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Bishop John Owen Papers,
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Letters to Mrs Owen and Eluned Owen; letters to the Bishop of Bangor from Eluned Owen, and letters to John Owen from the Bishop of St Asaph, 1918-1919.

Bundle of correspondence files,

The files include letters from the Earl of Jersey (1), Sir Lawrence Jenkins (1), Major Price (5), G. E. Owen (19), Lord Dynevor (2) and Thomas Jones (2). These files contain very few letters.

Correspondence and papers,

Correspondence and papers including a group of letters from Dean John Owen and Mrs Owen to Mrs Tout, 1890-1891, memories of Lampeter, and biographical notes, 1885-1954.

Bundle of printed matter,

(I) An essay on the Church in Wales and its convention, by the Bishop of St Davids [1917] (2 copies); (ii) The tribunals of the Church in Wales [1917]; (iii) Further chapters of a proposed constitution for the Church in Wales (1918); (iv) An expla...

Letters and papers,

Folder containing papers on the Welsh Church Bill, correspondence, reports, addresses, press cuttings and other printed matter.

Diocesan Board of Finance,

File entitled 'Diocesan Board of Finance'. Accounts and maintenance grants, 1918; letters and various newspaper cuttings, 1914-1924; disendowment, 1917-1918; list of members of the first Governing Body of the Representative Body of the C...

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