of his Majesty' [1758], with miscellaneous relevant drafts, among them being a list of 'Mismanagements at ye mine of Esg[air] y mwyn in 1757. for Lord Powis's Information'; annotated correspondence with John Sharpe, Zachariah Chambers, Tho[ma]s Walker, W[illia]m Corbett, Gwyn Vaughan, [Richard Morris], Tho[mas] Croso(e), Tho[mas] Evans and Lord Powis, 1744-63 (all published in Hugh Owen, op. cit., Part I, pp. 127-31, 133-8, 147-52, 163-72, 176-7, 185-7, 241-3, 287, 335-42, Part II, pp. 436-7); a holograph letter from John Charlton to [Lewis] Morris, 1757 (published in Hugh Owen, op. cit., Part I, pp. 330-1); a notebook (15 pp.) of affidavits, comparable in content but not to be identified with the book of 'Witnesses Examinat[ions]' quoted by D. Lleufer Thomas, op. cit., p. 22 ff.; an original lease, 1763, for 21 years from William Jones of Dol y Clettwr, esquire, to Lewis Morris of Penbryn, esquire, both of Cardiganshire, of mineworks, mines, and minerals upon a tenement called Troed y rhiw las, of late known as the Shop; and an original declaration of 'particulars', 1663, signed by fifty tenants of the lordship of Perveth, Carmarthenshire, and more especially the inhabitants of the parish of Llanthoysant, for the restoration of liberties of pasturage on 'our Common & mountaine' and for the cessation of payment of redemption dues for impounded cattle to the collectors of the Crown 'out of the great Forrest of Brecon adjoineing to our Common ...' (endorsed: 'Llanthoysant sub script. touching the gr[e]at Forrest'). Iv. A transcript [by T. Vaughan Roberts] from BM Add MS 14929 of 'The First Book of the Chroniclers of ye Mines' (published in Hugh Owen, The Life and Works of Lewis Morris ... (1951)' pp. 53-60); a transcript [by E. A. Lewis] from BM Add MS 15025 of the appointment, 1752, by the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury of Lewis Morris to be Agent and Superintendent of the mine called Esgair y Mwyn 'lately discovered by him in his Majesty's mannor of Mevenyth ...'; typescript copies, with annotations, by T. H[amer] J[ones] of Morris letters in BM Add MS 15025 (published in J. H. Davies (ed.), The Letters of Lewis, Richard, William and John Morris, of Anglesey ... Vol. I (Aberystwyth 1907), pp. 103-08, 115-23, 136-8, 140-1, 144-7, 163-6, 172-3, 188-91, 200-02, 207-08, 210-11, 221-8, 233-8, 243-5, 290-2, 333-6, 370); brief extracts [in the hand of D. Lleufer Thomas] from Morris letters; and a holograph letter from T. Vaughan Roberts, Highbury [London] to J. H. Davies, Aberystwyth, 1905 (the proposed publication of the Morris letters) (together with a note on a letter in BM Add MS 15028, p. 49). V. Transcripts in a modern hand of manuscript compilations of Evan Evans ('Ieuan Fardd' or 'Ieuan Brydydd Hir'; 1731-88), being Panton MS 84 (NLW MS 2049), pp. 3-14, 25-59, 69-84, 101-03, 122, and Panton MS 75 (NLW MS 2041), pp.

1-11 (there is a version of the latter text also in Cardiff MS 2.271); and a transcript [by T. Vaughan Roberts] from BM Add MS 15033 of a letter from Ev[an] Evans, from Oxford, to Richard Morris, Navy Office, London, 1751 (published in D. Silvan Evans (gol.), Gwaith y Parchedig Evan Evans (Ieuan Brydydd Hir) (Caernarfon, 1876), p. 157). Vi. Transcripts [by T. Vaughan Roberts and E. A. Lewis] and typescript copies of material from BM Add MSS 14929, 15021, 15024-5, and 15029, being largely letters published in Hugh Owen, op. cit., Part I, pp. 15-19, 31-4, 36-7, 52-64, 105-06, 160-3, 177-182, 213-14, 246-8, Part II, pp. 400-2, 460-1, 526-9, 624-5, 650-1, 673-5, 684-6, 749-51, 762, 765, 775-7.

