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Papurau Elfyn Jenkins

  • GB 0210 ELFINS
  • Fonds
  • 1950-1955

Papurau ymchwil Elfyn Jenkins, 1950-1955, yn ymwneud â thafodiaith Llŷn, sir Gaernarfon, a fwriadwyd ar gyfer gradd MA, gan gynnwys drafftiau llawysgrif a theipysgrif o'r traethawd anorffenedig = Research papers, 1950-1955, of Elfyn Jenkins relating to the dialect of Llŷn, Caernarfonshire, intended for an MA degree, including manuscript and typescript drafts of the unfinished thesis.

Jenkins, Elfyn.

John Tripp Papers

  • Fonds
  • [1950s]-1986

Literary papers of John Tripp, [1950s]-1985, including drafts and notes of published and unpublished poetry, 1968-1985; prose works comprising plays for radio and television, mostly not broadcast, miscellaneous prose drafts and notes, 1969-1985; correspondence mostly with other Anglo-Welsh and Welsh authors, 1967-1986; critical reviews of and by J.T., 1968-1985; and personal and miscellaneous papers, [1950s]-1986, such as press cuttings, papers relating to literary organisations and events, J.T.'s employment, photographs and other personal ephemera, and drafts or published versions of works by other writers given to or collected by him.

An additional consignment of papers of John Tripp comprising correspondence and some prose works. This group remains uncatalogued.

Tripp, John, 1927-1986

Caniad Llywelyn ab Ivan ab y Gov

  • NLW MS 9391D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1935

An extract translated into staff notation by Arnold Dolmetsch from British Museum Additional MS 14905, 29 January 1935.

Dolmetsch, Arnold, 1858-1940

Rhondda place-names

  • NLW MS 16264D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1921-1938

Notebook of Henry Harris, Ystrad Rhondda, begun in 1921, containing lists of place-names and field names in the Rhondda. Some of the names are taken from a tithe map of 1847 (ff. i, 1-51).
Also included is a typescript list of the same place-names, on loose sheets, the names numbered and in alphabetical order (ff. 52-98); typescript and manuscript notes, [?1938], on the Rhondda in the year 1737, including transcripts of Overseers of the Poor accounts (ff. 103-109); notes, 1938, relating to bird life in the Rhondda (f. 110); and three letters to Harris, October 1921-May 1928, including two from M. H. Jones, Penllwyn (ff. 99-102).

Harris, Henry, 1871-

Llythyrau llenorion Cymraeg

  • NLW MS 22036D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1917-1986

Over seventy letters and cards, 1917-1986, of miscellaneous provenance from twentieth-century Welsh writers to various recipients; the correspondents include E. Tegla Davies (1) 1956, W. J. Gruffydd (1) 1952, R. T. Jenkins (1), 1946, David James Jones (Gwenallt) (1) 1953, T. Gwynn Jones (9) 1923-1939, J. Saunders Lewis (5) 1931-1976, Caradog Prichard (4) 1962-1972, Kate Roberts (28) 1937-1983, D. J. Williams (6) 1917-1969, and T. H. Parry-Williams (1) 1953.

