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Gwasg Gee Archive Wales
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Gee Printing Company Records,

Records of the printing and publishing firm of Thomas Gee, 1836-1937, including: general ledger, 1897-1910; trade ledgers, 1894-1920; Baner ledgers, 1871-1904; insurance accounts, 1852-1914; printing accounts, 1905-1937; Baner accounts, 1908-1922; North Wales Times accounts, 1904-1928; advertisement journals and ledgers, 1872-1918; statements of work undertaken, 1889-1918; machine room and piecework records, 1868-1890; receipts to customers, 1892-1897; daybooks, 1904-1907; subscription address books, 1898-1931; return sheets and books, 1914-1922; documents relating to partnership, copyright etc., 1839-1892; letters, 1847-1918; and miscellanea, 1836-1935.

Gwasg Gee (Cyhoeddwyr)