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Garlick, Raymond
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Personal Correspondence

Postcards and letters primarily addressed to Greg Hill, 1952; 1980-2010 (with gaps), mainly relating to the publication of poetry and reviews in books and journals including Poetry Wales, Planet, Agenda, New Welsh Review, Scintilla, PN Review, The Anglo-Welsh Review, Materion Dwyieithog/Bilingual Matters, and Friends’ Quarterly, and the anthologies The Dancing Pilgrimage of Water: Writings on Welsh Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs (2010), and Birdsong (2002); Greg Hill’s acceptance of the Manchester Cathedral Religious Poetry Competition 2001; and membership of The Welsh Academy/Yr Academi Gymreig (1988). Includes letters from Michael Farley (1); Jeremy Hooker (1); Robert Minhinnick (4); John Davies (1); John Barnie (2); Dewi Roberts (2); Charles Leftwich (1); Cary Archard (1); Richard Poole (2); Zoë Skoulding (2); Michael Schmidt (1); Robin Reeves (2); Anne Cluysenaar (3); Gwyneth Evans (1); Greg Hill (1); Mick Felton (1); Canon Albert Radcliffe (1); David Blamires (1); Ursula Freeman (1); William Cookson (1); Glenda Beagan (2), including a typescript copy of her poem ‘Bi-Lingual’ (1992); David Annwn (3); Raymond Garlick (1), including a copy of the first edition of the journal Dock Leaves (1952); ; Mike Jenkins (1); Tony Conran (1); and Kevin Thomas (1). The file also includes a typescript copy of ‘The Guesthouse’ by Steve Griffiths ([?1980x1995]); and a copy of Welsh Union of Writers News, Winter 1983/84.

Correspondence : 1954

Includes letters from Aneirin Talfan Davies (4); D. J. Williams; L. Alun Page; A. G. Prys-Jones; and Raymond Garlick (10).

Davies, Aneirin Talfan

Correspondence: 1972-1981,

Includes letters from Glyn Jones; John Tripp (2); Arthur Giardelli; Prys Morgan (2); Raymond Garlick (2); Moelwyn Merchant; Philip Owens (2); Robin Gregory; Leslie Norris (5); A. G. Prys-Jones (4); Philip Pacey; Dannie Abse; Sam Adams (2); Charles Kohler; Andrew McNeillie (2); Roger Conover (4); and Peter Dent.

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995.

Correspondence : 1958

Includes letters from Kyffin Williams; Alun Oldfield-Davies (2); Raymond Garlick (14); Jac L. Williams (5); Ian Parrott (4); Arthur Giardelli (3); D. W. T. Jenkins; Cecil Price; Myra Owen (5); D. J. Williams; and Gwyn Jones. A number of letters refer to Roland Mathias's appointment as Head of Herbert Strutt School, Belper.

Williams, Kyffin, 1918-2006

Correspondence : 1960

Includes letters from Glyn Jones (2); Raymond Garlick (15); L. Alun Page; R. George Thomas (3); Alun Oldfield-Davies (7); Arthur Giardelli; Gerallt Jones (letter addressed to Raymond Garlick); Nan Davies (2); David Eccles; E. Howard Harris (letter addressed to Raymond Garlick); Gwyn Jones (3); A. O. H. Jarman; and D. Tecwyn Lloyd (letter addressed to Raymond Garlick).

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995

Correspondence : 1961

Includes letters from Michael Fogarty; D. Tecwyn Lloyd (2); Raymond Garlick (6); Gareth Alban Davies; R. George Thomas (10); T. Gwynfor Griffith (2); A. G. Prys-Jones (4); Cecil Price (5); Arthur Giardelli; D. J. Williams; and L. Alun Page. Also enclosed is a programme of the Seventh Annual Congress of the Guild for the Promotion of Welsh Music (18-20 May).

