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U 1-7: Papurau, c.1940au-90au, o eiddo Nans Jones, 7 Melrose Avenue, Pen-y-lan, Caerdydd, aelod teryngar o Blaid Cymru ac, am gyfnod maith, cyfrifydd a threfnydd Adran Merched y Blaid. Trosglwyddwyd nifer o luniau i Adran y Darlunau a'r Mapiau [199800411]. (Adnau C1998/15).

Letters to Dedwydd Jones

Some one hundred and thirty letters and cards, 1966-1994 and n.d., to Dedwydd Jones, mostly from actors, playwrights and other prominent theatrical and literary figures in response to receiving copies of his works. Among the correspondents are Alan Ayckbourn (3) 1975-1981, Stanley Baker (4) 1968-1975, Cyril Cusack (2) 1968, Anthony Hopkins (1) 1987, Eugène Ionesco (1) 1974, Glyn Jones (10) 1969-1978, J. Saunders Lewis (1) 1969, Spike Milligan (2) 1977-1978, John Osbourne (3) 1991-1993, Siân Phillips (1) n.d., Kate Roberts (10) 1971-1977, Harry Secombe (1) 1982, and Sam Wanamaker (9) 1990-1993.

2 Plus 2 archive

Some two hundred and eighty letters and cards, 1968-1992, to Dedwydd Jones from various correspondents, mainly relating to the literary periodical 2 Plus 2, of which he was executive editor, 1983-1985; together with a number of poems and short stories submitted for publication by writers from Britain, Ireland, Australia, North America and India. The correspondents and contributors include Dannie Abse (8, with two poems) 1968-1992, Samuel Beckett (1) 1983, Tony Curtis (4, with one poem) 1983-1984, Brian Friel (1) 1991, Nigel Jenkins (2) 1987, Jan Morris (17) 1975-1991, Peter Redgrove (6, with four poems) 1983-1984, and Iain Crichton Smith (one short story, [c. 1984]).

Dedwydd Jones correspondence

  • GB 0210 MSDEDW
  • Fonds
  • 1966-1994

Papers, 1966-1994, comprising letters and cards to the playwright Dedwydd Jones, mostly from actors, playwrights and other prominent theatrical and literary figures.

Jones, Dedwydd

Scripts of plays,

  • NLW ex 2767.
  • Ffeil
  • [1979].

Scripts: 'White plains' and 'You can't believe Al Johnson all the time' by Ewart Alexander (Commissioned by the Llanover Hall Arts Centre); 'The Alphabet', 'Shifts' and 'Joan again' by John L. Hughes; 'The drummer' by Dedwydd Jones; 'Happy ever after' by Elaine Morgan; and 'Small change' by Peter Gill.

Alexander, Ewart, 1931-

Iolo, or The Mystery Of The Thirteenth Stone

Script of three-act play by Dedwydd Jones titled Iolo, or The Mystery Of The Thirteenth Stone, based on the life of the antiquarian, poet and literary forger Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'); together with covering letter, synopsis and brief critical evaluations.

Jones, Dedwydd

Dedwydd Jones plays,

Letters, [1973?] and 1974, from Dedwydd Jones enclosing typescript copies of his plays, ‘Reflections of Genesistrine’ and ‘Bard’. A published version of ‘Bard’ is also included.

Jones, Dedwydd

Correspondence : J,

Includes letters from Mike Jenkins (14), Nigel Jenkins (15), Alun R. Jones (8), A. G. Prys-Jones (88), Bobi Jones, D. Gwenallt Jones, David Jones (2), Dedwydd Jones (15), Don Dale-Jones (7), E. H. Jones (2), Emrys Maldwyn Jones (6), Gwyn Jones (92; with an additional note amongst the letters of Alice Jones), Harri Pritchard Jones (4), Jack Jones (4), Jonah Jones, Phyllis M. Jones (2), Ray Howard-Jones (4), Sally Roberts Jones (7), T. Gwynn Jones, and William Glynne-Jones (27).