Archifau Urdd Gobaith Cymru

  • GB 0210 URDD
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1996

Cofnodion Urdd Gobaith Cymru, yn cynnwys papurau gweinyddol, yn eu plith adroddiadau a gohebiaeth, 1931-1990; cofnodion Pwyllgor, is-bwyllgorau a phaneli yr Urdd, 1939-1995, cofnodion ariannol, 1931-1996l, papurau yn ymwneud â theithiau tramor a drefnwyd gan Urdd Gobaith Cymru a Negeseuon Heddwch ac Ewyllys Da, 1931-1984; cofnodion, dogfennaeth ariannol ac arall perthynol i Gronfa Goffa O.M. Edwards, 1928-1976; papurau yn ymwneud â changhennau (adrannau ac aelwydydd), 1938-1960; gohebiaeth a phapurau yn ymwneud â chyrsiau a drefnwyd gan yr Urdd,1948-1965, a phapurau eraill yn ymwneud â'r cylchgronau, 1948-1990; trefniadau ar gyfer gwahanol wyliau, 1936-1995; cofnodion gweinyddol ac ariannol yn ymwneud â'r gwersylloedd yn Llangrannog a Glanllyn,1940-1995; deunydd printiedig, 1932-1963; llythyrau at O.M. Edwards, 1910-1920; cofnodion yn ymwneud â'r Cyngor, 1972-1991, a Chwmni yr Urdd, 1972-1989; cofnodion yn ymwneud ag aelodau staff, 1975-1995; gohebiaeth a thaflenni yn ymwneud ag Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yr Urdd,1930-1965; papurau yn ymwneud â Maes yr Eisteddfod, 1972-1985, seremonïau yr Eisteddfod, 1952-1982, sioeau'r theatr, 1981-1991, a chystadlaethau; a chofnodion yn ymwneud â threfnu pob un o'r Eisteddfodau Cenedlaethol, 1946-1996 = Records of Urdd Gobaith Cymru, comrpising general administrative papers, including reports and correspondence, 1931-1990; records of Urdd Committee, sub-committees and panels, 1939-1995; financial records, 1931-1996; papers relating to overseas trips organized by Urdd Gobaith Cymru and international meetings, 1931-1962; papers relating to the Messages of Peace and Goodwill, 1931-1984; minutes, financial and other records of the O. M. Edwards Memorial Fund, 1928-1976; papers relating to the Welsh School, Aberystwyth, 1939-1952; papers relating to branches (adrannau and aelwydydd), 1938-1960; correspondence and papers relating to courses organized by the Urdd, 1948-1965; papers relating to the annual conferences to discuss the Urdd's magazines, 1952-1973, and other pars relating to the magazines, 1948-1990; arrangements regarding various festivals, 1936-1995; administrative and financial records relating to the camps at Llangrannog and Glanllyn, 1940-1995; printed material, 1932-1963; letters addressed to O. M. Edwards, 1910-1920; records relating to the Council, 1972-1991, and Cwmni'r Urdd, 1972-1989; records relating to staff members, 1975-1995; correspondence and literature relating to the Urdd National Eisteddfod, 1930-1965; papers relating to the Eisteddfod Maes, 1972-1985, Eisteddfod ceremonies, 1952-1982, theatre shows, 1981-1991, and competitions; and records relating to the organisation of individual National Eisteddfodau, 1946-1996.

Urdd Gobaith Cymru.

E. G. Wright Collection of Anglesey and Merionethshire Deeds

  • GB 0210 EGWRIGHT
  • Fonds
  • 1551-1902 (accumulated 20th century) /

Deeds and documents, mostly relating to cos Ang. and Mer. Several items relate to the Lloyd family of Dduallt, Ffestiniog, co. Mer., 1551-1740. The collection also includes overseer's accounts and other parochial records relating to the parish of Llandyfrydog, co. Ang., 1828-1869.

Wright, Evan Gilbert, 1903-1994.

Cardiganshire Constabulary register of criminals.

  • Ffeil
  • 1897-1933

A register of criminals apprehended by Cardiganshire Constabulary, 1897-1933, with physical descriptions of prisoners and details of previous convictions. Photographs are included of most of those sentenced between 1897 and 1909.

Llawlyfr cyfarwyddiadol i ganu Penillion

  • NLW MS 16595C
  • Ffeil
  • [?1890au]

Adysgrif, [?1890au], gan John Williams (Wyr yr Eos), o'r traethawd 'Llawlyfr Cyfarwyddiadau i ganu Penillion ac Awdlau gyda'r Tannau' a ysgrifennwyd yn y 1870au gan ei daid John Williams (Eos Môn). = A transcript, [?1890s], by John Williams (Wyr yr Eos), of an essay on penillion singing, 'Llawlyfr Cyfarwyddiadau i ganu Penillion ac Awdlau gyda'r Tannau', written in the 1870s by his grandfather John Williams (Eos Môn).
Cynhwysir hefyd lythyr, 22 Medi 1955, gan y rhoddwr, yn disgrifio hanes y llawysgrif (f. i). = Also included is a covering letter, 22 September 1955, from the donor, describing the history of the manuscript (f. i).

Wyr yr Eos, 1870-1929

D C Harries Collection : Military Portraits

  • D C Harries Military Portraits
  • Ffeil
  • [c1890-c1947]

Over nine hundred portraits, mostly studio, predominantly of First World War era British Soldiers. Most are individual portraits, some are in small groups with family or friends, also large group photographs. Many depicting a Territorial Force summer camp may well be from a 1913 camp held between Bridge and Lovelock farms, Ffairfach in the summer of 1913. The vast majority are anonymous but some can be given approximate dates by the presence of overseas service chevrons, good conduct stripes etc. Many of those dated 1914, especially the Pembroke Yeomanry, may well date from the years preceding the outbreak of WW1. Other portraits are of members of associated services and include veterans of earlier conflicts and servicemen & women from World War Two. The latter category including American troops from the 28th Division who were camped in South Wales from October 1943 until July 1944 as well as Free French and Belgian soldiers. Both US Corps of Engineers and infantry corps are represented. The engineers are believed to be men of the 103rd Engineer Battalion who served with the 28th Division. Their headquarters from October 1943 to April 1944 was the Hotel Belgrave, Tenby. There are also a considerable number of US Quartermaster Corps GI's including African-American soldiers.

