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Bishop John Owen Papers,
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Letters on various subjects, including church reform, objections to Mr Darlington as schools inspector, the health of the Bishop of St Davids, various testimonials, the Penrhyn strike etc., 1896.

Letters re. the 1902 Education Bill,

Letters from various correspondents including the Bishop of St Asaph, Bishop of Bangor, Dean Richards, Canon Roberts and others, with regard to the Education Bill, 1902. Includes a printed copy of the diary of the Bill to 16 Oct. 1902.

Letters and newspaper cuttings,

Letters and newspaper cuttings relating to the Duke of Devonshire Bill; Church in Wales; Parliamentary Church Committee; Welsh Church Commissioners, finance, 1914-1915; and a report of the St Davids Diocesan Conference, 1915.


Correspondence dealing with various subjects, including disestablishment, Lampeter conference, marriage of divorced persons, and some personal matters.


Letters, many questioning the role of the Church in politics, education, church defence, the Welsh Church Bill, and other subjects.


Letters to Mrs Owen and Eluned Owen; letters to the Bishop of Bangor from Eluned Owen, and letters to John Owen from the Bishop of St Asaph, 1918-1919.

Bundle of correspondence files,

The files include letters from the Earl of Jersey (1), Sir Lawrence Jenkins (1), Major Price (5), G. E. Owen (19), Lord Dynevor (2) and Thomas Jones (2). These files contain very few letters.

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