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Gwaith Cynddelw,

A holograph draft of 'Awdl Cenedl y Cymry' and of part of the first chapter of a biography of John Williams (Yr Oraclau Bywiol); and press cuttings of reviews of Cofiant y diweddar Barch. Ellis Evans, 1866.

Robert Ellis.


Notes by Robert Ellis of lectures entitled 'Dynion Od', 'Arglwyddi Anian'; 'Rhyfeddodau y Groes'; 'Y Wraig Dda'; 'Y Testament Newydd yn unig yw Rheol ffydd y Cristion'; and 'Saint Dyffryn Clwy...

Robert Ellis.

Tune book,

Two nineteenth-century tune books now joined together as one volume, the first bearing the dates 1816 and 1866 (inside covers) in the hand of Mair Richards of Darowen, and the second 1850 (inside front cover); the first part contains popular and t...

Mair Richards and others.

Tune book,

A miscellaneous collection of hymn-tunes, anthems and a few traditional and popular tunes from Wales and elsewhere, perhaps compiled in the mid-nineteenth century and comprising various quires, bifolia and single sheets in a number of hands of the...

Welsh literature and philology,

Drafts of articles relating to Welsh literature and history and to Celtic institutions; lists of Welsh words derived from English and of words common to both branches of the Celtic family; and a poem entitled 'Rhiangerdd Gwenfalwy o Gastell C...

Sir Edward Anwyl.


Poems by David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris'), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain') and others; a few printed poems; letters to 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion' (David Owen) from 'Dafyd...

Letters to 'Harri Ddu o Ddyfed',

  • NLW MS 21881C.
  • File
  • 1837-1852.

Some fifty letters, 1837-1841, to Henry Evans ('Harri Ddu o Ddyfed'), secretary of the Cambrian Society, Cardiff, on subjects of Welsh antiquarian and Cymreigyddion interest; together with notes gathered by Evans and verses by or concern...

Mordaith y llong 'Albion',

  • NLW MS 21965A.
  • File
  • 1868.

A transcript of the poem 'Hanes Ail Fordaith y Brig Albion Ynghyd a'i Mor-Deithwyr i'r America Ogleddol, Yn y Flwyddyn 1819' (Caerfyrddin, 1819).

Llyfr Dewi Siabot,

  • NLW MS 21831E.
  • File
  • 1840-1846 /

A commonplace book, 1840-1846, of David Roberts ('Dewi Siabot', [? 1821- ]) containing poetry, sermons and essays composed or copied by him during his period as a schoolmaster at Capel Curig and Waunfawr, Caernarfonshire.

Roberts, David, b. 1821?

Awdl: 'Dedwyddwch'

One of fifteen volumes of 'awdlau', 'pryddestau', etc., by Edward Lloyd ('Tegfelyn').

Tegfelyn, 1846-1922

Awdl: 'Gwirionedd'

One of fifteen volumes of 'awdlau', 'pryddestau', etc., by Edward Lloyd ('Tegfelyn').

Tegfelyn, 1846-1922

Gwaith 'Golyddan',

Transcripts by Hugh Ellis of the poem 'Angeu' by John Robert Pryse ('Golyddan'), and some minor poems.

Hugh Ellis ('Cromwell o Went').


The 'pryddest' on 'Joshua' by J. J. Roberts ('Iolo Caernarfon') which was awarded the prize at the Birkenhead National Eisteddfod, 1878.

Iolo Caernarfon.

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