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Rhodd 1983,

Teipysgrifau chwech o'i gyfrolau cyhoeddedig a ymddangosodd rhwng 1957 a 1979 gyda rhai ychwanegiadau a newidiadau llawysgrif.


Mrs Harold is pleased to have Mrs Evans letter of the 27th. She is grateful to her for passing on the news that her boy is well and in good company. She writes that her son has been examined by a Doctor, that 2 Englishmen and he were found unfit f...

Letter from J. G. Gibbon,

Note written on the back signed by W. M. T. says that this letter should be passed on to Mrs Evans. The letter provides information on Ifor's movements; he went to the south of Germany in July when he left Gibbon's pension, in consequenc...

Gibbon, J. G..


Mary sends thanks for the newspaper cuttings Mrs Evans sent her. She finds it funny that they had both sent each other the same cuttings at the same time. The reason for the stoppage of the post from the prison camps, she understands to be the res...

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