D C Harries, Rhosmaen Street, Llandilo.

Cyfrifon crydd.

  • NLW MS 16249D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1887-1906

Llyfr cyfrifon, 1887-1906, [David Hughes], crydd, o Lanuwchllyn, sir Feirionnydd, yn cynnwys manylion atgyweiriadau a wnaethpwyd, costau'n daladwy, ayyb. = A ledger, 1887-1906, of [David Hughes], bootmaker, of Llanuwchllyn, Merioneth, containing details of repairs carried out, costs payable, etc.

Hughes, David, 1838-1923.


Notes and abstracts by A. N. Palmer probably made in preparation for his volume A History of the Older Nonconformity of Wrexham and its Neighbourhood (Wrexham, [1888]), with particular reference to the Baptist and Congregational churches, Chester Street, Wrexham, and the Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham; extracts from rate books and parish registers; and abstracts of deeds relating to estates in Denbighshire.

Autograph album

  • NLW MS 22875C.
  • Ffeil
  • 1879-1918

An autograph album, 1879-1918, thought to belong to 'Ap Ieuan', possibly Samuel Evans, a member of Tabernacl Welsh Congregational church, Shrewsbury, containing entries in Welsh, English, Chinese and other eastern and African languages, mainly by Congregationalist ministers and missionaries, including Ben Davies, Pant-teg, T. Eynon Davies, David Picton Jones, J. R. Kilsby Jones and H. Elvet Lewis ('Elfed'); together with pasted-in photographs. Papers found loose inside have been tipped in at the end of the volume (ff. 27-32).

Evans, Samuel, Ap Ieuan.

Radnorshire & Breconshire mineral springs

  • NLW MS 9666A.
  • Ffeil
  • [1872x1933]

A copy of Pryse's Handbook to the Radnorshire & Breconshire Mineral Springs: With Various Descriptive Journeys and Excursions Therefrom to Numerous Places of Interest in Central Wales (Llanidloes, 1872), with identifications and additions, transcribed from A Journey to Llandrindod Wells, 2nd edn (1746), in the autograph of Sir Joseph Bradney.

Pryse, John, 1826-1883

Snowdon Visitors' Books

  • NLW MSS 16083-5C.
  • Ffeil
  • 1863-1889

Snowdon Visitors' Books, 1863-1889, containing the autographs, addresses and comments of visitors to the summit of Snowdon. They contain entries for the periods 11 July 1863-1 July 1866 (NLW MS 16083C), 20 June 1883-25 September 1885 (NLW MS 16084C) and 9 January-20 October 1886, 30 May-25 December 1887, 29 June-11 October 1889 (NLW MS 16085C).

Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire, school records, &c.

  • NLW MS 13928B.
  • Ffeil
  • 1854-1861, 1930

A volume containing attendance registers, accounts, committee minutes and memoranda, 1854-1856, of the charity school at Llansadwrn, co. Carmarthen, in the hand of the schoolmaster, John L. Butler. Also included are accounts, memoranda and correspondence in Butler's hand, 1858-1861, relating to his activities as a tea dealer and grocer in Dowlais, together with a signed temperance pledge witnessed by Butler (f. 37 verso), temperance verses in Welsh (ff. 39 verso-40), and a letter from J. J. Thomas, Carmarthen, 1930 (f. 24).

Butler, John L., of Llansadwrn and Dowlais

Tour in Wales and Ireland

  • NLW MS 23064iD.
  • Ffeil
  • 1848-1891

Journal of a tour through Wales and part of Ireland in August 1848 by Charles Lucey of Clapham and later of Henley, shipwright, with a map showing his itinerary and further notes added by him, 1856-1891.

Lucey, Charles (Shipwright)

Caernarvon crown rents

  • NLW MS 10842C.
  • Ffeil
  • 1847-1856

A rental of crown quit rents within the borough of Caernarvon, 1847-1856.

Letters from Welsh emigrants in America

  • NLW MS 17441i-iiE.
  • Ffeil
  • 1846-1955

Two groups of letters from Welsh emigrants to America, 1846-1847, 1870-1878, together with letters relating to emigration from Wales, 1948-1955.

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