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Liber Landavensis Old Covers.

Oak covers, formerly covered with a thin layer of silver-plate, of which only two small pieces remain. The lower cover is the only remaining part of the pre-1696 binding, and is probably original; cut into it is a sunken panel 283 x 187 mm., with a chamfered edge stopped on the inside by a bead; in the centre of the panel, originally attached by three rivets, is a gilt-bronze (copper-alloy) image of Christ in Majesty 171 x 114 x 300 mm., which was made in England, 13 cent.; it has replaced an earlier ornament, probably also a Christ in Majesty, and has been associated with the volume since at least 1659, and probably since the late medieval period. The upper cover was replaced by Robert Davies when he had the volume re-bound in 1696 (an inscription in the sunken panel reads 'Librum hunc temporis injurias passum novantiquo tegmine muniri curavit / R.D. / Ao 1696'); the marks of use suggest that it is of considerably older origin. The manuscript was re-bound, 15 or 16 cent., and again at the British Museum in 1892. It was unbound again at NLW in 2006, and the old covers were then considered unsuitable for re-housing the manuscript. For exhibition purposes, the 1892 case-binding with its oak boards has been placed on a false book-block of paper, coloured to replicate the original.

Copy order to Carmarthenshire militia,

A true copy, [?1767], by F. Williams of an order, dated 10 September 1767, to the chief constables of the commote of Carnawllon [Carnwyllion], for the county militia of Carmarthenshire to assemble on 7 October 1767, the original having been signed by Francis Dyer of Court Henry, Carmarthenshire, nephew of the poet and artist John Dyer (f. 97). Added on the verso are a receipt for £20, 7 September 1778, paid by John Francis to William Saunders of Llanelli; and a monetary account, 6 May 1783, payable to Mary Henry (f. 97 verso).
A photocopy of a typed transcript, [20 cent., second ½], of the militia order is also included (f. 98).

Williams, F., of Carnwyllion.

Letter of Anna Maria Bennett to Admiral Pye

A manuscript letter, [1785], from A[nna] M[aria] Bennet[t], [at Tooting, Surrey], to her former lover Admiral Sir Thomas Pye, Suffolk Street, [London], castigating him over his affair with another woman (ff. 1-2).
A transcript of the letter, [?late 20 cent], is also included (f. 3). Bennett describes herself as 'on the wrong side of forty' (f. 1), suggesting a birth date earlier than that given in biographical sources (see for instance The Encyclopedia of Romantic Literature, ed. by Frederick Burwick, Nancy Moore Goslee and Diane Long Hoeveler (Chichester, 2012), p. 120: 'sometime between 1750 and 1760').

Bennett, Mrs. (Anna Maria), -1808.

Richard Vaughan letter to Emrys James

A letter, 14 March 1964, from the novelist Richard [Vaughan], Talley, Carmarthenshire, to the actor Emrys [James], concerning the BBC television series Moulded in Earth, then in production, in which James was appearing as Edwin Peele (it was first transmitted on BBC Wales, 5 April-24 May 1964). The series adapted Vaughan's novel Moulded in Earth (London, 1951) and its sequel Son of Justin (London, 1955) (f. 67 recto-verso). Vaughan also discusses the whereabouts of some of his manuscripts and the commencement of work on a new novel (f. 67 verso).
Also included is a postcard, [?1990s], from Emrys James's widow, the author Siân James, to Tony [Curtis] giving him the Richard Vaughan letter (f. 68).

Vaughan, Richard, 1904-1983

Letter and card to Tom Ellis

A letter, 2 October 1990, from the poet R. S. Thomas to Tom Ellis, former MP for Wrexham, regarding a controversial speech by Thomas on the movement of non-Welsh speaking immigrants into the Welsh language heartland (f. 95, Welsh). Also included is a postcard, 1998, sent by Thomas to Ellis reacting to an article concerning Seamus Heaney in Prospect Magazine (f. 96, Welsh).
Accompanying the letter is a cutting of an article by Ellis ('British justice in the dock', Western Mail, 1 October 1990, p. 10) concerning Thomas' speech (f. 94, English).