Fogarty, Michael Patrick,

Correspondence: 1995-1999,

Includes letters from Enid Luff (4); Christine Evans (2); Raymond Garlick; Caryl Davies; Angela Morton (2, including a poem); Mavis Carter (5); Liz Ashurst; Esther de Waal; Jean Earle (4); Gladys Mary Coles; Margaret Merritt (9); Mary Lloyd Jones (2); Maura Dooley; Diana Hendry; Lynne Rees (8); Roger Garfitt; Elwyn Evans; Judith Thwaite (enclosing two poems); Ruth Bidgood; David T. Lloyd (2); Patricia V. Dawson; Roland Mathias (2); Ann Byrne-Sutton (poem); Berenice Moore; Geoffrey Bould; Dylan Jones (2); Justin Todd; Emyr Humphreys; Phil Clark (2); M. Wynn Thomas; Tony Conran; Lesley Grant-Adamson (3); Sue Moules (2); John Emyr; Neil Nuttall; Sheenagh Pugh; and Menna Elfyn.

Correspondence : 1964

Includes letters from Meic Stephens (2); Cecil Price (12); R. George Thomas (6); Robert Morgan (3); Leonard Clark (5); Raymond Garlick (5); Glyn Jones (2); John Idris Jones (4); David Harries; Bryn Griffiths (2); D. J. Williams; Gerald Morgan (2); Gwyn A. Williams (2); Pennar Davies; Alison Bielski (3); Vernon Watkins; Aneirin Talfan Davies; Alun Llewellyn; Dannie Abse (2); Leslie Norris (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (2); Ellen Tifft (2); Emily Katharine Harris (2); Robert Gittings; Islwyn Ffowc Elis; and John Stuart Williams (3). The file also includes a statement of income and expenditure and balance sheet for the Dock Leaves Press, year ending 29 Feb. 1964.

Stephens, Meic

Correspondence : 1965

Includes letters from Gerald Morgan; Cecil Price (13); R. George Thomas (3); Robert Gittings (3); Leslie Norris (2); John Stuart Williams (7); Dora Polk (4); Ellen Tifft (3); Alun Llewellyn (18); Rev. L. Alun Page (6); Islwyn Ffowc Elis (3); William Mathias (3); Neville Masterman (2); Raymond Garlick (5); Arthur Giardelli (3); Alison Bielski (4); Robert Morgan (3); Ian Parrott (4); Emily Katharine Harris (2); Jeffrey Steele; Julian Ennis (3); Vernon Watkins (3); Dannie Abse; F. R. Konekamp; Maurice Carpenter (2); Bryn Griffiths; David Harries (2); and David Jones (3), including a typescript copy of the poem 'The hunt'.

Morgan, Gerald, 1935-

Literary letters

Letters, 1941-2001. Among the correspondents are Elwyn Evans, Jackson Mathews, Rush Rhys (3), Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, Glyn Jones, Brian [Lewis] (3), Raymond Garlick, Gwyn Jones, Nicole Crossley-Holland, Nigel Jenkins; together with letters received by Manon Hellings in the years after her husband's death. Also included is a postcard sent by Peter Hellings to his mother in 1946 from Jerusalem.

Evans, Elwyn

Correspondence : 1966

Includes letters from Tom Earley (6); H. P. Collins; Dora Polk (4); Cecil Price (21, with a letter to Ralph Maud); Glyn Jones (4); Stephen Griffith (2); Robert Morgan (3); Meic Stephens (6); F. R. Konekamp (2); Neville Masterman (8); Alison Bielski (3); Menna Gallie; Ellen Tifft (2); John Stuart Williams (16); Bryn Griffiths (8); Emily Katharine Harris (2); L. Alun Page; Alun Llewellyn (15); Susan Glyn (6); Julian Ennis (6); Ian Parrott (8); Raymond Garlick (7); Leslie Norris (3); Cledwyn Hughes (7); R. George Thomas (2); John Idris Jones (4); Arthur Giardelli; Dannie Abse; D. J. Williams; Horst Jarka; and Maurice Carpenter. The file also includes draft copies of The Anglo-Welsh Review constitution.

