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Decentralization in government -- Wales
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Political and general papers

General correspondence and political papers including material related to the Welsh Hospitals Board, the Welsh language, Welsh language legislation, devolution, the Labour Party, elections and broadcasting.

Scripts for the radio programme 'in Britain Now'

File comprises scripts fr Patrick Hanna's contributions to a BBC Radio 4 programme entitled 'In Britain Now', where journalists from the 'regions' of the UK spoke on various topics . The topics covered by Patrick Hannan from Wales included devolution, Gwynfor Evans, the coal industry, miners' strikes, the clean up after coal, Plaid Cymru, Wales as a nation, the European Economic Community (EEC) and industrial illnesses notably pneumoconiosis. The file also contains typed transcripts of the programme which include contributions from correspondents in other parts of the UK.

Transcripts of interviews with Labour Party figures

File comprises typed notes from interviews with key Labour Party figures including Alun Michael, Huw Roberts (Special Advisor to Ron Davies), Rhodri Morgan and Peter Hain, discussing devolution and the Labour party in the late 1990s and the issues surrounding the resignation of Ron Davies as Secretary of State for Wales and the appointment of Alun Michael as his replacement and his election as Labour's leader in the National Assembly for Wales.

'Devolution and the Health Service in Wales',

The file contains a typescript copy of a research paper by Professor Charles Webster 'Devolution and the Health Service in Wales, 1919-1969', together with detailed comments by Lord Prys-Davies, and two covering letters, August 2000, from Dr Pamela Michael, University of Wales, Bangor, to Lord Cledwyn.

Webster, Charles, 1936-

Devolution Campaign

Comprises material relating to the the campaign to ensure that devolution proposals for Wales were included in legislation and the financial affairs of the pro devolution campaign in Ceredigion.

Internal party reform

The file comprises material related to the structure, constitution and organisation of the Welsh Conservative Party and includes various memos and correspondence, copies of the Scottish Conservatives constitution, speeches given by David Melding on the party structure and position on the political spectrum in Wales, copies of various blog posts and material around the selection on women candidates. There is also a copy of the minutes of the 'Ymlaen' group held on the 9th of March, 2002.

Welsh Conservatives (Political party)

Labour Party, devolution etc.

Political papers, 1974-1976, relating to the Labour Party, devolution, immigration and race relations, parliamentary sessions, the Inter-parliamentary Union, and world economic issues.

Roberts Review

The file comprises papers related to the review of the Welsh Conservatives and their position on devolution carried out by former Conservative M.P, for Conwy Wyn Roberts (Lord Roberts of Conwy). The report was not published but the file contains a clean copy and a copy with edits marked in pen. The file also includes correspondence regarding the report and the position of the Welsh Conservatives on a referendum on the devolution of legislative powers to the National Assembly for Wales.

Welsh Conservatives (Political party)


File comprises material related to the Welsh Conservatives response to calls for the devolution of legislative powers to the National Assembly for Wales and the review of the Barnett Formula for funding the Welsh Assembly Government. The file contains press releases, correspondence with Conservative Party figures, meeting notes and correspondence on the timing and political opportunities and threats in facilitating a referendum on lawmaking powers for the Assembly.

Welsh Conservatives (Political party)

Government of Wales Act (2006)

File comprises material related to the Government of Wales Act (2006) which established the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government as distinct bodies; provided for the National Assembly to pass legislation with agreement from the UK Parliament on a case-by-case basis called Assembly Measures, and allowed for a referendum on the transfer of law making powers to the National Assembly. It includes annotated draft copies of the bill along with amendments proposed both in the UK Parliament and the National Assembly, notes and correspondence.

Welsh Conservatives (Political party)

Political papers,

Political papers relating to the Labour Party, the European Economic Community, later the European Union, Welsh affairs, international development, war and peace, agriculture, democracy, devolution and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Congratulatory messages,

Congratulatory letters and messages to John Morris on his appointment as Secretary of State for Wales by Harold Wilson. The file includes some longer letters reflecting on the work of the Welsh Office and its future potential, the progress and future of devolution, and the development of John Morris's political career.


Copies of documents from the archives of the Welsh Office relating to devolution issues, including mainly the proceedings of the Ministerial Committee on Devolution.

Great Britain. Welsh Office.


Most of the papers relate to the Labour Party and the 1979 referendum campaign. Also contains some of John Morris's notes for the speeches which he delivered during the referendum campaign.

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