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Horae (use of Sarum),

  • Ffeil
  • [c. 1380x1500].

A Book of Hours of the use of Sarum, [c. 1380x1400], in original binding but wanting many leaves. Contains: Kalendar (ff. 5-9 verso), Hours of BVM (ff. 10-39 verso), Penitential Psalms, Gradual Psalms and Litany (ff. 40-54 verso), Office of the Dead (ff. 55-78 verso) and Commendation of Souls (ff. 80-7 verso), with added prayers on f. 79, contemporary, and ff. 87 verso-9, after 1457. Illuminated initials, mostly 3-line, and borders, the dominant colours gold, blue and maroon, the initials on f. 25 (St Catherine) and f. 46 (face of Christ) historiated. From the workshop, probably in London, which produced, among other manuscripts, the Balknap Hours (J. R. Abbey Sale, Sotheby's 1 Dec. 1970, lot 2869) and Bodley MS 581 (after 1391). The Kalendar includes, in the original hand, Chad and Edward, the litany (all that survives, the Virgins) Ethelreda, Mildreda, Radegunde and Osyth. A hand of second half 15 cent. (which adds Osmund, canonized 1457) added to the Kalendar, in red, the feast and translation of Cuthbert and the invention of Oswin (relics at Tynemouth), besides other synodal Sarum feasts in black.


  • Ffeil
  • [mid 15 cent.].

A breviary, use of Sarum, from Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall, mid 15 cent. Comprises temporale (ff. 1-182), dedication of a church (ff. 182-8 verso), benedictions (f. 189 recto-verso), calendar (ff. 190-5 verso), psalter (ff. 197-281 verso, four leaves wanting after f. 230 and two after f. 296, with litany on ff. 275-8 verso), commune (ff. 282-321 verso), sanctorale (ff. 322-451 verso). On ff. 451 verso-75, added by three hands, are offices for nova festa including Saints David, Chad, John of Beverley and Winifred, the Visitation, St Osmund, and the Transfiguration; the first four are included in the calendar by the primary hand, the last three, together with the feast of the Name of Jesus, are added. Also added to the calendar by hands of second half 15 cent. are Saints Bridget, Patrick, Beuno and 'Willeus' (patron saint of Lanteglos by Fowey) and the dedication of the church of Lanteglos. Willeus is also added to the litany on f. 275 verso. Plain red and blue initials.

Officium mortuorum,

  • Ffeil
  • [15 cent.].

The office of the dead, substantially as in F. Procter & C. Wordsworth, Breviarum ad usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum (Cambridge, 1879-1886), II, 271-82 (ff. 1-50, one leaf wanting before f. 1 and one after f. 46); antiphons, responses and versicles are all noted for music; written in textura, rubrics and staves in red, plain red initials, perhaps mid 15 cent. Added prayers in cursive hands on f. 50v. Quire 8 (ff. 51-8) is from an earlier manuscript, perhaps first half 15 cent., written in textura with blue initials and red penwork; it begins and ends abruptly, containing part of the litany followed by psalm 118. Quire 9 (ff. 59-63), in a cursive hand, on paper, second half 15 cent., concludes psalm 118 and has collects and a post-communion from masses for the dead (including that for a bishop) and part of the commendation of souls.