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Dr Joseph Parry Manuscripts,

  • Fonds
  • [early 1860s]-1903 /

Music manuscripts, [early 1860s]-[late 1890s], of Dr Joseph Parry, including orchestral suites, overtures and symphonies, piano sonatas and preludes and fugues for the organ (accumulated by his publishers, Snell & Sons); together with a draft ...

Parry, Joseph, 1841-1903

John Thomas (Pencerdd Gwalia) Manuscripts,

  • Fonds
  • 1830-1930 /

Papers, 1830-1930, of or relating to John Thomas (Pencerdd Gwalia), including original musical manuscripts, mainly compositions and arrangements for the harp, 1853-1905; correspondence mainly relating to his concerts, compositions and travels, and...

Thomas, John, 1826-1913

Kinmel Manuscripts,

  • GB 0210 MSKINM
  • Fonds
  • [14 cent.]-[?1910s] /

A collection of manuscripts containing pedigrees and genealogical material relating mainly to North Wales; extracts, etc. from Anglesey, Caernarvonshire, Denbighshire and Flintshire deeds; accounts, [17 cent.]-[19 cent.], of the Ty Fry estate, Ang...

Hughes, H. R. (Hugh Robert), 1827-1911, collector

Llanstephan Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [early 13 cent.]-[1825x1827]

Manuscripts once held in the library of Plas Llanstephan, Carmarthenshire. The collection comprises mainly transcripts from medieval Welsh manuscripts such as the Red Book of Hergest, the Black Book of Carmarthen and the Red Book of Talgarth which...

Llawysgrifau ac archifau T. Llew Jones

  • GB 0210 MSLLEW
  • Fonds
  • [?1945]-[2006]

Dyddiaduon y bardd a'r llenor T. Llew Jones, 1957-1999, ynghyd â cherddi ganddo, llythyrau a ysgrifennwyd ato a phapurau amrywiol, [?1945]-[2006]. = Diaries of the poet and author T. Llew Jones, 1957-1999, together with poems written by him, ...

Jones, T. Llew (Thomas Llew)

Michael Holroyd (Augustus and Gwen John) manuscripts,

  • Fonds
  • [1904]-[?1970s] /

Papers, [1904]-[?1970s], relating to Augustus and Gwen John collected by Michael Holroyd, including letters by Gwen John and Jeanne Robert Foster, 1920-1925; letters from Augustus John to various correspondents, [1904]-1958, and letters addressed ...

Heb deitl

Panton Manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSPANT
  • Fonds
  • [15 cent.]-[19 cent., first ½]

Manuscripts and papers formerly owned by Paul Panton of Plas Gwyn, Anglesey, mainly of Welsh antiquarian, historical and literary interest, including the manuscripts of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd); papers of Paul Panton, senior, and Paul Panton, juni...

Panton, Paul, 1727-1797, collector.

Pant-coy Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • 1813-1875

Manuscripts, 1813-1875, from the library of John and Henry Harries of Cwrt-y-cadno, astrologers, cunning men and conjurors. The collection includes records of patient prescriptions and payment, draft horoscopes compiled in response to patient requ...

Harries family, of Cwrt-y-cadno.

Ramsay Manuscripts,

  • GB 0210 MSRAMSAY
  • Fonds
  • 1835-1924

Papers, 1835-1924, of Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay comprising almost entirely of correspondence, which includes family letters, and correspondence, 1842-1923, between members of the Johnes family of Dolau Cothi and the Ramsay family.

Ramsay, A. C. (Andrew Crombie), 1814-1891.

Snell & Sons Collection of Music Manuscripts,

  • GB 0210 MSSNELL
  • Fonds
  • 1747-1933 (accumulated [1900x1967]) /

Manuscripts, mainly [19 cent., second ½]-1933, of the work of Welsh composers, mostly autograph, comprising holographs, copies and drafts of scores and sets of orchestral parts and also lyrics, including works by John Thomas (Pencerdd Gwalia), Dr ...

Snell & Sons.

Llawysgrifau S.R. a J.R.

