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Letters relating to sugar plantations in the West Indies,

Letters relating to sugar plantations in the West Indies, in particular the administration of Russells Rest (c.500 a.), including White Hall (the lower part of Russells Rest), and Old Windmill (Windward or Lower estate, c.300 a.), all on Nevis, and an estate on St Kitts. There are also references to a Newcastle estate, 1774-1775 (58/57, 60, 67 et seq.), which may be another name for Old Windmill, as it is also nearly four miles from White Hall, and reference in 1799 to a Camp estate on Nevis, less than a mile from the landing place (58/130, 137). Note: No. 58/4 not used. Note: No's 58/59, 125 and 142 not found, 22 Feb. 2007.

Lily F. Chitty Papers

  • Fonds
  • 1931-1977

Papers of the late Lily F. Chitty, OBE, MA, FSA, Pontesbury, Shropshire, relating mainly to her work in indexing Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1846-1900. Included are a typescript copy, in two volumes, of the index compiled; 4 notebooks, 2 log books, and a petty cash book, 1932-50, relating to the compilation of the work; a box file containing notes and correspondence and a file of correspondence, 1931-64, relating to the Index Committee which had been set up, the correspondents including Sir John Edward Lloyd, Sir Cyril Fox, H. J. Randall, T. Jones Pierce, T. E. Morris, J. D. K. Lloyd, V. E. Nash-Williams, and Willoughby Gardner. Also included are notebooks relating to Cambrian Archaeological Association meetings, 1952-5, 1962-7; personal correspondence and photographs, 1951-77; and various offprints, etc.

Additional papers consisting of First World War Honourable Discharge Certificates (right half only) found amongst the estate of Lily Frances Chitty, sister-in-law of Mary Derwas Chitty (née Kitson Clark), and transferred to the donor by the latter's daughter, Anna Georgina Chitty. Also included is research, compiled by Barbara Reardon, on the individuals named in the certificates; July 2023.

Chitty, Lily F. (Lily Frances)

Miscellaneous Powys family and other letters

Letters largely to and between various members of the Powys family, as follows: To Lucy Penny from her mother Mary Cowper Powys (5), 1911-1912, 1914; to Marian (May) Powys from her mother Mary Cowper Powys (1), [1914]; to Margaret Powys from her son Littleton Alfred Powys (1), 1926; to Gamel Woolsey from Mary (Molly) MacCarthy (1), undated, which refers to Gamel's then contentious work One Way of Love (1930) (with a note by Powys biographer Morine Krissdottir); to Gertrude Powys from [her brother Theodore Francis Powys], (3), 1941, 1946 and undated (typescript copies); to Gertrude Powys from her sister Lucy Penny (1 postcard), [1944]; to Marian Powys from 'E. R.' (1), 1947; to Peter Powys Grey from his mother Marian Powys (1), 1948; to Bernard O'Neill from Philippa (Katie) Powys (1), 1949 (photocopy); to Francis Llewellyn Powys from his cousin Littleton Alfred Powys (1 postcard), 1951; to Littleton [?Charles] Powys from an unnamed correspondent (the letter lacking a signature and appearing incomplete) (1), 1953; to George Frederick Sims from John Cowper Powys's nephew Francis Llewellyn Powys (1), 1958 (photocopy); to Alyse Gregory, widow of Llewelyn Powys, from Francis Llewellyn Powys (1), 1960; to Jill Olson from Katie Powys (1), 1961 (photocopy) (with note by Morine Krissdottir); to Lucy Penny from her sister Marian Powys (1), [1963]; to Lucy Penny from Powys biographer Marie Canavaggia (including a note to Phyllis Playter) (1), 1964; to Lucy Penny from her niece Isobel Powys Marks (1), 1966; to Lucy Penny from her niece Rose Dyer (1), 1969; to Lucy Penny from her nephew Gilfrid Powys (1), 1969; to Lucy Penny from her great-nephew Michael (2) and her great-niece Lucy (1), 1969; to Francis Llewellyn Powys from C. Benson Roberts (1), 1970; William Powys, Hastings, from Agnes [?] in Poland, enclosing a photograph [?from Adrian Upfield]) (1), 2002; together with undated letters to Alyse Gregory from Lucy Penny (1) and Ty (Barbara) Powys Grey (née Tyler), first wife of Peter Powys Grey (1), an undated letter to Bernard O'Neill from Lucy Penny (photocopy), and an undated postcard from Marian Powys to an unnamed recipient (on the dorse of which is a printed notice of an auction of some of Marian Powys's lacemaking stock upon her retirement). Included separately in an envelope are photographs of Marian Powys and Peter Powys Grey, [?1936], and an obituary of Gertrude Powys, [1952].