Earley, Tom

Correspondence : 1967

Includes letters from Meic Stephens (18); Dannie Abse (7); Arthur Giardelli (2); Jeffrey Steele (5); George Ewart Evans; Susan Glyn (2); Dora Polk (5); John Stuart Williams (7); Robert Shaw (2); R. S. Thomas; John Pook (3, including poems by him); Tony Curtis; Alun Llewellyn (16); Glyn Jones (2); Thomas Taig (3); H. P. Collins (4); Neville Masterman (7); John Idris Jones (8); Cecil Price (17); Kent Thompson (2); Bryn Griffiths (4); Ian Parrott (4); Bernard Lloyd (4); R. George Thomas; Howard Sergeant (2); Kay Harris; John Alun Davies (2); Brian Way (3); Alison Bielski; Vera Rich (copy); Randal Jenkins (5); Ray Howard-Jones; Raymond Garlick (4); David Gallon (4); Leslie Norris (2); John Snelling; Tom Earley; David Parry; Vernon Watkins; John Ward (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (3); Ralph Salisbury (2); Gerald Morgan; Joseph P. Clancy; Annemarie Towner (2); Robert Morgan; Eiluned Lewis (3); and Harri Webb (copy).

Stephens, Meic

'Letters (writers)',

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6); Ted Hughes; Anne Stevenson (4); Jean Earle (4); Bobi Jones; Gwyneth Lewis (5); Olivia Byard; Christine Evans (3); Maura Dooley (4); John Emyr (enclosing poem for Gillian Clarke); Sally Roberts Jones (3); Kate Foley; Anne Cluysenaar (2); Douglas Houston (enclosing poem for Gillian Clarke); Menna Elfyn; Ruth Bidgood; Michael Longley; Gweno Lewis; Leslie Norris; Charles Causley; Meic Stephens; Kevin Crossley-Holland; Lawrence Sail; M. Wynn Thomas (2); Shani Rhys-James (3); R. S. Thomas; Phil Clark; Dannie Abse; Raymond Garlick; Jeremy Hooker; and Nigel Jenkins.

Correspondence : 1968

Includes letters from Robert Morgan (9); Rosamund Stanhope (5); John Idris Jones (8); Leslie Norris (7); Alison Bielski (6); Alun Llewellyn (10); Meic Stephens (26); Ray Howard-Jones (19); Roy Thomas (4); Cecil Price (16); Glyn Jones (8); R. S. Thomas (4); Thomas Taig (2); John Stuart Williams (6); A. F. Leighton Thomas (11); John Trice; Neville Masterman (7); Philip Larkin; Peter Thomas (4); Eryl Davies (3); L. Alun Page (2); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Elwyn Davies (5); Andrew Waterman (4); Alun Llywelyn-Williams (3); Kent Thompson; Leonard Clark (4); Tony Curtis (5); Raymond Garlick (6); Kyffin Williams; Peter Finch; H. P. Collins; Raymond Moore (6); Dora Polk (2); Anthony Steel; Randal Jenkins; Jeremy Hooker (3); Ellen Tifft; Glanmor Williams (2); R. George Thomas; and Norman Schwenk (2).

Morgan, Robert, 1921-1994

'Personal letters',

Includes letters from Arthur Giardelli (2); Robert Nisbet; A. G. Prys-Jones; H. J. Lloyd-Johnes; Myfanwy Thomas (4); Peter Dent (3, including poems); Jonah Jones; Tom Ellis; Howard Sergeant (2); Philip Owens; Richard Ball (4); Roy Thomas (2); Gerard Casey; Raymond Garlick; Jon Dressel; and Glyn Jones.

Correspondence : 1969

Includes letters from Alun Llewellyn (10); Désirée Hirst (3); Rosamund Stanhope (6); Meic Stephens (33); Raymond Garlick (5); Robert Morgan (7); Cecil Price (14); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Terry Measham (4); Raymond Moore; Jane McCormick (5); Neville Masterman (4); Don McKay (4); Ralph Maud (2); Roy Burnett (7); Glyn Jones (5); Norman Iles (4); Roy Thomas (5); Moira Dearnley (5); Andrew McNeillie (3); Peter Thomas (7); Jeremy Hooker (9); Alison Bielski (3); Leonard Clark (4); Dora Polk (4); Kyffin Williams (5, including a manuscript of part of his article 'An artist in Welsh Patagonia', published in The Anglo-Welsh Review, no. 42); Dannie Abse; Tony Curtis (6); Elwyn Davies (5); Alan Perry (3); A. H. Dodd (2); John Stuart Williams (5); John Alun Davies (3); John Tripp (4); Ray Howard-Jones (2); Leslie Norris (2); Stephen L. I. Pettit (3); Harold P. Collins; Peter Finch (4); Ronald Lowe (2); R. George Thomas (3); and Sam Adams (4).

