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Ystorie Kymrü,

A manuscript written by 'Ifan llwyd ap Dafydd o Nantmynach o fewn sir ferionedd esguier' containing 'Ystorie Kymrü, neü Cronigl kymraeg' from Brutus (1108 B.C.) to Cadwaladr Fendigaid (683 A.D.).

Ifan Llwyd ap Dafydd.

Llyfr o Venegnieth,

A manuscript entitled 'Llyfr o Venegnieth', being medical recipes copied from a manuscript written in 1608 by John Jones, Gellilyfdy, who had, in turn, copied parts (ff. 20-27) 'o law Roger Morris'.

Addysg i fodlonrwydd,

A manuscript containing ''The Art of Contentment' or Addysc i foddlonrwydd', translated into Welsh apparently by 'Nathanael Jones Esq. anno ætatis suæ 57' (p. 130).

Nathanael Jones.

The Mabinogion, &c.,

A manuscript containing the Mabinogion (pp. 1-64); the Dream of Maxen Wledic (p. 65); the Adventure of Llvdd and Llevelys (p. 74); and the History of Kulhwch and Olwen (pp. 81-120).The text was transcribed from the Red Book of Hergest and collated...

Moses Williams.


A manuscript in the hands of the Reverend Samuel Williams, Moses Williams, Iaco ab Dewi and others, containing one hundred and sixty-eight numbered items, mainly poetry, including about two hundred and thirty-five triads (item 13). The poets cited...

Reverend Samuel Williams, Moses Williams, Iaco ab Dewi, Edward Lhuyd and others.


A manuscript containing an 'Important Corpus of Welsh Poetry' compiled by the Reverend Samuel Williams and Iaco ab Dewi [James Davies], with the first lines of the poems given alphabetically in an index. The volume also contains 'Hi...

Reverend Samuel Williams, Iaco ab Dewi and Richard Morris.

Gofal Tylwyth ...,

A manuscript containing 'Gofal Tylwyth neu Ddyled Pennau Teuluoedd', being a translation into Welsh by the Reverend Samuel Williams of 'A domestick charge, or, The duty of household-governours ...' by Erasmus Saunders, M.A. of ...

Reverend Samuel Williams.

Poetry, &c.,

A manuscript containing mainly (pp. 7-181) pieces by and in the autograph of William Salesbury of Bachymbyd, in which the author evidently deliberately imitated the style and manner of Rhys Prichard ('Yr Hen Ficer'; 1579?-1644), some of ...

William Salesbury [?and others].

Brut y Tywysogion,

A manuscript containing Brut y Tywysogion. Ff. 1-111, 114-121 are in the autograph of Richard ap John of Scorlegan, Llangynhafal.The text is a copy of Mostyn MS 116 when that manuscript was complete.

Richard ap John.

Poetry, prophecies, &c.,

A manuscript containing cywyddau brud and other poetry (pp. 7-8, 13-78, 87-94, 101-111, 115-130, 135-136, 154-298), the poets cited including Taliesin, Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd ab Edmwnd and Siôn Tudur; prophecies of Merlin (pp. 79-86, 112-114, 131-1...

Welsh Laws, &c.,

A manuscript containing the Welsh Laws, being a transcript of British Museum MS Harleian Titus D. II. Three folios at the beginning and two at the end contain poetry in Welsh and Latin, etc. There are also some items of a corn account.The general ...

Brut y Brenhined,

A composite, imperfect text made up of parts of two independent manuscripts, with the early chapters by a third hand; all three hands belong to the same type or school of writing, and cannot be separated by many years.Hand A (pp. i, 1-25) has 21 l...

Brut y Brenhined,

A manuscript, written in two hands of the first half of the sixteenth century, containing Brut y Brenhined, the text also including the Prophecy of Myrddin.The fly leaf has a note (1749) on the manuscript by Lewis Morris, who calls the manuscript ...

Roman Catholic primer,

A manuscript containing a Roman Catholic primer in Welsh compiled from English sources. The text is full of English words and some of the headings indicate its sources (see ff. 70, 147).


A manuscript containing Welsh poetry, including the work of Edmwnd Prys, Sion Brwynog, Guto'r Glyn, Sion Phylip, Sion Tudur, Taliesin, Iolo Goch and others. Pp. 7-58, 61-66, 171-210 are in the hand of Roger Williams, assistant to Bishop Willi...

Roger Williams, Dr John David Rhys and John Powell.

Flyting poetry, &c.

Poetry, including the Ymrysson (flyting poetry) between Archdeacon Edmwnd Prys and Wiliam Cynwal (see Peniarth MS 43); other poets cited include Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Gwilym and Gruffudd Hiraethog.For the englynion numbered 28-118 cf. Pen...


A manuscript containing poetry by Bedo Brwynllys, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Dafydd ap Gwilym and others in the hand of Samuel Williams.

Samuel Williams.

The Book of Aneurin,

A transcript of the Book of Aneurin by M. Williams. It is an excellent copy: an effort has been made throughout to exhibit the difficulties and peculiarities of the original, and any errors, which are due chiefly to an inability to distinguish bet...

M. Williams.

Poetry and pedigrees, &c.,

A manuscript in two hands containing mainly poetry of Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ab Edmwnd and others; also pedigrees of British rulers (pp. 6, 14-27, 29), which include englynion chronicling the history of British rulers from Brutus (pp. 16-22).

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