Tony Curtis Papers

  • Fonds



Curtis, Tony

Correspondence: poetry,

Correspondence, mostly concerning poems submitted for The Anglo-Welsh Review, including letters from Chris Bendon; Ivor C. Treby (4); Ruth Bidgood (7); Mike Jenkins (3); Roland Mathias (2); Tom Earley (3); John Davies; Tony Curtis; Joyce Herbert (3); Sheenagh Pugh (2); Alison Bielski (3); Nigel Jenkins; Bridget Joseph; John Tripp (3); Rosamund Stanhope; Michael Farley; D. S. Savage; Susanne M. Dumbleton; Tom Rawling; Margaret Toms (4); Jon Dressel (7); J. P. Ward; Pete Morgan (4); David T. Lloyd (3); John Barnie (2); Gerald Dawe (4); Jane McLaughlin; Gerard Casey (12); Leslie Norris (2); David Constantine (2); Philip Owens (3); Moelwyn Merchant; Wes Magee (2); Steve Griffiths (2); Sam Adams (2); Jack Clemo (6); Ted Hughes; Anthony Conran; Paul Wilkins (4); I. P. Taylor (3); Phyllis M. Jones; R. S. Thomas; Ian Hughes (3); Dudley G. Davies; Mary Casey; Charles Kohler; A. G. Prys-Jones (3); Leonard Clark; Andrew McNeillie; Lynn M. Trowbridge; Huw Jones; Brian Martin Davies (addressed to Huw Jones); Richard Poole; and Chris O'Neill. Some letters are addressed to Roland Mathias.

Dares Phrygius,

A manuscript of two parts.
Part i (ff. 1-56 verso) contains the statutes (constitutiones) of bishop Peter Quivel (Quinel) of Exeter, dated 1287 (ff. 1-46 verso, three leaves wanting at the beginning) and his Summula (ff. 46 verso-56 verso), in a hand of [15 cent.]. Both texts are edited in Councils and Synods, with other documents relating to the English Church, eds F.M. Powicke and C.R. Cheney (Oxford, 1964), pp. 982-1077. For multiple later copies, see MMBL, II, p. 834. At the foot of f. 56 verso, in the hand of the scribe, ‘Constat Honynton’ [Honiton].
Part ii contains Mynachlog yr Ysbryd Glân, the beginning wanting (pp. 3-11); a cerdd on ‘Sidanen’ [CRhC, no. 96 (II)], the end wanting (p. 12); ‘Y Sids o Droea’, i.e. Ystoria Dared in the abbreviated version of the Red Book of Hergest text [Owens, Dares] (pp. 13-62); Brut Tysilio, the abbreviated version of Brut y Brenhinedd, the end wanting (pp. 63-152). All in the hand of Huws’ X29, a Glamorgan scribe of [16-17 cent.].

Fanny Morgan letters to the Dyer family

Transcripts, [19 cent., second ¼]-1854, in the hands of the Rev. Thomas Dyer (1782-1852) of Abbess Roding and W. H. D. Longstaffe, of letters, 1759-1775, of Fanny Morgan, Wales and Cross Inn, primarily to Catherine (Kitty), Elizabeth and Armine, daughters of the Rev. Thomas Dyer (1700-1780), Marylebone, and to Sally Dyer (later Phillips) of Court Henry, their cousin.
The letters were copied by the younger Thomas Dyer, in no particular order, into two notebooks formerly belonging to Elizabeth. W. H. D. Longstaffe dissected the notebooks to reassemble the transcripts in chronological order, recopying portions as necessary. These were then pasted onto guards, and annotated by Longstaffe, and apparently assembled into a volume; this was subsequently also disbound and the individual leaves, still attached to the guards, put in the present plastic sleeves. The elder Thomas Dyer (1700-1780) was the younger brother of John Dyer, the poet; the younger Thomas Dyer (1782-1852) was his grandson and the nephew of the three Dyer sisters.

Morgan, Fanny, active 1759-1775

William Charles Dyer manuscript

A volume (ff. i, 1-68) containing transcripts, 1761-1763, of poetry, and some prose, in the hand of William Charles Dyer, nephew of John Dyer, dating from his time as an undergraduate at St Edmund's Hall, Oxford, where he matriculated in February 1761.
Amongst the poems are 'On the Earth-Quakes at Lisbon', a version of John Dyer's 'On the Destruction of Lisbon' [see NLW MS 23297B, f. 53] (f. 1), 'The Princess Elizabeth' by [William] Shenstone (ff. 22, 23), 'The Nymph Complaining for the Death of her Fawn' by [Andrew] Marvell (ff. 32-37), 'Virtue and Fame' by [George] Lord Lyttelton (ff. 37-38), and three poems, in English and Latin, ascribed to fellow students at Oxford, including William Flower, 2nd Viscount Ashbrook (ff. 39-50). The remaining poems are unattributed but seem to be broadly contemporary. Also included are items found loose within the manuscript, including a letter to 'The Revd Mr Dyer' from Bennett Langton and notes on Langton in the hand of W. H. D. Longstaffe (ff. 69-72), as well as loose items removed from other books acquired with the volume, including a manuscript poem 'To Dyer (the Poet)', [1860s] (watermark 1863), and further notes by Longstaffe (ff. 73-82).

