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A Tour through Wales and letters on Hafod,

  • NLW MS 15190C.
  • File
  • 1790-1949 /

The typescript of a diary of a journey undertaken in 1790 from Newcastle-under-Lyme to Shrewsbury via Bristol and South Wales. The original diary was in the hand of Frances or Fanny Nicholson (later Mrs W. Shepherd), but apparently the diary was kept by one of her companions on the journey. The diary entries give detailed descriptions of the scenery viewed during the course of the journey and the places visited en route. There are interesting references to the towns and cities visited, churches, buidings, inns and houses. There are also references to industrial enterprises and various natural features viewed. There are also typescript copies of letters, 1803-1813, mainly from W. Shepherd to Fanny Nicholson, and letters, 1943-1949, discussing the potential publication of the material.

Nicholson, Fanny

Acknowledgments of gifts,

A bound volume of official acknowledgments of gifts of manuscripts, books, periodicals, pamphlets, etc. made by George Eyre Evans to various libraries in the British Isles, 1901-1933; together with a list, in the autograph of George Eyre Evans, of the chairmen or librarians of such libraries.

Advisory Council on Energy Conservation,

Copies of the published reports, 1971-1979, of the Advisory Council on Energy Conservation to the Secretary of State for Energy, together with related discussion documents and papers on energy pricing policies, energy research and development, and international energy issues.

Advisory Council on Energy Conservation.

Cambridge Spy Ring papers,

Papers relatng to Goronwy Rees's connections with the Cambridge Spy Ring, comprising notes by Jenny Rees on her interview with Oleg Tsarev; letters from Guy Burgess to Rosamond and Harold Nicolson about Goronwy Rees, and a copy of a drawing by Guy Burgess; a statement by David Footman; letters to and from Micky Burn; Rosamond Nicolson's letters from Kings College; letters from David Nicholas (ITN) to Daniel Rees about television coverage of Rees's collapse in hospital; an extract from "Who's Who"; and papers regarding the memorial service for Goronwy Rees held at All Souls College, Oxford.

Christian Rebuild papers,

  • NLW ex 2556.
  • File
  • 2000-2008.

Papers of Christian Rebuild, 2000-2008, donated by its secretary The Reverend Christopher Gillham. Christian Rebuild is a UK Charity, first established in Wales, which gives aid to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The papers include leaflets and correspondence relating to the charity.

Christian Rebuild.

Copy of The english Physician

  • NLW MS 4545A
  • File
  • 18-19 cents

An incomplete copy of Nicholas Culpeper: The English Physician Enlarged ... (edition unknown), with additional manuscript notes on herbs by William Bona, Llanpumpsaint, who has also indicated every herb known to him and grown in his garden. Thomas Evans (Tomos Glyn Cothi) (1764-1833) has entered what appears to be a list of money gifts at a so-called bidding in Carmarthenshire, possibly on the occasion of his own marriage.

Descriptio Angliae et Genealogiae Regum Angliae

Two tracts - (a) a description of England, in fifteen chapters, compiled in 1445, beginning 'tractatus iste compendiose extractus de diversorum historiographorum diversis ... describit Angliam ... '; (b) a genealogical chronicle in the same hand projected from Adam to Brutus and from Brutus to Henry VI, but in execution brought only to Edward I, with a continuation in a sixteenth century hand to Henry VIII (1518). The pattern of this genealogical chronicle is that of the Promptuarium Bibliae attributed to Petrus Pictaviensis. The text begins 'Adam in agro damasceno ...' (cf. Thomas Jones, Y Bibyl Ynghymraeg (Cardiff, 1940), p. xiii) and has lines added for the Saxons, kings of Britain, princes of Wales, the different divisions of Saxon England, kings of England, princes of Demetia, princes of Venedotia, &c.

Dr Richard Price memorandum,

  • NLW MS 16580D.
  • File
  • [?1952].

Typescript copy, [?1952], of a memorandum, [?1786], by Dr Richard Price on his proposed scheme to re-establish a sinking fund to reduce the National Debt.
Tables referred to in the memorandum are lacking. A covering letter from the donor, 1952, is included (f. i).

Price, Richard, 1723-1791.

'Eglwys' & 'Llan',

A file of notes by G. G. T. Treherne on the elements 'Eglwys' and 'Llan' and 'Kil', 'Kirby', and 'Church' in place-names.

George Gilbert Treherne Treherne.

Farming accounts,

  • NLW MS 11354B.
  • File
  • 1790-1804.

An account book of a farmer of [the parish of Guilsfield], Montgomeryshire, containing particulars of daily receipts and disbursements for the period 1796-1804. There are references to the sale of livestock, crops, and farm produce, to the receipt of rent and of interest on loans, and to payments in respect of food and clothing, wages, turnpike tolls and other travelling expenses, taxes, coal, lime, stones, slates, tithes, chief rent, etc. At the beginning and the end of the volume are memoranda, 1790-1798, relating to agreements for the delivery of barley and peas, the shoeing of horses, etc.

Food rationing,

  • NLW MS 9663C.
  • File
  • 1917-1920 /

A file of papers, certificates, and cards, relating to food rationing, 1917-1920, kept by William Henry Davies, The Stores, Rhuddlan.

Davies, William Henry, Rhuddlan


Ichthyographical notes and lists of British animals and birds by Thomas and David Pennant and 'An Account of such Fish as are either Natives or that frequent The River Wye Herefordshire' by 'Doctr. Roberts'.

Thomas Pennant and David Pennant.

Letter book of H.M.S.S. Geyser

  • NLW MS 16176D.
  • File

Letter book, 1846-1850, of H[er] M[ajesty's] S[team] S[loop] 'Geyser' containing copies of letters, Nov. 1846-May 1850 (ff. 1 verso-131), and memoranda, June-Dec. 1847 (ff. 179-180), sent by her commander, F[rancis] T[homas] Brown, mainly to his superiors.
The 'Geyser' was employed in famine relief in Western Ireland, Jan.-Apr. 1847 (ff. 6-34), and at the port of Setubal and elsewhere in Portugal during the Patuleia Revolt, June-July 1847 (ff. 43-52). She was subsequently stationed in the Cape Colony (South Africa) and Mauritius, Nov. 1847-May 1850 (ff. 63-131), and was sent on diplomatic missions, meeting with local chiefs and rulers in Madagascar and the Comoros Islands (ff. 81-102). The letters range from brief memoranda to lengthy reports and letters of proceedings; they include references to routine ship business and disciplinary matters, intelligence reports and accounts of diplomacy and treaty negotiations. Two additional copy letters have been pasted into the volume (ff. 119a, 122a).

Brown, F. T. (Francis Thomas), 1806-1870.

Letter from Anthony Wedgwood Benn,

A letter, 20 March 1967, from Anthony Wedgwood Benn, MP for Bristol South East, to the Welsh language activist and nationalist campaigner, John Ifor Jones, Aberystwyth, discussing the difficulties and limitations of nationalism in Britain.

Benn, Tony, 1925-

Lists of heirs,

One of two volumes containing lists compiled from the Book of Heirs from the time of Edward IV to that of Charles I, together with a note on ecclesiastical sokes.

Local Authority Survey Papers,

  • GB 0210 LOCVEY
  • Fonds
  • 1985-1987 /

Papers relating to the Local Authority Survey, 1985-1987, comprising replies from local authorities in Wales, 1985, and in the United Kingdom, 1986, in response to circulars from Gareth D. Evans; Standing Orders from various local authorities, [1986]; samples of circular letters, 1986-1987; letters received by GDE, 1986-1987; and draft of summary of replies received and their subsequent analysis, 1986.

Community Rights Project.

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