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The Strata Florida slates

  • GB 0210 STRAFLO
  • Fonds
  • [15 cent.]

Thirty-five inscribed slates from Strata Florida Abbey, Cardiganshire, dated to the fifteenth century. Many of the slates are broken fragments with the inscriptions consequently often being incomplete; all are irregular in shape. The inscriptions comprise both text, the majority being in Welsh with examples of Latin and English, and pictures, comprising zoomorphic and anthropomorphic forms, geometric shapes and patterns, as well as other indefinite markings. The majority of the slates are inscribed on one face only, with eleven bearing inscriptions on both sides (SF 1, 3, 5-7, 15, 19, 22, 24, 28-29).
The five slates SF 13-14, 23, 25-26 are all broken fragments of one original slab (along with other still missing sections); with the exception of SF 13 the fragments can be joined up into one larger piece. SF 13-14 and 26 contain parts of a single epitaph, incised in large outline letters, which together appear to read: 'Hic ia[cet] ...es ap ... [a]p ll[ywelyn] [mona]chus'. SF 33 and 35 are also two fragments of a single slate.

Llawysgrifau Wrecsam

  • Fonds
  • [16 gan.]-1650

Tair llawysgrif, [16 gan.]-1650, o lyfrgell y Parch. R. Peris Williams, Wrecsam, yn cynnwys barddoniaeth, achau, ryseitiau meddygol a thractiau eglwysig. = Three manuscripts, [16 cent.]-1650, from the library of the Rev. R. Peris Williams, Wrexham, containing poetry, pedigrees, medical recipes and ecclesiastical tracts.

William Baxter manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [c. 1701]-1737

Manuscripts of, or relating to, William Baxter, [c. 1701]-1737, comprising his commentary on Juvenal's Satires, [c. 1701], notes on the Codex Bezae text of the New Testament, [?early 18 cent.], and a transcript by Moses Williams of the Juvenal commentary, 1732-1737.

Baxter, William, 1650-1723

Hensol estate records

  • GB 0210 HENSOL
  • Fonds
  • 1429-1789

The archive consists almost entirely of title deeds of the Hensol estate, 1419-1789, almost all in Glamorgan.

Talbot family, Earls Talbot

William Dillwyn Diaries

  • GB 0210 WILWYN
  • Fonds
  • 1774-1790

Diaries and journals of tours of William Dillwyn, 1774-1775, 1777, 1781-1790, recording his departure from Pennsylvania for England, tours of parts of England and south Wales, his religious, political and business activities, the anti-slavery committee, and family business.

Dillwyn, William, 1743?-1824

Robert Clive Papers

  • GB 0210 ROBCLI
  • Fonds
  • 1727-1791 (accumulated [c. 1743]-1791)

Papers, 1727-1791, relating to both Clive's public and private life but mostly to the former. They include letter books of outgoing letters sent from both England and India, 1752-1774; Clive's financial records, mainly relating to his financial concerns in India, 1752-1774; estate and household records, 1761-1781; records relating to his official duties in India, particularly as governor of Bengal, including records he acquired of earlier East India Company employees, 1727-1772, political papers, including canvassing lists and poll books, [c. 1761]-1775; and records of Clive's trustees and executors, 1774-1791.

Clive, Robert Clive, Baron, 1725-1774

John Bedford Papers,

  • GB 0210 BEDFORD
  • Fonds
  • 1762-1791

Papers of John Bedford, 1762-1791, largely relating to his time in South Wales, and deal with iron-making techniques, his interests in experimenting with and improving these techniques, and the state of his own business ventures in forging and quarrying. The papers include notes on iron-making techniques, 1763-1788; management and business papers, 1766-1791; correspondence, petitions and miscellaneous notes, 1766-1789; and quarry notes, 1762-1789.

Bedford, John, ca. 1725-1791

Plas Power Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [11 cent.]-[18 cent.]

