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Owen Wynne letters to Sir Richard Bulstrode,

Letters, 1680-1684, from Owen Wynne, at Whitehall, to Sir Richard Bulstrode, in Brussels, relating to political affairs. The original copy is kept in the Bodleian Library, Ms. Eng. letters d. 72.

Life of St Comgall,

A Life of St Comgall from Dublin, Marsh's Library MS Z3.1.5. [Two copies 58 i & ii].

Glasfryn Collection - Zachary Pearce letters,

Letters, 1748-1756, from Zachary Pearce, Bishop of Bangor (1747/8-1756), to John Ellis, Archdeacon of Merioneth, with one letter, February 1774, from Ellis to Pearce. The original letters are at Glasfryn, Chwilog (See also NLW Facs 48-52). Copies ...

Heraldic Visitation of Wales,

A Heraldic Visitation of Wales, 23 Hen. VIII, copied from the original in Massachusetts Historical Society MSS.

A. Dick, Pentonville, letters to J. C. Hanbury Tracy,

Photocopies of fourteen letters, January-February 1850, from A. Dick, Pentonville, London, to J. C. Hanbury Tracy (afterwards the 2nd Lord Sudeley) reporting the writer's searches in north Wales for material towards a pedigree of the Tracy fa...

Sarah Emily Davies's 'Family chronicle',

Xerox of the original manuscript of parts 1, 3-7 (part 2, comprising pp. 101-200, is wanting) of 'Family Chronicle' by Sarah Emily Davies, founder of Girton College, Cambridge. Her father, John Davies (1795-1861), was a native of Llandde...

Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire documents,

Extents, rentals surveys and other records, [temp. Edw. I]-[temp. Hen. V], relating mainly to Cardiganshire, with some Carmarthenshire documents. The originals are in the PRO.

Phillipps family of Cilsant,

Copies of pedigrees and declarations, etc., [1764]-[1879], relating to the Phillipps family of Cilsant, and of a notebook, [1967], of the Rev. Canon J. S. T. Phillips, Dun Laoghaire, containing notes on the Phillips family.

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