Thomas, R. S. (Ronald Stuart), 1913-2000

Dannie Abse: Down the M4

Autograph draft, [1972], of Dannie Abse's poem 'Down the M4', containing autograph revisions, deletions and variant readings (f. 74).
Also included is a typescript fair copy of his poem 'Talking to Blake', with a manuscript note to Roy [Davids], dated 28 May 1993 (f. 75). 'Down the M4' was collected (as the first in a sequence of four poems entitled 'Car journeys') in Dannie Abse, Funland and Other Poems (London, 1973), p. 27; 'Talking to Blake' was first collected in Dannie Abse, On the Evening Road (London, 1994), p. 3.

Abse, Dannie.

Kyffin Williams letters to Elin McGorran

Two letters, 19 April 1981 and 21 May 1993, from the artist Kyffin Williams, Pwllfanogl, Llanfairpwll, to Elin [McGorran], who, as a student of Fine Art at University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 1981 was writing a dissertation on Williams.
Williams refers to McGorran's recent visit to interview him for the dissertation (f. 32) and discusses the antagonism of some members of the Welsh art establishment towards him (f. 33). Williams includes a self-portrait sketch in ink, depicting himself on horseback 'on a sheep station … in the Australian Outback' (f. 33 verso).

Williams, Kyffin, 1918-2006

Kyffin Williams letter

Autograph letter, 2 February 1993, from Kyffin Williams, Pwllfanogl, Llanfairpwll, to Margaret [Toms], thanking her for a letter of appreciation for his autobiography A Wider Sky (Llandysul, 1991) (f. 86 recto-verso).
Williams and Toms, a former Royal Academy staff member, had a mutual friend in Sidney Hutchison, former Secretary of the Royal Academy, and Williams refers to their recent dinner together in Beaumaris (as recorded in Williams's journal, 14 September 1992, see NLW, Kyffin Williams Archive A2/3). Also included is a card with a printed portrait by WIlliams, inscribed 'Happy Christmas - Kyffin' (f. 87).

Williams, Kyffin, 1918-2006

Llythyr Gwynfor Evans at Hywel Teifi Edwards

Llythyr, 10 Ebrill 1991, oddi wrth Gwynfor [Evans], Llanybydder, Dyfed, at Hywel [Teifi Edwards] yn cyflwyno anrheg o gyhoeddiad anhysbys gan Evans a ddisgrifir ganddo fel '[m]ath o bamffledyn politicaidd estynedig' (heb ei gynnwys gyda'r llythyr). = Letter, 10 April 1991, from Gwynfor [Evans], Llanybydder, Dyfed, to Hywel [Teifi Edwards] presenting him with a gift of an unspecified publication by Evans, described by him as 'an extended political pamphlet' (not included).

Evans, Gwynfor

Alex Gordon correspondence with John Harry Fisher Evans

Two letters, 15 August 1987, 6 January [1988], from the architect (Sir) Alex Gordon, Llanblethian, to John Harry Fisher Evans, in Leicester (ff. 41, 43), together with a [?draft] letter, [31 December 1987], from Evans to Gordon, congratulating him on his award of a knighthood in the New Year's Honours List (f. 42).
Also included is the order of service for John Fisher Evans's funeral, on 28 October 1988 (f. 44).

Gordon, Alex, 1917-1999

Kyffin Williams letter to John Harry Fisher Evans

A letter, 13 August 1987, from Kyffin Williams, Pwllfanogl, Llanfairpwll, to John Harry Fisher Evans, Cardiff, illustrated with a self-portrait sketch in ink of the artist holding a shotgun. Williams discusses his ability with a shotgun and the recent award of a life peerage to his friend Nicholas Edwards (subsequently Baron Crickhowell).

Williams, Kyffin, 1918-2006

Miscellaneous: Coronation souvenir card, ration book, list of family savings books, etc.

