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Miscellaneous tracts

A manuscript containing scholastic tracts including disputations on Aristotle's 'De Anima' said to have been collected by Master Benedict and pronounced by the Master Regent of 'Fragfordie' [sic] in 1418; treatises on ...

Ben Yom Tov, David, active 14th century


This is a composite volume containing: an index by William Maurice to the Laws of Hywel Dda; Adversaria Historico Britannica, extracts from a large manuscript of the Bruts by John Jones, apparently Peniarth MS 264, the books of Plasyward and other...

Latin epitaph

A slate inscribed on one side with the Latin epitaph 'hic iacet ffrater D[avi]d Gwyn', together with several lines and other markings, including a few possible letter shapes.

Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic inscriptions

A slate inscribed on one side with two overlapping images: a horse's head with bridle and the head and torso of a man, apparently standing with hands on hips; together with part of a word ending in '...yn'.The slate is one of five b...


A slate inscribed on one side with a drawing of a bishop's mitre; the inscription is unusually deeply incised.


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  • [15 cent., first ½]

A book of Hours, of unidentified Use, in Latin with a few rubrics in Catalan, [first half of the fifteenth century], from Catalunya or the Pyrenees, containing Calendar (ff. 1-11 verso), Gradual Psalms (ff. 12-27), the Hours of the Virgin, the Mas...


Title deeds of houses and lands in the parish of Llanwrin and manor of Cyfeiliog, Montgomeryshire, [?1403]-1677. The earliest document is a copy of court roll of the manor of Cyfeiliog, recording a gift to Llywelyn ap Gruffith Ieuan Lloit ap Tuder...


Title deeds for properties in the town and parish of Cardigan, belonging to Philipp Taylour, son of John Taylour, and Marion Glais his wife, 1416, 1427, and William Phe’ ap Ieuan, 1557; boundaries include the river Teifi and the highway leading to...

Aberystwyth (Bridge Street or Heol y Bont)

Title deeds for houses and burgages mainly in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth, 1417-1840. One deed includes Cross Street, 1575. Boundary clauses mention Maesglas Common and Gerddi Gleison. The earliest deeds record acquisitions by John ap G’li ap Y Bo...


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  • [mid-XV cent.]

An illuminated and noted missal of the mid-fifteenth century, probably copied in a London workshop, and apparently of Sarum use. The Rev. W.H. Maskell's theory that it was the sole survivor of the 'use of Bangor' is not substantiate...

The Seven Points of True Love,

The Tretyse of þe Seven Poyntes of Trewe Love and Everlastynge Wisdame, translated from the Latin Horologium Sapientiae; see the edition of K. Horstmann, 'Orologium Sapientiae or the Seven Poyntes of Trewe Wisdom aus MS. Douce 114', Angl...

Lydgate's Life of Our Lady

Lydgate's Life of our Lady, 'O thoughtful! herte plunged indistresse ...' (ff. 2-102 verso). The text includes 'The white lillie of the chosen vale' (f. 3 verso), 'That al maydens myzte ensample take' (f. 4), �...

Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?


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  • [mid-15 cent.]

The 'De Grey' Book of Hours, [mid-15 cent.].

Arbitration awards : Cardiganshire, misc.

Arbitration awards and bonds deriving from disputes involving miscellaneous individuals in Cardiganshire, 1441-1690, (Watermark 1817), 1882. They include a dispute between Jankyn ap John ap Gwelym Vachan, Gruffith ap Meredith and Maude, the daught...

Descriptio Angliae et Genealogiae Regum Angliae

Two tracts - (a) a description of England, in fifteen chapters, compiled in 1445, beginning 'tractatus iste compendiose extractus de diversorum historiographorum diversis ... describit Angliam ... '; (b) a genealogical chronicle in the s...

Texts copied by Gutun Owain,

A prose miscellany comprising the Gospel of the Pseudo-Mathew, Transitus Mariae, the Life of St Catherine, the Finding of the Cross and other texts in the hand of Gutun Owain.

Gutun Owain, fl. 1450-1498

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