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Gogerddan Estate Records

  • Fonds
  • 1238-1987

Records of the Gogerddan estate, Cardiganshire, and the Pryse family, including branches of the family at Glanfred, Ynysgreigiog and Glanmerin,1238-1987. There are also records of various other families linked to Gogerddan by marriage: Loveden of Buscot Park, Berkshire, Lewes (or Lewis) of Llan-gors, Breconshire, and of Abernantbychan and Coedmor in Cardiganshire, Hean Castle in Pembrokeshire and Hurst in Berkshire and Wiltshire, Pughe of Mathafarn, Montgomeryshire, and via the Pughe family, Salesbury of Rug. Merionethshire. The main group of Gogerddan estate papers comprises rentals, 1719-1931; valuations, 1805-[early 20th cent.]; title deeds, 1332-1930; estate administration records which include agency and tenancy papers, 1810-1925, estate accounts, 1474-1926 (mainly 1850s-1926), building records, 1766-1921, agricultural records, 1796-1922, forestry and timber records, 1816-1923, papers relating to enclosures on Cors Fochno and elsewhere, 1743-1899, hunting, shooting and fishing records, 1804-1943, and household administration records, 1668-1928; estate and general correspondencec, 1586-1924; papers of various agricultural societies, 1815-1924; Cardiganshire lead mining records, 1656-1924; manorial records mainly from Genau’r-glyn, Cardiganshire, and Emlyn Iscych, Pembrokeshire, and a few from Lampeter, 1610-1919; legal papers, 1441-[post-1908]; mortgages and other financial papers, 1577-1926; papers relating to the Cardigan Borough elections and other political papers, [1690]-1880[; county administration papers from Cardiganshire and other counties, 1523-1929; records of institutions such as churches and chapels, schools and charities, 1620-1945; papers relating to roads and railways, 1776-1900; the Pryse family probate records and family settlements, 1549-1950; and personal papers of the family, including Lady Marjorie Pryse, 1641-1987. There are several sub-groups of records from the other estates. The first of these is Abernantbychan, 1416-1918, which includes rentals, 1722-1887and valuations, 1790-[c. 1881]. The other estates comprise Mathafarn, 1403-1754, Aberbechan and Main, 1238-1684, Rug, 1529-1744, and miscellaneous estates which include Peterwell and Nanteos, Cardiganshire, Llanboidy in Carmarthenshire and Montserrat, West Indies, 1562-[c.1887],The BRA deposit consisted of papers mainly from the offices of solicitors, Atwood and Hughes of Aberystwyth, and Boys and Tweedie of London. It included original Gogerddan deeds, together with maps, correspondence, papers relating to enclosures in the manor of Genau’r-glyn, sales and purchases of land, mining and court cases, and papers amassed during administration of the estate after the death of Pryse Loveden in 1855. The material in the BRA Deposit has been amalgamated with the main Gogerddan catalogue, albeit as discrete files for retrieval purposes.Overall, the collection reflects the historical importance of Gogerddan and the Pryse family within Cardiganshire. Several major themes emerge from the estate records: the history of property ownership and building development in the Aberystwyth area, estate work such as land drainage, building improvements, agriculture, forestry, mining, gamekeeping and foxhunting, county politics, and participation in large-scale commercial enterprises such as the railways. The personal papers illustrate the family’s interests and their deep concern over financial issues during the final decline of the Gogerddan estate.

Pryse family, of Gogerddan.

A rent book

Lists of rents paid in South Cardiganshire, 1841-1853, and agricultural accounts, 1842-1852.

2014 Donation,

Additional material consisting of letters, articles, reviews, and programmes of Daniel Jones.

Greg Hill Papers

  • GB 0210 GREILL
  • Fonds
  • 1930-2021 (with gaps)

Papers of the writer, poet, and literary editor Greg Hill (1949-), including personal and editorial correspondence from various poets and literary figures mainly from Wales and of Welsh interest, and related papers (1952; 1980-2010); papers relating to both published and some unpublished works, including poems, essays, translations, and typescripts (1930-2012); papers relating to the journal Materion Dwyieithiog/Bilingual Matters published by the Media Studies Group, Coleg Ceredigion, including correspondence and typescripts (1989-1992); reviews and press cuttings from various literary journals of Welsh interest (1977-2021); and papers relating to the organisation of the ‘Poets on Poets’ event at Coleg Harlech (1993-1994).

