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Newport estate

The Newport estate management records comprise surveys, reports and related papers, 1842-1958 (ANS), letting records, 1801-1954 (ANL); rentals, accounts and other financial records, 1807-1954 (ANA); correspondence, 1848-1944 (ANC); buying and selling property, 1845-1929 (ANB), and miscellaneous papers, 1807-1908 (ANV).

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Breconshire estate,

Estate administration records relating to the pre-1806 Dderw, Palleg and Tredegar estates in Breconshire, and the successor post-1806 Tredegar Breconshire estate.

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Estate-wide estate management,

The papers comprise records that cannot be allocated to one of the specific constituent estates of the Tredegar estate. Papers relating solely to one of the constituent estates will be found with the records of that estate. Many of the papers listed here relate to (parts of) two or more of the pre-1806 Dderw, Friars, Palleg, Ruperra and Tredegar estates, or to (parts of) two or more of the post-1806 county-based estates of Breconshire, Glamorgan and Monmouthshire. -- John Morgan (1672-1719) of Tredegar inherited the Ruperra estates of John Morgan ('the merchant', dsp. 1715). Both the Tredegar and Ruperra estates included properties in both Monmouthshire and Glamorgan. Estate administration between 1715 and 1806 appears to have been on an ad-hoc basis, the subdivision of the Tredegar, Ruperra and Friars estates into rent 'collections' respecting neither the boundaries of the estates nor the county boundaries. These arrangements generated many individual records that related simultaneously to several estates; these records have been gathered here for convenience. -- Some records, such as those relating to woodlands, deal with an agricultural function across several estates, both before and after 1806. Other records, such as notices of assignments of leases, relate to the urban elements of the post-1806 Monmouthshire and Glamorgan estates. Other records relate to the latter days of the Tredegar estate, dealing simultaneously with the rumps of the various estates. In the case of yet further records, it has not been possible to assign them to their approprate estate. In each of these cases, these records have been gathered here for conveniece.

Manorial Records Group 1,

Records of the manors of Kedewen, Halcetor, Kerry, Caereinion Iscoed, Caereinion and Uchcoed, Stratmarcella, Llannerchidol, Mechen Uwchcoed, Mechen Iscoed, Teirtref, Oswestry, etc.

Estate rentals

Comprises and arranged into pre-1745 general rentals, 1712-1739 (R), general rentals, 1745-1751 (RA), general rentals, 1752-1778 (RB), rentals of Montgomeryshire and Shropshire lordships, 1752-1761 (RC), rentals of Montgomeryshire lordships, 1753-1761 (RD), rentals of Shropshire lordships, 1752-1778 (RE), Flower (Northants) estate rentals, 1724-1758 (Rf), Flower (Northants) tithe rentals, 1746-1759 (RG), Montgomeryshire lordships combined rentals, 1762-1778 (RH), Lymore, Heightley and Rockley estate rentals, 1771-1778 (RI), purchased estate rentals, 1773-1778 (RJ), Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire and purchased estates rentals, 1777-1778 (RK), Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire, Shropshire and Caernarfonshire rentals, 1779-1927 (RL), Shropshire, Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire rentals, 1780-1927 (RM), combined Montgomeryshire, Shropshire and Middlesex rentals, 1928-1941 (RN), Montgomeryshire and Shropshire chief rents and Kidwelly burgage rents, 1676-1893 (RO), Shropshire chief rent rentals, 1749-1812 (RP), receiving rentals for series RL, 1837-1917 (RQ), Buttington and Pool tithe rent charge, 1865-1885 (RR), and miscellaneous rentals, 1704-1885 (Rs).

Correspondence of Charlotte A. M. Johnes (1825-1911),

Daughter of John Johnes (1800-1876) and Elizabeth (nee Edwardes, 1800-1848), and wife of C. C. Cookman (m. 1848). She resumed the surname of Johnes after her father's death in 1876. Arranged into letters received, 1852-1911 (L 4336-5142), and sent, [c.1848]-1882 (L 5143-5182).

Johnes, Charlotte Anna Maria, 1825-1911


Letters and papers, mainly relating to John Johnes (d. 1815). V 12/1-20 are mainly letters concerning elections. The papers deal with elections, legal matters, taxes, church affairs, presentments of manors etc. The letters are arranged chronoligically, and the papers are arranged chronologically in two groups.


(I) Letters from Sir John Moore, and papers, mostly 1788 (V 18/1-13) concerning the military career of John Johnes (d. 1815);. (Ii) Letters, 1833-1853, to John Johnes (d. 1876) from Rev. Samuel Johnes Knight, his wife Anna Maria Johnes Knight, and his daughter, Lady Louisa Shelley. They concern the Hafod effects, the Johnes pedigree, personal matters, and public appointments. Arranged largely chronologically within each group.


Letters to John Johnes (d. 1781) from Sir Herbert Lloyd of Peterwell and Jeremiah Lloyd, and one letter (V 9/5) from T. Davies to Sir Herbert Lloyd, concerning elections, financial affairs and personal matters. Eight letters. Arranged chronologically.

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