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[Two soldiers and a civilian]

Studio portrait of two soldiers and a civilian. The soldier on the right has three overseas chevrons on his right forearm and a larel wreath on his upper arm. His cap badge is indistinct but maybe a Royal Artillery badge. The soldier on the left has a cap badge reminiscent of the Canadian Maple leaf and collar badges of an artillery unit, possibly Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery. The civilian is dressed in working clothes reminiscent of a shepherd. He is seated between the two men in uniform and is holding a walking stick.

[Decorated soldier and son]

A private in the Royal Artillery displaying two wound stripes, two good conduct chevrons, five overseas chevrons and medal ribbons. The lower overseas chevron appears to be a different colour than the others suggesting it was coloured red to denote service in 1914. He has a patch on his upper arm showing crossed trumpets and identifyimg him as a trumpeter. He is photographed with a boy, presumably his son, aged about ten years old.

[Army Soccer Team]

Group portrait of an army football team holding a trophy. As well as the thirteen men in kit there are two soldiers in uniform holding towels (trainers) and a commanding officer, rank uncertain with an indistinct cap badge.

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