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Taylor's Daily Rule,

A manuscript containing 'Taylors Daily Rule in Welsh' rendered by 'Nathanael Jones'.

Nathanael Jones.

The 'Demetian Code' of Welsh laws,

A manuscript containing the 'Demetian Code' of Welsh laws.The text seems to follow pretty closely the text of the Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales (Vol. i, pp. 408, xv-590, l. 2).

The Book of Aneurin,

A transcript of the Book of Aneurin by M. Williams. It is an excellent copy: an effort has been made throughout to exhibit the difficulties and peculiarities of the original, and any errors, which are due chiefly to an inability to distinguish bet...

M. Williams.

The Book of Jaspar Griffith,

The 'book of Jaspar Griffith', containing poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Rhys Fardd, Iolo Goch, Taliesin, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd [Dafydd Llwyd, Mathafarn] and others. Item 1 is a series of complaints between several parties &#...

[Jaspar Griffith].

The Bruts, genealogical tables and pedigrees,

A manuscript containing the Bruts (pp. 67-203, 213-292); genealogical tables (pp. 6-66); pedigrees (pp. 293-350); &c. The text is bi-columnar in several styles of writing and in different shades of ink but by one hand, probably that of Owain G...

Owain Gwynedd and [?Robert Vaughan].

The Burial of Arthur, Travels of Odoricus, &c.,

A manuscript containing The Burial of Arthur (pp. 206-233), The Travels of Odoricus (pp. 234-277), The Seven Wise Men of Rome (pp. 278-319), The Gospel of Nicodemus (pp. 320-343), theological tracts, etc. (pp. 344-407). For The Seven Wise Men of R...

The Burial of Arthur, Æsop's fables, &c.,

A manuscript containing The Burial of Arthur (ff. 505-508), Æsop's Fables (ff. 509-521), the Lives of St David and St Beuno (ff. 522-525b, 528-541), the Purgatory of Patrick (ff. 542-557), etc.There is a lacuna between ff. 507b and 508. The t...

The Gododdin, &c.

Two volumes of transcripts, [1758], compiled Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd), subsequently bound as one volume. Part I (foliated 1-153) contains 'The Gododin an Heroic poem of the sixth Century transcribed from a Copy of Thomas Wiliams of Trefriw M....

The Laws of Hywel Dda,

A manuscript containing the laws of Hywel Dda in Welsh. A note in the hand of Moses Williams reads as follows: 'The original MS. (Bibl: Cott: Titus D. IX) whence this was copy'd from was lost in the fire A.D. 1731. So this is the only pe...

The Life of Griffith ap Kynan,

A manuscript containing the Life of Griffith ap Kynan in Welsh and Latin (original foliation 1-40); and the Burial of Arthur (original foliation 45-52). Ff. 1-52 (original foliation) are written on one side only. The text of the Life of Griffith a...

The Mabinogion, &c.,

A manuscript containing the Mabinogion (pp. 1-64); the Dream of Maxen Wledic (p. 65); the Adventure of Llvdd and Llevelys (p. 74); and the History of Kulhwch and Olwen (pp. 81-120).The text was transcribed from the Red Book of Hergest and collated...

Moses Williams.

The Pedigree of the Saints,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing a pedigree of the saints.The text beginning at p. 13 is copied from Bib. Harleian MS 95 A. 16; the text beginning at p. 21 is copied from Jesus College MS 3, p. 34.

Moses Williams.

The poetical works of Edward ap Raff,

The poetical works of Edward ap Raff in the hand of Ifan ap John of Scorlegan [or Richard ap John according to the online Dictionary of National Biography (under heading for Richard ap John of Scorlegan)]. Many of the poems are dated. Pp. 1-2 cont...

Ifan ap John.

The poetical works of Lewis Glyn Cothi and Tudur Aled,

A manuscript containing the poetical works of Lewis Glyn Cothi, Tudur Aled, Tudur Penllyn, Sion Cent, Ieuan ap Tudur Penllyn, Rhys Cain and others. There is some controversy as to whether f. 137 contains work by Llewelyn ab Ieuan or by Deio ab Ieu...

The works of Aneirin and Taliesin,

A manuscript containing, in excellent script by William Owen-Pughe, the works of Aneirin and Taliesin, etc. At the beginning of the volume are sketches of human faces, followed by notes on 'Gafis' and 'Deffrobani' and on the Ir...

William Owen-Pughe.

Theological tracts, &c.,

A manuscript containing theological tracts (pp. 408-435), Yspryt Guido Ar Prior (pp. 436-471), Kerdwriaeth Kerd Davawd and Trioed Kerd (pp. 472-504).The first folio is rubbed, stained and mostly illegible. The text of pp. 408-421, l.8 is practical...

Theological tracts, &c.,

A manuscript, unusually well written for the time, containing theological tracts (pp. 1-5, 1-8); the Dialogue between Guido and the Prior (pp. 9-35); and the Gospel of Nicodemus (pp. 36-44).

Theological tracts, poetry, &c.,

A manuscript written c. 1556 (see p. 184) containing triads (pp. 1-6); theological tracts (pp. 7-8, 26-42, 142-146, 152, 154, 167); a calendar (pp. 43-64); poetry (pp. 9-25, 65-141, 147, 149); etc. The poets cited include Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Siôn...

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