Hill, Greg, 1949-

John Barnie Papers

  • GB 0210 JOHNBIE
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2017

The collection consists of personal, literary, and editorial correspondence, including correspondence from various poets and literary figures from Wales and other countries, and related papers, 1970-2017; literary contracts, agreements, and statements, 1971-2016; typescripts for published works, 1986-[c.1998]; papers relating to poetry readings, conferences, and events, 1995-2007; press cuttings and reviews, 1974-[c.2012]; papers relating to various music and poetry groups, 1999-2015; and diary notes, 1978-1985.

Barnie, John, 1941-

Anglo-Welsh Review Archive,

  • GB 0210 ANGIEW
  • Fonds
  • 1957- 2000 (the majority accumulated 1965-1988)

Records relating to the Anglo-Welsh Review, mainly typescripts of material published in the magazine, 1957-1988, including editor's correspondence files, printer's copies and galley proofs, 1957-1988; and subscription lists, 1957-1975. The archive also includes correspondence and papers relating to the publication's demise and closure, 1981-2000 (November 2021 deposit).

The Anglo-Welsh Review.


Papers relating to original poems by Greg Hill, [1992x1995]-2012, primarily consisting of drafts and copies of poems, including typescript and hand written drafts of the poem ‘Stuck Duct’ (2002-2008, with gaps); a typescript copy of ‘The Pipes of Pan’ translated by Greg Hill from the Welsh by Alun Llywelyn-Williams ([1992x1995]); and copies of poems printed from web pages (2002), including ‘In the Spirit World’, ‘Spirit Messages’, ‘Night Voices’, ‘Hades’, ‘Belief in Things’, ‘Dark Road,; ‘Going Back’, ‘Rain in the Night’, ‘A Thracian Triptych’, ‘The Battle of Arfderydd’, ‘Mournful Song’, ‘Loch Ness’, ‘Inscape’, ‘Trawsgoed’, ‘The Well Shaft’, ‘Moths’, ‘Jackdaw’, ‘A Significance of Horses’, ‘The Hunt’, ‘I Saw a Shadow’, ‘Light and Dark’, ‘Encounter’, ‘Lizard’, ‘For Gwenfrewi’, ‘Quaker Meeting in October’, ‘Old Man’s Beard’, ‘Words’, ‘Lights’, ‘Conifers’, ‘Gododdin’, ‘Bran’, ‘Llywelyn’, ‘Dafydd’, ‘Owain’, ‘Taliesin’, ‘Sunway’, ‘Windway’, ‘Waterway’, ‘Earthway’, ‘Scrumping’, and ‘Unfinished’. The file also contains a leaflet for the opening of the Llanfihangel Genau’r Glyn Poetry Path (2012), with a copy of the poem ‘Cwm Eleri’; and a cutting from the Cambrian News (2012).

Original Poems and Translations

Papers, 1980-2009, mainly relating to original poems and translations by Greg Hill, including a copy of the booklet, ‘Bastard Englyns: Original Poems & Translations’ by Greg Hill (2000) which includes poems by Gerallt Llwyd Owen and Waldo Williams; and typescript copies of poems & translations (1980-2009, with gaps) published in Planet, New Welsh Review, Poetry Wales, Red Poets, Scintilla, and the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition. The file also includes a number of letters (1992; 1994; 2000) addressed to Greg Hill discussing translations of poems and their publication, from Richard Poole (2); Gerallt Lloyd Owen (1); Emyr Williams (1), with a typescript copy of the translation ‘Inheritance’; and Willem Winters (1).

Reviews and Cuttings

Copies and cuttings of published reviews and short articles by Greg Hill (1977-2021), including articles published in Planet magazine (1977-2016, with gaps), Poetry Wales (2004-2005), The Friends’ Quarterly (1997), New Welsh Review (1996), New Horizon (1996), and Critical Survey ([?1990]); a copy of his chapter ‘John Barnie: Biography and Autobiography’ (2017), with a letter from Matt Jarvis; and copies and cuttings of reviews written by Greg Hill ([?1980]-[?2005], with gaps), as published in Planet, The Anglo-Welsh Review, Poetry Wales, New Welsh Review, and Llais Llyfrau. The file also contains a list of publications and review titles (1981-1990), in the hand of Greg Hill; a programme for the production of ‘Branwen’ at Theatr Clwyd ([1989]), with a contract for a review of the performance for BBC Radio 4, and notes (1989); and a cutting from the Cambrian News (2000), including a letter from Greg Hill.