A collection, accumulated by the Lloyd family of Plas Power, comprising an unpublished sixteenth-century treatise; annotated copies of works by Moses Williams (1685-1742) and John Worrall (d. 1771); an English-Welsh dictionary and material for a Welsh dictionary; transcripts of Welsh poetry, of an essay by Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt (1592?-1666), and of George Ripley's (d. c. 1490) 'The compound of alchymy', 1471; treatises, vocabularies and other texts in Latin and Greek; genealogies of Welsh families; sixteenth-century rental accounts relating to North Wales; an account of proceedings in Parliament for the year 1620; a translation of Christopher Sutton's (c. 1565-1629) Disce mori ...; a version of Piers Plowman; and other items.

Lloyd family, of Plas Power

Richard Williams, Celynog, collection of deeds

  • GB 0210 CELYNOG
  • Fonds
  • 1514-1813

Deeds and documents, 1514-1813, collected by Richard Williams of Celynog, relating mostly to properties in Montgomeryshire as well as Flintshire, Merionethshire and Shropshire, including the township of Rhandregynwen, Llandysilio, Montgomeryshire, 1581-1605, the township of Bodaioch, Trefeglwys, Montgomeryshire, 1562-1630, and Treuddyn, Flintshire, 1621-1639; and depositions of witnesses, 1580, taken at the Court of the Council of Wales and the Marches, concerning a case of trespass.
There appears to be no single family unifying these deeds, however some individuals and families appear several times: Ieuan ap Richard of Domgay, Ieuan ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Sais and his son Gruffith ap Ieuan, Llandysilio, Montgomeryshire (Rhandregynwen deeds), the Pope family of Shropshire (Trefeglwys deeds) and Rees ap John William and Lewis ap John Merton of Treuddyn, Flintshire (Treuddyn deeds).

Williams, Richard, 1835-1906

George Owen and William Sargeant papers

  • GB 0210 MSOWNSRG
  • Fonds
  • 1600-1614, [1809x1813]

A collection which includes George Owen's Description of Wales, Arms of Pembrokeshire Families, and Genealogical Notes, John Jones's History of Brecknock, and William Sargeant's Glamorganshire Collectanea; also a note on Owen's map of Pembrokeshire by John Browne.

Owen, George, 1552-1613

Pughe manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSPUGHE
  • Fonds
  • 1696-1817

Student notebooks, 1696-1817, of members of the Pughe family, consisting of John Tibbots' lecture notes on theology, 1696-[early 18 cent.], Richard Pughe's lecture notes on anatomy, [c. 1754], and Robert Pughe's lecture notes on anatomy and surgery, 1816-1817.

John Tibbots, Richard Pughe, Robert Pughe.

E. Williams collection of Welsh deeds

  • GB 0210 EWIAMS
  • Fonds
  • 1437-1823

Deeds acquired by E. Williams of Hove, relating to premises in Brecknockshire, 1564-1823; Cardiganshire, 1663-1778; Carmarthenshire, 1437-1790; Caernarfonshire, 1437-1822; Denbighshire, 1507-1743; Flintshire, 1469-1761; Glamorgan, 1612-1775; Merionethshire, 1616-1762; Monmouthshire, 1491-1795; Montgomeryshire, 1636-1773; Pembrokeshire, 1645-1797; and Radnorshire and Herefordshire, 1543-1786.

Williams, E., of Hove

Pennant estate records

  • GB 0210 PENNANT
  • Fonds
  • 1458-1826

Family and estate papers of the Holland family of Pennant Ereithlyn in the parish of Eglwys-bach, Denbighshire, mainly deeds, 1458-1810, and correspondence, 1560-1826.

Holland family, of Pennant, Eglwys-bach, Denbighshire

Llanstephan Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [early 13 cent.]-[1825x1827]

Manuscripts once held in the library of Plas Llanstephan, Carmarthenshire. The collection comprises mainly transcripts from medieval Welsh manuscripts such as the Red Book of Hergest, the Black Book of Carmarthen and the Red Book of Talgarth which include poetry, triads, pedigrees, arms, lives of saints, Brut y Brenhinedd, Brut y Tywysogion, the Laws of Hywel Dda, etc.; grammars and vocabularies; translations, mainly from Latin and English sources; proverbs; theological tracts; medical recipes; etc. The earliest of the manuscripts date from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries. Most of the manuscripts are in the hands of Moses and Samuel Williams, with other scribes including Dr John Davies, Mallwyd, Dr John David Rhys, William Maurice, 'Iaco ab Dewi', Edward Lhuyd and William Owen-Pughe.

