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Abertillery (Wales) -- Photographs.
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Vivian Colliery, Abertillery

Copy of a photograph showing the Winding tower, engine house and other surface buildings of the Vivian Colliery in the foreground, overlooked by rows of terraced houses on the valley side beyond.

Buckleys Temperance Hotel, Abertillery

What appears to be little more than two terraced houses incorporated into a small hotel offering a Commercial Room and Billiards. Watkins Fancy Emporium can be seen further down the street.

General View, Abertillery

A General view of Abertillery with evidence of coal mining and metal smelting industries in the foreground on the valley floor, overlooked by rows of hillside terraced houses in the background.


Looking at Abertillery across the Ebbw Fach valley. Note the industrial activity on the valley floor.

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