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Sermons and recipes

English sermons written by 'R. W.', [c. 1620]; medical recipes, in Welsh, 1712; a short Latin treatise on logic; and a Latin stanza with an English translation.

Annotations and extracts,

'Annotations upon certain Cases in Civil-Law collected by Dr. Souch shewing how far some of them agree w[i]th our Common-Law ... by Judge Jenkins'; a poem - 'A farewell to folly'; and notes of a sermon by Dr Owen of Christ Church.

Barddoniaeth a nodiadau,

Three fragments mainly containing material in the hand of Morgan Llwyd: a) Sheets out of a notebook containing notes of sermons, one of which is said to have been delivered by 'Mr. Lloyd' [?Morgan Llwyd]. b) A copy (2 pp.) of the verses of lamentation and resolution by the Welsh saints, 1643, comprising ten out of the twenty verses printed by T. E. Ellis in Gweithiau Morgan Llwyd (Bangor, 1899), vol. I, pp. 3-6, in the following order - 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 9, 8, 7, 14, 18; a version, in the hand of Morgan Llwyd, of the first nine stanzas of a 'Thanksgiving song for Wrexham delivered from pest' (Gweithiau, vol. I, pp. 12-13); notes by Morgan Llwyd, including drafts of sermons, and a list of names (Ens. Roberts, Howell Thom., Ben. Rich., Walt. Thimble., Hugh Prich.) headed by a cancelled sentence - 'who should have the booke of my verse'; twenty-two stanzas beginning 'The lord is kind and merciful ...' in the hand of Morgan Llwyd, being apparently a draft of a poem or of a series of poems by him; thirteen stanzas based on Canticles, in the hand of Morgan Llwyd, ten roughly corresponding to those printed in E. Lewis Evans: Morgan Llwyd (Lerpwl, 1930), pp. 176-8, stanzas 11 and 12 corresponding respectively to 4 and 5 in Ellis: Gweithiau, vol. I, p. 10, and stanza 5 being possibly the basis of stanza 3 in Gweithiau; a transcript of the Canticle verses in another hand; a draft, in the hand of Morgan Llwyd, of the poem 'Hanes rhyw Gymro' (Gweithiau, vol. I, pp. 57-60); and a copy of verse xxviii in Gweithiau, p. 61. c) Draft translations of psalms by Morgan Llwyd. The translations are incomplete, and many stanzas have been cancelled. There are verses translated from Psalms 19, 37, 44-46, 121-122, and 126.

Llwyd, Morgan, 1619-1659

Sermons by Thomas Charles Edwards

  • NLW MSS 4426D, 4427C, 4428B
  • Ffeil
  • [1872] x [1899]

Sermons preached by Thomas Charles Edwards in various Presbyterian churches in Liverpool, 1872-1876, transcribed for William Davies, draper, Liverpool from shorthand notes taken by J. C. Duckworth.


  • NLW MS 6738B
  • Ffeil
  • 18 cent.

Sermons preached originally at Warrington, 1722-3, and afterwards at Cheadle, Sefton, Grappenhalls, Stockport and Birch.


  • NLW MS 6867B
  • Ffeil
  • 19 cent.

A sermon based on verses in Psalm 37.

David Jones, Llangan: Sermons

  • NLW MS 6869A
  • Ffeil
  • 1770-1807

One of two volumes containing holograph sermon notes, 1770-1807, by David Jones, Llangan, Glamorgan (1736-1810), with particulars of the places at which they were preached.

Jones, David, Rev., Llangan, 1736-1810

David Jones, Llangan: Sermons

  • NLW MS 6870A
  • Ffeil
  • 1770-1807

One of two volumes containing holograph sermon notes, 1770-1807, by David Jones, Llangan, Glamorgan (1736-1810), with particulars of the places at which they were preached.

Jones, David, Rev., Llangan, 1736-1810

Commonplace book,

  • NLW MS 21786E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1818-[c. 1828] /

Commonplace book, 1818-[c. 1828], mainly in English with portions in French, Latin, German, Italian and Dutch. The volume contains facetious 'Resolutions for the Preservation of regularity at Shanes Castle during the meeting for the Performance of Cymbeline' by Frederick, Lord North, 1786 (pp. 1-2) (cf. NLW MS 11167B); miscellaneous poems including an apparently unpublished poem by Byron, 'On a Lock of Hair', commencing 'Swear not at all, but if thou must' (p. 13), another two of his poems (pp. 13, 24), poems by R. B. Sheridan (pp. 5, 7, 14) and a number of rhymes by 'Mr. Cowper' [?William Cowper] (pp. 3-4); a famous sermon on malt attributed to Dr John Dod (pp. 8-9); and humorous letters, epigrams, epitaphs, anagrams and charades including two composed by Charles James Fox (pp. 25, 28) and four composed by Professor [Richard] Porson (pp. 28-9, 31, 69). The answers to the anagrams and charades are in Greek orthography written in reverse.

