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St Davids Diocesan Records

  • GB 0210 STDAVIDS
  • Fonds
  • 1397-2005.

Records relating to the administration of the diocese of St Davids and Dean and Chapter of St Davids Cathedral since 1397, comprising episcopal registers, bishops' transcripts, marriage bonds and affidavits, and chapter act books, as well as records relating to: the ordination, appointment and resignation of clergymen and other individuals; the licensing of curates and other individuals; the licensing and consecration of land and buildings; faculty papers; dilapidations and sequestrations; augmentations, the creation of new parishes and boundary changes; dissenters' meeting houses and Roman Catholic chapels; episcopal revenues and accounts; Brecon Collegiate Church; parochial returns; deeds; consistory courts; visitations; correspondence; and miscellaneous volumes and papers, including terriers and documents relating to episcopal elections.

Church in Wales. Diocese of St. Davids


Darlledwyd yn gyntaf: 6 Rhagfyr 1983.
UID: CCC082C449.
Sgript wedi'i deipio gyda anodiadau ysgrifenedig.
Sgript radio BBC ar gyfer Oxfam.


Darlledwyd yn gyntaf: 15 Tachwedd 1983 tan 16 Rhagfyr 1983.
UID: wedi'i nodi'n isod.
Pedair sgript wedi'i deipio.
Sgriptiau radio BBC ar gyfer Sgerbydau gan Maldwyn Thomas. Gwerler manylion:

Mayerling - 15 Tachwedd 1983, UID: CCC097C546;
Mata Hari- 22 Tachwedd 1983, UID: CCC097C547;
Edward Kennedy a Mary Jo Kopechne - 29 Tachwedd 1983, UID: CCC097C548;
Eva Braun - 16 Rhagfyr 1983, UID: CCC097C549.

Crafu'r Gwaelod

Crafu'r Gwaelod.
Darlledwyd yn gyntaf: 7 Hydref 1983 tan 23 Rhagfyr 1983.
UID: Wedi nodi'n isod.
Chwech sgript wedi'i deipio gyda anodiadau ysgrifenedig.
Sgriptiau radio BBC ar gyfer Crafu'r Gwaelod. Gweler manylion:

7 Hydref 1983, UID: CCC098C240;
21 Hydref 1983, UID: CCC098C241;
28 Hydref 1983, UID: CCC098C243;
4 Tachwedd 1983, UID: CCC098C244;
11 Tachwedd 1983, UID: CCC098C245;
18 Tachwedd 1983, UID: CCC098C246.

Time for Verse

Time for Verse.
First broadcast: 28 September 1983 to 9 November 1983.
UID: Noted below.
Seven typed scripts.
BBC radio scripts for Time for Verse. See following details:

Battle - 28 September 1983, UID: TCF38/476K161;
Love - 5 October 1983, UID: TCF38/476M162;
Words - 12 October 1983, UID: TCF38/476P163;
Laundry - 19 October 1983, UID: TCF38/476R164;
Water - 26 October 1983, UID: TCF38/476V165;
Elegy - 2 November 1983, UID: TCF38/476X166;
Praise - 9 November 1983, UID: TCF38/476A167.


Darlledwyd yn gyntaf: 21 Awst 1983.
UID: CCC097C635.
Sgript wedi'i deipio gyda anodiadau ysgrifenedig.
Sgript radio BBC ar gyfer Ysgariad.

Llyfrau'r Wŷl

Llyfrau'r Wŷl.
Darlledwyd yn gyntaf: 31 Gorffennaf 1983.
UID: CCC072C837.
Sgript wedi'i deipio gyda anodiadau ysgrifenedig.
Sgript radio BBC ar gyfer Llyfrau'r Wŷl.

Bro'r Eisteddfod

Bro'r Eisteddfod.
Darlledwyd yn gyntaf: 23 Mehefin 1983 tan 24 Gorffennaf 1983.
UID: Wedi'i nodi'n isod os adnabywyd.
Dwy sgript wedi'i deipio gyda golygiadau.
Sgript radio BBC ar gyfer Bro'r Eisteddfod. Gweler manylion:

23 Mehefin 1983;
24 Gorffennaf 1983, UID: CCC072C836.

Laughter Before Nightfall

Laughter Before Nightfall.
First broadcast: 27 April 1983.
UID: CWC072C708.
Typed script with handwritten annotations.
BBC radio script for Laughter Before Nightfall, an entertainment based on the work of Gwyn Thomas.

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