Letters to John Elwyn : O-R,

Over one hundred and thirty letters, 1938-1997, in English and Welsh, to John Elwyn from various correspondents (surnames O-R), both personal and work related.
The correspondents include John Ormond, 1977-1987 (ff. 4-20 verso), [Sir] Thomas Parry, 17 December 1959 (f. 29), John Petts, 1953-1991 (ff. 35-55), Thomas Rathmell, December 1988 (f. 119), Dennis William Reed, 1938-1957 (ff. 120-155 verso), Ceri Richards, 1947 (ff. 161-163), and Frank Roper, 12 May 1959 (f. 165). Letters, 1959-1962, relating to commissions for the Shell County Guides, from the publishers Rainbird, McLean Ltd (later George Rainbird Ltd) (ff. 80-117, 174-180), include letters from Kenneth Rowntree, 1959-1960 (ff. 96, 104, 174-175), and Edward Young, 1962 (ff. 113-117), notes by Geoffrey Grigson, 1959-1960 (ff. 99-101, 176-180), and a letter from John Elwyn (f. 92). Also included is a copy of John Ormond's tribute to Graham Sutherland, 1980 (ff. 5-13). The letters contain references to Dannie Abse (ff. 16-17), Leslie Norris (f. 17), John Petts's declining health and death (ff. 31-34), Richard Macdonald (ff. 120 recto-verso, 123-124, 131, 142 recto-verso, 143 verso, 145) and Frank Dobson (ff. 131 verso-132); and to the Second World War (ff. 124-146), including air-raids on Bristol (ff. 135-138).

Correspondence : A,

Includes letters from Dannie Abse (5), Sam Adams (13), Graham Allen (6), Sandra Anstey (4), and Cary Archard (17).

The meeting,

Ink full score, dated May 1956, of incidental music for a radio drama entitled 'The meeting' by Dannie Abse; together with pencil sketches and a copy of the radio script.

Abse, Dannie

Dannie Abse Manuscripts,

  • GB 0210 MSDABSE
  • Fonds
  • 1962-1983 /

Papers, 1962-1983, of Dannie Abse, comprising autograph and typescript drafts of poems, plays (including a dramatisation of his poem 'Funland', later titled 'Pythagoras'), essays, and television and radio scripts.

Heb deitl

Letters from Dannie Abse and Bernard Miles,

A letter, [14] August 1960 (received and stamped 15 August 1960), from the poet Dannie Abse to actor and theatre director Bernard Miles enclosing a copy of his book Tenants of the House: Poems 1951-1956 (New York, 1959). The letter is accompanied by a carbon copy of a typescript letter of acknowledgement from Bernard Miles, dated 16 August 1960.

Abse, Dannie

Dannie Abse Papers,

  • GB 0210 DANBSE
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1994 /

Literary, editorial and personal correspondence, draft and unpublished poetry, short stories and other works, and miscellaneous papers, 1955-1995; unpublished short stories and articles, articles and essays, reviews, lectures, plays, broadcasts, ghost-writing, miscellaneous prose, and editorials.

An additional consignment of papers, 2004-7, of Dannie Abse. This group remains uncatalogued.

A further tranch of papers, being letters, loose manuscripts, workbooks and miscellaneous papers, 2008-2013. This group remains uncatalogued.

Abse, Dannie

Dannie Abse: Down the M4

Autograph draft, [1972], of Dannie Abse's poem 'Down the M4', containing autograph revisions, deletions and variant readings (f. 74).
Also included is a typescript fair copy of his poem 'Talking to Blake', with a manuscript note to Roy [Davids], dated 28 May 1993 (f. 75). 'Down the M4' was collected (as the first in a sequence of four poems entitled 'Car journeys') in Dannie Abse, Funland and Other Poems (London, 1973), p. 27; 'Talking to Blake' was first collected in Dannie Abse, On the Evening Road (London, 1994), p. 3.

Abse, Dannie

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