Dyer, William Charles, 1741-1828

'Llyfr Jenkin Richard',

An imperfect, seventeenth century manuscript. Pages 1-160 and 165-232 contain a collection of Welsh free- and strict-metre poems (medieval to seventeenth century) including poems by Howell Thomas Dauid, Jenk[in] Richard, William Jenkin, Giles ap John, David Du Hir Addig, Charles Thomas, Robert Lia, Rys Goch 'o Fochgoron', John Kent, John Jones, Rich. Watkins, clerk, John Tydyr, Rhys Parri, Dafydd Llwyd Mathey, Hugo Dauids, vicarius, Tho. Lewis, Charles Jones, Mredyth ap Rosser, Res Brychan, Ievan Rhydd, Dafydd ap Gwilim, Ioroth Fyngllwyd, Lln. ap Ho. ap Ivan ap Gronow, Hugh Dafydd (? the same as Hugo Dauids, vicarius, above), Bedo ap Phe. Bach, Dafydd ap Edmond, Iolo Goch, Lln. ap Howell, Howel Swrdwal, Tydyr Aled, Hyw Penmal, and Edward Dafydd (the seventeenth century poet concerning whose identity see TLLM, tt. 96-100, and, for a different opinion, IM, t. 260 and R. Geraint Gruffydd: 'Awdl Wrthryfelgar gan Edward Dafydd', Llên Cymru, cyf. V, tt. 155-63, and cyf. VIII, tt. 65-9). Intermingled with the Welsh poems are a few English items including religious verse by Richard Morgan, clerk, alias Sir Richard y Fwyalchen, and an anonymous poem entitled 'An Epitaph vppon ould dotard Wroth' [? William Wroth, Puritan cleric]. Pages 161-163 and possibly part of p. 159 contain a record of payments or contributions by an unspecified person or persons, 1643-1646, in connection with the maintenance of royalist forces in co. Monmouth. These include contributions towards the garrisons at Monmoth, Raggland, Colbroock, and Abergev[eny], and towards the cost of provisions, weapons, etc. The volume is referred to as 'Llyfr Jenkin Richard(s)' and this is the Jenkin Richard(s) of Blaenau Gwent whose own poems form part of the text (see IMCY, tt. 82, 176; IM., tt. 257-8, 259-60; TLLM, t. 100; and Llên Cymru, cyf. III, t. 98). In TLLM., tt. 97, 100, poems by Edward Dafydd are said to be in the poet's own hand, but R. Geraint Gruffydd in Llên Cymru, cyf. V, t. 158 infers that the whole volume is in the hand of the aforementioned Jenkin Richard(s).

Jenkin Richards.

Letters to Huw Menai (photocopies)

Photocopies (some text faint) of eighty letters, 1942-1943, from John Cowper Powys to the poet Huw Menai (Huw Owen Williams). The letters include references to health matters, to some of Powys's past works and works in progress, and to Huw Menai's (unpublished) autobiography. Many of the letters are illustrated with Powys's ink drawings, which include caricatures of himself and of Huw Menai. Enclosures comprise a diagram of a mechanical device entitled the 'Fuze 700' (f. 50), a photocopy of a printed excerpt from 'Month By Month, A Journal of Progressive & Revolutionary Ideas' (ff. 110-13), a photocopy of a letter to Powys from Margaret Casey, mother-in-law of Powys's niece Mary Casey (ff. 163-164), and photocopies of drawings of animals from a printed source (ff. 168-170).

Letters to Augustus John,

Some one hundred and twenty letters, 1907-1961, to Augustus John from various correspondents (surnames Nettleton-R), including Kit Nicholson (1) 1936, Sean O'Casey (7) 1929-1960, John Cowper Powys (4) 1955-1956, John Quinn (1) 1913, Keidrych Rhys (3) 1956-1960, Sir John Rothenstein (2) 1941-1945, William Rothenstein (9) 1907-1935, and Bertrand Russell (5) 1936-1960.

Letters M-O

The file comprises letters, 1968-1998, from Ian McGill (1), Compton Mackenzie (2), Miriam Margolyes (1), Muriel Matthews (7), Marie Mauron (1), Lady Dorothy Moulton Mayer (3), Sir Oliver Millar (1), Lady Diana Mosley (3), Malcolm Muggeridge (1), Benedict Nicolson (2), Lucy [Norton] (2) and Breon O'Casey (2).

McGill, Ian, 1938-

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