Frederick North and others.

Rev. Thomas Thomas, Pontypool, sermon texts,

  • NLW MSS 21923-4B.
  • Ffeil
  • 1830-1881.

Two notebooks listing the texts of almost six thousand sermons preached, 1830-1881, by the Rev. Thomas Thomas, first president of the Baptist College, Pontypool, co. Monmouth, with details of the date, place and occasion of delivery.

Timothy Rees Sermons

  • NLW MS 22685A
  • Ffeil
  • 1929-1930

A volume containing typescript notes taken mostly from sermons and addresses delivered by Timothy Rees (1874-1939) of the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield, later bishop of Llandaf, at a parochial mission conducted by him at St John the Divine, Kennington in 1929, and on his revisit to the parish in 1930.


  • NLW MSS 11542-11545C.
  • Ffeil
  • [1825]-1882 /

Sermons by and in the hand of John Blackwell ('Alun'), curate of Holywell, Flintshire, and subsequently rector of Maenordeifi, Pembrokeshire. Among them are sermons preached at Devon, 1828, Hol[ywell], 1829-1831 and Chester, 1831, the last sermon preached at Manor Divy, 7 July, 1839, a sermon, 4 July, 1830, on the death of George IV, and a coronation sermon, June, 1838. NLW MS 11545C contains two sermons preached during the period 1852-1882 and attributed to John William Kirkham, rector of Llanbryn-mair, Montgomeryshire.

Blackwell, John, 1797-1840


  • NLW MS 11549B.
  • Ffeil
  • 1851-1875 /

Sermons largely by R[ichard] A[bbott] Jones, Baptist minister successively at Llanfair Caereinion, Montgomeryshire, and Swansea. The majority of the sermons are dated within the period 1851-1875.

Jones, Richard Abbott, 1824-1876

Pregethau Christmas Evans,

  • NLW MS 11571A.
  • Ffeil
  • [1819x1838] /

A composite volume written after 1818 and containing sermons by, and in the hand of, the Reverend Christmas Evans, Baptist minister, of Llangefni, etc.

Evans, Christmas, 1766-1838

An instruction for children,

  • NLW MS 11699B.
  • Ffeil
  • [1730x1747] /

A draft ?holograph text by John Lewis, vicar of Minster, co. Kent, of 'An Instruction for Children in the Grounds of Christianity ... Collected (chiefly) for the Use of Charity-Schools. With a Preface to the masters & mistresses of the said Schools, directing them how to use it'. The work is divided into the following parts: 'The Christian Covenant', 'The Christian Faith', 'The Christian Obedience', 'The Christian Prayer', and 'The Christian Sacraments', and the text agrees in part with John Lewis (trans. John Jones, 'Curad Llangadfan'): Catechism yr Eglwys wedi ei esponio. Mewn ffordd o ofyniadau ac attebion ... (Mwythig, 1790). At the beginning and the end of the volume are lests of sermon texts, 1730-1733, and of sermons lent to Mr. Lee, 1730-1735, Mr. Baddeley, 1740-1741, 'Cos' Hump. Thomas, Mr. Score, and Mr. Hall.

Lewis, John, 1675-1747.


  • NLW MSS 12205A, 12206-12207B.
  • Ffeil
  • 1641-1707 /

A collection of some forty-five unbound home-made notebooks and fragments of such notebooks containing sermons and expository notes largely in the hand of John Piers (Pierce), vicar choral of Caerwys in the diocese of St. Asaph, sinecure rector of Caerwys, and rector of Llandderfel. Two of the sermons, in English, were preached at Caerwys respectively on New Year's Day, 1641/2, and the first Sunday after Trinity, 1643, and another, in Welsh, at Llandderfel on 14 February, 1663/4. The collection also contains, in other hands, a transcript of, or selections from, the Catechism and Confession of Faith by Rob[ert] Barclay, 'a Quaker of Scotland', which was first published in 1673; a notebook of sermons by 'Mr. Turner', [16]93; and a transcript of a carol by Hugh Moris, 1707, entitled 'Ymddiddan rhwng y gwir Brotestant ar Eglwys'.

Piers, John, Rev.