Papers relating to original poems and translations by Greg Hill, 1980-2012, including typescript copies and typed and handwritten drafts of poems and translations, and related correspondence.

Materion Dwyieithog/Bilingual Matters

Papers relating to the journal Materion Dwyieithog/Bilingual Matters, [?1990]-1992; 2002, consisting of correspondence discussing items to be featured and typescript copies of material intended for inclusion. The correspondence (1990-1992; 2002) includes letters from Tony Conran (4); Greg Hill (unsigned) (1); Michael Schmidt (1); Steve Short (1); Harri Pritchard Jones (1); M. Wynn Thomas (1); Joseph Clancy (2); Raymond Garlick (1); Bobi Jones (1); Ceridwen Lloyd Morgan to Hywel Ifans (1); and Huw Jones (1). The correspondence is accompanied by typescript and hand written copies, ([?1990]-[?1992]), of material intended for publication, including an interview with Tony Conran; part of a translation of Y Gododdin by Steve Short; an interview with Joseph Clancy; copies of Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan’s essay ‘Fascinating, Infuriating and Miraculous: Welsh-Language Publishing in 1991’; two copies of ‘Dwyieithrwydd a Llenyddiaeth’ by Heather Williams; ‘Darganfod Hanes Cymru’ by Geraint H. Jenkins, ([?1992]); copies of poems translated by Joseph Clancy from the original Welsh by Bobi Jones, including ‘Portrait of an Immigrant’, ‘A Wren in Aberystwyth Cemetery’; ‘The Other Grandmother’, ‘Going on Holidays’, and ‘Grandfather and Grandson’; and copies of ‘Y Llifeiriant’ and ‘Syrcas’ by Huw Jones, ‘Meeting at Llanfihangel’ by Damian Walford Davies, and ‘Darganfod Hanes Cymru’ by Geraint H. Jenkins;

Poets on Poets: Coleg Harlech

Papers, 1993-1994, relating to the Welsh Academy’s ‘Poets on Poets: Taliesin and Aneirin’ event at Coleg Harlech, 1994, featuring Greg Hill, Gillian Clarke, Chris Meredith, and Tony Conran. The file includes letters (1993-1994), from Greg Hill (unsigned) (1), Kevin Thomas (1), Gillian Clarke (1), and Tony Conran (1); a poster advertising the event (1994); typescript copies of poems intended to be featured ([1994]), including a verse from Aneirin’s 'Gododdin', and the poems ‘Aneirin Speaks’ and ‘Heroes’, by Raymond Garlick, and ‘Over the Top’, ‘Elegy for the Welsh Dead in the Falkland Islands, 1982’, and ‘Becca at the Gate’ by Greg Hill; and a copy of the booklet ‘Ancestors: Translations from Early Welsh Verse & Variations on a Theme’ by Greg Hill ([?1994]).

Published Essays

Papers relating to published essays by Greg Hill, 1930-1931; 1980-1995, including correspondence, cuttings, research notes, typescript copies and drafts, and page proofs.

Personal Correspondence

Postcards and letters primarily addressed to Greg Hill, 1952; 1980-2010 (with gaps), mainly relating to the publication of poetry and reviews in books and journals including Poetry Wales, Planet, Agenda, New Welsh Review, Scintilla, PN Review, The Anglo-Welsh Review, Materion Dwyieithog/Bilingual Matters, and Friends’ Quarterly, and the anthologies The Dancing Pilgrimage of Water: Writings on Welsh Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs (2010), and Birdsong (2002); Greg Hill’s acceptance of the Manchester Cathedral Religious Poetry Competition 2001; and membership of The Welsh Academy/Yr Academi Gymreig (1988). Includes letters from Michael Farley (1); Jeremy Hooker (1); Robert Minhinnick (4); John Davies (1); John Barnie (2); Dewi Roberts (2); Charles Leftwich (1); Cary Archard (1); Richard Poole (2); Zoë Skoulding (2); Michael Schmidt (1); Robin Reeves (2); Anne Cluysenaar (3); Gwyneth Evans (1); Greg Hill (1); Mick Felton (1); Canon Albert Radcliffe (1); David Blamires (1); Ursula Freeman (1); William Cookson (1); Glenda Beagan (2), including a typescript copy of her poem ‘Bi-Lingual’ (1992); David Annwn (3); Raymond Garlick (1), including a copy of the first edition of the journal Dock Leaves (1952); ; Mike Jenkins (1); Tony Conran (1); and Kevin Thomas (1). The file also includes a typescript copy of ‘The Guesthouse’ by Steve Griffiths ([?1980x1995]); and a copy of Welsh Union of Writers News, Winter 1983/84.