Miscellaneous: Coronation souvenir card, 1953; ration book, 1953-4; list of family savings books; pamphlet and subscription form from Llantrisant town trust, 1958; premium bonds, 1958-77; invitation to royal garden party, 1975; passport guidance notes, 1976; programme for a literary dinner, 1976; pamphlet commemorating Morley Kennerly, 1985; cards and family photographs of Florence Evans's eightieth birthday, 1987; and a diet sheet.

Correspondence mainly with Faber and Faber in connection with George Ewart Evans's work as a reader, royalty statements, etc.

Correspondence, 1967-87, mainly with Faber and Faber, in connection with George Ewart Evans's work as a reader, royalty statements, permission to use extracts and quotations; the author's contacts; a request for assistance with Welsh; preparation of the second part of his autobiography; translation of the books into other languages; praise and comments on The Voices of the Children; meeting with Lord Rhodes.

Correspondence relating to research and teaching in the field of oral history, conferences, invitations to lecture, etc.

Correspondence, 1971-87, relating to research and teaching in the field of oral history, conferences, invitations to lecture, the possibility of establishing an archive of oral material, publication of the journal Oral History, reviews, recording, participation in producing a BBC radio programme (1971-2), mention of Melvyn Bragg, 1976 (441/64), copyright on tapes, appreciation of Where Beards Wag All. Correspondents include Ronald Blythe, concerning George Ewart Evans's criticism of Akenfield, 1975 (441/5), Charles Parker of the BBC, 1971 (441/7), with a substantial number of letters from Paul and Thea Thompson of Essex University.

Notes on teaching history at universities; transcript of a tape entitled 'The Farming Year', etc.

Manuscript notes on teaching history at universities; transcript of a tape entitled 'The Farming Year'; minutes of meetings of the Oral History Group and suggestions for a radio programme; notes on Oral History for the BBC seminar; programmes for conferences and offprints of papers given; newsletter, 1978; press cuttings, 1971-87, relating to history teaching, the redundancy of Charles Parker and a review of Spoken History; and tariff of photographic charges.

Cynhadledd Cymdeithas Cynghorau Bro a Thref Cymru

Copi [?serocs], [1986], o adroddiad llawysgrif manwl gan R[obin] E. Parry, [?o Gyngor Tref Nefyn], yn dilyn degfed cynhadledd flynyddol Cymdeithas [Cynghorau] Bro a Thref Cymru yn Llanbadarn Fawr, 18 Hydref 1986. Ysgrifennwyd yr adroddiad yn ôl bob tebyg i'w gyflwyno i'r Cyngor Tref. Mynychodd Parry’r gynhadledd yng nghwmni’r Cynghorydd Humphrey Evans, [?o Gyngor Dosbarth Dwyfor], ac mae'r adroddiad yn cynnwys nifer o sylwadau anffurfiol amdano. = A [?xerox] copy, [1986], of a detailed handwritten report by R[obin] E. Parry, [?of Nefyn Town Council], following the tenth annual conference of the Wales Association of Community and Town Councils in Llanbadarn Fawr, 18 October 1986. The report was presumably written to be submitted to the Town Council. Parry attended the conference with Councillor Humphrey Evans, [?of Dwyfor District Council] and the report contains a number of informal anecdotes concerning him.

Parry, R. E. (Robin E.)

Correspondence and contracts for books: The Voices of the Children etc.

Correspondence and contracts for books: The Voices of the Children (Penmark Press, 1947), The Fitton Four Poster (Blackie, 1952), and Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay (1956), The Horse in the Furrow (1958), The Pattern Under the Plough (1965), Where Beards Wag All (1967), The Farm and the Village (1967), The Leaping Hare (1969), Acky (1972), The Days That We Have Seen (1973), From Mouths of Men (1974), Let Dogs Delight (1974), Horse Power and Magic (1977), The Strength of the Hills (1982), Spoken History (1986), all published by Faber and Faber.

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