Llewellyn, Alun, 1903-1993

Writers of Wales for the Assembly,

Copies of a statement signed by numerous authors in support of an Assembly for Wales, together with a copy of the letter sent to them by Gillian Clarke and W. Rhys Nicholas. Also included are letters from W. Rhys Nicholas (2); Gwyn O. Jones; A. G. Prys-Jones; Islwyn Ffowc Elis; Raymond Garlick; and Harri Webb. In addition, the file contains notes by Gillian Clarke and printed material relating to the 'Yes for Wales' campaign.

Correspondence : 1970

Includes letters from Neville Masterman (12); Glyn Jones (13); Jeremy Hooker (8); Sam Adams (13); Elwyn Davies (3); Kyffin Williams (5, including a card with an original print of Patagonian rider, signed by him); Cecil Price (10); John Idris Jones (8); Alun Llewellyn (12); Gwynfor Evans (2); Tom Earley; Andrew McNeillie (2); Moira Dearnley (4); Saunders Lewis; Randal Jenkins (5); L. Alun Page (6); Roy Thomas (3); Jane McCormick (3); R. George Thomas (2); Dannie Abse (2); Dora Polk (6); H. P. Collins (4); John Stuart Williams (5); Annemarie Ewing (2); Raymond Garlick (7); Alun Talfan Davies; Ray Howard-Jones (4); Stephen L. I. Pettit (4); Alan Perry; Leslie Norris (7); A. G. Prys-Jones; John Petts (4); R. S. Thomas; John Ackerman (2); Nigel Jenkins (2); Alison Bileski (2); Robert Morgan (3); and Peter Finch (2).

Masterman, Neville

Correspondence : 1971

Includes letters from Alun Llewellyn (4); Glyn Jones (4); Sam Adams (8); Leslie Norris (4); John Ackerman (4); Moira Dearnley (3); Peter Abbs (6); Neville Masterman (5); L. Alun Page (3); John Tripp (8); John Petts; R. George Thomas (2); Andrew McNeillie; Robert Morgan (9); Meic Stephens (12); Roy Thomas (6); Alison Bielski (4); Jeremy Hooker (7); J. P. Ward (4); Arthur Giardelli (5); Belinda Humfrey (11); Rosamund Stanhope (2); Randal Jenkins (3); H. P. Collins (5); George Ewart Evans (2); Gillian Clarke (8); Raymond Garlick (2); John Stuart Williams (8); Lawrence W. Hockey (2); Tony Curtis (3); Désirée Hirst (2); Graham Allen; Anthony Conran (2); R. S. Thomas; A. G. Prys-Jones (4); and Ray Howard-Jones.

Llewellyn, Alun, 1903-1993

Correspondence : 1972

Includes letters from Alison Bielski (3); Leslie Norris (6); Susan Glyn (3); Dora Polk (7); Raymond Garlick (7); Gillian Clarke (29); Glyn Jones (4, including a copy of letter to Meic Stephens); J. P. Ward (6, including a typescript of the poem 'Yesterday in Cehyddion Valley', with corrections in the author's hand); Sally Roberts Jones (7); Elan Closs Stephens (5); Tony Curtis (8); David E. Painting (4); Hywel D. Lewis; A. G. Prys-Jones (8); Sam Adams (7); John Tripp (7); Belinda Humfrey (12); Rosamund Stanhope (4); Randal Jenkins (2); Robert Morgan (5); L. Alun Page (5); Jeremy Hooker (4); Ray Howard-Jones (17, including a catalogue of her first retrospective exhibition at The Sackville Gallery); Philip Pacey (3); John Ackerman (3); Leonard Clark (2); Harri Webb (5); Neville Masterman (4); Lawrence W. Hockey (4); John Stuart Williams (2); Ruth Bidgood (3); Judith Maro (3); Friedrich Konekamp (3); Cledwyn Hughes (2); and Eigra Lewis Roberts (2).

Bielski, Alison J.

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