Ned Thomas and the Condition of Wales

Papers, 1989 and 1992, relating to Greg Hill’s essay ‘Ned Thomas and the Condition of Wales'. The file includes two typescript copies of the essay ([1992]), a handwritten draft in the hand of Greg Hill, with some annotations and corrections ([1992]), and several pages of research notes, also in the hand of Greg Hill, discussing Waldo Williams, Ned Thomas, D. H. Lawrence, and George Orwell. The file also contains a number of letters (1992) to Greg Hill, from Ned Thomas (2), David T. Lloyd (2) and Mavis Page (1), discussing the essay’s content and publication; and a copy of Materion Dwyieithog / Bilingual Matters, No.1 (1989), published by the Media Studies Group, Ceredigion College of Further Education.

A Oes Golau yn y Gwyll? Alun Llywelyn-Williams ac Alun Lewis

Papers, 1992-1995, relating to Greg Hill’s published essay ‘A Oes Golau yn y Gwyll? Alun Llywelyn-Williams ac Alun Lewis’. The file includes letters to Greg Hill from M. Wynn Thomas (5) and John Rowlands (1); a typescript copy of the chapter, with some corrections; and a copy of the contract agreement for the publication, signed by Ned Thomas. The file also contains a copy of the poem ‘The Pipes of Pan’, translated by Greg Hill from the Welsh poem by Alun Llywelyn-Williams.

Writers of Wales: Llewelyn Wyn Griffith

Papers, 1930-1931 and 1980-1987 (with gaps), relating to Greg Hill’s publication Writers of Wales: Llewelyn Wyn Griffith (Cardiff: University of Wales Press on behalf of the Welsh Arts Council, 1984), consisting mainly of letters to Greg Hill, including letters from Hugh Wyn Griffith (5); Meic Stephens (7); June Gruffydd (1); Lowri Morgan (3); Richard Houdmont (1); and Susan Jenkins (3). The file also includes a cutting from The Anglo Welsh Review of a review of the book ([?1984]); a questionnaire filled in by Ben G. Jones of The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, about the life and work of Llewelyn Wyn Griffith ([?1980x1984]); copies of letters (1930-1931) to Gerald Hayes and to Llewelyn Wyn Griffith from Walter de la Mare (4); page proofs, (1983 and [1983]), with some corrections; a press cutting ([1983]); cuttings from British Book News (1984) and Llais Llyfrau (1987), including reviews of the publication by Roland Mathias and R. Gerallt Jones; and notes in the hand of Greg Hill ([1981]).

Correspondence relating to closure of the Anglo-Welsh Review

Correspondence, 1981-2000, mainly relating to reviews and articles intended for publication in the Anglo-Welsh Review, and to the Welsh Arts Council’s withdrawal of funding in 1987 and subsequent closure of the publication in 1988. The file includes letters to Greg Hill and others from Arthur Giardelli (3); Bim Giardelli (1); Glyn Jones (1); Anne Stevenson (3); Tony Conran (2); Jeremy Hooker (9); Desmond Slay (1); Meic Stephens (4); Freda Walters (3); Tony Curtis (1); John Davies (1); Raymond Garlick (2); Peter Dale (1); David Annwn (1); Ann Hallam (1); Tony Bianchi (1); Gillian Clarke (1); and Steve Griffiths (1). Also enclosed are cuttings of obituaries for the writer and historian Gwyn Jones, written by Desmond Slay and Meic Stephens respectively (1999); and a copy of a cutting from the Western Mail, reporting on the closure of the Anglo-Welsh Review and the launch of the New Welsh Review (1987).

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