Plymouth Estate Records,

  • GB 0210 PLYMOUTH
  • Fonds
  • 1301-1844

Records of the Welsh estates of the earls of Plymouth, 1301-1844; the two most notable groups relate to the family's Alrhey estate, Flintshire, and the Van, Glamorgan, both representing estates acquired through marriage in the 18th century, including deeds, 1301-1844; and manorial records, 15th cent.-1646, including court rolls of the manors of Magor and Undy in Monmouthshire, 1586-1603. The archive contains practically no personal or family papers.

Windsor-Clive family, Earls of Plymouth

Plas Gwyn Estate Records

  • GB 0210 PLASGWYN
  • Fonds
  • [1231]-1847

Estate and family papers of Panton of Bagillt, Flintshire, and Plas Gwyn, Anglesey comprising deeds of the estate in North Wales, 1507-1844; Panton family correspondence, notably that of Paul Panton and Paul Panton junior, 1752-1847; and papers of John Jones (1650-1727), dean of Bangor, including records relating to the diocese of Bangor, and antiquarian correspondence.

Panton family, of Bagillt and Plas Gwyn

Thomas Parker Papers

  • GB 0210 PARKER
  • Fonds
  • 1698-1847

Papers relating to Thomas Parker and his estate in Kidwelly, 1761-1818; papers of Louisa Parker, comprising mainly letters received by her, 1790-1833, and drafts of outgoing correspondence, notes and memoranda, 1822-1832; diaries, account books, etc., 1808-1832; papers relating to the Allihies copper mine, 1817-1837; papers relating to the London estate [parish of St Katherine Cree] of Lousia Parker, 1819-1832; deeds and documents for properties in Kidwelly, 1698-1832; papers relating to the administration of the estates of Mr and Mrs Parker, 1833-1838; inventories, catalogues and valuations, 1818-1833; letters and accounts of the executors, 1818-1847; and miscellanea, 1807-1825.

Parker, Thomas, 1761-1818.

Panton Manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSPANT
  • Fonds
  • [15 cent.]-[19 cent., first ½]

Manuscripts and papers formerly owned by Paul Panton of Plas Gwyn, Anglesey, mainly of Welsh antiquarian, historical and literary interest, including the manuscripts of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd); papers of Paul Panton, senior, and Paul Panton, junior; and manuscripts of, or relating to, antiquarian and literary figures such as William Williams, Beaumaris, Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt, and Thomas Pennant.

Panton, Paul, 1727-1797, collector.

Lewis Weston Dillwyn Diaries

  • GB 0210 LEWWYN
  • Fonds
  • 1817-1852

Diaries, 1817-1852, of Lewis Weston Dillwyn (1778-1855) of Penlle'rgaer, Glamorgan, containing entries relating to family and estate matters, his business interests, his work as a naturalist, together with his public duties as a magistrate and as a Member of Parliament. Also included is the journal of his tour on the Continent in 1836. Most of the volumes are partially indexed by him, and many contain appendices, some relating to events before 1817 (see file level descriptions for further details).

Dillwyn, L. W. (Lewis Weston), 1778-1855.

Archifau Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni,

  • GB 0210 MSCYMFEN
  • Fonds
  • 1834-1853

Llenyddiaeth a gyflwynwyd i eisteddfodau Cymreigyddion y Fenni, gyda beirniadaethau, 1834-1853. Nid yw'n cynnwys unrhyw bapurau gweinyddol. = Literary works submitted to the eisteddfodau of Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni, with adjudications, 1834-1853. No administrative papers are included.

Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni.

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