George Cumberland papers,

A bundle of papers of G[eorge] Cumberland containing miscellaneous notes on religion, etc., sermon notes, a description of Hafod and Devil's Bridge, poetry, etc.


Autograph sermons of William Bunyan (later to be printed). [?In the collection of] J. H. Davies.

A sermon,

A transcript of a sermon 'preached in the anniversarie ecequies of the L[ady] V[enetia] Digbye, the 2d of Maye 1634'.


A manuscript containing Welsh poetry, including the work of Edmwnd Prys, Sion Brwynog, Guto'r Glyn, Sion Phylip, Sion Tudur, Taliesin, Iolo Goch and others. Pp. 7-58, 61-66, 171-210 are in the hand of Roger Williams, assistant to Bishop William Morgan (1545-1604); pp. 131-137 are in the hand of Dr John David Rhys; and pp. 67-112, 139-152 are in the hand of John Powel of Talgarth, Breconshire (see pp. 67, 139; see also Peniarth MSS 27 and 45). P. 58 contains a note, 1611, in the hand of Roger Williams concerning 'the fees that goeth vpon any person in suinge owt his lyveryes', and on p. 61 is a note, 1617, in the same hand concerning the 'benefactors of the Cathedrall church of Landaphe'. Also included in the manuscript is a sermon 'in praise of theves' (p. 197), triads (pp. 200-201) and medical and veterinary recipes (pp. 199, 210b).

Roger Williams, Dr John David Rhys and John Powell.


A note book containing miscellaneous notes entitled 'An Acc[oun]t of some Customs among the Jews particularly them in Barbary', 'Those doctrines & practices [which] are publickly declared in ye Church of Rome & are by ye authority thereof established which are highly derogatory to ye dignity of our Saviour', 'An Illustration of severall difficult texts of Scripture', 'Of Oaths', 'De Baptismati', and 'De Conciliis generalibus' (on the first four general councils of the church); a list of 'The Subscribers to Ruthin Race' [? c. 1730] containing the names of, inter alios, Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton [3rd bart. of Combermere, co. Chester, and Llewenny, co. Denbigh], Sir Walter Wagstaff Baggot [5th bart. of Blithfield, co. Stafford], Sir William Williams [? 2nd bart. of Llanforda, co. Salop], and Watkin Williams Wynn [? son of Sir William Williams aforesaid and later 3rd bart. of Wynnstay]; sermons or sermon notes in English and Welsh; extracts from Latin authors including Horace; and other miscellaneous entries.


Fourteen volumes of sermons, 1682-1815, some of them written by Walter Davies.

Richards family of Darowen,

Sermon and scriptural notes, [?1818]-[?1848], of the Rev. Thomas Richards 'Junior' (1785-1855) of Darowen etc. Some of the notes may derive from other members of the Richards family, including the Rev. Richard Richards (1780-1860) of Caerwys. The sermons were preached at various Montgomeryshire parishes including Caerwys, Darowen, Llangynyw, Meifod and Welshpool.

Richards, Thomas, 1785-1855

Sermons, etc.,

A volume of sermons and memoranda in English together with transcripts of a few items of poetry by Francis Quarles. The sermons are in the hand of the Reverend Griffith Evans who was vicar of Llandrillo-yn- Rhos (1693-1695) and afterwards vicar of Tremeirchion (1695-1737), and they appear to have been preached by him at Llandrillo and Tremeirchion. The poems by Quarles are to be found among the Emblemes.

Reverend Griffith Evans.

Diaries of Edmund Jones, Pontypool

Eleven printed diaries (Poor Robin, Merlinus Liberatus, Merlinus Anglicus junior, The Coelestial Atlas, Tymhorol ac Wybrenawl Newyddion) for the years 1729, 1731, 1732, 1739, 1768, 1770, 1773 (2), 1778, 1780, and 1789 kept by Edmund Jones (1702-1793), of The Tranch, Pontypool, Independent minister; the entries include texts of sermons, names of places at which sermons were preached, lists of persons received into communion, sums given to charity, 'benevolences' received, horoscopic diagrams, details of books bought or lent, 'sayings and doings of erroneous men', accounts relating to the printing of the diarist's A Relation of Apparitions of Spirits in the Principality of Wales, published in 1780, references to Miles Harry, Howell Harris, and William Williams, Pantycelyn, and to the followers of Daniel Rowland, Llangeitho, etc.

Jones, Edmund, 1702-1793

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