  • GB 0210 MSSRJR
  • Fonds
  • 1779-1885

Papurau teulu Roberts, Llanbrynmair a Chonwy, 1779-1885, yn cynnwys dyddiaduron Samuel Roberts (S.R.), 1843-1885 gyda bylchau; gohebiaeth S.R. a'i dad, John Roberts, ymysg eraill, 1800-1884; pregethau a nodiadau pregethau S.R., [1827x1885], e...

Roberts, Samuel, 1800-1885

A. Stanley Davies Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • 1825-1938

Manuscripts and papers, 1825-1938, of or collected by A. Stanley Davies, consisting mainly of correspondence addressed to Abraham Howell, solicitor, of Welshpool, by members of his family, including his cousin Samuel Roberts (S.R.); together with ...

Davies, A. Stanley (Arthur Stanley), 1889-1951.

Tristan de Vere Cole (Augustus John) Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [?1912]-2017 (mostly [?1912]-1969)

Letters and related papers of Augustus John and Dorelia McNeill, [?1912]-2017 (mostly [?1912]-1969), sent to, or collected by, Tristan de Vere Cole. The collection includes letters of Augustus John to Mavis de Vere Cole, 1934-1959, and to her son ...

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Tŷ Coch Manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSTYCOCH
  • Fonds
  • [17 cent.]-[19 cent.]

A collection of manuscripts from the library of Edward Humphrey Owen, including pedigrees, wills and transcripts relating to North Wales; a poor rate assessment book, 1788; seventeenth and nineteenth century surveys of Caernarvonshire; material on...

Owen, Edward Humphrey, 1850-1904

Wigfair Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [16 cent., second ½]-[1909x1925]

A collection consisting mainly of the manuscripts, correspondence and other papers, [1550x1925], of the Lloyd family of Hafodunos, Denbighshire and Wigfair, Flintshire, and including a considerable amount of correspondence to and from John Lloyd (...

Lloyd family, of Hafodunos, Denbighshire and Wigfair, Flintshire

William Baxter manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [c. 1701]-1737

Manuscripts of, or relating to, William Baxter, [c. 1701]-1737, comprising his commentary on Juvenal's Satires, [c. 1701], notes on the Codex Bezae text of the New Testament, [?early 18 cent.], and a transcript by Moses Williams of the Juvena...

Baxter, William, 1650-1723

Archif Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru

  • GB 0210 NAFW
  • Fonds
  • 1999-2007

Papurau Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru, yn cynnwys ffeiliau Ysgrifenyddiaeth.

Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru = National Assembly for Wales

Cofnodion Ymddiriedolaeth Nant Gwrtheyrn

  • Fonds
  • 1891; 1972-2015

Gohebiaeth a phapurau, 1891; 1972-2015, yn ymwneud â sefydliad a gweithgareddau Ymddiriedolaeth Nant Gwrtheyrn, a datblygiad a gweithgareddau Canolfan Iaith Genedlaethol Nant Gwrtheyrn. Mae’r casgliad yn cynnwys gohebiaeth yr Ymddiriedolwyr, cyfre...

Nant Gwrtheyrn National Language Centre

Papurau Nansi Selwood

  • GB 0210 NANWOOD
  • Fonds
  • [1934]-2017

Papurau’r nofelydd a’r hanesydd lleol Nansi Selwood, [1934]-2017, yn cynnwys gohebiaeth, drafftiau o'i nofelau Brychan dir, Dan faner Dafydd Gam a Y rhod yn troi, erthyglau a sgriptiau radio. = Papers of the novelist and local historian Nansi...

Selwood, Nansi

Rev. O. Eilian Owen Papers,

  • GB 0210 OEOWEN
  • Fonds
  • 1692-1932 (accumulated [1876]-1932) /

Papers of the Rev. O. Eilian Owen, 1692-1932, consisting mostly of his research notes and index entries on Welsh lexicography, including lists of words from sources including various editions of the Bible, Allwedd Paradwys, and adjectives in the P...

Owen, Owen Eilian, 1856-1938.

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