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Sir Edward Anwyl MSS,
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The Higher Criticism,

An address on 'The Higher Criticism of the Old Testament', notes on the scriptures and on modern Greece, and Arabic vocabulary, etc.

Sir Edward Anwyl.

Y Gododdin,

Studies in 'Y Gododdin', and an essay entitled 'Hen Lenyddiaeth y Cymry'.

Sir Edward Anwyl.


Biographical references, and notes on the poetry of Dafydd ap Gwilym and his successors and on phonetics.

Sir Edward Anwyl.


Letters, mainly to Edward Anwyl, the correspondents including J. Mortimer Angus, Sir John Ballinger, Vernon Bartlett (Oxford), Sir Joseph A. Bradney, Charles E. Breese, W. N. Bruce, O. H. Fynes-Clinton, John Daniel ('Rhabanian'), Thomas ...

The Central Welsh Board,

Papers, circulars, reports, and correspondence relating to the work of the Central Welsh Board for Intermediate Education.

The Free Church Commission,

Papers relating to the work of 'The Free Church Commission promoted by the National Council of Evangelical Free Churches', 1913-1914; notes entitled 'Nonconformists and Welsh Literature' and 'Adgofion am Genhadwyr'; etc.


Examples of dialect words and expressions noted by Gwilym Hywel Jones.


A draft of an article on Merlin, etc.

Sir Edward Anwyl.

A miscellany,

A Latin vocabulary, notes for the study of the Mabinogion, extracts from printed sources, notes on 'Y Gogynfeirdd' and their vocabulary, etc.

Sir Edward Anwyl.

Esboniad ar Hosea,

Draft manuscript of a commentary by Edward Anwyl on the Book of Hosea published by the Welsh Congregational Union, 1910.

Sir Edward Anwyl.

Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesneg,

Proof sheets of Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesneg. Spurrell's Welsh-English Dictionary, edited by J. Bodvan Anwyl (Carmarthen, 1914), with corrections by Edward Anwyl, J. Bodvan Anwyl, W. J. Gruffydd, Timothy Lewis, Thomas Powel, E. Lorimer Thomas,...

Sir Edward Anwyl and others.

Welsh dialects,

Material collected by the Dialect Section of the Guild of Graduates of the University of Wales, including lists of dialect forms of selected words, and a preliminary report upon the work of the Section.

The legend of Pont ar Fynach,

An essay entitled 'The Legend of Pont ar Vynach : Folklore collected chiefly in the Counties of Cardigan, Pembroke and Glamorgan' by John Griffith ('Pentrefwr'), and some proverbs and colloquial expressions collected in souther...

John Griffith and T. C. Evans.


Drafts of articles and reviews relating to Welsh grammar, literature, etc.

Sir Edward Anwyl.

Welsh literature and philology,

Drafts of articles relating to Welsh literature and history and to Celtic institutions; lists of Welsh words derived from English and of words common to both branches of the Celtic family; and a poem entitled 'Rhiangerdd Gwenfalwy o Gastell C...

Sir Edward Anwyl.

Dafydd ap Gwilym,

Articles entitled 'Safonau Dafydd ab Gwilym' and 'The Poetry of North Wales'.

Sir Edward Anwyl.

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