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Letter from ? to Clive.

On the night of the 8th of Safar a middle-aged men clad in a blanket came here and stopped at the mausoleum of a faqir next to the Sarae Mo. He has put up his bed there and claims that he is the son of Rafi al-Darajat and Nuh/son-in-law of Emperor Bahadur Shah. I went to investigate this in the morning and found out that he claimed that he had escaped from Delhi Fort to Hyderabad and came here to gather support and conquer the country. I intend to take him into custody but will wait until I have completed my investigation.

Letter from ? to Clive.

I had gone to Ajudhia for the sacred baths when I had the opportunity to seek an audience with Shuja al-Daulah Bahadur. He was very kind to me and repeatedly asked me about you and I replied to him, very diplomatically, that which I consideres to be appropriate. He wished to appoint me to negotiate between you and him but I refused this offer; he took me aside to question me further privately. Later on the Navab Vazir on the advice of his courtier came to this part of the country. After travelling two manzils the Navab Vazir asked his Begam and his son Mirza Amani to return to Faizabad. As I did not find the conversation of courtiers very amiable I separated from the company of the Navab and returned to where I am now. The Navab who is at present coming to see you expects a large number of favours from you. I am writing to you to warn you of his intentions. I will be waiting for whatever you want me to do next.

Letter from ? to Shah Alam.

Before my departure from you we had a lot of questions and answers regarding my attitude towards your sending me to see the benefactor/mushfiq. God is a witness that I was not happy to come to this place but it is after a lot of assurances and cajoling from you that I agreed to take your leave and proceeded to see the mushfiq. This was done only because I care for the well-being of Gods creation and regard myself as your friend, and care for the welfare of the people, the prosperity of the country and your future. That is why, after disregarding my own wishes, and in order not to embarrass you and blacken my face before God, his prophet and his followers and considering the interests of my people above my own interests and considering you as the Plato of this age I departed to see the mushfiq. After a short stay at Benares with your approval I went to see him and stayed with him four to five gharis with him; I am now on my way to come and see you.

Letter from ? to Lord Clive.

I have pleasure in sending you a piece of special cloth manufactured in our factory at Jahangirnagar along with some sweets and perfumes as a gift. Please let me know if you like the cloth so that, if required, I can send you some more.

Letter from ? to Clive.

On the the advice of Khvajah Ashraf the following amounts of sapltpetre was delivered to the Dutch Kothi on the 27th of Rabi al-Sani, San 4. -- [Details given.] --

Letter from ? to Clive.

I have received the news of your great victory with the utmost joy and happiness and pray that God grants you further successes and a long life.

Letter from ? to Lord Clive.

I continuously pray for your safety and good health. I hope Nawab Nasir al-Mulk has arrived and is keeping you company. -- P.S: Just as I had finished writing this letter I received your letter from Ganga Prashad regretting for the delay in replying to my letter.

Letter from ? to Mr Scrafton.

Mir Subhan Ali is a long standing friend of mine who lives in an inherited property in Khurramabad. Lately he has suffered from some accusations. I would be grateful if you could appoint two of your Tilanga soldier to protect him and his property.

Letter from Ziya al-Haqq Khan to Clive.

I had appointed Baha Allah as the officer in charge of the district of Hugli which is attached to the sarkar of Salgam. He has reported to me that the residents and inhabitants of Calcutta, Bhakar and Mitya Garh, etc. are obstructing him in the execution of his duties and that the Naibs of those district are resisting in the payments of their dues. As they come under your jurisdiction it would be appreciated if you could help in remedying this situation

Letter from ? to I'tizad-i Mihrban Dostan Hifz Allah Ta'ala.

I was very pleased to hear from Babu Sudr Shiv that you have great feelings of friendship and sincerity towards me. May our friendship continue for ever. -- N.B. Babu Sudr Shiv has intimate knowledge of our affairs. His advice is always good for our friendship.

Letter from ? to ?.

I would like to offer my services to serve your government. I would be grateful if you could communicate to Nand Kumar when and where you would like me to come to see you regarding this request.

Letter from ? to Lord Clive.

Perhaps you may remember the day I came to see you with my son and that you informed me that you were considering arranging for a honourable discharge for me from my services. I am grateful for your kindness. Meanwhile, at this time of the harvest the situation in the country is getting worse and because of the extortion and mismanagement of the tahsildar most of the cultivators are running away and the remaining inhabitants are complaining. Although I do not consider this a very pleasant duty it is essential that I inform you about the mismanagement of the company's tahsiladar. I do not wish to ask anything more than my pension to support my dependants. As I am not keeping very well I wish to go away from this place for a change of air. I would be grateful if you could issue orders for my pension to be paid.

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