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Llythyr Rachel Bromwich at David Jenkins

Llythyr, 22 Awst [1976x1979], oddi wrth Rachel Bromwich, Bethesda, at Mr [David] Jenkins, [Penrhyn-coch, sir Aberteifi], yn trafod rhai lleoliadau yng ngogledd sir Aberteifi ac iddynt gysylltiad â Dafydd ap Gwilym, yn arbennig 'Melin y Prior' a 'Bwlch y Maen'. Aeth Jenkins a Bromwich ar daith tywys o amgylch yr ardal wythnos ynghynt; ganed Dafydd ap Gwilym, mae'n debyg, ym Mrogynin, Penrhyn-coch. = A letter, 22 August [1976x1979], from Rachel Bromwich, Bethesda, to Mr [David] Jenkins, [Penrhyn-coch, Cardiganshire], discussing certain places in northern Cardiganshire associated with the poet Dafydd ap Gwilym, in particular 'Melin y Prior' and 'Bwlch y Maen'. Jenkins had given Bromwich a tour of the area the previous week; Brogynin in Penrhyn-coch was Dafydd ap Gwilym's probable birthplace.

Bromwich, Rachel

Dylan Thomas letter to Vernon Watkins

A facsimile copy, [1965x1985], of a letter, 15 July 1937, from Dylan Thomas, Mousehole, Cornwall, to Vernon Watkins, announcing his marriage to Caitlin Macnamara and apologising for altering a poem by Watkins prior to publication.
The original letter is now BL Add MS 52612, f. 5. It was first published in Dylan Thomas, Letters to Vernon Watkins, ed. by Vernon Watkins (London, 1957), pp. 27-28; see also The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas: New Edition, ed. by Paul Ferris (London, 2000), p. 294.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Dylan Thomas letter to Keidrych Rhys

A letter, 5 August [1939], from Dylan Thomas, at 'The Literary Village' [i.e. Laugharne], to Keidrych Rhys, editor of the literary periodical Wales. The writer is critical of the latest issue (Wales, 1.8/9 (August 1939)), and in particular of a story by S. G. Leonard, 'A labour of love' (pp. 235-238).
There are also references to Nigel Heseltine, Lynette Roberts and Glyn Jones. The letter is apparently unpublished.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Dylan Thomas letter to Graham Greene

An autograph letter, [early January 1947], from Dylan Thomas, at Holywell Ford, Oxford, to Graham [Greene], concerning the potential publication of Thomas's film script 'The Doctor and the Devils'.
The letter was published in Dylan Thomas, The Collected Letters New Edition, ed. by Paul Ferris (London, 2000), p. 681.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Dylan Thomas letter to Charles Fisher

Letter, 14 June 1939, from Dylan Thomas, Laugharne, to the poet and writer Charles Fisher, arranging to meet and referring to a new poem, his baby son, Llewelyn, and a forthcoming broadcast with Keidrych Rhys.
The letter was published in The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas: New Edition, ed. by Paul Ferris (London, 2000), pp. 435-436.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Papurau Eileen Beasley

Papurau, 1955-1962, fu'n eiddo i Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, ac sy'n ymwneud â'r ymgyrch ganddi hi a'i gŵr Trefor am yr hawl i gael ffurflenni treth oddi wrth Gyngor Dosbarth Gwledig Llanelli yn y Gymraeg. = Papers, 1955-1962, of Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, relating to her and her husband Trefor's campaign for the right to have rate demand notices from Llanelly Rural District Council sent in Welsh.
Mae'r papurau yn cynnwys llythyr at y Beasleys oddi wrth GDG Llanelli, 24 Medi 1955 (f. 27), a llythyr oddi wrth Mrs Beasley at y Cyngor, 9 Tachwedd 1955 (f. 28); copi carbon o lythyr, [?1955], oddi wrth Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Llydaw], at GDG Llanelli (f. 29); dwy ffurflen 'Notice of Distress' a gyflwynwyd i'r Beasleys mewn perthynas ag eiddo a atafaelwyd gan y Cyngor, Mawrth 1956, Ionawr 1958 (ff. 30-31); a dau lythyr at Eileen Beasley, Rhagfyr 1961, Ionawr 1962, oddi wrth Saunders Lewis, ynglŷn â'i ymchwil ar gyfer ei ddarlith radio 'Tynged yr Iaith', lle bu'n trafod eu hymgyrch (gw. Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (Llundain, [1962]), tt. 27-28) (ff. 32-33). = The papers include letters to the Beasleys from Llanelly RDC, 24 September 1955 (f. 27), and from Mrs Beasley to the Council, 9 November 1955 (f. 28); a carbon copy letter, [?1955], from Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Brittany], to Llanelly RDC, (f. 29); two Notices of Distress issued to the Beasleys, relating to property seized by the Council, March 1956, January 1958 (ff. 30-31); and two letters to Eileen Beasley, December 1961, January 1962, from Saunders Lewis, concerning his research for his radio lecture 'Tynged yr Iaith', in which he discussed their campaign (see Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (London, [1962]), pp. 27-28) (ff. 32-33).

Beasley, Eileen.

Letter from ? to Clive.

On the night of the 8th of Safar a middle-aged men clad in a blanket came here and stopped at the mausoleum of a faqir next to the Sarae Mo. He has put up his bed there and claims that he is the son of Rafi al-Darajat and Nuh/son-in-law of Emperor Bahadur Shah. I went to investigate this in the morning and found out that he claimed that he had escaped from Delhi Fort to Hyderabad and came here to gather support and conquer the country. I intend to take him into custody but will wait until I have completed my investigation.

Letter from ? to Clive.

I had gone to Ajudhia for the sacred baths when I had the opportunity to seek an audience with Shuja al-Daulah Bahadur. He was very kind to me and repeatedly asked me about you and I replied to him, very diplomatically, that which I consideres to be appropriate. He wished to appoint me to negotiate between you and him but I refused this offer; he took me aside to question me further privately. Later on the Navab Vazir on the advice of his courtier came to this part of the country. After travelling two manzils the Navab Vazir asked his Begam and his son Mirza Amani to return to Faizabad. As I did not find the conversation of courtiers very amiable I separated from the company of the Navab and returned to where I am now. The Navab who is at present coming to see you expects a large number of favours from you. I am writing to you to warn you of his intentions. I will be waiting for whatever you want me to do next.

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