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The file comprises the earliest manuscript draft of the work, which corresponds to The Anathemata pp. 46-53 and 241-243. ff. 1,3,5 and 7 form a sequence, written mostly in pencil, on paper which does not recur among the other drafts. ff. 1 and 3 are headed by David Jones in blue crayon 'MS B'. The manuscript indicates that The Anathemata and the sequence published as 'The Agent' in The Roman Quarry at this stage formed part of the same work. (See René Hague's notes in The Roman Quarry).


The file comprises a manuscript draft written in pencil and ink, generally in ink where the text has reached some degree of finality. Mostly bearing David Jones' first foliation, but some also with second and third foliation. The whole of the text is an insertion into the primary text represented by A1.


The file comprises a manuscript in black ink, pencil and red crayon, of material relating to The Anathemata at the proof stage. There is a list of illustrations (ff.1-6), corrections to the galley and page proofs (ff. 7-25 and 26-33) together with a typescript list of proof-reader's queries (f. 33).

Black folder

The file comprises a black folder which David Jones used when he was writing The Anathemata. The folder now contains a miscellany of manuscript drafts, including pages numbered 46H, 62, 2 (dated 1941), 46B, 44, 96, 4, 21E, 16, 50, 10, 59A, 126C, 126F, 7A and 3D. There is also a note by Harman Grisewood (f. 1).


The file comprises a manuscript in black ink and pencil, numbered pages 9 (f-g, l-t) in red by David Jones. These pages correspond to pages 66-68, 73-75, 77-82 of The Anathemata, which are missing in A6.

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