Sermon notes, etc. ,

  • NLW MSS 12629-12634A.
  • Ffeil
  • [1813x1875] /

A collection of note-books, home-made booklets, etc., which, according to a letter from the donor, Mr. Hugh R. Meirion-Jones of Manchester, published under the heading 'Hen Lawysgrifau', Y Tyst, 1 Rhagfyr 1938, were formerly in the possession of Edward Wynne, of Llanrhaeadr- ym-Mochnant, and later of Wern, Maerdy, near Corwen, farmer and itinerant Congregational preacher. 12629-12631A Three groups of note-books, etc., containing ?holograph notes of sermons, ? delivered by the said Edward Wynne. The notes of all the sermons, except three, are in Welsh, and such as are dated belong to the period [18]42-1872. In NLW MS 12630A one set of notes is written partly on the stamped cover of a letter addressed to 'Mr. Ed. Wynn, care of Revd. E. Griffiths, High Street, Swansea . . .' Incidental entries include a list of names headed 'darlith yn Bethel, tocynau 24, y derbynwyr' (NLW MS 12629A), and a note of the amount collected, ? by Edward Wynne, towards Brecon College, at Penuel, 15 June 1845 (NLW MS 12630A). 12632A. A further group of note-books, etc., all except one containing notes, ? in the hand of the aforesaid Edward Wynne, of sermons ? he had listened to, circa 1826-1834. Amongst the many preachers referred to are Samuel Davis 'un or Arminiaid', John Elias, Mr. Michael Jone[s], llanuchlyn, Henry Rees, John Roberts, Llan bryn Mair, Mr. Samuel Roberts, brynmair, Aseriah Sadrach, Aberystwyth, and Mr. Williams, Wern. Specific occasions mentioned include 'Sasiwn y bala, Mehefin 14, 1827', 'Agor Capel y Calfiniaid, Ilanrhaiadr [-ym-Mochnant], 12 o ragfyr, 1828', and 'Agor Capel [yr Annibynwyr], Llansilin, rhagfyr 24, 1832'. Included with this group is a copy of B. F. Lloyd & Co's Penny Almanac for . . . 1848, containing the accounts of [Edward Wynne as] a distributor of Y Cronicl, Y Dysgedydd, and other publications, such as diaries and hymn-books. The places mentioned in connection with the distribution of these are in cos. Cardigan and Pembroke. 12633A. A note-book containing holograph notes of sermons preached by Ebenezer Morris [? Wesleyan preacher], in the Ruthin and Llangollen circuit and else-where. The inside, upper cover bears the inscriptions 'Ceinciau yr olewydden, sef Testynau a penau y Pregethau, y rhai a bregethais yn Nghylchdaith Rhithin a Llangollen A manau eraill' . . . 'Yr ail Llyfr'. As indicated, this is the second of two or more such volumes, and the contents consisted of the notes of sixty- two sermons numbered 61-121 (the notes of sermons 73 and 79 are not actually numbered, although counted in the sequence, and two consecutive lots of notes have been numbered 82). The volume, at present, is imperfect, the pages containing the end of the notes of sermon No. 97, the notes of sermons Nos. 98-101, and the first part of the notes of sermon No. 102, having been torn out. The sermons generally bear no date, but a few were composed for specific occasions - [No. 73] on the death of the Reverend Lewis Jones, Wesleyan minister at Llangollen, [No. 79] on the coming of the new year (1831), No. 90 on the death of Mrs. Sara Roberts, Dinbran, No. 94 for Palm Sunday, 1831, and No. 109 on the birth of Ann, daughter of Eben[eze]r [? the writer] and Ann Morris (born 5 July 1830. At the beginning of the volume is a prayer, and on the inside, lower cover, four verses of the hymn commencing 'Iesu, dyfyrwch Fenaud trist'. 12634A. A note-book containing ? holograph notes of forty-four sermons ? delivered by [the Reverend] Edward Davies [Congregational minister at Cutiau, near Barmouth, 1818-1822]. Of these sermons, only the last seven are dated, and these belong to the period December 1819 - February 1820. Sixty-five pages at the reverse end of the volume record the names of places [where sermons were delivered, presumably by the said Edward Davies], circa 1815-1826, and the texts of such sermons. Preaching engagements were undertaken in Liverpool, London, and Manchester, etc., in addition to numerous places in Mid and North Wales. Inset is a single, folded sheet, containing notes of a sermon delivered May 1825. On this sheet, written in a different hand and prior to the sermon notes, is a note recording the ordination of the Rev[eren]d E. Davies, as 'pastor over the Independent Church at Cuttiau, near Barmouth', 16 September [ ]. Amongst the ministers who took part in the ordination service was the Rev[eren]d J[ohn] Roberts of Llanbrynmair. The inner covers of the volume also bear a copy of a medical recipe headed 'Catherine Jones Barmouth Receipt for Mending Cough', etc.

Edward Wynne and others.

Sermons and addresses,

Sermons, addresses, etc., written, with a few exceptions, by J. C. Jones.

J. C. Jones.


Sermons, notes for lectures and articles, and a note of routes used by cattle drovers in Brecknockshire, Carmarthenshire, etc.

Thomas Price.


Miscellaneous sermons.

Thomas Price.

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